Church Sign for First Baptist Church

Amber, OK

Last Sunday we had visitors who have lived in the community 18 months, but never came to church. When we visited them they said they decided to visit because of the new sign. They had seen the church before, but didn't think we wanted visitors - until they saw the new sign. We've also had visitors come in that are new to the community and visited because they saw the sign and knew we were a Baptist church.

Our current plans are to use the sign to invite the parents and youth attending the high school basketball games over for a 5th quarter celebration. God has placed us just across the street from the high school. The sign will enable us to impact over 200 students each day of the school week.

Just wanted to let you know and to thank you once again for all your help and support during our decision making process.

P.S. Our members really like the new sign and are excited each week to see what message gets put out. We've gotten nothing but compliments from the community. To date, the message that got the most discussion outside the church was "Jesus loves you. So should we." The one that got the most discussion in the church was "God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts." It coincided with a sermon on Galatians chapter 5.

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