Church Sign for Hermiston Christian Center

Hermiston, OR

It's been three years since we order our beautiful church sign from you and Stewart. What a blessing it has been! Everyday, literally thousands of people drive by our lighted sign on the way to the food processing plants on the edge of town. Everyday they continue to be bombarded by our funny quips and pointed messages. The comment we continually hear is, "What's going on in there?" The best part of this story is that we normally hear the phrase on their first visit to our church -- trying to figure out just "what is going on in there!"

Frankly, it was a step of faith for our 85 attender church to make this investment. But we were desperate to reach our community. We went from no visitors to a 20% increase in attendance the first three months the sign was in place! Today we average 150, and are currently growing at a rapid rate, well above the community index. We note a few factors, but a key was putting that sign out in front of our church. The truth is, it paid for itself inside the first year!

Thanks again for your assistance! I'm excited to note something you already know; two more of your signs have gone up in our area the past two years, each proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ! Those churches are growing too!

Michael J. Johnson, Senior Pastor
Hermiston Christian Center
Hermiston, OR

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