Customer Testimonials

  • Customer Testimonials
  • When it comes to quality, value and design there's only one sign company that we'd ever do business with, Stewart Signs.

    — Dan Kennedy
    Sarasota High School
    Sarasota,  FL
  • We are really enjoying the sign and have received positive feedback regarding the sign. The ease of updating it has been wonderful and allowed us to change the sign regularly and keep parents updated.

    — Sonja Bennett
    Wauchula Elementary School
    Wauchula,  FL
  • We love our sign and the convenience of changing it wirelessly. Regardless of the weather, we can keep our parents current and updated on news of school events. It has been a very worthwhile purchase.

    — Sonja Bennett
    Wauchula Elementary School
    Wauchula,  FL
  • Several years ago we bought a sign from you and it was a beautiful sign and it has served us well. I would be happy to give anyone a recommendation for Stewart Signs.

    — Mary Strous
    Grace Lutheran Church
    Tampa,  FL
  • We are very pleased with our sign and wanted to thank you!

    — Shelli Jacobs
    Dale R. Fair Babson Park Elementary School
    Babson Park,  FL
  • Thank you so much for a great experience. Our consultant was very patient with our PTA. We love our sign!

    — Sharon Tersen
    Varsity Lakes Middle School
    Lehigh Acres,  FL
  • Our consultant was WONDERFUL. He was extremely knowledgeable and very attentive. I could not have been more satisfied with his service.

    — Kim Wells
    Lake Placid High School
    Lake Placid,  FL
  • I am writing this letter to commend Stewart Church Signs for the professional work that they perform.  Our church, The First Baptist Church of lnverness, recently contracted with this company to provide our church sign.  They proved to be diligent in their efforts and sensitive to meeting our needs as we requested.  Even though we had several changes of design and timelines, their efforts were timely. Over a period of time, our committee and church came to a decision about what style and design of church sign we needed.  Stewart was most cooperative in meeting our change orders. At this date, our beautiful church sign is fully operational and we have received an enormous amount of positive feedback.  The sign is attractive, durable, readable and very visible.  At night, when the sign is lit, it is very beautiful and most professional. I would recommend this company for anyone seeking to install a business, church, or school sign.

    — J. Casey Kearse
    First Baptist Church
    Inverness,  FL
  • I wish to express our deepest appreciation to Stewart Signs and to you personally for a great job in helping us put in a new sign.

    From day one, it was a pleasant, well informed professional presentation that made it easy for us to acquire our sign. I called with a little hesitation, some other sign companies warned us about your company, but the price was the best, none came even close. The service was excellent and the results are marvelous as you can well see in this picture I'm sending you.

    The sign was installed easily, as per your instructions and plans sent to us, everything went smooth and quick, and the results are phenomenal. The instruction guide for the digital sign is understandable and easy to use, and the effects are marvelous. It is a crowd pleaser with our church members and those in the community.

    We are extremely pleased and grateful for helping us make a good and wise decision. Your service was timely and professional. I thank you sincerely.

    May God bless and prosper Stewart Signs for being there for people and for our churches. Great job, Thank you.

    — Ed Martinez
    Iglesia Vida Abundante
    Orlando,  FL
  • The service, the follow up, the professional presentation, it made Stewart a great choice. The sign looks great and performs to satisfaction. The total experience has been a very rewarding one. Thank you so much, and special thanks to my consultant who was excellent in answering questions, giving information and giving continuous follow up to the whole process. She did an excellent job. Thanks.

    — Ed Martinez
    Iglesia Vida Abundante
    Orlando,  FL
  • Thanks for all your technical support as we struggled with the start-up!

    — Peter Rinelli
    Mariposa Elementary School
    Port St. Lucie,  FL
  • There's a lot of 'bling' factor to the sign.It really is amazing.

    — Jim Bolton
    Nasa Vehicle Assembly Building
    Kennedy Space Center,  FL
  • "We gave serious thought to getting an actual stone sign," says Dustin Mizell, youth pastor at Maranatha Bible Church in sunny southeast Florida. "But it didn't make any sense to go that route. Not only was it cost prohibitive, it would have eaten up a lot of my time." Dustin ought to know.When he's not organizing retreats or planning concerts for the young people of his church, Dustin is an architect by day. "Just to draw it up an engineer would have charged us an easy thousand dollars. We are a small church, so that's a lot of money," exclaims Dustin. "Besides, pulling permits for an actual stone sign is no picnic. Take it from someone who knows." Maranatha Bible Church undertook a facade renovation of their main chapel in early 2006. Because of his background, the other members of the flock looked to Dustin to spearhead the project. "We decided to go for a classic look; something with clean lines and traditional appeal." Dustin continues, "Yet we didn't want the new look to make a statement; rather, we wanted a church facade which would still look timeless in thirty years." A new facade meant a new sign. "Our old marquis sign didn't owe us a thing. It had served us well for many years," Dustin nostalgically laments."But it wasn't going to match the front of our building once the project was complete." Maranatha's congregation looked to architect Dustin for their solution. The architect looked to Stewart Church Signs for his solution. Stewart's Cornerstone line of products was a sensible alternative to pricey stonework signage. Recalls Dustin, "Stewart Church Signs' sign consultant worked with me to help marry one of their Cornerstone signs to our striking new building facade. We required a precise color match and a particular thickness as I insisted on a very permanent look. The architect switch inside me is never in the 'off' position." "It all happened very quickly and everyone connected with the church is very pleased with the result," Dustin touts. "The front of our property now matches what goes on inside our church."

    — Dustin Mizell
    Maranatha Bible Church
    Lantana,  FL
  • You were absolutely right about this beautiful sign being a blessing to our church. We have almost 20% more attendance and membership in the past 10 months since we put the sign-up. It was worth every penny that we paid. As you can see from the photo, we put a beautiful flower box around the base and have made it a center point for our landscaping. It has also been a focus point in the community. We have been able to use it to not only advertise for our church on coming events but for the community events as well. This has given us status with our City of Newberry. I am so glad I had the God-given wisdom to find you and your company. Stewart Signs has done everything you had said it would.

