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Castro Valley Elementary School

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School Sign for Castro Valley Elementary School

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Narrator Enhanced Logo Area Sign
California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) Approved Contractor for

California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS)

Contract #4-19-78-0072B

Working with Stewart Signs an "overall great experience"

When Jill Arata was put in charge of finding a school sign for Castro Valley Elementary School, she began by driving to neighboring schools to get an idea of what might best fit their needs. Castro Valley's Parent Group had been frustrated with sending out flyers and announcements that were either forgotten at the bottom of students' backpacks, or never made it home at all. They needed something that would display events and communicate important dates to the parents and community. "I drove around and wrote down the names of the school signs that I liked. Afterward, I contacted the schools and they were all Stewart Signs."

When asked about her sign purchase experience Jill replied, "From the moment that I contacted Stewart Signs, the people I spoke with were nothing but polite. My sign consultant was very knowledgeable and happy to help. He was either available or would quickly return my calls. The video, presentation package, and all of the designs they sent me to choose from were top notch."

When it came down to picking the exact sign style, Jill decided on the Narrator. "It fit our needs perfectly and it looks great. We also wanted a double-sided sign so that parents would be able to view the message upon entering and leaving the school grounds," said Mrs. Arata. "The graphic art on the sign is also wonderful." As a California Distinguished School it was important to them to display the school name, colors, logo and the recognition of their exemplary status.

And how has the sign been received? "The parents love it because they now know what is happening at the school without having to dig through their children's backpacks or pry information from the kids at the dinner table. The sign is right there, so they can't help but read it when they drive by the school, or stop in to pick up the kids."

"The PATA loves it because they've seen a marked improvement in attendance at their activities."

"Both the principal and superintendent have commented that it's a great addition to the school. The school has seen a dramatic decrease in calls from parents asking 'when, what and where' type questions. It's right out in front of the school so nobody has to call and ask about events anymore."

Jill Arata' s conclusion; " It was an overall great experience. Stewart treated me like their only customer and in the end I think our sign is the best sign in town. But more importantly it does what we wanted it to, draw more parents in, which helps in innumerable ways."

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