Customer Testimonials

  • Customer Testimonials
  • When it comes to quality, value and design there's only one sign company that we'd ever do business with, Stewart Signs.

    — Dan Kennedy
    Sarasota High School
    Sarasota,  FL
  • We are really enjoying the sign and have received positive feedback regarding the sign. The ease of updating it has been wonderful and allowed us to change the sign regularly and keep parents updated.

    — Sonja Bennett
    Wauchula Elementary School
    Wauchula,  FL
  • We love our sign and the convenience of changing it wirelessly.Regardless of the weather, we can keep our parents current and updated on news of school events.It has been a very worthwhile purchase.

    — Sonja Bennett
    Wauchula Elementary School
    Wauchula,  FL
  • Several years ago we bought a sign from you and it was a beautiful sign and it has served us well.I would be happy to give anyone a recommendation for Stewart Signs.

    — Mary Strous
    Grace Lutheran Church
    Tampa,  FL
  • We are very pleased with our sign and wanted to thank you!

    — Shelli Jacobs
    Dale R. Fair Babson Park Elementary School
    Babson Park,  FL
  • Thank you so much for a great experience.Our consultant was very patient with our PTA.We love our sign!

    — Sharon Tersen
    Varsity Lakes Middle School
    Lehigh Acres,  FL
  • Our consultant was WONDERFUL.He was extremely knowledgeable and very attentive.I could not have been more satisfied with his service.

    — Kim Wells
    Lake Placid High School
    Lake Placid,  FL
  • I am writing this letter to commend Stewart Church Signs for the professional work that they perform.Our church, The First Baptist Church of lnverness, recently contracted with this company to manufacture our church sign.They proved to be diligent in their efforts and sensitive to meeting our needs as we requested.Even though we had several changes of design and timelines, their efforts were timely.

    Over a period of time, our committee and church came to a decision about what style and design of church sign we needed.Stewart was most cooperative in meeting our change orders.

    At this date, our beautiful church sign is fully operational and we have received an enormous amount of positive feedback.The sign is attractive, durable, readable and very visible.At night, when the sign is lit, it is very beautiful and most professional.

    I would recommend this company for anyone seeking to install a business, church, or school sign.

    — J. Casey Kearse
    First Baptist Church
    Inverness,  FL

  • I wish to express our deepest appreciation to Stewart Signs and to you personally for a great job in helping us put in a new sign.

    From day one, it was a pleasant, well informed professional presentation that made it easy for us to acquire our sign. I called with a little hesitation, some other sign companies warned us about your company, but the price was the best, none came even close. The service was excellent and the results are marvelous as you can well see in this picture I'm sending you.

    The sign was installed easily, as per your instructions and plans sent to us, everything went smooth and quick, and the results are phenomenal. The instruction guide for the digital sign is understandable and easy to use, and the effects are marvelous. It is a crowd pleaser with our church members and those in the community.

    We are extremely pleased and grateful for helping us make a good and wise decision. Your service was timely and professional. I thank you sincerely.

    May God bless and prosper Stewart Signs for being there for people and for our churches. Great job, Thank you.

    — Ed Martinez
    Iglesia Vida Abundante
    Orlando,  FL
  • The service, the follow up, the professional presentation, it made Stewart a great choice.The sign looks great and performs to satisfaction.The total experience has been a very rewarding one.Thank you so much, and special thanks to my consultant who was excellent in answering questions, giving information and giving continuous follow up to the whole process.She did an excellent job.Thanks.

    — Ed Martinez
    Iglesia Vida Abundante
    Orlando,  FL
  • Thanks for all your technical support as we struggled with the start-up!

    — Peter Rinelli
    Mariposa Elementary School
    Port St. Lucie,  FL
  • There's a lot of 'bling' factor to the sign.It really is amazing.

    — Jim Bolton
    Nasa Vehicle Assembly Building
    Kennedy Space Center,  FL
  • "We gave serious thought to getting an actual stone sign," says Dustin Mizell, youth pastor at Maranatha Bible Church in sunny southeast Florida."But it didn't make any sense to go that route.Not only was it cost prohibitive, it would have eaten up a lot of my time."

    Dustin ought to know.When he's not organizing retreats or planning concerts for the young people of his church, Dustin is an architect by day.

    "Just to draw it up an engineer would have charged us an easy thousand dollars.We are a small church, so that's a lot of money," exclaims Dustin."Besides, pulling permits for an actual stone sign is no picnic.Take it from someone who knows."

    Maranatha Bible Church undertook a facade renovation of their main chapel in early 2006.Because of his background, the other members of the flock looked to Dustin to spearhead the project.

    "We decided to go for a classic look; something with clean lines and traditional appeal." Dustin continues, "Yet we didn't want the new look to make a statement; rather, we wanted a church facade which would still look timeless in thirty years."

    A new facade meant a new sign.

    "Our old marquis sign didn't owe us a thing.It had served us well for many years," Dustin nostalgically laments."But it wasn't going to match the front of our building once the project was complete."

    Maranatha's congregation looked to architect Dustin for their solution.The architect looked to Stewart Church Signs for his solution.Stewart's Cornerstone line of products was a sensible alternative to pricey stonework signage.

    Recalls Dustin, "Stewart Church Signs' sign consultant worked with me to help marry one of their Cornerstone signs to our striking new building facade.We required a precise color match and a particular thickness as I insisted on a very permanent look.The architect switch inside me is never in the 'off' position."

    "It all happened very quickly and everyone connected with the church is very pleased with the result," Dustin touts."The front of our property now matches what goes on inside our church."

    — Dustin Mizell
    Maranatha Bible Church
    Lantana,  FL
  • You were absolutely right about this beautiful sign being a blessing to our church.We have almost 20% more attendance and membership in the past 10 months since we put the sign up.It was worth every penny that we paid.

    As you can see from the photo, we put a beautiful flower box around the base, and have made it a center point for our landscaping.It has also been a focus point in the community.We have been able to us it to not only advertise for our church on coming events, but for the community events as well.This has given us status with our City of Newberry.

    I am so glad I had the God given wisdom to find you and your company.Stewart Signs has done everything you had said it would.

    — Phil Nehs
    Christian Life Fellowship
    Newberry,  FL
  • Several years ago Plantation Community Church in south Florida received an out of the ordinary telephone call from someone in the community."I have a complaint," issued the calm female voice at the other end of the line."I had to drive around your block twice to read the interesting message on your church sign." Pastor Chip Plank wasn't taken aback in the least.He knew the kind caller meant well and was, in fact, complimenting the church's good intentions to connect with the many people who drive by every day.

    "We're known around town as 'the church with the messages'," confirms Pastor Chip."And that nice lady calling in proves it.We're connecting."

    Plantation Community Church changes their message weekly.Around the church the task is known affectionately as "pulling the sign." This good pastor from the city of brotherly love is very proud that his church does not repeat messages which are displayed on the sign.And Pastor Chip truly knows 'what went up and when' because he has maintained, since the nineties, a spreadsheet of used messages."Even if we really like a clever message seen on another church's sign, we won't wait several months and post it as 'fresh' on our sign.There shall be no reruns, period."

    In 2006 the church set about to change the appearance of the front of the church to maximize exposure to the some seventy-thousand cars which pass by daily."We had had two Stewart Witness-model signs working in tandem for over fifteen years, and they'd served us well.One was out front and the other is still in use in the rear by the parking area.Still, we were due for a new look."

    Let's rewind a bit.Pastor Chip had already been preaching at Plantation Community Church a full two years when the church purchased the two Witness Standard signs in 1992."I recalled how pleasant J.M.Stewart was to do business with, so I pulled the file here in my office and rang them.There was never any question of who we were going to buy our new sign from.We didn't even Google around the web.I just picked up the phone."

    Present-day city codes in Plantation, Florida, prohibit marquis-style signage, however.

    "I feared that it was going to be a problem, maybe," explains the pastor."But the sign consultant at Stewart found just the solution in order for our church to be in compliance with local signage codes."

    That solution was a Cornerstone model sign by Stewart Signs."It's a beautiful sign from an operational standpoint," reports Pastor Chip."We wanted very much to continue with our changeable messages.Our sign consultant at Stewart Signs had their art department include an ample message area in the new design.A clear Makrolon® vandal cover locks down and protects the letters not only from potential ne'er-do-wells but from the weather too."

    Plantation Community Church installed their new Cornerstone sign in May 2007."Already, another church in town has rung me to ask where our new sign came from," the pastor timidly boasts."You see? Even though it's low to the ground the sign gets noticed.Sure, it's a different look, but it's a new look.A fresh look."

    The day this interview with the pastor took place happened to be "pulling the sign" day.

    "I've got to go," Pastor Chip says, politely excusing himself."We have a great message planned for the sign this week.I've got to pull that sign right now in case that lady drives by today."

    We're known around town as 'the church with the messages' and that nice lady calling in proves it.We're connecting.

    — Chip Plank
    Plantation Community Church
    Plantation,  FL

  • I just wanted to thank you and your entire team for the wonderful job you provided to the Church of God Christian concerning the purchase and delivery of our new church sign.

    From the beginning of the process until the very end, you provided all the information required for us to make an informed, thoughtful, and an extremely rewarding decision.When I first contacted Stewart Signs, I was a little skeptical, considering the glowing commentaries I read about your products and services.Usually these testimonies are a little "over-the-top." But as the process began, I started realize the level of your expertise and knowledge concerning the process was more than I had expected.My comfort level rose considerably.

    The purchase options were presented in a logical, easy to understand manner, without any pressure whatsoever.The paperwork was submitted exactly as promised, and the delivery was on time, even though the City's address records for our church are incorrect.

    Overall, our experience with Stewart Signs has been one of the most rewarding purchasing experiences I can remember.The sign is beautiful, and we have received a number of compliments.I will forward pictures as soon as possible.

    Once again, thank you, and continue your excellent work.

    — Rev. F. Douglas Reynolds Sr.
    Church Of God Christian Center
    Fort Lauderdale,  FL
  • I would like to that you for helping Davie United Methodist Church design a beautiful sign to meet both the needs of our church and the very strict sign codes in South Florida.A sign is an important purchase for a church and it is difficult to fully understand the differences in manufacturers until you can compare actual signs from each company.

    As you know, we ultimately selected your company based on your warranty and years of experience manufacturing this type of signs.Personally my decision was also influenced by your willingness to fully disclose all cost before we made a decision.You delivered our sign for exactly the amount that we agreed upon with no hidden fees.

    We were blessed with the ability to install our sign on the 23rd of December.Everyone commented on the excellent "fit & finish" of the sign and how perfectly it mounted to foundation that we constructed using the full-size template provided.Everyone was very happy that we selected your company.

    Now that the sign is installed I have been able to compare it to signs in my area that look like J .M.Stewart Signs, but are made by other companies.The sign we purchased is made from much stronger materials and has better lighting than similar signs.I am so glad that we selected you to manufacture our sign.Please feel free to use me as a referral to anyone that is considering a new sign.Thank you for everything that you have done to help make this process go smoothly.

    — Douglas F. Gray
    Davie United Methodist Church
    Davie,  FL
  • This letter is to say thanks to you and all the fine folks at your company for the great job you did in designing and delivering our new church sign.

    It was eight months ago that our old church sign was hit and severely damaged by a car.Our general experience in dealing with local sign companies was frustrating and disappointing.But once we came in contact with your company, and in particular your sign consultant, our experience was pure pleasure.

    I want to say thanks because you treated us professionally and courteously.Phone calls and mailings were handled in a timely fashion.Your promotional mailings and videos were attractive and informative.And most importantly you delivered a beautiful, quality product.

    Enclosed with this letter are some pictures of our sign from our Dedication Sunday.Already we are grateful for the positive comments we have received about the sign.But even more, we are rejoicing that God brought in enough cash and pledges to totally pay for the sign and its installation.To God be the glory!

    Again, thank you for all you have done to make it possible to have this beautiful church sign.

    — Andrew J. Anderson
    Bethany Evangelical Covenant Church
    North Miami,  FL
  • There is no doubt in my mind that Stewart church signs are tops.

    Yes, we even survived Hurricane Andrew. Hurricane Andrew's top winds gusted as high as 200+ miles per hour with the eye wall center moving right down S. W.288th Street where our church sits.

    With 1.2 million dollars damage to our church facilities, the Stewart sign stood up well. The plastic sign inserts were blown out of the frame but were located virtually unharmed and put back 2 days later. As a matter of fact our Stewart Sign was the first visible sign of rebirth after the storm.

    We wanted our community to know that God's church survived. The strength and quality of the Stewart sign allowed us to do that.

    I also want to our sign consultant for both he and his staff's marvelous customer service. Their help and support in getting our sign put back like new with paint and missing letters was an added bonus we were not expecting.

