Church Sign for Kenefick Southern Baptist Church

Dayton, TX

Church Sign for Kenefick Southern Baptist Church
This outdoor led church sign has a 5' x 8' cabinet.
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Church Sign
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In a small rural town just outside of Houston, Texas, bright lights are not a common sight.

"We started discussing a new church sign back in December 2009" says Jerry McDaniel, Building and Grounds Committee Chairman for Kenefick Southern Baptist. The church began their research with changeable copy signs that would allow them to change their message manually as often as they chose. However, after learning of the impact that an LED sign could have on a community, their minds were easily swayed.

Many weeks of discussions later, the committee announced the decision to the church family; they would be purchasing a new LED sign that would shine God's message to the community 24 hours a day and allow them to change the message using a remote control easily and effortlessly.

"Because of the excitement, we were able to raise the money for the new sign in just a few weeks!" exclaims Jerry. Through fundraisers, collections, and various other activities, the congregation of Kenefick Southern Baptist showed their support and excitement by giving back to the church who had housed their worship for years before.

"At that point, Stewart Signs took over and delivered a new and beautiful sign on June 17, 2010," explains Jerry. "Prior to the arrival of the sign, Stewart Signs had sent a detailed template and instructions for installation. This allowed for the men of our church to accomplish the installation of the sign on June 19, 2010, thus saving us the cost to hire a company to do the work."

"From the time our church family agreed on the sign, excitement started to grow and continues to grow. Not only has the excitement continued to grow, but our church attendance has continued to grow to the point that we are considering a new parking area! We have already had to order new chairs for our sanctuary and are starting to consider new building plans!" an ecstatic Jerry McDaniel says.

"As you know, a new church sign doesn't by itself cause church growth but it is a contributing factor when the excitement it causes is contagious and reaches the surrounding community where they can see what God is doing in His church" a very proud member of Kenefick Southern Baptist concludes. "Thanks again to Stewart Signs."

Jerry McDaniel
Kenefick Southern Baptist Church
Dayton, TX

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