Church Sign for Central Baptist Church

Port Neches, TX

Central Baptist Church of Port Neches, TX has recently installed a new J .M. Stewart church sign after our previous sign was destroyed by Hurricane Rita in 2005. The new sign has been a great improvement over the previous sign for the following reasons:

1. lt is low to the ground and easily accessed- the previous sign was perched on a 12 ft. tall pole that required a long extension pole to change out the letters. This was very cumbersome and took quite a bit of time to place the lettering at that height.

2. The new sign's letters slide in and out for easy and quick installation, unlike the old letters that had to be grasped with a suction cup at the end of the extension pole. This was very time consuming.

3. The new sign is illuminated so well that it allows changing the message to be done in the cool of night during the hot summer months. The old sign was not as well lit.

4. The clear cover protects the letters from the elements of nature, whereas the old sign was not covered and the letters could be blown off by inclement weather.

5. The clear cover also has braces on each side that lock and hold the cover up during message installation that provides protection from rain. There was no protection with the previous sign.

As you may have guessed by now, the new sign is a pleasure to use. It has made this form of ministry available for anyone in the congregation to take part in. We love our new sign and hope to have many years of inspirational and public announcements conveyed to the surrounding community through this source.

Abe Ogea, Jr., Pastor
Central Baptist Church
Port Neches, TX

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