School Sign for

Muhlenberg Elementary School

Allentown, PA

How Important is a School's Ability to Communicate with Students, Parents, Teachers and the Community? Just Ask Muhlenberg Elementary School...

Early last summer, Julie Ambrose, the PTA President for Muhlenberg Elementary School, embarked on a mission. The elementary school was searching for a new school sign that could provide a way to announce events, recognize students, emphasize school pride, attract attention and highlight fundraisers.

"The school principal really wanted a new sign. Improving communication is a hot topic within our community," said Mrs. Ambrose. "The PTA would fund this project, so my job was to find the right sign."

As Julie began investigating signs, she found that there were many things to consider. "Factors that were especially important to us were general appearance, ability to customize, ease of use, vandal resistance and of course price."

Julie also added, "What caught my attention and what separated Stewart Signs from the other sign companies I spoke with was the fact that they were not trying to sell us a sign. They wanted to understand our needs, explain how their product can fill those needs, and work with us to purchase a sign that will last. This company clearly understands the school community, as well as how to work with a parent-teacher group."

So which sign did Muhlenberg Elementary choose? "After speaking with our sign consultant, we found that the Announcer Supra provided the best bang for our buck. The sign cabinet itself is 5' tall and 8' wide; we opted for 5 lines of 4" text. This really provides the school with a lot of area to display messages. The sign is not only beautiful, but the quality of manufacturing for our new sign is unbelievable."

"We have received a lot of positive comments about the sign. We consider it a bridge to the larger community as well as a school information source. It is difficult to measure the impact in terms of numbers, but I know parents appreciate the visual reminder of field trips, activities, early dismissals, etc.

"It's been nearly a year since our sign was installed and we love it! For me, the best part is that our principal keeps the message on the sign up to date - which tells me they really appreciate it." Julie continued, "We are so pleased with the product and level of service we received that I have referred a local church and the public library to Stewart Signs."

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