Church Sign for Flat Rock Pentecostal Holiness Church

Mount Airy, NC

Dear Customer Care Team, We have received all kinds of nice comments from all over the community. The local elementary school principal, Mrs. Anderson, has called to ask how her school might get such a sign. She said it was truly one of the most beautiful signs she has seen. It seems that just about all of our members report at least one of two or more folks telling them they really like the new sign. I just have to say a big "THANK YOU!" to our sales consultants, one of the most professional consultants, yet all-around, down-to-earth GOOD GUY I have ever dealt with personally. He is also a Christian who "has the goods" about Christianity. We are looking forward to a long and happy ministry of conversing with multiplied thousands of travelers in the years ahead. (5600 vehicles average per day by actual NC Highway Dept. count).

Dr. David Sparks, Sr. Pastor
Flat Rock Pentecostal Holiness Church
Mount Airy, NC

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