    I am sold! I would never buy a sign from anyone else and I highly recommend Stewart Church Signs to any church looking for quality, customer service and a genuine personal touch.

    — Lee M.Outlaw
    Modello Baptist Church
    Homestead,  FL
  • Our consultant was a great help, she did not make me feel like a customer, I felt like I was working with a close FRIEND.Thanks for all that you did for us.

    — Rico Griffith
    New Friendship Baptist Church
    Atlantic Beach,  FL
  • The customer service at STEWART SIGNS is the greatest! Thanks!

    — William Rowland, Deacon First Assembly Of God
    First Assembly Of God
    Apalachicola,  FL
  • The process was very swift and very easy.It's been a very good journey for us with the sign.

    — Rick Crook
    Crossroads Family Worship Center
    Callahan,  FL
  • Tim Wilder, Port St.Joe's Principal immediately became involved in the project. "The school reached a point where we felt that it was necessary to provide a more detailed, consistent and up to date flow of information into the community," said Principal Wilder."We decided as a school that we wanted the most dynamic message center; one that would serve our school for many years into the future."

    In 2001, Tim Wilder was the Principal of Port St.Joe's Elementary School and had purchased an electronic message center from the Stewart Signs; a national school sign company located in Sarasota, FL."At the elementary school, we chose Stewart's DayStar 16x96.It was primarily designed to display text messages.At the high school, we wanted a larger sign that could display text, graphics, video and animations.We didn't want any restrictions when it came to communicating with students, teachers, parents or our community."

    When Principal Wilder was searching for a sign vendor at the Elementary School, he looked at several companies, but chose Stewart Signs because of their highly respected reputation in the marketplace."We were not familiar with the technology and recognized that we would required a high level of support throughout the entire buying process, including sign installation, training and ongoing support.It was critical that we choose a company that could offer the best product, a competitive price and a high level of customer service.Stewart Signs helped walk us through every stage of the decision process, delivery, installation and software training."

    When it came time to choose a new sign for the high school, Principal Wilder contacted Stewart Signs to discuss the new message center."It was a no-brainer to go back to Stewart Signs and work together on this new project for the high school.We decided to go with a DayStar 32x96, which doubles the height of our message center for the high school.Our new sign offers multiple rows of text and text sizes, video clips, custom animations and we can even import images from our digital camera to be displayed on the sign.It's just an awesome tool for communicating with the entire community.Everyone loves this sign and the positive feedback never seems to stop.Other schools in our county are so impressed with our new message center that they are now investing in a new sign with Stewart Signs!"

    Shortly after Mr.Wilder received the message center from Stewart Signs, they experienced a lightning strike that disabled the modem inside the sign."From the time I called the Stewart support department until the sign was fixed," Tim said, "I felt like I was the most important customer they had.I've had a lot of experience dealing with support people and Stewart Signs is the best I have ever worked with.My sign was up and running again in no time! Kudos to Stewart Signs!"

    — Tim Wilder
    Port Saint Joe High School
    Port Saint Joe,  FL
  • Thank you for working with our church and may God Bless.

    — Mike Johnson
    Christian Home Free Will Baptist
    Blountstown,  FL
  • Thank you again for all your assistance during the process of acquiring the informational sign for our church.

    — Marsha Pugh
    Euchee Valley Presbyterian Church
    Defuniak Springs,  FL
  • We thanked the driver and the man on the bicycle and about an hour and a half later we had the church sign mounted on the slab, level and with power.Ain't GOD good?

    —  Florala Church Of God
    Florala Church Of God
    Florala,  AL
  • The sign is in place and looks great.We are having a dedication for the new sign.Thank you for all your help.

    — Robin Brown
    Hampton United Methodist Church
    Hampton,  SC
  • When Hurricane Ivan came through Atmore, AL in September of 2004, it left Presley Street Baptist Church with the need for a new church sign."Our old church sign was made of a single piece of metal that was painted white with the church name on it," said Joseph Walker, a deacon at the church.Though the hurricane had spared most of the brickwork surrounding it, the deacons of the church knew that they needed a new sign."

    "We knew that we wanted a sign that would last and would serve the church's needs for many years.I was elected to do the part of finding a reliable and reputable sign company.I began by looking at every church sign that I passed, trying to get some ideas."

    After meeting on what Joseph had observed, the deacons decided that they wanted to have a sign that had both the ability to display messages and illuminate.That way their message could be viewed at night as well.

    "I contacted a local company in our area and looked at some of the signs that they had made and installed.They just would not do.One of the other deacons then contacted a LifeWay Bible Book Store.They gave us the name of a company that had been doing church signs since 1968.That company was Stewart Church Signs." Joseph and the other deacons would soon discover that Stewart Church Signs was the official sign company of LifeWay and of their denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention.In fact, Stewart Church signs is so highly regarded, it's endorsed by a growing number of denominations, giving its customers extra peace of mind.

    "We made one phone call to Stewart and they sent us a package that contained a videotape and catalog.That was the beginning of the greatest business relationship that I have ever had."

    "I made a visit to the company's website and viewed the many signs in their photo album and learned about all of the options available to us.It made me feel like I was a part of the design process.The company also assigned us a consultant who assisted us with all of our needs and always returned my calls promptly.He was a kindred Spirit and became my friend."

    Joseph found that Stewart Church Signs isn't about the "hard sell".Instead, it's really about the church, and identifying its needs."He never pressured me to purchase a sign...he simply made suggestions.He asked questions that I would never have thought about, such as church location, distance from the street, distance from an intersection, and traffic patterns and speed limits."

    After the church decided to purchase their sign, Joseph and those at Presley Street Baptist Church are still satisfied with the investment that they made."If anyone needs a sign, I highly recommend Stewart Signs.They were such a pleasure to deal with that I almost wish that I needed another sign.I knew all along that it was God's Will for our church to deal with Stewart Sign Company."

    — Joseph Walker
    Presley Street Baptist Church
    Atmore,  AL
  • The experience First Christian Church had working with Stewart Signs was very pleasant. We received constant feedback regarding the progress of our signs and expert assistance throughout the design process. We felt like we had contracted with a partner not just a vendor. Equally as important, the directions provided for completing the footer were clear, concise, and easy to follow. When the signs arrived they lined up precisely with the provided bolts. From start to finish, everything went as well as we could have hoped for. I would highly recommend Stewart Signs to any organization considering the purchase of a sign. Their product is outstanding but it is their quality of service that really sets them apart.

    — Tony Thacker
    First Christian Church Disciples Of Christ
    Montgomery,  AL
  • The signs look wonderful.The install could not have been easier.We had 10 people installing 2 signs and it only took 45 minutes!

    — Tony Thacker
    First Christian Church Disciples Of Christ
    Montgomery,  AL
  • I would just like to add that working with my sales consultant on this project took a lot of pressure off of me and made it a very enjoyable experience.

    — Ben Cupp
    Norway Baptist Church
    Norway,  SC
  • BEST experience ever...can't wait to purchase something else next year.

    — Arlene Law
    Mcintosh High School
    Peachtree City,  GA
  • We have been enjoying our new sign for several months now and I wanted to share with you our appreciation to your company for the enjoyable experience throughout the entire process.

    Needless to say, the sign is an attention getter, and we have many visitors who say they were just passing by and saw the church.All of our people are very satisfied with the sign.There have been no negative comments.

    Our sign consultant has been very helpful to me.He has been honest, always available, and even willing to answer, I'm sure, elementary questions.His directions, suggestions from beginning to the installation have been much appreciated.

    Thank you again for everything.

    — Harold Henderson
    Grace Baptist Church
    Covington,  GA
  • My consultant was tops - very nice and helpful.I am happy we chose to go with Stewart Signs.

    — Irvis Everette
    First United Pentecostal
    Leakesville,  MS
  • We just opened and wish the building was as ready as the sign was!

    — David C. Patterson
    Academy Of Scholars
    Decatur,  GA
  • This LED sign in East Point, GA is able to communicate dynamically with their 24x112 red LED TekStar sign

    — City Of East Point Parks & Recreation Department
    City Of East Point Parks & Recreation Department
    East Point,  GA
  • You have a very good team and a very nice product.Thank you for all the help.

    — Linda Broadus
    Success Baptist Church
    Saucier,  MS
  • It's certainly a big improvement over what we had.

    — Joe Reed
    Lakeside High School
    Atlanta,  GA
  • After Hurricane Katrina, the only parts of our sign that had to be replaced were the bulbs! Your product is so well constructed! I consider it a testament that we were led to purchase a Stewart sign.God definitely wants this sign in front of His church in McHenry!

    — Wayne Flurry
    Mc Henry First Baptist Church
    Mc Henry,  MS
  • We had not had a first time visitor in 4 weeks.We put our sign up on Saturday afternoon and had 3 first time visitors the next morning.

    — Tom Watt
    Faith Christian Fellowship
    Austell,  GA
  • I wanted to thank you for wonderful sign you made for us.It really looks great, and most of all the sign has brought new people into our church.Every Sunday for the first five weeks that we had the sign, we had at least one new family visit our church because of the sign.I feel confident that in the future, this sign will help us reach our community.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    — Ben Bond
    Legacy Church
    Powder Springs,  GA
  • We are very pleased with our sign.Thanks for working with us.

    — Jason Moorer
    Toxey Assembly Of God
    Toxey,  AL
  • The sign is up and really looks great, thanks for all your help in making this happen.

    — Robert Woodruff
    American Legion Horace Orr Post 29
    Marietta,  GA
  • Yes, I returned from spring break (not wanting to turn down the street, in case the sign wasn't there yet or if it had been placed the wrong way, etc) and as we approached, the sign looked AWESOME.Everyone returning to school today (all kids) were just thrilled to see "their" sign in place.A huge thanks to you for your hard work in this and going beyond I know the call of duty.

    You have made this adventure into the "unknown" sooooooo easy for me and I really just can't say thank you enough.I drive by the sign many times a day more than I like to count actually but I will always think of the people like you who helped us succeed with this endeavor.

    Please put me on your customer service referral list if you have one.I will gladly sing your praises on anything.

    — Cathy Amick
    New Prospect Elementary School
    Alpharetta,  GA
  • Our consultant was excellent from start to finish.Always reachable and got back to me quickly.It never seemed to bother him that we changed our mind 10 different times.

    — Tom Hooverm
    Pinecrest Academy
    Cumming,  GA
  • This was a very positive experience.

    — Elizabeth Nelson
    Raccoon Creek Baptist Church
    Cartersville,  GA
  • "We should have had Stewart Church Signs build our levees," proclaims Pastor Luter."Then our levees might not have burst." Pastor Fred Luter was born and raised in the city he loves best: New Orleans, Louisiana.He began preaching at Franklin Avenue Baptist in 1986. Franklin Avenue Baptist Church is a most remarkable house of worship.Its parishioners are the very heartbeat of this grand old American city.Away from the French Quarter lies a New Orleans tourists never see.It's the New Orleans of warm fellowship and close families coming together in His name. The year 1997 saw a glorious 2000-seat sanctuary rise above the lower Eighth Ward.This majestic structure, constructed by the hands of the Lord, became part of the community even before it was completed. "Several years later we built the Family Life Center next door and installed a Stewart Signs electronic message center in front of the sanctuary," recounts the proud pastor. 'Franklinites' (as they call themselves) by the tens of thousands came to this anointed place to give praise."We were truly blessed by the Lord," affirms the humble pastor. On August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana as a category 4 hurricane.Its destruction has already been well documented.This story is not about tragedies brought on by natural disasters.Any material loss pales in comparison to the nearly 1,900 lives lost because of Katrina. Pastor Luter's flock was forced to evacuate, leaving their sanctuary behind to fend for itself. As Pastor Luter laments, "We left it in God's hands." Katrina came, destroyed, and departed.The Eighth Ward was left flooded for three weeks to a depth of nine feet.Aerial photos show a seemingly afloat sanctuary and Family Life Center.Pastor Luter took to the skies to view the damage himself.Reporting back to his members he had but five words: "We are going to rebuild."
    Franklin Avenue Baptist Church The yellow circle indicates Franklin Avenue Baptist's church sign.
    Two long years passed and electrical service was finally restored. On a November morning in 2007 church facility manager Charles Noel pondered what would happen if he tried powering up their Katrina-worn Stewart LED sign.Recalls Pastor Luter with a boyish chuckle, "I thought that sign was a goner.That's why I will never forget Deacon Charles calling my cell to tell me that the sign came right up! Pre-Katrina service times displayed across the LED as if the tragedy didn't even happen! That sign survived 125-mph winds and spent three weeks underwater!" On April 6th, 2008, Franklin Avenue Baptist Church reopened.Displaced Franklinites from all over America - five thousand in all - returned to New Orleans to witness the rebirth of their beloved sanctuary. Pastor Luter's sermon that joyous day was on the theme, "from disaster to dancing"; comparing the children of Judah and what they lost through their crops and cattle to what the Franklinites lost to Katrina. "Yes, we rebuilt," Pastor Luter teaches."We left it in God's hands."

