Church Sign for Mt. Zion Christian Church

Mount Zion, IL

I want you, and all the people who work at Stewart Signs, to know how much I appreciate the quality sign we purchased from you almost 3 years ago. Immediately after our sign was installed, our church seemed to have a "new image" in our community because the sign is modern and eye catching. We make good use of the two-sided message board. I hear many, many positive comments from people in our community concerning the sign and the messages we put up each week.

Since our church building is hidden in a residential community, our new sign (2 blocks away on a busy street) has helped people find us. In fact, after it was erected, we began to see an increase in guests at our services. Some of our new members have actually told us that it was the new sign which brought them to Mt. Zion Christian Church.

When a pickup truck slid off the road and demolished our sign, our men did not know procedure for handling the problem. I reminded them that you had told me we should call STEWART SIGNS if we ever needed help. I made the call; and your workers did a fabulous job of replacing our damaged sign. There was very little that we had to do; you made a new sign for us, handled the insurance, and scheduled an installer from Lincoln, IL. STEWART SIGNS placed a rush on the new sign and we now have an exact replacement of the original.

STEWART SIGN COMPANY is an outstanding company that not only produces a quality product but also takes care of its customers. I really appreciate the way you have taken care of us.

Dean Cripe, Minister
Mt. Zion Christian Church
Mount Zion, IL

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