Church Sign for Temple Christian Fellowship Church

Bridgeton, MO

Church Sign for Temple Christian Fellowship Church
This changeable letter church sign has a 4' x 6' cabinet.
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In April 2011, a tornado struck the small town of Bridgeton, Missouri. Its path devastated over 750 homes and local businesses. However, looking down the street for signs of hope, residents could see one structure still standing: Temple Christian Fellowship's church sign by Stewart Signs!

The EF4 tornado was the worst storm to hit St. Louis County since 1967. Not only were homes and businesses destroyed, but the local airport also took a direct hit from the storm and was forced to close for two days. With winds ranging from 166 - 200 mph, the townspeople were the only ones to fare well, with no deaths or serious injuries.

The building of Temple Christian Fellowship Church suffered severe damage, but its message was not deterred. Its Stewart sign was still standing with only a few letters out of place.

"Practically everything was blown away but the sign was still standing tall after the tornado! It took a couple of hits from flying debris (or who knows what) but it was still standing! We might not have recognized our own building had it not been for the sign!" says Jeanette McNutt, the Pastor's wife at Temple Christian Fellowship.

Jeanette McNutt
Temple Christian Fellowship Church
Bridgeton, MO

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