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The customer service has been far above most that I deal with on a daily basis.

Perry J. Schwarz, Facilities Manager
Waits River Valley Elementary School
East Corinth, VT

We are very glad we kept pushing to get the sign. PTA is very pleased!

Lori Limpar, Principal
Hopewell Elementary School
Center Valley, PA

We are greatly enjoying our sign!  Thank you!

Emily Insko, PTA
Central Elementary School
La Grande, OR

Arthur Elementary School - Oklahoma City, OK

I cannot express how wonderful the customer service was. We were a PTA raising money for our school sign, and our sales rep went above and beyond to help us in any way that they could (advice, design revisions, and tons of patience). Wonderful!!

Melissa Parker, PTA
Arthur Elementary School
Oklahoma City, OK

What a pleasure it was to work with my consultant at Stewart Signs. I will highly recommend Stewart Signs every chance I get. Thanks for making this purchase such a wonderful event.

Lynn Metcalfe, Principal
Rose Hill Elementary School
Rose Hill, VA

I thought it would help busy parents, but what I realized is that it is really helping my students so they know some of the big things coming in the days and weeks ahead.

Sandra Barton Smith, Principal
Saint Philomena Catholic School
Des Moines, WA

Our consultant made this purchase the best experience for our school.

Shaun Cochran-Hall
Gene Ward Elementary School
Las Vegas, NV

Everything has been working so well - thank you, again!

Kelly C. O'Rourke, Principal
Lois Craig Elementary School
North Las Vegas, NV

Bottom line, the sign would not have been possible without our regional manager's commitment and dedication. They brought forth several times your company's statement: "the customer is king."

Alan S. Kirk, JJAB Chair
Los Alamos High School
Los Alamos, NM

We love our new sign! It has served to enhance our home and school communications. Our faculty, as well as our students and their families enjoy this great new addition to our campus!

Mamie Statham
Trafton Academy
Hammond, LA

School signs provide the essential means of communication between the school and its community, parents, students and teachers.

John Luhrs, Principal
Trego Community High School
Wakeeney, KS

Our new sign is a source of pride for our students and staff. We have received many positive comments about how nice our sign looks and operates. Thanks for the great service.

Grant Crow, Athletic Director
Licking High School
Licking, MO

The sign looks great and has been the talk of the town!

Mary Comstock
Putnam County School District R1
Unionville, MO

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! It's bigger and better than I expected. I can't wait to start putting info on it.

Joycelyn J. Barnes
Jackson Park Elementary School
University City, MO

We love our new sign at Pamlico County Middle School. Stewart Sign company rep. was a pleasure to work with, she was very knowledgeable and professional.

Steve Curtis, Finance Officer
Pamlico County Middle School
Bayboro, NC

This was my first experience purchasing a sign on behalf of a school district. I knew nothing when I made the initial call . Our consultant has been a wonderful source of information for me!

Kathy Alley, Purchasing
Chenango Valley Jr Sr High School
Binghamton, NY

I immediately clicked with my consultant. She was very warm and friendly... it was like she was sitting there with me. She took the time to learn more about the kind of sign the school needed by asking a lot of very particular questions. Stewart was the perfect fit for our needs.

Juliana Alvarez, Parent Association President
John Dewey High School
Brooklyn, NY

We love our new sign and receive many compliments!

Laura Tomlin, Principal
Bishop Mchugh Regional Catholic School
Cape May, NJ

We have a sign that has been working non stop for several years. You guys are amazing, thanks so much for all you do!

Tim Gensamer
Little Egg Harbor Township Board of Education
Little Egg Harbor, NJ

So many parents are walking by, stopping, looking at it. I hear them speak among themselves, people who know me personally and know that I was involved are coming up to me congratulating me.

Darlene Baldasarre, HFPA Secretary
E. T. Hamilton Elementary School
Voorhees, NJ

Everyone in the school was excited about the new school sign. The purchase was made from donations by three of the school clubs!

Pam Friedman
Roosevelt Intermediate School
Westfield, NJ

I find that our parents can get information faster from the sign than from the flyers that are distributed to our students. We have had many compliments from our parents, too.

Alice Andrus
Kauluwela Elementary School
Honolulu, HI

I had an excellent salesperson, who worked with me for 2 years, encouraged me, and assisted me in every way they possibly could. They were fantastic!

Sandra O'Hara, Administrative Assistant
Coleville High School
Coleville, CA

My consultant was very helpful and organized. They followed up regularly and assisted with all aspects of the ordering process.