    — Phil Nehs
    Christian Life Fellowship
    Newberry,  FL
  • Several years ago Plantation Community Church in south Florida received an out of the ordinary telephone call from someone in the community. "I have a complaint," issued the calm female voice at the other end of the line. "I had to drive around your block twice to read the interesting message on your church sign." Pastor Chip Plank wasn't taken aback in the least. He knew the kind caller meant well and was, in fact, complimenting the church's good intentions to connect with the many people who drive by every day. "We're known around town as 'the church with the messages'," confirms Pastor Chip."And that nice lady calling in proves it. We're connecting." Plantation Community Church changes their message weekly. Around the church the task is known affectionately as "pulling the sign." This good pastor from the city of brotherly love is very proud that his church does not repeat messages which are displayed on the sign. And Pastor Chip truly knows 'what went up and when' because he has maintained, since the nineties, a spreadsheet of used messages. "Even if we really like a clever message seen on another church's sign, we won't wait several months and post it as 'fresh' on our sign.There shall be no reruns, period." In 2006 the church set about to change the appearance of the front of the church to maximize exposure to the some seventy-thousand cars which pass by daily. "We had had two Stewart Witness-model signs working in tandem for over fifteen years, and they'd served us well. One was out front and the other is still in use in the rear by the parking area. Still, we were due for a new look." Let's rewind a bit. Pastor Chip had already been preaching at Plantation Community Church a full two years when the church purchased the two Witness Standard signs in 1992. "I recalled how pleasant J.M.Stewart was to do business with, so I pulled the file here in my office and rang them. There was never any question of who we were going to buy our new sign from. We didn't even Google around the web. I just picked up the phone." Present-day city codes in Plantation, Florida, prohibit marquis-style signage, however. "I feared that it was going to be a problem, maybe," explains the pastor. "But the sign consultant at Stewart found just the solution in order for our church to be in compliance with local signage codes." That solution was a Cornerstone model sign by Stewart Signs. "It's a beautiful sign from an operational standpoint," reports Pastor Chip. "We wanted very much to continue with our changeable messages. Our sign consultant at Stewart Signs had their art department include an ample message area in the new design. A clear Makrolon® vandal cover locks down and protects the letters not only from potential ne'er-do-wells but from the weather too." Plantation Community Church installed their new Cornerstone sign in May 2007. "Already, another church in town has rung me to ask where our new sign came from," the pastor timidly boasts. "You see? Even though it's low to the ground the sign gets noticed. Sure, it's a different look, but it's a new look. A fresh look." The day this interview with the pastor took place happened to be "pulling the sign" day. "I've got to go," Pastor Chip says, politely excusing himself. "We have a great message planned for the sign this week. I've got to pull that sign right now in case that lady drives by today."   We're known around town as 'the church with the messages' and that nice lady calling in proves it. We're connecting.

    — Chip Plank
    Plantation Community Church
    Plantation,  FL
  • I just wanted to thank you and your entire team for the wonderful job you provided to the Church of God Christian concerning the purchase and delivery of our new church sign.

    From the beginning of the process until the very end, you provided all the information required for us to make an informed, thoughtful, and an extremely rewarding decision.When I first contacted Stewart Signs, I was a little skeptical, considering the glowing commentaries I read about your products and services.Usually these testimonies are a little "over-the-top." But as the process began, I started realize the level of your expertise and knowledge concerning the process was more than I had expected.My comfort level rose considerably.

    The purchase options were presented in a logical, easy to understand manner, without any pressure whatsoever.The paperwork was submitted exactly as promised, and the delivery was on time, even though the City's address records for our church are incorrect.

    Overall, our experience with Stewart Signs has been one of the most rewarding purchasing experiences I can remember.The sign is beautiful, and we have received a number of compliments.I will forward pictures as soon as possible.

    Once again, thank you, and continue your excellent work.

    — Rev. F. Douglas Reynolds Sr.
    Church Of God Christian Center
    Fort Lauderdale,  FL
  • I would like to that you for helping Davie United Methodist Church design a beautiful sign to meet both the needs of our church and the very strict sign codes in South Florida. A sign is an important purchase for a church and it is difficult to fully understand the differences in manufacturers until you can compare actual signs from each company. As you know, we ultimately selected your company based on your warranty and years of experience manufacturing this type of signs. Personally my decision was also influenced by your willingness to fully disclose all cost before we made a decision. You delivered our sign for exactly the amount that we agreed upon with no hidden fees. We were blessed with the ability to install our sign on the 23rd of December. Everyone commented on the excellent "fit & finish" of the sign and how perfectly it mounted to foundation that we constructed using the full-size template provided. Everyone was very happy that we selected your company. Now that the sign is installed I have been able to compare it to signs in my area that look like J .M.Stewart Signs, but are made by other companies. The sign we purchased is made from much stronger materials and has better lighting than similar signs. I am so glad that we selected you to manufacture our sign. Please feel free to use me as a referral to anyone that is considering a new sign. Thank you for everything that you have done to help make this process go smoothly.

    — Douglas F. Gray
    Davie United Methodist Church
    Davie,  FL
  • This letter is to say thanks to you and all the fine folks at your company for the great job you did in designing and delivering our new church sign. It was eight months ago that our old church sign was hit and severely damaged by a car. Our general experience in dealing with local sign companies was frustrating and disappointing. But once we came in contact with your company, and in particular your sign consultant, our experience was pure pleasure. I want to say thanks because you treated us professionally and courteously. Phone calls and mailings were handled in a timely fashion. Your promotional mailings and videos were attractive and informative. And most importantly you delivered a beautiful, quality product. Enclosed with this letter are some pictures of our sign from our Dedication Sunday. Already we are grateful for the positive comments we have received about the sign. But even more, we are rejoicing that God brought in enough cash and pledges to totally pay for the sign and its installation. To God be the glory! Again, thank you for all you have done to make it possible to have this beautiful church sign.

    — Andrew J. Anderson
    Bethany Evangelical Covenant Church
    North Miami,  FL
  • There is no doubt in my mind that Stewart church signs are tops.

    Yes, we even survived Hurricane Andrew. Hurricane Andrew's top winds gusted as high as 200+ miles per hour with the eye wall center moving right down S. W.288th Street where our church sits.

    With 1.2 million dollars damage to our church facilities, the Stewart sign stood up well. The plastic sign inserts were blown out of the frame but were located virtually unharmed and put back 2 days later. As a matter of fact our Stewart Sign was the first visible sign of rebirth after the storm.

    We wanted our community to know that God's church survived. The strength and quality of the Stewart sign allowed us to do that.

    I also want to our sign consultant for both he and his staff's marvelous customer service. Their help and support in getting our sign put back like new with paint and missing letters was an added bonus we were not expecting.

    I am sold! I would never buy a sign from anyone else and I highly recommend Stewart Church Signs to any church looking for quality, customer service and a genuine personal touch.

    — Lee M.Outlaw
    Modello Baptist Church
    Homestead,  FL
  • Our consultant was a great help, she did not make me feel like a customer, I felt like I was working with a close FRIEND.Thanks for all that you did for us.

    — Rico Griffith
    New Friendship Baptist Church
    Atlantic Beach,  FL
  • The customer service at STEWART SIGNS is the greatest! Thanks!

    — William Rowland, Deacon First Assembly Of God
    First Assembly Of God
    Apalachicola,  FL
  • The process was very swift and very easy. It's been a very good journey for us with the sign.

