Church Sign for Wood River Baptist Church

Richmond, RI

I want to thank you for the help you gave us during the process of selecting and ordering our new WITNESS sign. In our search for a new sign we contacted and obtained a drawing and price from a local sign company. They manufacture an excellent product, but in comparing it to the J.M. Stewart sign there was no comparison. Naturally we chose to order from your company. Your 800 number made it so easy and personal to take care of details and answer questions without the time of waiting for mail to come and go.

Obviously, we are happy with the results of our purchase. There have been good comments from people in the church and community. Last Sunday and young widow woman and her two boys were driving by the church on their way to another church in the next community when her eye spotted our sign and its message, "Thankful for everything". She turned around and came in to visit us. As it turned out she is looking for a fellowship for herself and her boys. She plans to be back next Sunday. She felt the message on the sign was what she needed.

By the way, the storage box for the letters is well worth the price. I can't imagine what we would do with the letters without it. It keeps them in proper sequence and makes it easy to file and remove them as needed. Encourage pastors not to skimp on this investment. They will regret it.

Again, thanks for your help and the Lord bless you.

Robert E. Bell, Pastor
Wood River Baptist Church
Richmond, RI

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