School Sign for

New Prospect Elementary School

Alpharetta, GA

Yes, I returned from spring break (not wanting to turn down the street, in case the sign wasn't there yet or if it had been placed the wrong way, etc) and as we approached, the sign looked AWESOME. Everyone returning to school today (all kids) were just thrilled to see "their" sign in place. A huge thanks to you for your hard work in this and going beyond I know the call of duty.

You have made this adventure into the "unknown" sooooooo easy for me and I really just can't say thank you enough. I drive by the sign many times a day more than I like to count actually but I will always think of the people like you who helped us succeed with this endeavor.

Please put me on your customer service referral list if you have one. I will gladly sing your praises on anything.

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