    — Fred Luter
    Bucktail Area High School
    New Orleans,  LA
  • We are enjoying our sign very much.It is operating very well.It has brought a couple lost souls into the church.I feel it has paid for itself.We thank you for the opportunity to do business with the Stewart Sign Company.I have referred a couple of others to you and hope they will call and do business with you.

    God Bless you for your work with the churches.

    — David Cruse
    Fairview Wesleyan Church
    Cottondale,  AL
  • Enclosed you will find a beautiful picture of our new sign.We think it's great! The first day I sat outside and watched the cars go by, 80% of the people turned to view the sign! It is an eye catcher for sure.

    Last week I was in the Post Office and the clerk said," I have been meaning to tell you how much I love your new sign preacher, and the thoughts you have on it too." A lady at the counter heard her and said," are you a minister of a church close by; I'm new in the area and looking for a church." We talked on, I expect to see her this coming Sunday at church.

    Our whole church thinks that the sign has added so much to our looks and drawing power.Thank you for all your help.

    I will gladly recommend your company to anyone thinking of a new sign!

    — Larry C. Barnes
    Baldwin Baptist Church
    Baldwin,  GA
  • On Sunday, November 10th we had 6 first time visitors because they saw the sign.

    — Bill Holley
    Holten Heights Church Of The Nazarene
    Tuscaloosa,  AL
  • First let me apologize for my tardiness in sending along these comments on the Bible Center Church sign purchase and installation.We are still experimenting with our information format and attracting more attention with eye appealing displays.

    Following are some of the comments we received: (I) That's the most attractive church sign I have ever seen.(2) I have traveled a lot and this church sign is more appealing than any I have seen.(3) I didn't know we had anybody here capable of coming up with such a beautiful sign.(4) I hope this expensive looking sign doesn't reflect on the rest of our facility.

    We are really pleased with the beauty and the eye catching appeal the sign has, however, I believe the best comment came from our men who helped install it: "I have never seen anything as easy and simple to install." The most startling comments were about the price, surprise at the reasonable cost for such a quality sign.

    Thanks from all of us for your help and support in this project.

    — Burl A. Mallory
    Bible Center Church
    Luling,  LA
  • Oftentimes there is a defining moment when a church becomes keenly aware they need an outdoor sign.For the followers at Cedar Bluff First Baptist Church that moment came in late 2004."A visiting pastor from Decatur drove right by our church without seeing it," tells John Hooker, a deacon at this rural Alabama church."You would think a pastor could find a church.Our building is rather distinctive: It's over one hundred years old.Still, he zoomed right by as if we weren't even there!"

    The very next day found the church's long-range planning committee voting unanimously to kick-start a "sign exploratory project." The seed was sown.

    "What we thought would be a difficult undertaking turned out to be surprisingly pleasant," John remembers."Stewart Signs' knowledgeable sign consultant walked us through the design and project execution stages so that we didn't have to go it alone."

    "Also, we were impressed that Stewart Church Signs is the only endorsed sign company of the Southern Baptist Convention," John affirms.

    Soon a striking church sign sprouted up on Old Highway 9 in front of Cedar Bluff First Baptist.Functional in its splendor, the new sign quickly became 'must see' motoring for miles around."Folks tell me they look forward to rounding the bend to see what we've got up on the sign," John brags."Our sign has truly blossomed into a tool we can use to connect with the community.New people are moving into the area.We're seeing a lot of new faces on Sunday morning."

    Pastor Robert Smith likes the way messages can be programmed to 'self expire' thereby avoiding stale text which can occur with traditional changeable-letter signs.

    Indeed, everyone at the church appreciates the user-friendly LED messaging software."The mouse does all the work," is how John explains their collective experience with messaging.Melanie and Michelle volunteer as message programmers, "because, they think it's a hoot," chuckles Deacon John."Sure, they've got service times, inspirational messages, and vacation bible school news up on the sign.But I'll drive down the highway one morning and see sports scores from Cedar Bluff High School up there as well.It's wonderful...especially when they win."

    One might wonder why such a small church with a congregation of but 150 in a community of 1,400 people would purchase a rather large electronic sign.To that Deacon John quips, "We are forward-thinking folks.We chose the sign based on what we know we will need down the road."

    He adds, "We try to do what the Lord wants us to do for our community."

    What we thought would be a difficult undertaking turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. Our sign has truly blossomed into a tool we can use to connect with the community.We're seeing a lot of new faces on Sunday morning.

    — John Hooker
    Cedar Bluff First Baptist Church
    Cedar Bluff,  AL
  • We are absolutely delighted in our new sign.I would be very please to recommend your company to anybody.

    — Chris Murdock
    Ruhama Baptist Church
    Fort Payne,  AL
  • On the first Saturday of October, 2005, Garden Baptist Church in Aliceville, Alabama installed their new Stewart Sign on what would later be described by those present as a most joyous occasion."Had you been there, you'd of thought we were having a revival!" laughs Pastor Raymond Robertson.Among those working the crescent wrench and screwdriver were Bill and Jeanne Dyson, Elizabeth Kelly, Pastor Robinson's son and the pastor himself."We just tipped it out of the crate and the sign immediately began turning motorists' eyes toward the Lord."

    And the eyes along Highway 14 continue to turn."Prior to our new sign we had but seventeen members in our congregation.Now, seven months on, our little country church has thirty members," boasts Pastor Robertson."We have so many new friends, all of whom have commented on our sign."

    The pastor's spirits were not always so upbeat."We just could not grow," he laments."There were Sundays not so long ago when we were running six to eight believers.Sure, we asked around and invited others into our fold, but it's natural that people are loyal to their own churches."

    He then takes a breath as if he's about to let us in on some inside church secret."We actually considered shutting down and attending other churches.It has taken prayer, faith, and patience to get things moving in the right way." As a former police officer, Pastor Robertson knows a little something about getting things moving in the right way.

    "I shopped around locally for a sign.Not to be critical, but the sign companies between Tuscaloosa and nearby Columbus, Mississippi were not really interested in working with us," puzzles the pastor."One guy actually quoted me a price of $1300 for a church sign and in the same breath told me 'but you aren't going like it'."

    Garden Baptist's office manager Elizabeth Kelly tracked down Stewart Signs via the web.Unlike purchasing a sign off the rack from an uninterested local sign company, Elizabeth was now working with a Stewart Signs sign consultant; a seasoned professional who takes pleasure in helping churches beautify their grounds in a functional way.Her phone call to Stewart Signs opened up a world not only of caring consultants but of skilled artists and second-to-none customer service as well.Churches expect nothing less from a company with thirty-eight years in the church sign industry.

    Around the same time the Lord provided other improvements to Garden Baptist Church.New carpeting was put down.Pristine chandeliers were hung.The pews needed and received new padding.Furthermore, instead of just replacing the windows, ten magnificent stained-glass windows now colorfully bathe the church's interior like a prism.

    "The new sign is the crown on the top of all the improvements," avows this humble pastor."It looks great in our yard - especially at night.It turns eyes toward the Lord".

    Yet he won't pat his new church sign on the back for nearly doubling membership in just seven months."I'm giving all the credit to God," insists Pastor Robertson."Though it was truly amazing what happened once that sign went up," he chuckles.

    "You know, the sign merely points toward a direction.I tell my congregation that it's up to us to enlighten everyone of what is in that direction.

    — Raymond Robertson
    Garden Baptist Church
    Aliceville,  AL
  • We have been very impressed with the responsiveness and quality of help we have received from your tech support group.Thanks.

    — Johnny Hickey
    Mountain Grove Baptist Church
    Pickens,  SC
  • We love our new sign! It has served to enhance our home and school communications.Our faculty, as well as our students and their families enjoy this great new addition to our campus!

    — Mamie Statham
    Trafton Academy
    Hammond,  LA
  • Thank you all for your service and quality product.This is why we chose Stewart Signs.

    — Adam Martinez
    Dalton Middle School
    Dalton,  GA
  • Our salesman was awesome! Great job! Pray you continue to do good works.

    — Johnnie May
    South Springhill Missionary Baptist Church
    Monticello,  MS
  • Your sign has been a great blessing to our church.Being a country church there is no lights around our area and many people didn't realize that there was a church there.

    I believe the sign has been a big factor in our growth.In the year since we placed your sign our attendance has went from 40 to 100.

    We thank you for the great service and helpful personnel.It was a pleasure doing business with your company.

    — Wayne Gribble
    Little Prospect Baptist Church
    Tunnell Hill,  GA
  • Our consultant really helped me when I was trying to decide on a sign.She kept in contact with me until I was fully sastified with everything.I really appreciate all of her help.

    — Rosa Oxendine
    Deep Branch Elementary
    Lumberton,  NC
  • The whole church family here in Charlotte praise and thank God for our wonderful sign.We have over 10,000 cars that pass our church property each day Monday through Friday.With our new church sign we can now become a stronger witness to them of the message of Salvation and Hope.Thank you Stewart Signs for our AMAZING sign.God bless you all.

    — Eric Jones
    The Church Of God
    Charlotte,  NC
  • The church sign that we ordered from Stewart is magnificent. The color and design corresponds very well with our building and the surrounding area.

    We are very pleased with the workmanship and the style of the sign. Also, your prices beat all the others competitors and their signs lacked the quality and class that your signs have, yet they wanted more money for less quality.

    It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

    — Burrel Brooks
    New Providence Baptist Church
    Mount Holly,  NC
  • Praise the Lord, our sign is up and looks beautiful.Many people have made good remarks about how much it adds to the appearance of our church.People are talking about it all over the community.

    Thank you for all your help, guidance and patience with us since we first started talking about a sign.The quality and workmanship of the sign are evident.The instructions and materials you sent concerning the installation of the sign were so helpful.In fact, we installed the sign the same day we received it.

    Enclosed you will find a picture of the sign.I have already recommended your company and you to several other churches.Please send us some more R's, for we have already run out.

    Thanks again.May the Lord bless you and your family.

    — Brother Wayne Key
    Mt. Zion Baptist
    Cherryville,  NC
  • Our sales rep did a great deal of work in getting me the information, pricing and following up weekly until we finalized the deal.I would refer your company!

    — Jonathan Baker
    Langford Volunteer Fire Department
    Brandon,  MS
  • Since the night the sign was first turned on, the morale in our church improved dramatically.

    — Joe Bryan
    Calhoun United Methodist Church
    Calhoun,  TN
  • Calhoun United Methodist Church is located in a small town of 500 residents, yet 6900 vehicles pass by our church everyday.We are located on State Highway 163, a major route running East and West from several larger cities.At the time of our sign purchase our average attendance was 55.This purchase by our church, since we are such a small congregation, was a major endeavor, yet we saw the future potential investment of our purchase.

    We located Stewart Signs through their website, and then visited other signs in cities nearby.We did consult several other companies, but always came back to Stewart in working out the details of our sign.Our sales consultant was most helpful from the start in making sure that every detail we required was met.Stewart Signs evaluated our location and recommended to us the best sign available in our price range for what we were wanting.High resolution videos and graphics on our sign were a must, so Stewart Signs suggested our 40 by 112, open faced pixel sign, which would meet our needs.Since installation, three churches, one school, one fire department, and major manufacturer have come to our church to view our sign and were very impressed.To date, we have submitted four referrals to Stewart.We are highly please with our sign and consider it a privilege to recommend it to others.We constantly find cars sitting in our church driveway just to watch the various graphics our sign is running.Programming the sign is so simple.Stewart Signs has been very willing to help us work out any "bugs" that occurred during installation and start-up of the sign.

    We have had several new visitors to our church since the sign was installed in December, 2012.More importantly, thousands of people driving by our church each day now see our church in action and what we have to offer.We use our sign for the benefit of the entire community as we promote not only events of our church, but other organizations.Currently we are promoting an event for another church in our area at their request.We consider this quite a compliment to ask our church to promote an event for them.Morale in our congregation has improved tremendously since the installation of the sign.Our congregation has become revitalized by seeing what our church "is" doing and "can" do in the future.We believe the benefits of our new sign are just beginning to appear and look forward to the results of our purchase.We do expect some of our new attendees to join our church very soon, as we have welcomed their visit to us on our church sign.

    — Joe Bryan
    Calhoun United Methodist Church
    Calhoun,  TN
  • This is the third Stewart sign that we have purchased over the years.We have been well pleased with each one.

