Church Sign for Wapakoneta Community Worship Center

Wapakoneta, OH

To whom it may concern,

When beginning a construction project there is a lot of planning that takes place. That was true in preparing to build our new church. For Wapakoneta Community Worship Center, one of our first priorities was to order, install and place into operation a church LED sign designed specifically to assist others in locating our new church. When we searched for possible suppliers, Stewart Signs caught our attention on a website and seemed to be a capable manufacturer. I contacted the sales representative and instantly felt there was a high level of knowledge and skill to direct our church to the right sign application for our facility. Having listened to our wants, Stewart Signs proposed a design and price and a delivery schedule was agreed on. We felt we made the right choice in regards to placing our order but not having past dealings with this company, how could we be sure? I shared with the salesman that the church valued a relationship built on trust and communication. He assured me that we could trust Stewart Signs.

Although I would like to inform you that there weren't any problems, there were. But understand, trust isn't necessarily developed when everything goes smoothly and there are no problems.

A flaw was found just before shipment that changed our whole delivery schedule. This issue was well communicated and we were kept informed step by step. The sign could have been shipped with the defect and we possibly would have never found it. But Stewart Signs left nothing hidden and in fact, the quality control person representing Stewart Sign was adamant that they did not think we would want or should have such a product. A new schedule was agreed on for delivery however when it arrived we found the sign had been damaged by the transport company and we notified Stewart Signs. Their direction was to not offload the sign but return it to Stewart Signs immediately - not just to repair the sign but to replace it. This meant the 8-10 week normal time period needed for delivery would have to start all over again. Although not pleased with these circumstances, continuous communications were made each week as to the manufacturing status of our sign.

Today we have a beautiful sign about a quarter of a mile from the church site near a four lane highway. We have had several families visit and even take membership in our church as a result of first viewing our sign and stopping in the church. One of our most dynamic couples who do children's ministries came to know about our church by seeing our sign. We say thank you and may God bless you to Stewart Signs as we now own a high quality product purchased at a reasonable price. Most of all we have made business acquaintances and friends in the Stewart Signs corporate family. Our hardships and disappointments have now turned into lasting relationships. That is the real meaning of trust.

Dan Holbrook, Pastor
Wapakoneta Community Worship Center
Wapakoneta, OH

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