Church Sign for Davie United Methodist Church

Davie, FL

I would like to that you for helping Davie United Methodist Church design a beautiful sign to meet both the needs of our church and the very strict sign codes in South Florida. A sign is an important purchase for a church and it is difficult to fully understand the differences in manufacturers until you can compare actual signs from each company.

As you know, we ultimately selected your company based on your warranty and years of experience manufacturing this type of signs. Personally my decision was also influenced by your willingness to fully disclose all cost before we made a decision. You delivered our sign for exactly the amount that we agreed upon with no hidden fees.

We were blessed with the ability to install our sign on the 23rd of December. Everyone commented on the excellent "fit & finish" of the sign and how perfectly it mounted to foundation that we constructed using the full-size template provided. Everyone was very happy that we selected your company.

Now that the sign is installed I have been able to compare it to signs in my area that look like J .M. Stewart Signs, but are made by other companies. The sign we purchased is made from much stronger materials and has better lighting than similar signs. I am so glad that we selected you to manufacture our sign. Please feel free to use me as a referral to anyone that is considering a new sign. Thank you for everything that you have done to help make this process go smoothly.

Douglas F. Gray, Stewardship Director
Davie United Methodist Church
Davie, FL

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