    — Don Taggart
    Depriest Chapel Free Will Baptist Church
    Gattman,  MS
  • "Our message gets out", affirms Pastor David Sexton."And it's not because of the flashiness of the sign.It's because of the information we present on the sign".Denver Baptist Church's DayStar electronic message center is a beacon along 35 mile-per-hour Highway 16 in semi-rural Denver, North Carolina.Typically, the church runs the same messages in three-second intervals on both sides of the LED sign.Motorists are treated to service times, Sunday School hours, and the church's website address.

    Pastor Sexton is more than eager to tout the sign's usefulness for reaching particular segments of the community."Our pre-school is full only because we put it up on the sign.When our associate pastor stages the special Easter production and Christmas dinner theater, we announce it on the sign and fill every last seat".

    "Sure, the average motorist won't see all of our messages, but that's not what we're going for", emphasizes Pastor Sexton."They drive to and from work each day throughout the week.By the weekend, they are up-to-speed on what we're all about.And they come in, believe me."

    Though not asked to do so, newcomers to Denver Baptist can fill out a 'welcome card'.On a recent Sunday seven families took the time to turn in completed cards.Of those seven, four families wrote that they attended the service because of the sign.This revelation becomes even more impressive when you consider the fact that 'sign' isn't even one of the choices given on the card.

    "Our LED sign is the presence on our heavily-traveled road", stresses Pastor Sexton.

    Right at the onset of their sign-shopping days, the building's architect indeed had a sign on the drawing board for them.Though functionally elaborate, the plans for this envisioned sign later proved to be problematic when it came to acquiring the various individual components.Not only were there concerns over the individual parts truly becoming whole, cost issues began to threaten the project.Looking back upon that time, Pastor Sexton laments, "I was afraid the total price tag would top 70K dollars.I told my congregation, "this is crazy and we don't need to do it this way!"

    Then, through LifeWay, Pastor Sexton was put in contact with Stewart Church Signs."Visiting Stewart's website I downloaded the specs I needed.I also learned from the site that Stewart Signs has many installations on military bases.As a former Army Corps of Engineers guy, I appreciated the fact that Stewart had a business relationship with Uncle Sam.My sign consultant was extremely knowledgeable and the Stewart Signs art department stayed in close touch with me from A to Z".

    Back on Highway 16, Denver Baptist's sign is today building the Kingdom of God, one car at a time.Pastor Sexton senses a new pride around the church.The older members in particular have been particularly impressed with the quality of the new sign.These elders recall a time when they use to hang banners out by the road."It looked like the circus was coming to town.You cannot make that look good", recounts Pastor Sexton."It is a ministry here; we have to be excellent in all that we do".

    — David Sexton
    Denver Baptist Church
    Denver,  NC
  • Thanks so much for a beautiful sign, we are very happy with everything it works beautifully.I want to thank all the people that worked on our sign and thank you for delivering when you said that you would ship.

    — Carroll Proctor
    Pleasant Gardens Baptist Church
    Marion,  NC
  • I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your help and patience in getting us our new church sign. It looks great and I have had compliments not only from people in our church, but also from people in our community. We have had, on several occasions, people who were just driving by stop and tell us how much they appreciate the messages. Twice we have even had someone take a photo of the sign and message and put it in a publication called the "Morning Fax" that goes out to the businesses in our town."Hey, free advertisement".

    Our new sign is helping us reach out to our community in a way that we could not before. I want to thank you for helping us get through the process and finding what we needed. You were patient every time I asked for a new rendering with a different design, you never complained, and you were always courteous and helpful. In doing this, we were able to get a sign that was just right for us.

    You and your company have been great to work with and I would gladly recommend anyone looking for a new sign to check with you.

    I believe that this sign will help us reach and encourage others for Christ, and that is what it is all about.

    — Pastor Dave
    Athens Church Of The Nazarene
    Athens,  TN
  • We have been very pleased with the sign.The quality of the sign is apparent and it makes a good addition to the apperance of the church.It has allowed us to share with those in our community a thought or phrase that hopefully will give them a smile and some encouragement.It has also shown up twice in a local morning publication that that is sent each morning by email.Also my daughter was on Facebook the other night and a teacher she had in high school had posted the message that was on the sign and where it was located, she does not go to our church and did not realizes that my daughter attend there.My daughter told me that there were several postive comments on the saying.If you ever need a reference please let me know.

    — Pastor Dave
    Athens Church Of The Nazarene
    Athens,  TN
  • The sign itself looks great.We're getting a lot of comments.Our experience has been excellent.

    — Todd Miller
    Soapy Suds Car Wash
    Marion,  NC
  • The congregation of Covenant Fellowship Center and I, Jason Bailey want to take just a moment to tell you, and the employees of Stewart Signs THANK YOU. Through the purchasing of our sign, which started about four months ago, we began a journey with you that started as a vision. Hence our sign's name; "The Vision Sign". You made it very easy to make decisions and to pass all information to our church. You have great professionalism in the sale of signs and the answering of any questions I might have had. After we purchased the sign and talking with you through all of this, I felt like I have been in the sign business myself. I remember the first time I called; I knew absolutely nothing about an LED sign.

    One of our criteria to choose a company was their service after the sale. When installing the sign, I found out just how good the customer service is at Stewart Signs. REMARKABLE!! The questions we had for customer service were answered very fast and accurately.

    To Whom It May Concern, I want close by saying that it was a real pleasure doing business with Stewart Signs. I would not at all hesitate to refer them to anyone considering the purchase of a sign. I know that myself and Covenant Fellowship Center would not hesitate the purchase of another Stewart Sign.

    Feel free to put me down as a reference anytime and I will be glad to give our churches' testimony throughout our journey.

    — Jason Bailey
    Covenant Fellowship Center
    Dunlap,  TN
  • I really do like the customer service and the follow-ups after the sale.I give Stewart Signs an A+!

    — Jason Bailey
    Covenant Fellowship Center
    Dunlap,  TN
  • We are very happy with it and have been contacted by numerous other churches inquiring about it.

    — Jeffrey R. Beach
    Cross Memorial Baptist Church
    Morganton,  NC
  • Our Sales Consultant was absolutely wonderful to work with.He was very patient with all our questions and helping us to make the right choice.This was a big purchase for our small church and He was a big help.Thank you.

    — Marla Patchel
    Green Street Presbyterian Church
    Morganton,  NC
  • Thank you for all of your work and cooperation to assist us in having such a wonderful sign.May God continue to bless you and Stewart Signs.Thank you again

    Little Star Cumberland Presbyterian Church
    Town Creek,  AL
  • The finished product including the artwork of the town's seal as well as the Civitan's seal is outstanding.You should be very proud of the quality of the finished product.

    — John T. Linker
    Town Of Granite Quarry
    Granite Quarry,  NC
  • Our sign is perfect and wonderful!! Thank you. God is good.

    — Danny Knight
    Lexington United Methodist Church
    Lexington,  AL
  • We love our new church sign!!!!

    — Danny Knight
    Lexington United Methodist Church
    Lexington,  AL
  • Very proud of our new sign.Looks so good coming down the road, especially at night.

    — Janie Spraberry
    Bradford Chapel Baptist Church
    Gore Springs,  MS
  • The sign arrived in very good shape, no scratches, etc.We have had quite a bit of rain and when it finally stopped, we were able to pour the concrete footing and install the sign.As you can see by the enclosed picture, we have put the sign to good use.

    The sign is really pretty and all of the ladies of the church like it.It seems to be constructed well, and I am sure we will enjoy it for years to come.I will call you, later for the additional letters.

    Thanks for the quick service and the delivery of a very nice sign.

    — J. Sewell Brown
    New York Avenue Church Of Christ
    Oak Ridge,  TN
  • The sign looks great!! It has been getting a lot of attention.Several people have stopped by to look at it.Many have honked their horns in approval.One church has voiced their intention to purchases one.

    —  Bethel Missionary Baptist Church
    Bethel Missionary Baptist Church
    Pontotoc,  MS
  • After looking into a number of sign companies and considering service, quality, and cost, I decided to go with Stewart Sign Company.When considering artwork, size, installation, and overall communication, l decided to pay "slightly more" for this sign after arriving at a very competitive price.I was really impressed with the process that went with everything from the design to the shipping of the sign.

    As the Director of Operations for our school system while building a new school and now serving as the principal of that school, I have to say that the support of the salespersons at Stewart was exemplary.It was a rare pleasure to have the kind of service where you could ask lots of questions and get immediate responses.Even a last minute change was dealt with easily.I would recommend this company very highly!

    — Larry Bridgewater
    William Ellis Middle School
    Advance,  NC
  • A sign like this is very impressive, and it says that we value education and technology.We are so excited about our new additions.

    — Shannon Watson
    Lawrence County High School
    Lawrenceburg,  TN
  • Mr friend just wanted to let you know that the sign and the entire process was as smooth and rewarding as could ever have been dreamed.The sign did install flawlessly and looks great at our church.Thank you for all your help.

    —  Lakeview Baptist Church
    Lakeview Baptist Church
    Lewisburg,  TN
  • It was a joy and pleasure to deal with this company.

    — Karl England
    Hollow Springs Community Church
    Bradyville,  TN
  • The day Ray and Natalie Kennedy were married was the same day their small town of Deer Lodge, Tennessee got electricity.

    "The symbolism was very nice," as Natalie Kennedy relates nearly sixty years on."We were doubly blessed.Everything changed on that one day."

    From grade school through high school Ray and Natalie shared a small-town upbringing in rural Morgan County."School days were spent reading by kerosene lantern," laughs Natalie."Even today Deer Lodge doesn't have a traffic light nor does our church have a telephone."

    Deer Lodge United Church of Christ is a rustic, wooden structure built in the late 1800s.As youngsters Ray and Natalie gave praise through countless hymns sung between these pine walls.It's a sanctuary full of childhood recollections of bundled-up parents traipsing through December snows scurrying inside to gain not only body warmth but spiritual warmth as well.The chapel harkens back to the joyous Easter sunrise services of Ray and Natalie's teenage years.Years later this fine old structure would be where both Kennedy children are christened.

    When Ray Kennedy passed on in 2006 Natalie felt a fitting memorial to her husband of fifty-six years was in order."An outdoor sign for the church we love so much is what my family decided on," states Natalie."My daughter, Donna Kirby, son Chester, and I made plans to purchase a sign in my husband's name."

    "However, we didn't know a stitch about church signs!" Natalie confesses.

    So, with the aid of her son in Orlando, Florida, the search got underway.

    Natalie's son Chester is an aerospace engineer.Chester took it upon himself to drive around central Florida and personally inspect church signs on the front lawns of every church he came upon.

    "He must have driven around several weekends at least!" recalls Natalie."When he finally got back to me he didn't suggest who I should buy from.He told me who to buy from.I hopped right on the web and typed in Stewart Church Signs.

    "My dealings with Stewart's sign consultant were most pleasant," Natalie reports."It was just the kind of help I needed to select the perfect memorial to my husband.My sign consultant was never pushy.He treated my family with great respect."

    When the church's new Stewart sign arrived the Kennedy family assembled privately to dedicate it to the memory of Ray Kennedy.

    Most Mondays find Natalie on her step stool changing the message on the sign."I enjoy maintaining the sign any way I can.It's not just a church sign to me.My family put it here for a reason."

    Natalie adds with a smile, "Ray would probably scold me for spending the money, but this time I'm not so sure.This sign is going to be here for a very long time."

    — Natalie Kennedy
    Lakeview Community Church
    Deer Lodge,  TN
  • We had some issues with it at first, BUT the help we received from our salesman and the tech department was awesome! We are very pleased with the sign!! Good job.

    — Jason McGuffie
    First Baptist Church
  • If you're going to buy a sign, get the best bang for the buck and the best name with the best reputation.

    — Jason McGuffie
    First Baptist Church
    Tallulah,  LA
  • We purchased a sign for our school a year and a half ago. What a blessing and benefit it has been to us. We are able to announce special days, ball games, and school events on our sign. We are also able to congratulate people, teams, as well as give forth a message.

    The sign is beautiful and well worth the money we spent. We are also very pleased with the service we received from you folks.

    I would heartily recommend any one thinking about purchasing a sign to consider Stewart Church Signs.

    God bless you folks in the wonderful ministry He has given you.

    — Steve Roberson
    Gospel Light Christian School
    Walkertown,  NC
  • If we had known it would look that good, we would have paid a little more! Ha! Thanks.

    — John Abney
    Rolling Fork First Baptist Church
    Rolling Fork,  MS
  • We are very happy with our new sign.

    — Jim Postell
    Mafair United Methodist Church
    Kingsport,  TN
  • We love our new sign at Pamlico County Middle School.Stewart Sign company rep.was a pleasure to work with, she was very knowledgeable and professional.

    — Steve Curtis
    Pamlico County Middle School
    Bayboro,  NC
  • Our consultant was very helpful in the ordering process.We would use Stewart Signs again.

