Church Sign for Emmanuel Baptist Church

Virginia, MN

Abe Sweeney awoke one morning to find that the 15-year-old sign for Emmanuel Baptist Church had been vandalized. The sign was a basic masonry structure that identified the name of the church. Abe decided that immediate attention was needed, so he contacted three sign companies to obtain quotations.

Emmanuel Baptist Church was looking for a vandal resistant, graffiti resistant sign, but they also wanted a high profile sign that will attract attention and offer a large display for posting messages. The sign had to offer an easy way of changing messages, so they could keep the messages fresh on a consistent basis. They were also looking to incorporate an attractive color scheme and design that will effectively promote the church.

Each company sent Abe estimates for their new sign. What separated the two national companies? "Stewart Signs looked different - they were very impressive. From their catalog, to the color rendering of our sign, to their unmatched lifetime warranty, I could tell they were very professional. I began speaking with my consultant and became very comfortable with him; he always returned my calls and was able to answer all of my questions. "Stewart was actually fun to deal with."

Early on, the owner of the local sign company, and longtime friend of Abe's, admitted that he could not make a quality sign that could compare to what Stewart Signs could provide. "He said he would have to buy a sign and resell it to us, so we decided to go with Stewart Signs. Having been in business for over 36 years, and with over 30,000 customers, Stewart Signs obviously knows quality."

Abe's original request was for an illuminated, custom sign that was single-sided and would be installed parallel to the road. After discussing the churches direction and needs with his Stewart Church Sign consultant, the Executive Board of Emmanuel Baptist Church decided to invest in an illuminated, double-sided Announcer Supra model that was perpendicular to the road.

Why the change? "Our consultant mentioned that signs that are perpendicular to the road are easier to read by those driving by. With that said, he also mentioned that using a double-sided sign would allow those coming from both directions to read the church's message. After he pointed this out, the board realized that it made a lot more sense to have this kind of sign and it just kind of progressed from there. Everything that our consultant proposed to us just seemed to make sense. Our consultant not only understood his product, but was in touch with the needs of today's church."

"Stewart Signs was so accommodating to us throughout our sign purchase. They were pleasant, easy to deal with - I have no complaints! We're very happy with our sign. It's also a relief to know that the graffiti that ruined our old sign will never be an issue with our Stewart Sign."

Abe Sweeney
Emmanuel Baptist Church
Virginia, MN

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