Church Sign for Glenwood Bible Church

Glenwood, IL

I wanted to let you know that we had a visitor because of our new sign for the sunrise service on Easter. He was new in the community and saw our special service advertised. He has since come back with his wife. Our new sign is the best form of advertising we have ever used.

Many other people mention that they read the sign every day (even though we only change the message twice each week). We received a letter from a lady who enjoys the messages that we put up. Even though she attends another church she encouraged us to keep up the good work. We received a call from another person 25 miles away who saw our sign. It is beginning to open up our community to our church. We pray that some of these will be open to the Gospel as we share it with them.

Thank you for providing a quality sign that will be an asset to the church for years to come.

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