School Sign for Monongahela Middle School

Sewell, NJ

School Sign for Monongahela Middle School
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School Sign
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The Gloucester County Times
Friday, November 19, 2010
By Jessica Driscoll

DEPTFORD TWP. For the 46 years since Monongahela Middle School was built, it has not had a sign to differentiate it from nearby educational buildings or advertise school events.

On Thursday, that changed.

"Since 1964, we have not had a sign at our school and I think this school has been an inspiration to the township of Deptford," said Principal Brian Wert. "This sign will stand as a symbol of our community's strength and partnership with the town."

The band gave a drum roll and students cheered as Wert unveiled the sign. Then, student council members went quickly to work, lettering it with the words "Go Spartans."

"A lot of people mistake this school for Bankbridge or the Gloucester County Institute of Technology because there was no sign you could see from the road," said Board of Education President Walter Berglund. "Even delivery trucks were coming here thinking it was Bankbridge."

Student council member Deaveyon Phillips, 13, said the sign was a welcome addition for students.

"All these years we haven't had one and it shows school spirit," said Deaveyon. "We deserve it. And it will also show what activities we're doing here."

Wert said the unveiling was an important day for the Monongahela community. He has been trying to budget for the sign for three years and this year with the help of the BOE and administration - he was able to make it happen.

"For 46 years, this school has been a symbol and foundation of our community and I think this will strengthen ties with the community because people will know when our events happen and this will be a symbol of pride for our school and community," said Wert. "It will help identify the positive things we do here every day."

Brian Wert, Principal
Monongahela Middle School
Sewell, NJ

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