Church Sign for Hope Fellowship Church

Lake Jackson, TX

In 2008 Hurricane Ike destroyed our sign at Hope Fellowship Church in Lake Jackson, Texas. We were blessed that this was the only damage we sustained. The messages we placed weekly on the sign were well received by the drivers passing by, according to the number of calls we had concerning the loss of the sign.

The Trustees of the church wanted to replace the sign as soon as possible. We contacted Stewart Sign Company and received their sign brochure. We immediately found out that replacement of the sign is not a simple process. Stewart Sign was very helpful in offering suggestions and supplying the city permit department technical information they requested.

We now have our new sign installed. We like everything about it, especially the ease of placing the message letters and the vandal proof cover. Also, the internal lighting makes the sign outstanding at night.

Thank you Stewart Sign Company.

Trustee Board
Hope Fellowship Church
Lake Jackson, TX

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