Church Sign for Middletown Baptist Church

Portsmouth, RI

Just a note of appreciation for the time, patience and guidance you provided during our endeavor for acquiring a sign tor our church. You brought me up to speed in quick order on knowing everything about signs from purchase, construction and installation. You were absolutely on track when you said that the sign would be easy to install. The tact of the matter is that it tools us longer to get the crate off the truck and uncrated than to actually mount it on its pedestal. Your hint about using blocks of wood by the bolts was also extremely helpful.

Our sign arrived on Holy Week Monday and was mounted that day. On Tuesday, although we hadn't hooked up the electricity as yet, we immediately advertised our Tenebrae service for Thursday night. Alter the service we again changed the sign and in addition to making the world aware that "He died for our sins", we posted our Sunday morning service times. Our Sunrise service had the largest attendance since we have been attending Middletown Baptist. I was extremely overjoyed to meet a couple from Maryland who were in town for the weekend and to find out that it was because of the sign they were there. Our second service was packed to the gills' with at least 5 hill pews of 'new faces'. I did not get a chance to speak to all of them but know that the sign did have a positive impact in drawing a few of them. This revelation has made this whole process worthwhile. It has been difficult not to say 'l told you so' to the doubting Thomasses. This high quality sign has brought a new sense of pride to our congregation. Thanks again!

Ernie Caron
Middletown Baptist Church
Portsmouth, RI

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