    — Frank Mullinix
    Jamestown Seventh-Day Adventist Church
    Jamestown,  TN
  • We already had other churches ask where did you get that sign.Thanks for a job well done!

    — Charles Cannon
    Phenel Chapel Missionary Baptist Church
    Blounts Creek,  NC
  • Dear Customer Care Team, We have received all kinds of nice comments from all over the community.The local elementary school principal, Mrs.Anderson, has called to ask how her school might get such a sign.She said it was truly one of the most beautiful signs she has seen.It seems that just about all of our members report at least one of two or more folks telling them they really like the new sign.I just have to say a big "THANK YOU!" to our sales consultants, one of the most professional consultants, yet all-around, down-to-earth GOOD GUY I have ever dealt with personally.He is also a Christian who "has the goods" about Christianity.We are looking forward to a long and happy ministry of conversing with multiplied thousands of travelers in the years ahead.(5600 vehicles average per day by actual NC Highway Dept.count).

    — Dr. David Sparks
    Flat Rock Pentecostal Holiness Church
    Mount Airy,  NC
  • What a pleasure it was to work with my consultant at Stewart Signs.I will highly recommend Stewart Signs every chance I get.Thanks for making this purchase such a wonderful event.

    — Lynn Metcalfe
    Rose Hill Elementary School
    Rose Hill,  VA
  • Our church is very satisfied with the Tekstar sign we purchased.It looks great and we have gotten so many compliments from the community and people passing by as well as other churches in the area.Thank God for Stewart Signs and their staff.Keep up the awesome ministry.

    —  The New St Paul Baptist Church
    The New St Paul Baptist Church
    Eden,  NC
  • Just a note to let you know that after almost three years we are still pleased with the sign we purchased from Stewart Church Signs.

    As you may recall, our previous sign was destroyed in the tornadoes that struck the Nashville area in the spring of 1998.At that time we investigated several sign manufacturers, but chose Stewart.

    Your expertise and experience led us to purchase a sign with large letters.At the time the highway on which our church is located was being improved to five lanes and we knew the speed limit would be approximately 45 mph.Motorists can read the sign easily.

    Our only real regret is that we did not purchase one of your electronic signs that may be programmed by computer.Be assured that our next sign will have that capability.

    We wish you well, and appreciate the personal attention given to our needs.

    — David C. Sharp
    Green Hill Church
    Mount Juliet,  TN
  • We are thrilled with our beautiful new church sign! Special thanks to our sales consultant for his help in the purchasing process.God Bless!

    — Joe Lusby
    First Baptist Church
    Holly Springs,  MS
  • Thanks to you and your company for delivering to our door the most attractive, readable, and visible sign in town.We installed the sign ourselves and saved some very precious dollars.Your instructions were very clear and helpful.

    We have had instant community recognition.This was extremely important to us as a new mission church moving into our first permanent home.Many of our members have told me they have had people ask them if that was their church.A pastor of another new mission called me three days after the sign went up asking me how to get one.

    Our double sided, lighted, sign is highly readable and visible at 55mph.Thank you for steering us away from the "reader board" type sign.

    Keep up the good work.Thanks for helping us reach out to draw people in to hear about Jesus and His love for them.

    — Doug Kallesen
    Faith Lutheran Church
    Nashville,  TN
  • Our regional manager, was very helpful, informative, and diligent in his sale/service to us, Mount Olive M.B.Church in Cleveland, MS.The sign is spectacular!!! We receive a lot of compliments.Attendance is increasing, especially for special programs which are highlighted on our new sign!!! Thank you, Stewart Signs.

    —  Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church
    Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church
    Cleveland,  MS
  • Continue to do what you're doing! If you do, the results will always be positive!

    — James Radcliff
    Victorious Apostolic Ministries
    Warrenton,  NC
  • We love our sign and have received dozens of positive responses from the community and church family.

    —  Central Baptist Church
    Central Baptist Church
    Corbin,  KY
  • Overall, for the cost and for the quality of the product, it was a superior product.That's why we have that 100% satisfaction.

    — Calcasieu Parish School System
    Calcasieu Parish School System
    Lake Charles,  LA
  • I was very pleased with all aspects of my experience with your company.I would without a doubt use your company for any future needs that I might have.

    — Jimmy McMillan
    Seven Oaks Baptist Church
    South Boston,  VA
  • Great Experience.Our consultant was very helpful before and after sale.The sign is well crafted and looks great.

    — Phil Slate
    Hillcrest Church Of Christ
    Springfield,  TN
  • We are very pleased with our new church sign! Your people did a marvelous job in designing and manufacturing it to our specifications.We have had many compliments and positive comments from our constituency as well as from people in our community.

    About two weeks after the erection of our sign, a gentleman stopped at our church and left one-hundred dollars for the treasury of our church.He identified himself as a tourist who had turned off the interstate roads to travel on some smaller roads and see some different country side.He told us that when he read the message on our sign he just wanted to stop and leave something to help us in our ministry.The message on our sign read simply, "God loves you and so do we" His comment to his wife as they turned onto our church property was, "Here are some people who love the Lord and love people".His gift was placed in our benevolent fund.

    — John DePriest
    Burdine Free Will Bapt. Ch.
    Burdine,  KY
  • Our new sign looks great! It went in without any problems.Praise the Lord!

    — David Battin
    Manchester Seventh-Day Adventist Church
    Manchester,  KY
  • We are very pleased with our new sign.We have received so many positive comments

    — Phillip Cochran
    New Destiny Assembly Of God
    Sulphur,  LA
  • We've had nothing but good things said about our new sign.

    — Eddie McElhannon
    Rocky Branch Assembly Of God
    Farmerville,  LA
  • In the fall of 2003 the newly-formed student council of Vincent Settlement Elementary School voted unanimously to commence fundraising efforts for the purchase of a marquee school sign.The school sits alone in the wilds of southwestern Louisiana, with a full twelve miles of Cajun countryside between it and anything resembling civilization.

    The project was spearheaded by fifth grader Ben Ivey under the supervision of teacher-sponsor Tony McCardle.Vincent Settlement's PTO enthusiastically threw their support behind the project."The existing sign wasn't well representing the spirit of our 525-member student body" recalls Tony."It was easy to get everyone on board."

    Fundraising began straightaway with the students selling car tags and YTies.Activities such as these continued for another two years raising nearly a quarter of the funds needed to put a sign on the front lawn alongside Vincent Settlement Road.

    "A local bank then swooped in and took it upon itself to fund the entire cost of the sign," exclaims Tony."Cameron State Bank saw the PR and advertising potential of sponsoring a school sign in the community,"

    Tony's voice punctuates the bank's action: "They get it."

    The school decided on Stewart Signs after the first phone conversation with a Stewart Signs sign consultant."Her guidance respectfully mirrored that of the diligent work the students had accomplished on the project since way back in '03.As she understood the human hours invested in the endeavor it was a natural for her to guide us seamlessly through the design of our sign." Tony elaborates, "There were times we felt we were asking for too many artwork changes.This was not the case.She took care of our every wish."

    Vincent Settlement's new Stewart Sign was installed on September 16th, 2005.It could have been the happy ending to a successful fundraising story.This, however, is where things get interesting.

    "The school took a direct hit from Hurricane Rita exactly one week to the day after we installed the sign." As Tony bluntly puts it, "Category Four with 140 mph winds...'nuff said."

    Every inhabitant in southwestern Louisiana had already evacuated days before Hurricane Rita struck.It would be days before the student body of Vincent Settlement would learn the fate of their school building.

    "I'll never forget getting the call on my cell from the PE teacher as he first arrived on the scene after Rita sloshed away", recollects Tony."He told me we had steel girders in the ceiling bent like pretzels and a lot of exposed blue sky in most classrooms".

    "But Tony," the colleague continued, "That sign we installed just a week ago? It made it.Even the letters on the marquee are eerily pre-Rita."

    Vincent Settlement remained closed for one month as structural repairs to the building were made.During this downtime their new Stewart Sign was busy updating motorists on the repair progress as well as the re-opening date of the school in late October.

    "The sign is part of the community now," affirms Tony."Hurricane Rita made sure of that."

    — Tony McCardle
    Vincent Settlement Elementary School
    Sulphur,  LA

  • This is just a note to thank you again for all of your help during the selection, design, purchase, and delivery of our church sign.As a sales representative, your customer service was second to none.You demonstrated both professionalism and a very personable approach, which was much appreciated.

    Many sales reps that I have dealt with in the past seemed only interested in sales.However, you demonstrated a genuine concern for the needs of your customer from start to finish.You have even followed up on more than one occasion to ensure we were pleased with the product.I hope all Stewart customer reps show the same enthusiasm and concern for their customers.

    I will definitely refer any of my colleagues to choose Stewart Signs if they are looking for a sign to replace an existing sign.Thanks again for all of your help.

    — Dr. W. L. Nathaniel Jr.
    Tabernacle Of Praise Christian Church
    Memphis,  TN
  • Could not ask for better service or product!!!!

    — Ricky Pack
    New Life Church
    Crossett,  AR
  • I feel compelled to write and thank you for the fine church sign your firm provided. Since we installed the sign in July, there have been only one or two Sundays that we have not had first time visitors. Previously we would often go several weeks at a time without visitors in the services. The overwhelming response we have seen from the ministry that a changeable message sign provides in the community tells us that a church cannot afford to be without a professionally produced sign.

    We used a sign that was done by some of our own people for seven years and though it had a changeable message area, and was attractively done, there was less noticeable effect in seven years than we have had from the Stewart sign in five months. The better part of wisdom is to know what to do yourself and what to leave to those who specialize in it. When it comes to church signs, I am convinced that Stewart Signs is the only possible choice.

    Not only was the product perfectly done to our every expectation, it was finished and delivered on time. This excellent service is rare and would be in itself ample reason to recommend your company to others, but it is only part of the reason I would never want to buy a sign from anyone else. Every time I called with any question, I was greeted cordially by people whose genuine concern for my needs was evident. The salesman who handled our order was not only knowledgeable and helpful, but constantly was a spiritual encouragement to me. It is apparent that your firm is involved in much more than sales, you are involved in ministry, and everyone that I have dealt with there makes that felt every time I call.

    Thank you again for the excellent product and the caring service, but thank you most of all for helping so much to enable us to reach our community for Jesus Christ. If these comments or any further recommendation I may offer is a help to someone in making a decision to work with your company I shall count it a real privilege. May God continue to bless your work.

    — Phillip L.Whitaker
    Brambleton Baptist Church
    Roanoke,  VA
  • The overwhelming response we have seen tells us that a church can not afford to be without a professionally produced sign.We used a sign that was done by some of our own people for seven years and thought it had a changeable message area and was attractively done, there was a less noticeable effect in seven years than we had from the Stewart sign in five months.

    — Phillip L. Whitaker
    Brambleton Baptist Church
    Roanoke,  VA
  • When Pastor Michael Jones and his church decided to make the move to their bigger facility, they knew that such an establishment could not go without the appropriate signage to represent the new church building.From a church that began in 1974 out of a mobile home with merely a handful of members to a ministry leadership passed down through the Jones family, The Revival Center Church of God in Christ has always been defined by the fellowship of its faithful members.

    After forming, the church eventually moved from the mobile home to a small chapel in Monticello, Arkansas, but once again outgrew its capacity with the continuously growing number of attending members.

    Once Pastor Michael Jones took over the leadership designated by his father, Founding Member Elder Nathaniel Jones, Pastor Jones acknowledged the need for a bigger facility space to house his congregation and church-sponsored activities, which included the 8-week Camp Benae Summer Camp.The trustees and Pastor Jones knew that a sign would be necessary to let people know where they were and who they were, since the new building only had letters on the side and no distinct signage facing the drive-by traffic.

    Referred by a fellow man in Christ and satisfied Stewart Signs customer, Pastor Jones contacted Stewart Signs to make arrangements so that he could have the sign delivered and set up before the church even officially moved."Installing the sign before the move helped a great deal with our congregation" Pastor Jones says."The customer service was amazing.Stewart Signs was very accommodating." Pastor Jones was also pleased with the church payment assistance program at Stewart Signs: "It wasn't strictly business, but more of a partnership.You could tell they're used to working with churches."

    Stewart Signs offers two variations of a 10-month payment plan, one of which is interest free, for churches when they are able to pay 25% down.Pastor Jones was pleased with his payment plan choice, considering the church was enduring the expenses of their move right before purchasing the sign.

    With an entire half block span of church facility, the building itself is hard to miss, and now because of their Stewart Church Sign, it is even more unlikely this church will be overlooked.The growth of the Revival Center Church of God in Christ has been ongoing throughout its history and with their new church sign from Stewart Church Signs, the congregation will surely continue to prosper in its numbers and in its faith.