    — Rick Crook
    Crossroads Family Worship Center
    Callahan,  FL
  • Tim Wilder, Port St. Joe's Principal immediately became involved in the project. "The school reached a point where we felt that it was necessary to provide a more detailed, consistent and up to date flow of information into the community," said Principal Wilder. "We decided as a school that we wanted the most dynamic message center; one that would serve our school for many years into the future." In 2001, Tim Wilder was the Principal of Port St.Joe's Elementary School and had purchased an electronic message center from the Stewart Signs; a national school sign company located in Sarasota, FL."At the elementary school, we chose Stewart's DayStar 16x96. It was primarily designed to display text messages. At the high school, we wanted a larger sign that could display text, graphics, video and animations. We didn't want any restrictions when it came to communicating with students, teachers, parents or our community." When Principal Wilder was searching for a sign vendor at the Elementary School, he looked at several companies, but chose Stewart Signs because of their highly respected reputation in the marketplace. "We were not familiar with the technology and recognized that we would required a high level of support throughout the entire buying process, including sign installation, training and ongoing support. It was critical that we choose a company that could offer the best product, a competitive price and a high level of customer service. Stewart Signs helped walk us through every stage of the decision process, delivery, installation and software training." When it came time to choose a new sign for the high school, Principal Wilder contacted Stewart Signs to discuss the new message center. "It was a no-brainer to go back to Stewart Signs and work together on this new project for the high school. We decided to go with a DayStar 32x96, which doubles the height of our message center for the high school. Our new sign offers multiple rows of text and text sizes, video clips, custom animations and we can even import images from our digital camera to be displayed on the sign. It's just an awesome tool for communicating with the entire community. Everyone loves this sign and the positive feedback never seems to stop. Other schools in our county are so impressed with our new message center that they are now investing in a new sign with Stewart Signs!" Shortly after Mr. Wilder received the message center from Stewart Signs, they experienced a lightning strike that disabled the modem inside the sign. "From the time I called the Stewart support department until the sign was fixed," Tim said, "I felt like I was the most important customer they had. I've had a lot of experience dealing with support people and Stewart Signs is the best I have ever worked with. My sign was up and running again in no time! Kudos to Stewart Signs!"

    — Tim Wilder
    Port Saint Joe High School
    Port Saint Joe,  FL
  • Thank you for working with our church and may God Bless.

    — Mike Johnson
    Christian Home Free Will Baptist
    Blountstown,  FL
  • Thank you again for all your assistance during the process of acquiring the informational sign for our church.

    — Marsha Pugh
    Euchee Valley Presbyterian Church
    Defuniak Springs,  FL
  • We thanked the driver and the man on the bicycle and about an hour and a half later we had the church sign mounted on the slab, level and with power. Ain't GOD good?

    — Florala Church Of God
    Florala Church Of God
    Florala,  AL
  • The sign is in place and looks great. We are having a dedication for the new sign. Thank you for all your help.

    — Robin Brown
    Hampton United Methodist Church
    Hampton,  SC
  • When Hurricane Ivan came through Atmore, AL in September of 2004, it left Presley Street Baptist Church with the need for a new church sign. "Our old church sign was made of a single piece of metal that was painted white with the church name on it," said Joseph Walker, a deacon at the church. Though the hurricane had spared most of the brickwork surrounding it, the deacons of the church knew that they needed a new sign." "We knew that we wanted a sign that would last and would serve the church's needs for many years. I was elected to do the part of finding a reliable and reputable sign company. I began by looking at every church sign that I passed, trying to get some ideas." After meeting on what Joseph had observed, the deacons decided that they wanted to have a sign that had both the ability to display messages and illuminate. That way their message could be viewed at night as well. "I contacted a local company in our area and looked at some of the signs that they had made and installed. They just would not do. One of the other deacons then contacted a LifeWay Bible Book Store. They gave us the name of a company that had been doing church signs since 1968. That company was Stewart Church Signs." Joseph and the other deacons would soon discover that Stewart Church Signs was the official sign company of LifeWay and of their denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention. In fact, Stewart Church signs is so highly regarded, it's endorsed by a growing number of denominations, giving its customers extra peace of mind. "We made one phone call to Stewart and they sent us a package that contained a videotape and catalog. That was the beginning of the greatest business relationship that I have ever had." "I made a visit to the company's website and viewed the many signs in their photo album and learned about all of the options available to us. It made me feel like I was a part of the design process. The company also assigned us a consultant who assisted us with all of our needs and always returned my calls promptly. He was a kindred Spirit and became my friend." Joseph found that Stewart Church Signs isn't about the "hard sell". Instead, it's really about the church, and identifying its needs. "He never pressured me to purchase a sign...he simply made suggestions. He asked questions that I would never have thought about, such as church location, distance from the street, distance from an intersection, and traffic patterns and speed limits." After the church decided to purchase their sign, Joseph and those at Presley Street Baptist Church are still satisfied with the investment that they made. "If anyone needs a sign, I highly recommend Stewart Signs. They were such a pleasure to deal with that I almost wish that I needed another sign. I knew all along that it was God's Will for our church to deal with Stewart Sign Company."

    — Joseph Walker
    Presley Street Baptist Church
    Atmore,  AL
  • The experience First Christian Church had working with Stewart Signs was very pleasant. We received constant feedback regarding the progress of our signs and expert assistance throughout the design process. We felt like we had contracted with a partner not just a vendor. Equally as important, the directions provided for completing the footer were clear, concise, and easy to follow. When the signs arrived they lined up precisely with the provided bolts. From start to finish, everything went as well as we could have hoped for. I would highly recommend Stewart Signs to any organization considering the purchase of a sign. Their product is outstanding but it is their quality of service that really sets them apart.

    — Tony Thacker
    First Christian Church Disciples Of Christ
    Montgomery,  AL
  • The signs look wonderful. The install could not have been easier. We had 10 people installing 2 signs and it only took 45 minutes!

    — Tony Thacker
    First Christian Church Disciples Of Christ
    Montgomery,  AL
  • I would just like to add that working with my sales consultant on this project took a lot of pressure off of me and made it a very enjoyable experience.

    — Ben Cupp
    Norway Baptist Church
    Norway,  SC
  • BEST experience ever...can't wait to purchase something else next year.

    — Arlene Law
    Mcintosh High School
    Peachtree City,  GA
  • We have been enjoying our new sign for several months now and I wanted to share with you our appreciation to your company for the enjoyable experience throughout the entire process. Needless to say, the sign is an attention getter, and we have many visitors who say they were just passing by and saw the church. All of our people are very satisfied with the sign. There have been no negative comments. Our sign consultant has been very helpful to me. He has been honest, always available, and even willing to answer, I'm sure, elementary questions. His directions, suggestions from beginning to the installation have been much appreciated. Thank you again for everything.

