Church Sign for Iglesia Vida Abundante

Orlando, FL

I wish to express our deepest appreciation to Stewart Signs and to you personally for a great job in helping us put in a new sign.

From day one, it was a pleasant, well informed professional presentation that made it easy for us to acquire our sign. I called with a little hesitation, some other sign companies warned us about your company, but the price was the best, none came even close. The service was excellent and the results are marvelous as you can well see in this picture I'm sending you.

The sign was installed easily, as per your instructions and plans sent to us, everything went smooth and quick, and the results are phenomenal. The instruction guide for the digital sign is understandable and easy to use, and the effects are marvelous. It is a crowd pleaser with our church members and those in the community.

We are extremely pleased and grateful for helping us make a good and wise decision. Your service was timely and professional. I thank you sincerely.

May God bless and prosper Stewart Signs for being there for people and for our churches. Great job, Thank you.

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