Church Sign for Presley Street Baptist Church

Atmore, AL

The Quality, Professionalism and Denominational Endorsements of Stewart Church Signs Create a Business Relationship Like No Other

When Hurricane Ivan came through Atmore, AL in September of 2004, it left Presley Street Baptist Church with the need for a new church sign. "Our old church sign was made of a single piece of metal that was painted white with the church name on it," said Joseph Walker, a deacon at the church. Though the hurricane had spared most of the brickwork surrounding it, the deacons of the church knew that they needed a new sign."

"We knew that we wanted a sign that would last and would serve the church's needs for many years. I was elected to do the part of finding a reliable and reputable sign company. I began by looking at every church sign that I passed, trying to get some ideas."

After meeting on what Joseph had observed, the deacons decided that they wanted to have a sign that had both the ability to display messages and illuminate. That way their message could be viewed at night as well.

"I contacted a local company in our area and looked at some of the signs that they had made and installed. They just would not do. One of the other deacons then contacted a LifeWay Bible Book Store. They gave us the name of a company that had been doing church signs since 1968. That company was Stewart Church Signs." Joseph and the other deacons would soon discover that Stewart Church Signs was the official sign company of LifeWay and of their denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention. In fact, Stewart Church signs is so highly regarded, it's endorsed by a growing number of denominations, giving its customers extra peace of mind.

"We made one phone call to Stewart and they sent us a package that contained a videotape and catalog. That was the beginning of the greatest business relationship that I have ever had."

"I made a visit to the company's website and viewed the many signs in their photo album and learned about all of the options available to us. It made me feel like I was a part of the design process. The company also assigned us a consultant who assisted us with all of our needs and always returned my calls promptly. He was a kindred Spirit and became my friend."

Joseph found that Stewart Church Signs isn't about the "hard sell". Instead, it's really about the church, and identifying its needs. "He never pressured me to purchase a sign... he simply made suggestions. He asked questions that I would never have thought about, such as church location, distance from the street, distance from an intersection, and traffic patterns and speed limits."

After the church decided to purchase their sign, Joseph and those at Presley Street Baptist Church are still satisfied with the investment that they made. "If anyone needs a sign, I highly recommend Stewart Signs. They were such a pleasure to deal with that I almost wish that I needed another sign. I knew all along that it was God's Will for our church to deal with Stewart Sign Company."

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