    — Harold Henderson
    Grace Baptist Church
    Covington,  GA
  • My consultant was tops - very nice and helpful.I am happy we chose to go with Stewart Signs.

    — Irvis Everette
    First United Pentecostal
    Leakesville,  MS
  • We just opened and wish the building was as ready as the sign was!

    — David C. Patterson
    Academy Of Scholars
    Decatur,  GA
  • This LED sign in East Point, GA is able to communicate dynamically with their 24x112 red LED TekStar sign

    — City Of East Point Parks & Recreation Department
    City Of East Point Parks & Recreation Department
    East Point,  GA
  • You have a very good team and a very nice product.Thank you for all the help.

    — Linda Broadus
    Success Baptist Church
    Saucier,  MS
  • It's certainly a big improvement over what we had.

    — Joe Reed
    Lakeside High School
    Atlanta,  GA
  • After Hurricane Katrina, the only parts of our sign that had to be replaced were the bulbs! Your product is so well constructed! I consider it a testament that we were led to purchase a Stewart sign. God definitely wants this sign in front of His church in McHenry!

    — Wayne Flurry
    Mc Henry First Baptist Church
    Mc Henry,  MS
  • We had not had a first time visitor in 4 weeks.We put our sign up on Saturday afternoon and had 3 first time visitors the next morning.

    — Tom Watt
    Faith Christian Fellowship
    Austell,  GA
  • I wanted to thank you for wonderful sign you made for us.It really looks great, and most of all the sign has brought new people into our church.Every Sunday for the first five weeks that we had the sign, we had at least one new family visit our church because of the sign.I feel confident that in the future, this sign will help us reach our community.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    — Ben Bond
    Legacy Church
    Powder Springs,  GA
  • We are very pleased with our sign. Thanks for working with us.

    — Jason Moorer
    Toxey Assembly Of God
    Toxey,  AL
  • The sign is up and really looks great, thanks for all your help in making this happen.

    — Robert Woodruff
    American Legion Horace Orr Post 29
    Marietta,  GA
  • Yes, I returned from spring break (not wanting to turn down the street, in case the sign wasn't there yet or if it had been placed the wrong way, etc) and as we approached, the sign looked AWESOME.Everyone returning to school today (all kids) were just thrilled to see "their" sign in place.A huge thanks to you for your hard work in this and going beyond I know the call of duty.

    You have made this adventure into the "unknown" sooooooo easy for me and I really just can't say thank you enough.I drive by the sign many times a day more than I like to count actually but I will always think of the people like you who helped us succeed with this endeavor.

    Please put me on your customer service referral list if you have one.I will gladly sing your praises on anything.

    — Cathy Amick
    New Prospect Elementary School
    Alpharetta,  GA
  • Our consultant was excellent from start to finish. Always reachable and got back to me quickly. It never seemed to bother him that we changed our mind 10 different times.

    — Tom Hooverm
    Pinecrest Academy
    Cumming,  GA
  • This was a very positive experience.

    — Elizabeth Nelson
    Raccoon Creek Baptist Church
    Cartersville,  GA
  • "We should have had Stewart Church Signs build our levees," proclaims Pastor Luter. "Then our levees might not have burst." Pastor Fred Luter was born and raised in the city he loves best: New Orleans, Louisiana. He began preaching at Franklin Avenue Baptist in 1986. Franklin Avenue Baptist Church is a most remarkable house of worship. Its parishioners are the very heartbeat of this grand old American city. Away from the French Quarter lies a New Orleans tourists never see. It's the New Orleans of warm fellowship and close families coming together in His name. The year 1997 saw a glorious 2000-seat sanctuary rise above the lower Eighth Ward. This majestic structure, constructed by the hands of the Lord, became part of the community even before it was completed. "Several years later we built the Family Life Center next door and installed a Stewart Signs electronic message center in front of the sanctuary," recounts the proud pastor. 'Franklinites' (as they call themselves) by the tens of thousands came to this anointed place to give praise. "We were truly blessed by the Lord," affirms the humble pastor. On August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana as a category 4 hurricane. Its destruction has already been well documented. This story is not about tragedies brought on by natural disasters. Any material loss pales in comparison to the nearly 1,900 lives lost because of Katrina. Pastor Luter's flock was forced to evacuate, leaving their sanctuary behind to fend for itself. As Pastor Luter laments, "We left it in God's hands." Katrina came, destroyed, and departed. The Eighth Ward was left flooded for three weeks to a depth of nine feet. Aerial photos show a seemingly afloat sanctuary and Family Life Center. Pastor Luter took to the skies to view the damage himself. Reporting back to his members he had but five words: "We are going to rebuild." The yellow circle indicates Franklin Avenue Baptist's church sign. Two long years passed and electrical service was finally restored. On a November morning in 2007 church facility manager Charles Noel pondered what would happen if he tried powering up their Katrina-worn Stewart LED sign. Recalls Pastor Luter with a boyish chuckle, "I thought that sign was a goner. That's why I will never forget Deacon Charles calling my cell to tell me that the sign came right up! Pre-Katrina service times displayed across the LED as if the tragedy didn't even happen! That sign survived 125-mph winds and spent three weeks underwater!" On April 6th, 2008, Franklin Avenue Baptist Church reopened. Displaced Franklinites from all over America - five thousand in all - returned to New Orleans to witness the rebirth of their beloved sanctuary. Pastor Luter's sermon that joyous day was on the theme, "from disaster to dancing"; comparing the children of Judah and what they lost through their crops and cattle to what the Franklinites lost to Katrina. "Yes, we rebuilt," Pastor Luter teaches. "We left it in God's hands."

    — Fred Luter
    Franklin Avenue Baptist Church
    New Orleans,  LA
  • We are enjoying our sign very much.It is operating very well.It has brought a couple lost souls into the church.I feel it has paid for itself.We thank you for the opportunity to do business with the Stewart Sign Company.I have referred a couple of others to you and hope they will call and do business with you.

    God Bless you for your work with the churches.

    — David Cruse
    Fairview Wesleyan Church
    Cottondale,  AL
  • Enclosed you will find a beautiful picture of our new sign.We think it's great! The first day I sat outside and watched the cars go by, 80% of the people turned to view the sign! It is an eye catcher for sure.

    Last week I was in the Post Office and the clerk said," I have been meaning to tell you how much I love your new sign preacher, and the thoughts you have on it too." A lady at the counter heard her and said," are you a minister of a church close by; I'm new in the area and looking for a church." We talked on, I expect to see her this coming Sunday at church.

    Our whole church thinks that the sign has added so much to our looks and drawing power.Thank you for all your help.

