School Sign for

Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 School

Sacramento, CA

We are so proud of our school's new sign. It is by far the nicest looking school sign in town! Thank you so much for all your time and patience. Although it took our school long time to get the necessary funding for this sign it was well worth the wait!

I had contacted numerous sign companies, both local and out-of state, and was extremely impressed with Stewart's signs, your knowledge of the product and your customer service. Never once did I feel "pressured" to buy a Stewart Sign. You were so helpful and genuinely interested in helping us make the right decision for our school sign. On a scale of 1 to 10, Stewart is definitely a 10, especially when it comes to customer service!

We have been receiving many positive comments about our new school sign, and look forward to enjoying our sign for many years to come. I've enclosed a picture of our school sign with me next to it, as I thought you might want to see what I looked like after all those phones calls! Thanks again for the wonderful sign.

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