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Sign for Winton Woods Middle School

As a primary visual communication tool to students, parents, staff and the community, the old Stewart sign at Winton Woods Middle School had been installed around 1992 making it a bit of a relic. Although it had begun to show some signs of aging, the final blow came when the logo panel of the sign was vandalized. Instead of replacing just the panel it was decided to retire and replace the almost 25 year old sign.

Steve Denny, director of business for the school system says "We had worked with Stewart signs before on the old sign and had been very pleased with the service and quality, so we decided to continue this project with them." Over the years, as the school system grew, more effort was put on consistency. "With 11 facilities to date, it is very important that we don't play favorites. Especially between the 6 schools" says Denny, "We want to keep the consistency - so there are more of these to come!"

While in the development phase of the new sign for Winton Middle School it was also necessary to re-design the main logo which Stewart Signs handled with ease. They also took into consideration the existing foundation and worked closely with Denny to assure the new bolts would work with the old set-up. According to Denny, the installation was "Seamless with no complications. We fit the new sign into the existing holes with no stripping of the bolts."

In addition to the smooth installation Denny added "You guys have a really great system in place, it's a good process and easy to follow." The ease of process is evident in that even though this project took place over the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays, it was designed, produced and delivered within a two month time frame.

Now that the sign has been in place for several months Denny says the staff "really likes the sign" and adds that he has also received compliments from the community "we even get requests to post community events since we are on a busy street."

Keeping with the district-wide commitment of communication, they actually have a paid coordinator who keeps the messaging current and relative.

Looking ahead Denny says in addition to the other replacement signs, he is hopeful to soon add a Stewart LED sign to the district office lawn. "We spend 80% of our funding on salary and benefits to provide the best possible education and preparation for our students so funding an LED sign is out of reach right now" but says he has a few fundraising ideas in mind he hopes to use to achieve this goal.

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You guys have a really great system in place, it's a good process and easy to follow.

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