    — Michael Jones
    Revival Center Church Of God In Christ
    Monticello,  AR
  • I thank Stewart Signs for their patience and experience.They made the transaction so simple and professional.I enjoyed working with our consultant and staff.They are awesome!

    — Terrie Cade
    Goodness And Mercy Outreach Church
    Clarksville,  TN
  • I'm writing to you concerning our new sign which we purchased from your company.I enclosed two pictures of the sign.As you will note we had custom brick work done to meet the specifications of our new sign.

    We are very pleased with the sign and have appreciated the warm and caring way which you dealt with our church.You are by far the most professional of all the sign companies that we originally contacted.It is easy to see why the work you provided was of exceptional quality.Again, thank you for your help and assistance in placing this new sign in the front of our church.

    — Rev. Russell Holland
    First United Methodist Church
    Prestonsburg,  KY
  • We want to take this opportunity to thank you and Stewart Church Sign Company for our new scrolling sign.The community has responded in such a positive way with many complimentary phone calls and questions of where we purchased it.The messages we display daily are easily seen from the street and keep our members as well as the community informed of all events.What a blessing to have such a wonderful tool to use to cheer someone's day with a scriptural message, birthday greeting, seasonal greeting and the list could go on! Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to help us make the right choice with our sign purchase.You were a pleasure to work with.

    — Denise BiJeaux
    Park Central Church Of Christ
    Port Arthur,  TX
  • "If you want to know the truth, I would have much rather lost the church sign than the roof", exclaims Jo Ann Richards, property chairman of First Christian Church of hurricane-ravaged Port Arthur, Texas."Standing inside our church the morning after, all we could see was sky".

    Hurricane Rita hit land just southeast of Port Arthur, Texas in the pre-dawn hours of September 24th, 2005.First Christian Church was left alone to fend for itself as everyone in the congregation was long gone; packed up and safely scattered points southwesterly.Indeed, Jo Ann and her family had already fled hundreds of miles away to Waco, Texas, bunking with relatives.

    Rita then pounded Port Arthur mercilessly with 120 mph winds; occasionally lashing 175-mph gusts upon the town by the time daybreak crept in.First Christian's church building was constructed in 1983.The collective feeling was that it would fare better than some of the older structures around town.

    "Driving back to Port Arthur in the aftermath, every sign in Jefferson County was on the ground: McDonalds' Wendy's, all gas stations...not to mention every single car dealer.I'm not just saying damaged; I'm saying crumpled up and on the ground", describes Jo Ann."So as we approached the church, our hopes were dimming".

    "Rounding the corner, the first thing we could see was the church sign.It was intact in every way", she recalls."The letters hadn't even moved an inch.Coming closer, though, we could painfully see that our beloved church building was decimated".

    "We lost the roof but not our sign", sighs Jo Ann.

    The choir room which once held a hundred years of printed sheet music was now a gaping hole; hymnals silenced forever by water damage.Later, First Christian's insurance company would put total estimated damage at nine-hundred thousand dollars.

    Rita left town.

    The first thing Pastor Neil Lindley did was put a simple, three-word message on the church sign: ALIVE AND WELL."Unless you had gone through what our congregation experienced, there's no way you could even begin to understand what that sign meant to us once the winds died down", explains Jo Ann."We needed to get the word out".

    And they continued getting the word out.After the church gymnasium was cobbled together as a temporary chapel their roadside sign announced service hours in contrast to what had originally been perceived as a "vanished church".The sign set the record straight.

    First Christian then offered the same gymnasium to its neighboring Seventh Day Adventist church whose building suffered even worse damage at the hands of Rita."As they worship on Saturdays it was easy to juggle service schedules", says Jo Ann."Again, the surviving sign got the word out and kept two separate congregations informed.In addition, the Adventists conducted their weekday elementary school inside the gymnasium.Our church sign was working overtime!"

    "What a blessing that our church sign survived Rita.There was a reason".

    Jo Ann chuckles as she ponders, "If and when Stewart Signs decides to manufacture roofs, our church will be your first customer!"

    Unless you had gone through what our congregation experienced, there's no way you could even begin to understand what that sign meant to us once the winds died down. What a blessing that our church sign survived Rita.There was a reason.

    — Jo Ann Richards
    First Christian Church
    Port Arthur,  TX
  • Central Baptist Church of Port Neches, TX has recently installed a new J .M.Stewart church sign after our previous sign was destroyed by Hurricane Rita in 2005.The new sign has been a great improvement over the previous sign for the following reasons: is low to the ground and easily accessed- the previous sign was perched on a 12 ft.tall pole that required a long extension pole to change out the letters.This was very cumbersome and took quite a bit of time to place the lettering at that height.

    2.The new sign's letters slide in and out for easy and quick installation, unlike the old letters that had to be grasped with a suction cup at the end of the extension pole.This was very time consuming.

    3.The new sign is illuminated so well that it allows changing the message to be done in the cool of night during the hot summer months.The old sign was not as well lit.

    4.The clear cover protects the letters from the elements of nature, whereas the old sign was not covered and the letters could be blown off by inclement weather.

    5.The clear cover also has braces on each side that lock and hold the cover up during message installation that provides protection from rain.There was no protection with the previous sign.

    As you may have guessed by now, the new sign is a pleasure to use.It has made this form of ministry available for anyone in the congregation to take part in.We love our new sign and hope to have many years of inspirational and public announcements conveyed to the surrounding community through this source.

    — Abe Ogea, Jr.
    Central Baptist Church
    Port Neches,  TX
  • Superintendent Mike Reeves first inquired about a sign early this year for Drew Central School District."I was only interested in an identification sign.We wanted a professionally-made sign that would create awareness for those driving by the school on a daily basis."

    Mr.Reeves contacted Stewart Signs to inquire about a new sign.He said, "My sign consultant went through the specifics of cost and quality.We discovered that for only a little more money, our school could purchase a changeable copy sign that would allow us to remind parents and students about book fairs, picture days, and vacation dates.We realized that this type of sign would fulfill our need to increase parent-teacher communication; we couldn't go wrong."

    Mr.Reeves, and others on their committee, found that they could get a lot more for their money by investing in a sign that did more than just identify their school.Instead, it would also be the most effective means of communication ever available to them.No more costly, time-consuming flyers - they would now have a permanent fixture for announcing school events, fundraising, acknowledging students and informing parents.

    Why was Stewart Signs the right choice? "Aside from the quality of the Stewart sign, we required a payment plan that was flexible.We wanted the sign delivered in June but needed to hold off payment until July when we had our new fiscal year's budget.This was no problem at all for Stewart Signs.As a matter of fact, they have several flexible payment plans and financing options to help meet our needs."

    Pam Schaetzel, the General Manager for Stewart Signs adds, "Schools often look at bottom line dollars when choosing a new sign.We understand that budgets are tight and fundraising is hard work; a new sign for the school can be passed over as a project year after year.We work with thousands of schools each year across the US.Our goal is to provide schools with a sign that will last 20-30 years.Our flexible payment plans and creative financing allows the school or parent teacher organization the ability to obtain the sign, start using it and then utilize the value of the sign right away.A Stewart School Sign provides a long-term investment strategy for the school."

    So what was the end result? Drew Central received a sign that matched their needs.They are now able to easily announce upcoming events, acknowledge students, as well as the initial objective of identifying their school."Our new Stewart Sign is such a marked improvement over what we had before.We were extremely happy with the whole process."

    Mrs.Schaetzel was asked what a school should be looking at when they set out to purchase a new sign.She replied, "Schools are beginning to look beyond the financial investment, and ensure that they are choosing the right type of sign.The issue of cost, quality, usage and readability are as equally important.After all, a Stewart Sign will be there for many, many years."

    — Mike Reeves
    Drew Central School District
    Monticello,  AR

  • When we started the pursuit for a new church sign our desire was to have an opportunity to spiritually impact the members of our community driving by our church building.As our church is located on a main artery between two towns, seizing the opportunity to bring new people into our church and hear the gospel, of Jesus Christ was irresistible.

    Now that the sign is up and running we are pleased to report that the sign is everything we hoped it would be.24/7 our electronic sign reaches out to our community telling them what our church is all about.More importantly it invites our community to come hear the message of the cross.

    Needless to say we were cautious about spending this amount of money, but now that we are on the back side of this project I can honestly say placing our trust in Stewart Signs was a good decision.The online training and software is user friendly and easy to work with.Additionally the stock animations from your company significantly boost the impact the sign has.

    Thanks for having a product and process that is as good as you said it would be.

    — Thomas M. Short
    Living Word Baptist Church
    Forest,  VA
  • We have had tremendous praise and bragging about our sign, from all the nearby churches and many different people.We are well pleased.

    — Bob Frazier
    Becco United Baptist Church
    Amherstdale,  WV
  • Our Sales Consultant was very helpful and informative throughout the whole process.His familiarity and knowledge of churches and their needs and his prompt delivery of information was probably what caused us to end up going with Stewart Signs.The whole process of selecting and buying a sign for our church was made easy and painless due to his professionalism.We thank you so much.

    — Kenneth Carr
    Dowlen Road Church Of Christ
    Beaumont,  TX
  • Have had many favorable inquiries from passers by.Placing letters on the sign is so easy.We are very pleased.

    — Robert Crawford
    Grace Missionary Baptist Church
    Wynne,  AR
  • We at Valley View would like to thank you and all that helped in the purchase, construction, and delivery of our sign.We are a small church with a big message to everyone who passes by with hope of someone coming in a having a change of heart.This sign is a tool and a true blessing.

    — Virgil Marshall
    Valley View Baptist Church
    Wynne,  AR
  • Our High Attendance Day was a great success.Normally we run from 40 to 45 people, we had 81.Praise the Lord! I know of at least one couple who came just because of the message on the church sign...It's working.

    — Don McGaugh
    Lawson Baptist Church
    El Dorado,  AR
  • Thank you for offering such a fine product, providing such excellent customer service, and ensuring your customer's satisfaction.

    — Anthony M. Taylor
    Young's Funeral Directors
    El Dorado,  AR
  • The most exciting thing is the fact that we're able to promote our students.It means a lot for a kid to be able to come in in the morning and see their name in lights.

    — David H. Bolen
    George Rogers Clark High School
    Winchester,  KY
  • When a school wants to connect with students, parents, and its community in a new and dynamic way, an electronic message center is the clear choice for many.

    Stephen Knight, Superintendent of the Marshall County School District began looking at information from different companies."We contacted five sign companies to get an idea of what was out there and what our options were." Stewart Signs, a national sign company located in Sarasota, FL, was among these companies."Right away, I was impressed with the professionalism of Stewart.They sent us a rendering of the type of sign we were interested in and were straightforward.In other words, everything in the rendering was included in the price."

    After sifting through the bids they received, it was clear that no one could offer what Stewart did - the best quality for the money."Stewart Signs definitely stood out from the rest.It's like my favorite saying 'Nobody wants only the best price - if that were true, we'd all be driving Daewoo's.People want the best deal'."

    So what was the end result? Marshall County chose Stewart Signs."Everything was explained to us and we knew exactly what we were getting.All questions were answered by our consultant, who made sure that we felt comfortable with our decision." Although the decision process was behind them, the superior customer service that comes with every Stewart sign was just beginning."An LED sign was something quite new for us, and Stewart walked us through each step.All problems we ran into were handled quickly and effectively by the support staff."

    "The sign looks great - we're very happy and it has met with rave reviews from those in the community." Missi Holley, the Technology Coordinator at Marshall County programs the sign and is also elated with the school's decision."The LED sign has been a wonderful asset to our campus.We use it to better communicate the activities at MCHS to the community.Stewart Signs deserves many thanks for a great product and outstanding service."

    — Stephen Knight
    Marshall County School District
    Benton,  KY
  • We have had nothing but positive comments concerning our sign.It certainly is an asset.

    — Ann Manley
    Eastland First Church Of God
    Mt Sterling,  KY
  • I want to say "thank you" for your patience and professional guidance in our choice of your beautiful sign. We are very pleased and it is an added asset to our church property. Its location is easily seen and read as you approach the facility. Everything is working perfectly and the size of the letters is exactly right. The coloring is also attractive and very noticeable. I also want to thank you for the additional letters. They were very much needed.

    — Rev.Joyce Smith
    Bethel Temple Assembly Of God
    Camden,  AR
  • We love the sign we get a lot of compliments on it.Very nice sign haven't had any problems with it even after the storms this week.

    — Rev. Joyce Smith
    Bethel Temple Assembly Of God
    Camden,  AR
  • The artwork had a sentimental connection with us and we were amazed at how well the artist captured the design.That confirmed to us that we made the right choice for our sign.Thank you!

    — Regina Scott
    New Hope Ministries
    North Chesterfield,  VA
  • When the PTA of John Tyler Elementary School began to consider giving a gift to the school at the end of the year, there was no shortage of ideas, but the idea of a marquee kept coming up.

