Church Sign for First Baptist Church

Flushing, MI

Just a line to tell you how absolutely fabulous the new sign has been received in our congregation and the community. Very few times in my experience in the church have I seen anything accepted so fast. It took us over three years to convince the church that we needed a good sign for in front of our new church building.

We had moved into over a million dollar building with a sign painted on a cheap piece of plywood. It did not give a good impression at all. Many of our people just could not bring themselves to a point of voting to spend so much money for something that just sits out front and doesn't do anything. But finally because of the generosity of one family, who purchased the sign as a memorial to their parents, we were able to order the "advocate" sign. We like this particular sign because of the message board. Twenty four hours per day our sign gives a message to everyone that passes on the busy road in front of our church.

Also we have found that a sign doesn't just sit out front doing nothing. We found that we began to see immediate results. New visitors have been on the increase ever since the sign went up. Our people became very proud and excited, and felt a great accomplishment. Also many of our people discovered through conversation with their friends, that outsiders really do judge a church somewhat by the sign in front of their building. If you have a cheap plywood sign to tell who you are, then you really don't think much of yourself. But if you have a bright sign that gives a message that you really are somebody special, this too gives a message of come join us you can be special too.

We wouldn't give up our sign for anything in the world. It has been the best investment in ourselves that we could have possibly done. Thanks for all your encouragement and help all through the process of purchasing our sign.

Kenneth E. Sharp, Sr. Asst. Pastor
First Baptist Church
Flushing, MI

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