Church Sign for Dupont Road Wesleyan Church

Fort Wayne, IN

I wanted to write and let you know how happy we are with our new sign and some of the positive results we have had as a result of our having it. I'll have to be honest with you, while you were trying to sell me this sign, you kept telling me it would increase my congregation. I just put that off as nothing more than sales talk. Now that I have the sign, I see that it is a reality.

I have a man in our church who has assumed the responsibility of changing the sign weekly as his ministry. He and his wife change the sign regularly and put up some very inspiring and interesting messages. Changing the sign weekly with a new message is a successful sign of this ministry. The couple who have taken on the sign ministry have enhanced their spirituality to the Lord.

The morning that I raised the funds from the congregation to make the final payment, a woman, who was a newcomer to our congregation, stood up and made a pledge. When she was making her pledge, she told me that she was there because of the sign. The saying on the sign that week read, "If God seems far away, who moved?" She said the spirit touched her after reading that message, and she cried all the way home. She started bringing her husband to church and, after several months of attendance, I took him with me to Promise Keepers in Indianapolis where he found the Lord, Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. They are the ones who take care of the sign, and I do not have to bother with it from week to week.

There's another lady in my church who told me when she passed by and read the message on the sign, that the spirit spoke to her and now she attends regularly. She and her husband are presently separated but after attending our church for several months, she has convinced him and now he has been attending too. I'm trusting the Lord to put that home back together.

Almost weekly the clerks in the mall across the street from our church comment to me. When I'm in there doing business, that they read the sign and enjoy seeing the different messages.

Another man in my church went into the bank located about 20 miles from our location and the teller, upon learning he attended the Dupont Road Bible Church, commented on how she reads the sign as she passes our location on the way home from work.

Rev. Frank Baldwin, Pastor
Dupont Road Wesleyan Church
Fort Wayne, IN

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