    I will gladly recommend your company to anyone thinking of a new sign!

    — Larry C. Barnes
    Baldwin Baptist Church
    Baldwin,  GA
  • On Sunday, November 10th we had 6 first time visitors because they saw the sign.

    — Bill Holley
    Holten Heights Church Of The Nazarene
    Tuscaloosa,  AL
  • First let me apologize for my tardiness in sending along these comments on the Bible Center Church sign purchase and installation.We are still experimenting with our information format and attracting more attention with eye appealing displays.

    Following are some of the comments we received: (I) That's the most attractive church sign I have ever seen.(2) I have traveled a lot and this church sign is more appealing than any I have seen.(3) I didn't know we had anybody here capable of coming up with such a beautiful sign.(4) I hope this expensive looking sign doesn't reflect on the rest of our facility.

    We are really pleased with the beauty and the eye catching appeal the sign has, however, I believe the best comment came from our men who helped install it: "I have never seen anything as easy and simple to install." The most startling comments were about the price, surprise at the reasonable cost for such a quality sign.

    Thanks from all of us for your help and support in this project.

    — Burl A. Mallory
    Bible Center Church
    Luling,  LA
  • Oftentimes there is a defining moment when a church becomes keenly aware they need an outdoor sign. For the followers at Cedar Bluff First Baptist Church that moment came in late 2004. "A visiting pastor from Decatur drove right by our church without seeing it," tells John Hooker, a deacon at this rural Alabama church. "You would think a pastor could find a church. Our building is rather distinctive: It's over one hundred years old. Still, he zoomed right by as if we weren't even there!" The very next day found the church's long-range planning committee voting unanimously to kick-start a "sign exploratory project." The seed was sown. "What we thought would be a difficult undertaking turned out to be surprisingly pleasant," John remembers. "Stewart Signs' knowledgeable sign consultant walked us through the design and project execution stages so that we didn't have to go it alone." "Also, we were impressed that Stewart Church Signs is the only endorsed sign company of the Southern Baptist Convention," John affirms. Soon a striking church sign sprouted up on Old Highway 9 in front of Cedar Bluff First Baptist. Functional in its splendor, the new sign quickly became 'must see' motoring for miles around. "Folks tell me they look forward to rounding the bend to see what we've got up on the sign," John brags. "Our sign has truly blossomed into a tool we can use to connect with the community. New people are moving into the area. We're seeing a lot of new faces on Sunday morning." Pastor Robert Smith likes the way messages can be programmed to 'self expire' thereby avoiding stale text which can occur with traditional changeable-letter signs. Indeed, everyone at the church appreciates the user-friendly LED messaging software. "The mouse does all the work," is how John explains their collective experience with messaging. Melanie and Michelle volunteer as message programmers, "because, they think it's a hoot," chuckles Deacon John. "Sure, they've got service times, inspirational messages, and vacation bible school news up on the sign. But I'll drive down the highway one morning and see sports scores from Cedar Bluff High School up there as well. It's wonderful...especially when they win." One might wonder why such a small church with a congregation of but 150 in a community of 1,400 people would purchase a rather large electronic sign. To that Deacon John quips, "We are forward-thinking folks. We chose the sign based on what we know we will need down the road." He adds, "We try to do what the Lord wants us to do for our community." What we thought would be a difficult undertaking turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. Our sign has truly blossomed into a tool we can use to connect with the community. We're seeing a lot of new faces on Sunday morning.

    — John Hooker
    Cedar Bluff First Baptist Church
    Cedar Bluff,  AL
  • We are absolutely delighted in our new sign.I would be very please to recommend your company to anybody.

    — Chris Murdock
    Ruhama Baptist Church
    Fort Payne,  AL
  • On the first Saturday of October, 2005, Garden Baptist Church in Aliceville, Alabama installed their new Stewart Sign on what would later be described by those present as a most joyous occasion. "Had you been there, you'd of thought we were having a revival!" laughs Pastor Raymond Robertson. Among those working the crescent wrench and screwdriver were Bill and Jeanne Dyson, Elizabeth Kelly, Pastor Robinson's son and the pastor himself. "We just tipped it out of the crate and the sign immediately began turning motorists' eyes toward the Lord." And the eyes along Highway 14 continue to turn. "Prior to our new sign we had but seventeen members in our congregation. Now, seven months on, our little country church has thirty members," boasts Pastor Robertson. "We have so many new friends, all of whom have commented on our sign." The pastor's spirits were not always so upbeat. "We just could not grow," he laments. "There were Sundays not so long ago when we were running six to eight believers. Sure, we asked around and invited others into our fold, but it's natural that people are loyal to their own churches." He then takes a breath as if he's about to let us in on some inside church secret. "We actually considered shutting down and attending other churches. It has taken prayer, faith, and patience to get things moving in the right way." As a former police officer, Pastor Robertson knows a little something about getting things moving in the right way. "I shopped around locally for a sign. Not to be critical, but the sign companies between Tuscaloosa and nearby Columbus, Mississippi were not really interested in working with us, "puzzles the pastor. "One guy actually quoted me a price of $1300 for a church sign and in the same breath told me 'but you aren't going like it'." Garden Baptist's office manager Elizabeth Kelly tracked down Stewart Signs via the web. Unlike purchasing a sign off the rack from an uninterested local sign company, Elizabeth was now working with a Stewart Signs sign consultant; a seasoned professional who takes pleasure in helping churches beautify their grounds in a functional way. Her phone call to Stewart Signs opened up a world not only of caring consultants but of skilled artists and second-to-none customer service as well. Churches expect nothing less from a company with thirty-eight years in the church sign industry. Around the same time the Lord provided other improvements to Garden Baptist Church. New carpeting was put down. Pristine chandeliers were hung. The pews needed and received new padding. Furthermore, instead of just replacing the windows, ten magnificent stained-glass windows now colorfully bathe the church's interior like a prism. "The new sign is the crown on the top of all the improvements," avows this humble pastor. "It looks great in our yard - especially at night. It turns eyes toward the Lord". Yet he won't pat his new church sign on the back for nearly doubling membership in just seven months. "I'm giving all the credit to God," insists Pastor Robertson. "Though it was truly amazing what happened once that sign went up," he chuckles. "You know, the sign merely points toward a direction. I tell my congregation that it's up to us to enlighten everyone of what is in that direction.

    — Raymond Robertson
    Garden Baptist Church
    Aliceville,  AL
  • We have been very impressed with the responsiveness and quality of help we have received from your tech support group.Thanks.

    — Johnny Hickey
    Mountain Grove Baptist Church
    Pickens,  SC
  • We love our new sign! It has served to enhance our home and school communications. Our faculty, as well as our students and their families enjoy this great new addition to our campus!