    Janice Gustafson, the PTA's treasure said, "The thought was that if we could better communicate with the parents, either coming to school to pick their children up, or just driving by, it followed that more parents would show up at school events."

    So the search for the right sign began.

    Janice liked the pencil ruler sign that a neighboring school had, and thought that it would be appropriate for John Tyler Elementary as well.The PTA received information from several sign companies but Janice recommended buying from Stewart."The consultant we spoke with at Stewart Signs was incredibly patient with us.There was no pressure, and he understood the parent-group purchasing process." The obvious experience and resulting knowledge that Stewart School Sign Consultants have makes the entire process much easier than it would be otherwise."

    Although the PTA knew what style they wanted, their consultant walked Vicky Curry, PTA President, through all of the options available to them.Communication was a main reason for their sign purchase, so a double-sided sign was a must.Traffic from both directions would be able to read the school's message."We wanted parents, students, and others in the community to be aware of important dates and events." They also felt that an illuminated sign would be beneficial."We knew that a sign that displayed the school messages day or night would be much more valuable to us.Just because the sun sets at five o'clock doesn't mean we want to stop communicating with those driving by."

    Another key purpose for the sign was the size of the message area.With four rows of text available on each side, the school has ample room to display their announcements.Their consultant also made sure that the letters were large enough for the speed limit of the area."He informed us that if the letters were too small, then no one would be able to read our message.He asked all of the right questions to make sure we'd have a quality sign that worked for us.He wasn't trying to sell us a sign, he wanted to know our needs and make sure that they were adequately addressed." There was also a matter that was voiced by the PTA and quickly addressed: "We were very concerned about installation and who would do it," said Vicky."Our consultant made it so easy, he offered to coordinate it with a local installer and took care of everything for us."

    The PTA had a portion of the money set aside from the spring, and after a successful fall fundraiser, was ready to purchase their sign.The result was another happy customer."The sign is wonderful! All of the meeting, planning, and fundraising paid off in a big way," said Vicky."There were no problems; we're really enjoying it! It looks especially beautiful when it's lit up at night.Our consultant put a lot of work into this project and made everything very easy for us, we're so glad we chose Stewart Signs!"

    — Vicky Curry
    John Tyler Elementary School
    Hampton,  VA
  • Our church is so happy for the new sign.It looks great.Thanks for the awesome work.

    — William Cotton Ouachita Baptist Church
    Ouachita Baptist Church
    Sparkman,  AR
  • I can't tell you how happy we are with everything! The sign is awesome! We have had people pull into our parking lot just to read our messages!!

    — Tim Carper
    Stinson Church Of Christ
    Grayson,  KY
  • This is one of the few purchases that has actually been a pleasure.Would recommend Stewart Signs to anyone looking to purchase a sign

    — Randy Johnson
    Countryside Baptist Church
    Keithville,  LA
  • Looks absolutely awesome!!!

    — Tracy White
    Dunbar Intermediate School
    Dunbar,  WV
  • I am writing this letter to say "Thank-You" for all of your help and wonderful assistance in selecting our new church sign.From the time I began to talk with you two years ago until we accepted delivery of our new sign, you have been so helpful and understanding.Our new sign is just simply beautiful.Our community has had a lot of favorable comments to make concerning our sign.The messages we are able to advertise on our sign are getting the attention of our community.

    I would like to recommend Stewart Signs to any of my pastor friends that are looking for a new sign for their church.The Art Department was very helpful to me personally as I began to design our sign.Everyone from the sales personnel to the service department has bent over backwards to please us and to make sure we were taken care of.

    We had a small problem with a ballast inside our new sign.Just one phone call and the new part was delivered to us two days later.Thank you again for taking such good care of First Assembly of God in Liberty Texas.

    — Larry Parnell
    First Assembly Of God
    Liberty,  TX
  • Over the weekend of September 13th, Hurricane Ike ravaged the shores of Galveston, Texas leaving the island flooded and disassembled with surges up to 30 feet.The storm was so severe that it left yachts parked on the freeway after the waters receded back into the Gulf.Homes were swept away by crashing waves and residents were issued a "certain death evacuation warning" prior to the storm's arrival; this warning had not been used since an unnamed hurricane in 1915.

    In the path of this hurricane, a Category 2 with its 110 mph winds was The Barking Frog, a luxury island-home furnishing store and interior designing service, and their recently purchased LED sign.

    John Averett, Financial Manager for the store, knew going in to the purchase that due a unique business situation within the company, they would not be able to insure the sign.This meant that the sign would need to be strong enough to withstand the environmental conditions that the island was prone to enduring.

    As a result, they were looking for well-built, reliable signage when they found and purchased from Stewart Signs.

    Averett chose Stewart Signs from the rest for a few reasons.He felt that the amount of information available through the full-featured website in addition to the selections and choices were the "most appropriate for their needs".Averett reflects on his experience with Stewart Signs: "They were easy to work with from conception to execution.They were able to get a design back quickly.I also thought their software capabilities page was helpful.Overall, I would say it was an easy purchase."

    The Barking Frog Business Sign
    The sign stands tall among the debris left by Hurricane Ike, and turned on immediately once power was restored.

    The sign was installed in late 2007 and placed at the company's Warehouse and Fulfillment Center near the causeway at the main entrance to Galveston Island.This site was chosen instead of the showroom for awareness and visibility.

    After the storm, Averett suspected damage to the two facilities, but did not anticipate what happened to the sign: nothing.The 21-foot high full color LED sign survived the hurricane-force winds and driving rains of Ike.

    Not only was the purchasing process a smooth experience, but after a catastrophic storm like Hurricane Ike their Stewart sign did not sustain any damage.This is in contrast to the surrounding businesses' signs which had missing pieces and broken faces.The Barking Frog sign serves not only as a model for businesses recovering after the storm, but a message that an attractive and dependable product is a worthy investment.

    — The Barking Frog
    The Barking Frog
    Galveston,  TX
  • I just wanted to let you know once again how much we have enjoyed the sign and how it has benefited Calvary Baptist Church.

    We had a man walk into our Church on March 19th for the morning service and he told us that the reason he was there was because of the sign.This man told us that he had just gotten out of prison and was looking for a Church to attend.When he saw the sign which read, NEED A BAILOUT? GO TO THE REAL MESSIAH! He said he believed that was the Lord telling him that he should go to that Church.He comes every time the doors are open and has missed only 1 service since that morning and has begun attending Sunday school also.What a blessing for us!

    We have had a couple other churches in the area inquire about our sign.They want to know where we got it and how much it cost.Of course, I referred them to you! We have folks all over the area talking about the sign.I am looking forward to what God will do through this ministry! Have a great day!

    — Candy Humber
    Calvary Baptist Church
    Liberty,  TX
  • My experience with our consultant was cordial, friendly, painless, helpful, and a really great experience.In a day when sales reps can be either dumber than a box of rocks or egomaniacs, it was a pleasure to deal with a professional who acted like a friend.Give that man a raise!

    — Wm. Barry Smith, Pastor Union Missionary Baptist Church
    Union Missionary Baptist Church
    Chesapeake,  OH
  • We are making good use of the sign to support the Church and local community activities as well.The light from the sign actually prevented a car accident.A driver late at night was able to see a deer near the roadside and was able to stop in time to avoid a severe collision and only barely grazed the animal and avoided a major crash...

    — Michael D. Lewis
    Hope Christian Center
    Ona,  WV
  • The sign you sent us has been serving us well.It is an asset to our church and community.

    — James Shuck
    First United Methodist Church
    Sebree,  KY
  • Our sales rep did a FANTASTIC job.I appreciate his help in working with us and his consistency in follow up before and after sales.

    — Marci Prater
    Catlettsburg Elementary School
    Catlettsburg,  KY
  • Our sales rep was very helpful in the purchase of this sign.This was our 2nd purchase with Stewart Signs an we will order again when the need arises.Thank you!

    — Frank Robinette
    Moore Street Tabernacle
    Ashland,  KY
  • In a small rural town just outside of Houston, Texas, bright lights are not a common sight.

    "We started discussing a new church sign back in December 2009" says Jerry McDaniel, Building and Grounds Committee Chairman for Kenefick Southern Baptist.The church began their research with changeable copy signs that would allow them to change their message manually as often as they chose.However, after learning of the impact that an LED sign could have on a community, their minds were easily swayed.

    Many weeks of discussions later, the committee announced the decision to the church family; they would be purchasing a new LED sign that would shine God's message to the community 24 hours a day and allow them to change the message using a remote control easily and effortlessly.

    "Because of the excitement, we were able to raise the money for the new sign in just a few weeks!" exclaims Jerry.Through fundraisers, collections, and various other activities, the congregation of Kenefick Southern Baptist showed their support and excitement by giving back to the church who had housed their worship for years before.

    "At that point, Stewart Signs took over and delivered a new and beautiful sign on June 17, 2010," explains Jerry."Prior to the arrival of the sign, Stewart Signs had sent a detailed template and instructions for installation.This allowed for the men of our church to accomplish the installation of the sign on June 19, 2010, thus saving us the cost to hire a company to do the work."

    "From the time our church family agreed on the sign, excitement started to grow and continues to grow.Not only has the excitement continued to grow, but our church attendance has continued to grow to the point that we are considering a new parking area! We have already had to order new chairs for our sanctuary and are starting to consider new building plans!" an ecstatic Jerry McDaniel says.

    "As you know, a new church sign doesn't by itself cause church growth but it is a contributing factor when the excitement it causes is contagious and reaches the surrounding community where they can see what God is doing in His church" a very proud member of Kenefick Southern Baptist concludes."Thanks again to Stewart Signs."

    — Jerry McDaniel
    Kenefick Southern Baptist Church
    Dayton,  TX
  • Working with our sales rep was a pleasure and JOY! He was able to answer questions and provide a level of comfort and peace through some leadership transition that resulted in a reevaluation of the project.He was reassuringly calm through the second round of questions, many of which had been asked and answered before.I give him a tip of the hat, pat on the back, and heartfelt thanks for his diligence and hard work with us.

    — Tommy Nichols
    Beulah Presbyterian Church
    Mechanicsville,  VA
  • The sign is treating us wonderfully!! I still look at it in amazement when I pass by the church.We just got done with a two week revival.We displayed it on the sign.We had 28 souls to be baptized.Praise God.

    — Audrey Johnson
    Grand Avenue Seventh-Day Adventist Church
    Charleston,  MO
  • It is hard to believe that it will be a year in June since our marquee arrived! I want to thank you for all your assistance in selecting the "perfect" marquee to meet our needs and helping with the design using our logo.It has been a pleasure working with you.This was our first experience ordering a marquee and you were great in answering the many questions we had about signage.You were always available by phone or by email and responded quickly.

    The marquee is very attractive and we have received many positive comments about the marquee from the community.It has helped tremendously with advertising all our performances, classes and workshops.I would recommend Stewart Signs to anyone -- especially working with you!

    Your tech department was also a great help to me with the set up of the software on my computer and walking me through step by step in learning to input information on the marquee.

    Thanks again for all your help and if you are ever traveling through our area stop by for a visit!

    — Debbie Shearn
    Oldham County Schools Arts Center
    Crestwood,  KY
  • Top quality! We love our new church sign!

    — Kathy Tucker
    Otter Branch Church
    Buffalo,  WV
  • News Article Written by a KQES Student

    King and Queen Elementary School has installed a new marquee style sign.Previously, announcements of school events were communicated through newsletters, memorandums, or word of mouth.The new marquee will allow the school to more effectively communicate events to the students, parents, and the community.The new marquee was paid for, in part, by the funds collected during the fall fund-raiser.Mr.Kothe said, "The students embraced the fund-raiser as an opportunity to help improve the school.The community did a wonderful job of supporting the students and ultimately supporting the school.The sign will help us continue to communicate effectively with our parents and the community as we strive to keep everyone well informed of what our goals are and what we wish to accomplish together."

    — KQES Student
    King And Queen Elementary
    Mattaponi,  VA
  • We're so very proud of it.Thank you for making our purchase such a wonderful experience.Everything was perfect.

    — Larry Arnett
    Enola Church Of Christ
    Enola,  AR
  • The church would like to thank all at Stewart Sign Company for our new sign.We love it! Very good quality, we will recommend your product.Also special thanks to our sales rep for all his professional experience and help!!

    — Harold Stonerock
    Dogwood Chapel Church Of Christian Union
    Wheelersburg,  OH
  • The Church is so pleased with the sign.Just could not believe how beautiful and well constructed.It lights up the outside of the Church so good.Glad we decided to go with your company.Thank You.