Maria Diaz, Principal
Hamilton Elementary School
Hamilton City, CA

The sign is beautiful. Size is perfect, graphic is just what we'd hoped and we're completely pleased!

Stacey Carroll, PTC President
Crestmont Elementary School
Roseville, CA

Communication with Stewart Signs has been very professional and prompt in responding to our needs.

Chet Garcia, Planning Technician
El Dorado Elementary School
Stockton, CA

Everyone loves our sign, and I love how easy it is to change.

Jean Sabolevsky, Office Manager
El Monte Elementary School
Concord, CA

We have purchased 21 signs and are proud of our choice. Stewart School Signs provide a uniform means of communication between our schools and the community.

Desert Sands Unified School District
La Quinta, CA

Fantastic product, great service, everything positive! We are very happy!

Karol McQueary, Principal
Chapman Elementary School
Gardena, CA

I found my consultant to be very helpful in designing our school sign; it was a very enjoyable experience.

Connie McPherson, Principal
Park Elementary School
Holbrook, AZ

It has only been up a day and we have already had lots of compliments. Thank you.

Rebecca Young, Secretary
Hulet Elementary School
Holbrook, AZ

We LOVE our new sign!

Brandy Coscarella, Maintenance
Salida High School
Salida, CO

The parents love it because they now know what is happening at the school. It's the most effective communication tool we could ever have.

Tammy Pfeifer
Compass Montessori Secondary School
Golden, CO

The communication with the community has turned positive since the sign was installed and I referred you to three local districts last week.

Alicia Evans, Business Manager
Schrum Memorial Middle School
Calumet City, IL

Within an hour of having the sign up and running we got a phone call letting us know how nice the sign looked. If we ever do another sign project, Stewart Signs will be my first phone call.

Kim Quick, Grounds Supervisor
Fremont High School
Fremont, IN

Our consultant was WONDERFUL. He was extremely knowledgeable and very attentive. I could not have been more satisfied with his service.

Kim Wells
Lake Placid High School
Lake Placid, FL

Thank you all for your service and quality product. This is why we chose Stewart Signs.

Adam Martinez, Assistant Principal
Dalton Middle School
Dalton, GA

Our consultant was excellent from start to finish. Always reachable and got back to me quickly. It never seemed to bother him that we changed our mind 10 different times.

Tom Hooverm, Director of Operations
Pinecrest Academy
Cumming, GA

This sign will stand as a symbol of our community's strength and partnership with the town.

Brian Wert, Principal
Monongahela Middle School
Sewell, NJ

My sales rep was excellent. Very knowledgable, personable, and easy to get a hold of.

Andrew Sorensen, Teacher
Plymouth Community Intermediate School
Plymouth, MA

Stewart Signs definitely stood out from the rest. It’s like my favorite saying: ‘Nobody wants only the best price - people want the best deal.’

Stephen Knight, District Superintendent
Marshall County School District
Benton, KY

I can't say enough about how these signs have improved our image in town. Everyone raves about how nice they are and how happy they are with the informational signs at each building.

Thomas M. Giovangnoli, Superintendent
Streetsboro City School District
Streetsboro, OH

Looks absolutely awesome!!!

Tracy White
Dunbar Intermediate School
Dunbar, WV

Thank you for all you do and continue to do to help us -- We have a wonderful product and could not be happier with everything that has transpired between your company and our school community. Again, and again thank you!

Diane Winter, Co-President of the Parents Club
Valley Stream South Jr / Sr High School
Valley Stream, NY

We love it! It is the talk of the district and the envy of all the other schools.

Rebecca Myers, Activities Director
Union Middle School
San Jose, CA

Each step of the way Stewart Signs has demonstrated to be a leader in the industry, evidenced through the professional and courteous approach that you have taken.

Christopher M. Stanko
Somerset Christian Academy
Zarephath, NJ

Love our new sign!

Stefan Joly, Principal
Oakridge Private School
Orange, CA

The sign is a wonderful addition to the school.

Dennis Croy, Superintendent
Gallatin High School
Gallatin, MO

Stewart signs was very accomdating with all our requests. We have been very happy. The sign looks great and is meeting our needs at our elementary PreK-6 building.

Christine Stierly, PTA President
Tuscarora Elementary School
Addison, NY

I would like to thank our sales rep for being so flexible and patient during the purchase of our new sign. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise we were able to not only purchase a beautiful new sign, but do it within our budget.

Karlina Guillermo
Fletcher Elementary School
Aurora, CO

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