    — Mamie Statham
    Trafton Academy
    Hammond,  LA
  • Thank you all for your service and quality product. This is why we chose Stewart Signs.

    — Adam Martinez
    Dalton Middle School
    Dalton,  GA
  • Our salesman was awesome! Great job! Pray you continue to do good works.

    — Johnnie May
    South Springhill Missionary Baptist Church
    Monticello,  MS
  • Your sign has been a great blessing to our church.Being a country church there is no lights around our area and many people didn't realize that there was a church there.

    I believe the sign has been a big factor in our growth.In the year since we placed your sign our attendance has went from 40 to 100.

    We thank you for the great service and helpful personnel.It was a pleasure doing business with your company.

    — Wayne Gribble
    Little Prospect Baptist Church
    Tunnell Hill,  GA
  • Our consultant really helped me when I was trying to decide on a sign.She kept in contact with me until I was fully sastified with everything.I really appreciate all of her help.

    — Rosa Oxendine
    Deep Branch Elementary
    Lumberton,  NC
  • The whole church family here in Charlotte praise and thank God for our wonderful sign.We have over 10,000 cars that pass our church property each day Monday through Friday.With our new church sign we can now become a stronger witness to them of the message of Salvation and Hope.Thank you Stewart Signs for our AMAZING sign.God bless you all.

    — Eric Jones
    The Church Of God
    Charlotte,  NC
  • The church sign that we ordered from Stewart is magnificent. The color and design corresponds very well with our building and the surrounding area.

    We are very pleased with the workmanship and the style of the sign. Also, your prices beat all the others competitors and their signs lacked the quality and class that your signs have, yet they wanted more money for less quality.

    It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

    — Burrel Brooks
    New Providence Baptist Church
    Mount Holly,  NC
  • Praise the Lord, our sign is up and looks beautiful.Many people have made good remarks about how much it adds to the appearance of our church.People are talking about it all over the community.

    Thank you for all your help, guidance and patience with us since we first started talking about a sign.The quality and workmanship of the sign are evident.The instructions and materials you sent concerning the installation of the sign were so helpful.In fact, we installed the sign the same day we received it.

    Enclosed you will find a picture of the sign.I have already recommended your company and you to several other churches.Please send us some more R's, for we have already run out.

    Thanks again.May the Lord bless you and your family.

    — Brother Wayne Key
    Mt. Zion Baptist
    Cherryville,  NC
  • Our sales rep did a great deal of work in getting me the information, pricing and following up weekly until we finalized the deal. I would refer your company!

    — Jonathan Baker
    Langford Volunteer Fire Department
    Brandon,  MS
  • Since the night the sign was first turned on, the morale in our church improved dramatically.

    — Joe Bryan
    Calhoun United Methodist Church
    Calhoun,  TN
  • Calhoun United Methodist Church is located in a small town of 500 residents, yet 6900 vehicles pass by our church everyday.We are located on State Highway 163, a major route running East and West from several larger cities.At the time of our sign purchase our average attendance was 55.This purchase by our church, since we are such a small congregation, was a major endeavor, yet we saw the future potential investment of our purchase.

    We located Stewart Signs through their website, and then visited other signs in cities nearby.We did consult several other companies, but always came back to Stewart in working out the details of our sign.Our sales consultant was most helpful from the start in making sure that every detail we required was met.Stewart Signs evaluated our location and recommended to us the best sign available in our price range for what we were wanting.High resolution videos and graphics on our sign were a must, so Stewart Signs suggested our 40 by 112, open faced pixel sign, which would meet our needs.Since installation, three churches, one school, one fire department, and major manufacturer have come to our church to view our sign and were very impressed.To date, we have submitted four referrals to Stewart.We are highly please with our sign and consider it a privilege to recommend it to others.We constantly find cars sitting in our church driveway just to watch the various graphics our sign is running.Programming the sign is so simple.Stewart Signs has been very willing to help us work out any "bugs" that occurred during installation and start-up of the sign.

    We have had several new visitors to our church since the sign was installed in December, 2012.More importantly, thousands of people driving by our church each day now see our church in action and what we have to offer.We use our sign for the benefit of the entire community as we promote not only events of our church, but other organizations.Currently we are promoting an event for another church in our area at their request.We consider this quite a compliment to ask our church to promote an event for them.Morale in our congregation has improved tremendously since the installation of the sign.Our congregation has become revitalized by seeing what our church "is" doing and "can" do in the future.We believe the benefits of our new sign are just beginning to appear and look forward to the results of our purchase.We do expect some of our new attendees to join our church very soon, as we have welcomed their visit to us on our church sign.

    — Joe Bryan
    Calhoun United Methodist Church
    Calhoun,  TN
  • This is the third Stewart sign that we have purchased over the years.We have been well pleased with each one.

    — Don Taggart
    Depriest Chapel Free Will Baptist Church
    Gattman,  MS
  • "Our message gets out," affirms Pastor David Sexton. "And it's not because of the flashiness of the sign. It's because of the information we present on the sign." Denver Baptist Church's DayStar electronic message center is a beacon along 35 mile-per-hour Highway 16 in semi-rural Denver, North Carolina. Typically, the church runs the same messages in three-second intervals on both sides of the LED sign. Motorists are treated to service times, Sunday School hours, and the church's website address. Pastor Sexton is more than eager to tout the sign's usefulness for reaching particular segments of the community. "Our pre-school is full only because we put it up on the sign. When our associate pastor stages the special Easter production and Christmas dinner theater, we announce it on the sign and fill every last seat." "Sure, the average motorist won't see all of our messages, but that's not what we're going for," emphasizes Pastor Sexton. "They drive to and from work each day throughout the week. By the weekend, they are up-to-speed on what we're all about. And they come in, believe me." Though not asked to do so, newcomers to Denver Baptist can fill out a 'welcome card'. On a recent Sunday, seven families took the time to turn in completed cards. Of those seven, four families wrote that they attended the service because of the sign. This revelation becomes even more impressive when you consider the fact that 'sign' isn't even one of the choices given on the card. "Our LED sign is the presence on our heavily-traveled road," stresses Pastor Sexton. Right at the onset of their sign-shopping days, the building's architect indeed had a sign on the drawing board for them. Though functionally elaborate, the plans for this envisioned sign later proved to be problematic when it came to acquiring the various individual components. Not only were there concerns over the individual parts truly becoming whole, cost issues began to threaten the project. Looking back upon that time, Pastor Sexton laments, "I was afraid the total price tag would top 70K dollars. I told my congregation, this is crazy and we don't need to do it this way!" Then, through LifeWay, Pastor Sexton was put in contact with Stewart Church Signs. "Visiting Stewart's website I downloaded the specs I needed. I also learned from the site that Stewart Signs has many installations on military bases. As a former Army Corps of Engineers guy, I appreciated the fact that Stewart had a business relationship with Uncle Sam. My sign consultant was extremely knowledgeable and the Stewart Signs art department stayed in close touch with me from A to Z." Back on Highway 16, Denver Baptist's sign is today building the Kingdom of God, one car at a time. Pastor Sexton senses a new pride around the church. The older members, in particular, have been particularly impressed with the quality of the new sign. These elders recall a time when they use to hang banners out by the road. "It looked like the circus was coming to town. You cannot make that look good," recounts Pastor Sexton. "It is a ministry here; we have to be excellent in all that we do."

