Church Sign for First Church of God

Holdenville, OK

Last winter our church installed an Announcer sign in front of our new facility. Some of our church members just wanted to use the sign that previously stood in front of our old building. It consisted of two pieces of plywood painted with the church logo and times. I knew that we really needed to update our signage because of the new facility but in the back of my mind I even thought, "Is it really worth the money. That money could be spent on so many other things." We wrestled with this decision, should we or shouldn't we.

Last February we installed our new sign and we have been so blessed as a congregation. Everywhere I, or people in our church go, someone is always commenting on how beautiful the sign is and how the messages we place on the sign have touched them personally. Numerous people have said, "I never use to go to that side of town, but now I drive by the church just to see what's on your sign." Recently a family of four started to attend the church just because of the message that was on the sign that week. Our people are so proud of their sign and it has more than paid for itself; just by the lives it has touched.

I would like to thank Stewart Church Signs for the professional and friendly service they provided to us. From the planning stage with drawings and descriptions so everyone could see what we were getting, to the ease of purchasing the actual sign, every step along the way Stewart was there. The installation was so easy even a pastor can do it. When the sign arrived the hardest part was rounding up the men we needed to take the sign from the truck to the cement pad prepared for the sign. I know that there may be less expensive signs you can purchase, but Stewart signs are of the highest quality and their staff is as well.

Thank you Stewart Church Signs

Jon A. Ewers, Senior Pastor
First Church of God
Holdenville, OK

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