Church Sign for Living Word Baptist Church

Forest, VA

When we started the pursuit for a new church sign our desire was to have an opportunity to spiritually impact the members of our community driving by our church building. As our church is located on a main artery between two towns, seizing the opportunity to bring new people into our church and hear the gospel, of Jesus Christ was irresistible.

Now that the sign is up and running we are pleased to report that the sign is everything we hoped it would be. 24/7 our electronic sign reaches out to our community telling them what our church is all about. More importantly it invites our community to come hear the message of the cross.

Needless to say we were cautious about spending this amount of money, but now that we are on the back side of this project I can honestly say placing our trust in Stewart Signs was a good decision. The online training and software is user friendly and easy to work with. Additionally the stock animations from your company significantly boost the impact the sign has.

Thanks for having a product and process that is as good as you said it would be.

Thomas M. Short, Administrator
Living Word Baptist Church
Forest, VA

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