    — David Sexton
    Denver Baptist Church
    Denver,  NC
  • Thanks so much for a beautiful sign, we are very happy with everything it works beautifully.I want to thank all the people that worked on our sign and thank you for delivering when you said that you would ship.

    — Carroll Proctor
    Pleasant Gardens Baptist Church
    Marion,  NC
  • I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your help and patience in getting us our new church sign. It looks great and I have had compliments not only from people in our church, but also from people in our community. We have had, on several occasions, people who were just driving by stop and tell us how much they appreciate the messages. Twice we have even had someone take a photo of the sign and message and put it in a publication called the "Morning Fax" that goes out to the businesses in our town."Hey, free advertisement".

    Our new sign is helping us reach out to our community in a way that we could not before. I want to thank you for helping us get through the process and finding what we needed. You were patient every time I asked for a new rendering with a different design, you never complained, and you were always courteous and helpful. In doing this, we were able to get a sign that was just right for us.

    You and your company have been great to work with and I would gladly recommend anyone looking for a new sign to check with you.

    I believe that this sign will help us reach and encourage others for Christ, and that is what it is all about.

    — Pastor Dave
    Athens Church Of The Nazarene
    Athens,  TN
  • We have been very pleased with the sign.The quality of the sign is apparent and it makes a good addition to the apperance of the church.It has allowed us to share with those in our community a thought or phrase that hopefully will give them a smile and some encouragement.It has also shown up twice in a local morning publication that that is sent each morning by email.Also my daughter was on Facebook the other night and a teacher she had in high school had posted the message that was on the sign and where it was located, she does not go to our church and did not realizes that my daughter attend there.My daughter told me that there were several postive comments on the saying.If you ever need a reference please let me know.

    — Pastor Dave
    Athens Church Of The Nazarene
    Athens,  TN
  • The sign itself looks great.We're getting a lot of comments.Our experience has been excellent.

    — Todd Miller
    Soapy Suds Car Wash
    Marion,  NC
  • The congregation of Covenant Fellowship Center and I, Jason Bailey want to take just a moment to tell you, and the employees of Stewart Signs THANK YOU. Through the purchasing of our sign, which started about four months ago, we began a journey with you that started as a vision. Hence our sign's name; "The Vision Sign". You made it very easy to make decisions and to pass all information to our church. You have great professionalism in the sale of signs and the answering of any questions I might have had. After we purchased the sign and talking with you through all of this, I felt like I have been in the sign business myself. I remember the first time I called; I knew absolutely nothing about an LED sign.

    One of our criteria to choose a company was their service after the sale. When installing the sign, I found out just how good the customer service is at Stewart Signs. REMARKABLE!! The questions we had for customer service were answered very fast and accurately.

    To Whom It May Concern, I want close by saying that it was a real pleasure doing business with Stewart Signs. I would not at all hesitate to refer them to anyone considering the purchase of a sign. I know that myself and Covenant Fellowship Center would not hesitate the purchase of another Stewart Sign.

    Feel free to put me down as a reference anytime and I will be glad to give our churches' testimony throughout our journey.

    — Jason Bailey
    Covenant Fellowship Center
    Dunlap,  TN
  • I really do like the customer service and the follow-ups after the sale.I give Stewart Signs an A+!

    — Jason Bailey
    Covenant Fellowship Center
    Dunlap,  TN
  • We are very happy with it and have been contacted by numerous other churches inquiring about it.

    — Jeffrey R. Beach
    Cross Memorial Baptist Church
    Morganton,  NC
  • Our Sales Consultant was absolutely wonderful to work with.He was very patient with all our questions and helping us to make the right choice.This was a big purchase for our small church and He was a big help.Thank you.

    — Marla Patchel
    Green Street Presbyterian Church
    Morganton,  NC
  • Thank you for all of your work and cooperation to assist us in having such a wonderful sign.May God continue to bless you and Stewart Signs.Thank you again

    Little Star Cumberland Presbyterian Church
    Town Creek,  AL
  • The finished product including the artwork of the town's seal as well as the Civitan's seal is outstanding.You should be very proud of the quality of the finished product.

    — John T. Linker
    Town Of Granite Quarry
    Granite Quarry,  NC
  • Our sign is perfect and wonderful!! Thank you. God is good.

    — Danny Knight
    Lexington United Methodist Church
    Lexington,  AL
  • We love our new church sign!!!!

    — Danny Knight
    Lexington United Methodist Church
    Lexington,  AL
  • Very proud of our new sign.Looks so good coming down the road, especially at night.

    — Janie Spraberry
    Bradford Chapel Baptist Church
    Gore Springs,  MS
  • The sign arrived in very good shape, no scratches, etc.We have had quite a bit of rain and when it finally stopped, we were able to pour the concrete footing and install the sign.As you can see by the enclosed picture, we have put the sign to good use.

    The sign is really pretty and all of the ladies of the church like it.It seems to be constructed well, and I am sure we will enjoy it for years to come.I will call you, later for the additional letters.

    Thanks for the quick service and the delivery of a very nice sign.

    — J. Sewell Brown
    New York Avenue Church Of Christ
    Oak Ridge,  TN
  • The sign looks great!! It has been getting a lot of attention.Several people have stopped by to look at it.Many have honked their horns in approval.One church has voiced their intention to purchases one.

    —  Bethel Missionary Baptist Church
    Bethel Missionary Baptist Church
    Pontotoc,  MS
  • After looking into a number of sign companies and considering service, quality, and cost, I decided to go with Stewart Sign Company.When considering artwork, size, installation, and overall communication, l decided to pay "slightly more" for this sign after arriving at a very competitive price.I was really impressed with the process that went with everything from the design to the shipping of the sign.

    As the Director of Operations for our school system while building a new school and now serving as the principal of that school, I have to say that the support of the salespersons at Stewart was exemplary.It was a rare pleasure to have the kind of service where you could ask lots of questions and get immediate responses.Even a last minute change was dealt with easily.I would recommend this company very highly!

    — Larry Bridgewater
    William Ellis Middle School
    Advance,  NC
  • A sign like this is very impressive, and it says that we value education and technology.We are so excited about our new additions.

