School Sign for Scotland County R-1 Schools

Memphis, MO

School Sign for Scotland County R-1 Schools
This outdoor LED school sign has a 20mm 32x112 LED display with a 5' x 8' sign cabinet.
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School Sign
Integrated Outdoor LED Sign

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Amount of detail depends on display resolution.

When Scotland County Schools chose to purchase a new LED sign from Stewart School Signs, they took their time and did their due diligence in finding the right design and logo to represent their school pride.

An artist at another local school, Mike Dennis, had recently hand painted beautiful murals in Scotland's gymnasium that represented their Tiger spirit. As it was a huge source of pride for the school, they wonted it to be recreated on their new LED sign. "We were very picky in the beginning of the process because we had a vision for our new sign and envisioned the sign matching our gym wall" says Superintendent Ryon Bergeson.

Stewart Signs was up for the challenge, but it would be a tough one. How do you take a hand painted mural and recreate it digitally to be printed on a vinyl sign face? Art Department at Stewart Signs tried several different methods, but was unable to find the right digital tiger image to match the hand painted one. "In the end, the customer sent us a high resolution photo of the mural on the wall and we used specialized software to enhance the image. We made the colors brighter and washed out the background to white to eliminate as much of the wall as possible. We then recreated and modified the text on top of the finished image" explains one of Stewart Signs' talented artists.

The finished product is nothing short of amazing. It matches every detail of the mural in Scotland's gymnasium and has provided them with the perfect representation of their school spirit.

"The sign was exactly what we were looking for. We have been able to effectively communicate with our school stakeholders by advertising upcoming events such as PTO meetings, ball games, booster club meeting, etc. have also been able to use the sign to celebrate our academic and athletic achievements. Our new LED sign has been a great tool for us and we have heard many positive compliments" says Bergeson.

When it comes to representing your school properly, the type of sign and design you choose is very important. It took a lot of hard work and time for the many people involved, but the final product represents what can be accomplish with this type of dedication.

Scotland County knows this first hand os well from the time and effort dedicated to raising the funds for the new sign. "We received some very generous donations from the Scotland County Booster Club, Scotland County PTO, [and other local businesses and individuals]. The Scotland County Community is dedicated to the students of our community. The sign project is a good example of how amazing things happen when people work together" explains Bergeson.

Ryan Bergeson, Superintendent
Scotland County R-1 Schools
Memphis, MO

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