School Sign for

Woodbury Junior High School

Woodbury, MN

It is a pleasure to write a letter regarding your company and the quality of service we received during the process of ordering and installing a sign for our school. We found the whole process easy and the people at Stewart School Signs extremely pleasant to work with. There was never any pressure, they were open to ideas about our logo, and were quick in responding.

The part of the whole adventure that concerned me most was the installation. I was concerned with just how everything would match up and how easy this "easy installation" would be. Let me tell you, the videotape makes it very easy and answers a number of questions and concerns. Everything you need to know was in the videotape and notebook that arrived well in advance of the sign. To tell you the truth, my fourteen-year-old daughter helped us with the template and re-rod steel. I talked my other daughter into helping me dig the hole. From start to finish, the complete installation project took less than 3 hours - very easy!

Thank you for making this project easy to accomplish.

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