    — Shannon Watson
    Lawrence County High School
    Lawrenceburg,  TN
  • Mr friend just wanted to let you know that the sign and the entire process was as smooth and rewarding as could ever have been dreamed.The sign did install flawlessly and looks great at our church.Thank you for all your help.

    —  Lakeview Baptist Church
    Lakeview Baptist Church
    Lewisburg,  TN
  • It was a joy and pleasure to deal with this company.

    — Karl England
    Hollow Springs Community Church
    Bradyville,  TN
  • The day Ray and Natalie Kennedy were married was the same day their small town of Deer Lodge, Tennessee got electricity.

    "The symbolism was very nice," as Natalie Kennedy relates nearly sixty years on."We were doubly blessed.Everything changed on that one day."

    From grade school through high school Ray and Natalie shared a small-town upbringing in rural Morgan County."School days were spent reading by kerosene lantern," laughs Natalie."Even today Deer Lodge doesn't have a traffic light nor does our church have a telephone."

    Deer Lodge United Church of Christ is a rustic, wooden structure built in the late 1800s.As youngsters Ray and Natalie gave praise through countless hymns sung between these pine walls.It's a sanctuary full of childhood recollections of bundled-up parents traipsing through December snows scurrying inside to gain not only body warmth but spiritual warmth as well.The chapel harkens back to the joyous Easter sunrise services of Ray and Natalie's teenage years.Years later this fine old structure would be where both Kennedy children are christened.

    When Ray Kennedy passed on in 2006 Natalie felt a fitting memorial to her husband of fifty-six years was in order."An outdoor sign for the church we love so much is what my family decided on," states Natalie."My daughter, Donna Kirby, son Chester, and I made plans to purchase a sign in my husband's name."

    "However, we didn't know a stitch about church signs!" Natalie confesses.

    So, with the aid of her son in Orlando, Florida, the search got underway.

    Natalie's son Chester is an aerospace engineer.Chester took it upon himself to drive around central Florida and personally inspect church signs on the front lawns of every church he came upon.

    "He must have driven around several weekends at least!" recalls Natalie."When he finally got back to me he didn't suggest who I should buy from.He told me who to buy from.I hopped right on the web and typed in Stewart Church Signs.

    "My dealings with Stewart's sign consultant were most pleasant," Natalie reports."It was just the kind of help I needed to select the perfect memorial to my husband.My sign consultant was never pushy.He treated my family with great respect."

    When the church's new Stewart sign arrived the Kennedy family assembled privately to dedicate it to the memory of Ray Kennedy.

    Most Mondays find Natalie on her step stool changing the message on the sign."I enjoy maintaining the sign any way I can.It's not just a church sign to me.My family put it here for a reason."

    Natalie adds with a smile, "Ray would probably scold me for spending the money, but this time I'm not so sure.This sign is going to be here for a very long time."

    — Natalie Kennedy
    Lakeview Community Church
    Deer Lodge,  TN
  • We had some issues with it at first, BUT the help we received from our salesman and the tech department was awesome! We are very pleased with the sign!! Good job.

    — Jason McGuffie
    First Baptist Church
  • If you're going to buy a sign, get the best bang for the buck and the best name with the best reputation.

    — Jason McGuffie
    First Baptist Church
    Tallulah,  LA
  • We purchased a sign for our school a year and a half ago. What a blessing and benefit it has been to us. We are able to announce special days, ball games, and school events on our sign. We are also able to congratulate people, teams, as well as give forth a message.

    The sign is beautiful and well worth the money we spent. We are also very pleased with the service we received from you folks.

    I would heartily recommend any one thinking about purchasing a sign to consider Stewart Church Signs.

    God bless you folks in the wonderful ministry He has given you.

    — Steve Roberson
    Gospel Light Christian School
    Walkertown,  NC
  • If we had known it would look that good, we would have paid a little more! Ha! Thanks.

    — John Abney
    Rolling Fork First Baptist Church
    Rolling Fork,  MS
  • We are very happy with our new sign.

    — Jim Postell
    Mafair United Methodist Church
    Kingsport,  TN
  • We love our new sign at Pamlico County Middle School.Stewart Sign company rep.was a pleasure to work with, she was very knowledgeable and professional.

    — Steve Curtis
    Pamlico County Middle School
    Bayboro,  NC
  • Our consultant was very helpful in the ordering process.We would use Stewart Signs again.

    — Frank Mullinix
    Jamestown Seventh-Day Adventist Church
    Jamestown,  TN
  • We already had other churches ask where did you get that sign.Thanks for a job well done!

    — Charles Cannon
    Phenel Chapel Missionary Baptist Church
    Blounts Creek,  NC
  • Dear Customer Care Team, We have received all kinds of nice comments from all over the community.The local elementary school principal, Mrs.Anderson, has called to ask how her school might get such a sign.She said it was truly one of the most beautiful signs she has seen.It seems that just about all of our members report at least one of two or more folks telling them they really like the new sign.I just have to say a big "THANK YOU!" to our sales consultants, one of the most professional consultants, yet all-around, down-to-earth GOOD GUY I have ever dealt with personally.He is also a Christian who "has the goods" about Christianity.We are looking forward to a long and happy ministry of conversing with multiplied thousands of travelers in the years ahead.(5600 vehicles average per day by actual NC Highway Dept.count).

    — Dr. David Sparks
    Flat Rock Pentecostal Holiness Church
    Mount Airy,  NC
  • What a pleasure it was to work with my consultant at Stewart Signs.I will highly recommend Stewart Signs every chance I get.Thanks for making this purchase such a wonderful event.

    — Lynn Metcalfe
    Rose Hill Elementary School
    Rose Hill,  VA
  • Our church is very satisfied with the Tekstar sign we purchased.It looks great and we have gotten so many compliments from the community and people passing by as well as other churches in the area.Thank God for Stewart Signs and their staff.Keep up the awesome ministry.

    —  The New St Paul Baptist Church
    The New St Paul Baptist Church
    Eden,  NC
  • Just a note to let you know that after almost three years we are still pleased with the sign we purchased from Stewart Church Signs.

    As you may recall, our previous sign was destroyed in the tornadoes that struck the Nashville area in the spring of 1998.At that time we investigated several sign manufacturers, but chose Stewart.

    Your expertise and experience led us to purchase a sign with large letters.At the time the highway on which our church is located was being improved to five lanes and we knew the speed limit would be approximately 45 mph.Motorists can read the sign easily.

    Our only real regret is that we did not purchase one of your electronic signs that may be programmed by computer.Be assured that our next sign will have that capability.

    We wish you well, and appreciate the personal attention given to our needs.

    — David C. Sharp
    Green Hill Church
    Mount Juliet,  TN

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