Church Sign for St. John Baptist Church

Houston, TX

I am writing this letter in reference to our newly acquired Church sign purchased from your company. I feel I must allow you to hear from a most satisfied customer. We have had our sign for about three months, and I wanted you and the Stewart family to know how pleased we are with it. Having our new sign has made such a difference for our Church. It is now possible for us to announce all of our upcoming calendar events and programs. This sign has enabled us to reach out to our membership and to the surrounding community.

Recently, we had a blood drive for our Pastor and we sent letters out to many of our fellowship Churches. We used our sign to announce the upcoming blood drive to the community that surrounds our Church. The response from the community was greater than the response from the letters. Many of those donating told us that they knew about the drive because of the information on our sign. I want to personally take time out to thank you for your professional courtesy, for your continued concern and genuine interest in our satisfaction with this product.

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