School Sign for

Cedar Ridge Elementary School

Waco, TX

It was a pleasure to work with our consultant. His patience while our school raised funds was extraordinary. It took us two years and not one time did he turn his back on us. He called periodically to see how our progress was going, made sure that two different PTA Presidents had all of the information and paperwork, and for the last year did everything he could to make our new sign a reality. I couldn't have had a better consultant or a better company to have worked with. Thank you so much. The sign is exactly what we wanted and needed. The features that we like most about the sign are that it is so simple to clean up should graffiti be put on it and the fact that it has three different areas that can be replaced if broken. That was very important to us and was the turning point between the two companies we were looking into. Your company and product were more superior in our eyes. Again, thank you so much.

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