    — Mary Young
    Christ United Methodist Church
    Gallipolis,  OH
  • Our sign is our investment in the mission and ministry of Victorious Life Worship Center. It is an outreach to the community, and will present a living message that represents our vision to passers-by. The purchase of this sign is a true milestone for us. We will continue to be unwavering in our mission to reach the world with the message of The Gospel of Jesus Christ and to help others obtain Victorious Life through Him.

    — Vicki Bays
    Victorious Life Worship Center
    New Boston,  OH
  • Our Stewart Signs representative was instrumental in helping me to see the true possibility of purchasing a sign for our church.When I made the initial call it was merely to make an inquiry! By the time the conversation had ended the vision had come to life! He was patient and helpful, yet persistent to keep me encouraged! The designer of our sign truly raised our initial design idea to the next bar.Additionally, upon delivery there was a dent in the bottom panel.As instructed I called to let it be known before receiving delivery.Since there was no damage to the actual sign I was instructed to receive the sign and it would be taken care of.Everything was set in motion and I received calls and e-mails from the various departments the very same day! We received the replacement panel with instructions and our sign is perfect! Each department has been so helpful, even to reschedule our payment date.I give Stewart Signs a rating of 10 because of their standard of excellence.

    — Vicki Bays
    Victorious Life Worship Center
    New Boston,  OH
  • I am writing this letter in reference to our newly acquired Church sign purchased from your company.I feel I must allow you to hear from a most satisfied customer.We have had our sign for about three months, and I wanted you and the Stewart family to know how pleased we are with it.Having our new sign has made such a difference for our Church.It is now possible for us to announce all of our upcoming calendar events and programs.This sign has enabled us to reach out to our membership and to the surrounding community.

    Recently, we had a blood drive for our Pastor and we sent letters out to many of our fellowship Churches.We used our sign to announce the upcoming blood drive to the community that surrounds our Church.The response from the community was greater than the response from the letters.Many of those donating told us that they knew about the drive because of the information on our sign.I want to personally take time out to thank you for your professional courtesy, for your continued concern and genuine interest in our satisfaction with this product.

    — Sister Patricia A. Fowler
    St. John Baptist Church
    Houston,  TX
  • I just wanted to offer my testimony.In the fall of September 10, 2008 hurricane Ike hit the gulf coast.I was working out in the storm, as I am a police officer.We were patrolling the streets just before impact and immediately afterwards.One of the interesting things about that living breathing before and after assessment of the damage is that as you watch the devastation occur you have a different appreciation for the power of a storm.

    I was completely in awe of the power of the storm and the speed with which the devastation occurred.As I rode out the storm and surveyed the damage to my own property I was anxious to see what damage occurred to the Church property.The property sustained in excess of $250,000.00 in damage.Much to my surprise and pleasure the Church Marquee was still intact.Not a single letter was missing from the sign.It was working exactly as it did pre-storm.In fact we used it to make the community aware that we would be functioning as a distribution center for relief items such as ice and water.

    Was it Divine intervention or quality workmanship? I would venture to say a bit of both.

    — Raymond T. Stewart
    Bellfort Seventh - Day Adventist Church
    Houston,  TX
  • The City of Ripley is very pleased with all aspects of Stewart Signs.Our consultant did an outstanding job and the supportive service rendered by your technicians was superior.Our technology men were highly complementary concerning the services offered by your customer service department.Communication and service are key words to make a business work.Stewart Signs definitely has this in place.

    — Carolyn Rader
    City Of Ripley
    Ripley,  WV
  • In 2008 Hurricane Ike destroyed our sign at Hope Fellowship Church in Lake Jackson, Texas.We were blessed that this was the only damage we sustained.The messages we placed weekly on the sign were well received by the drivers passing by, according to the number of calls we had concerning the loss of the sign.

    The Trustees of the church wanted to replace the sign as soon as possible.We contacted Stewart Sign Company and received their sign brochure.We immediately found out that replacement of the sign is not a simple process.Stewart Sign was very helpful in offering suggestions and supplying the city permit department technical information they requested.

    We now have our new sign installed.We like everything about it, especially the ease of placing the message letters and the vandal proof cover.Also, the internal lighting makes the sign outstanding at night.

    Thank you Stewart Sign Company.

    — Trustee Board
    Hope Fellowship Church
    Lake Jackson,  TX
  • We love the sign! Thanks for all the help our sales consultant gave us!

    — Shelly Dent
    Church Of Christ
    Greenbrier,  AR
  • We are enjoying our church sign and the experience we had with our sales consultant. Stewart Sign Company is the best!

    — Rita Riley
    Georgetown Baptist Church
    Georgetown,  OH
  • Words cannot express how grateful we are for our sign consultant.He was never to busy to answer our numerous questions and e-mails.He had to deal with people who really were not sure what they were doing.We are so pleased.

    — Michael Riley
    Georgetown Baptist Church
    Georgetown,  OH
  • More than met our expectations during the sale of the sign and follow-up questions after our purchase.Outstanding product.We have had many people stop and ask us where they could purchase a sign like ours and we have given them the information.We are very proud of our new sign.Thank you so much!

    — Joe Kennedy
    First Baptist Church Groveton
    Groveton,  TX
  • Outstanding service and product.It has really been a great buying experience from the beginning.

    — Joseph Doughty
    Temple Missionary Baptist Church
    Perryville,  AR
  • Thank you for your generous help with the ministry of Almeda United Methodist Church through providing us a sign and helping us learn how to use it.

    Your support has enabled the congregation to expand its ministry in discipleship and caring, and to develop a stronger outreach in service and evangelism in our community.

    Because of your sign, our community now realizes we are in business, and we have had out-of-town guests as well as neighbors in the area come to our church who probably thought we were not open because our members were using the back door, and we did not have a sign out front.

    We can now advertise all of our church programs, celebrate birthdays, holidays, etc...I have been part of Igniting Ministry with the United Methodist Church since 2004, and this sign is the best thing that can happen to a congregation.It is well worth the expense.

    Luckily we had a member who had known of this need for years, and even though our congregation didn't support the sign idea, we had an anonymous donation to cover the cost.What a blessing!

    — Rev. Frances Foger
    Almeda United Methodist Church
    Houston,  TX
  • One of the things that I really enjoyed about this whole experience is working with Stewart Signs.They were amazing for us.

    — Kate Turner
    Harleton United Methodist Church
    Harleton,  TX
  • On behalf of the Alexandria Elementary PTA, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stewart Signs for providing our school with one "DYNAMITE" school sign.The compliments that we have received from students, faculty, parents, and the public at large are innumerable! It's one of the best investments that the PTA has ever made in Alexandria Elementary.It's exactly what we envisioned for the front of our school!!

    For your reading pleasure, I have enclosed just a few of the letters written to the PTA by students of the 4th and 5th Grade Classes at Alexandria thanking us for purchasing the sign.Their words say it all!

    Finally, none of this would have been possible without the professional experience and expertise of your sales associate.His knowledge and understanding, as well as kind demeanor, sets your company light years apart from your competitors.He assisted me every step of the way.From design to implementation, he knew his stuff.

    Hats off to your organization for making a sign purchase a very pleasurable and gratifying experience.

    — Greg Rose
    Alexandria Elementary School
    Alexandria,  KY
  • About one year ago our church was looking for something to help us spread the word of God and broaden our horizons.We were able to find this through the wonderful sign that we purchased from Stewart Signs.

    Our church membership was about 35 people last year and since the sign has gone up, our membership has increased to around 100 people.The sign is wonderful way of showing everyone that "here we are" and to put up words of inspiration to everyone passing by.People drive by and automatically slow down to see what is on the sign and are able to be uplifted by our messages.Even our own parishioners stop to read what is on the sign as they pass by again and again.Interested onlookers have been stopping by and calling the church for more information.We have been truly blessed by the way our new sign has helped spread the word to so many in our community.

    Dealing with the people from Stewart Signs was a very pleasant and professional experience.They worked with us to design the perfect sign for our church's needs.Our consultant was able to offer suggestions and knew just the right spot where the sign should go.We thank the good people at Stewart Signs for all of their help and support and would recommend this company to any other church in need of a sign.

    —  Antioch Missionary Baptist Church
    Antioch Missionary Baptist Church
    Willis,  TX
  • Stewart Signs has given us a product that has really helped our business.

    — Michael Howard
    Arkansas Farm Bureau
    Nashville,  AR
  • We've had many visitors come to church because of the sign and the messages.

    — Johnny Folkes
    Lighthouse Baptist Church
    Tomball,  TX
  • What a great day!!! Installation went great! Thank you so much for all your help.

    — Carrie Minton
    First Baptist Church
    Orleans,  IN
  • "Apparently somebody doesn't like my preachin'," jokes Pastor Richard Jennings when he talks about his recent spate of vandalism."But we're talking local kids here.I guess vandalism is inescapable irrespective of where you live in America."

    Let's run down the sordid details: First they tipped over the church's picnic tables.Weeks later they threw rakes, hoes, and other gardening tools into the fountain.

    The vandals, though, kept upping the ante.

    "When they opened an entire box of laundry detergent into the fountain I knew they were turning a corner in their merrymaking," laments this easy-going homegrown Texan.

    Tomball, Texas is a peaceful, leafy suburb north of Houston.It's the kind of place just about anybody wouldn't mind putting down roots.River of Praise Church sits as the jewel of Boudreaux Estate Drive, welcoming all into their fold to praise Him.Pastor Richard, with wife Amy, has been spiritually connected to this special place for nearly a quarter century.Presently more than eleven hundred believers feel the same connection.

    In 2003 the pastor and Amy together landscaped a striking waterfall fountain in front of the church; choosing as the centerpiece a Stewart Signs Cornerstone model.A few years later they fashioned a Stewart Signs LED cabinet into the Cornerstone sign as an 'add on'."Our sign is unique to say the least," Pastor Jennings readily admits.

    While driving into the church lot the morning of November 12th, 2007, Pastor Jennings noticed that the lower-left section of the LED sign wasn't functioning.Walking to the sign he understood why.

    "The vandals were back, and they didn't hunt for picnic tables this time," Pastor Richard had to conclude."They thought they could destroy our sign, but they thought wrong."

    Apparently these Tomball ne'er-do-wells thought they could take out the electronic sign with a baseball bat."They hit the sign display hard multiple times to be sure.The brunt trauma of the blows caused one of the internal ribbon cables to jar loose from its connector.That's how hard they hit it!" amazes Pastor Richard.

    "But the lens protecting the individual red LEDs didn't break, dent, or dislodge.There isn't even a scratch on the lens! Without the lens the individual LEDs would have been destroyed.The sign met the baseball bat and sent it packing!"

    Himself a former quality-control engineer for Compaq computers, Pastor Jennings simply reconnected the fallen ribbon cable inside the sign and, well...end of story.

    "I didn't even have to order a single replacement part from Stewart Signs," says Pastor Jennings."But you guys will be hearing from me in a few months.We own the fifteen acres across the street.We are planning a new 2,500-seat sanctuary for that property and we'll need at least one sign.We're pulling permits right now.Expect a call."

    — Richard Jennings
    River Of Praise
    Tomball,  TX
  • We have already told two others where we purchased the sign.We've gotten good response from local businesses and people about the sign.Every body likes it!

    — Jane Jenkins
    Adventures Enterprises Inc
    Petersburg,  IN
  • We love our new sign!

    — Kim Ullrich
    Stafford Crossing Community Church
    Fredericksburg,  VA
  • We are very happy with our new Witness sign, and we find that the new sign actually compliments the church's beauty rather than detracting from it.

    I watched from a classroom window shortly after the sign was erected to see what effect it would have on traffic. I noticed smiles as fingers were pointed and comments made as cars drove by. One man was so impressed that he contacted as to get your address to inquire about a sign for his son's business.

    Thanks for the extra letters and the book of quotes that you sent in response to our need.

    Thanks for helping us serve the Lord better here in Ft. Thomas.

    — Ray Shepherd
    Highland Avenue Baptist Tabernacle
    Fort Thomas,  KY
  • Our church is very pleased! We would recommend Stewart Signs to all of our friends!

    — Janet Harrison
    Ola Seventh-Day Adventist Church
    Ola,  AR
  • Here in the America's "most livable city" we are the proud owners of one of your signs.Indeed, it was a pleasure to do business with your sales staff.He was very friendly and gave prompt service.

    There was always someone available for assistance.We were given a computer image of the sign to help us visualize how it would look.Even afterward, there was checking to see that we were satisfied customers.

    The quality of the sign as well as the solid construction appealed to us since a previous sign had been destroyed.The bright illumination and colorful design draws your attention as you walk or drive down the street.It is also maintenance free, so once "we amateurs" installed the sign and had the electric attached, we were ready to shine forth our positive image with our vibrant new sign.

    We highly recommend your company and other schools are now contacting us to do an on site visit for closer inspection.Thank you.

    — Pam Glaab
    Covedale School
    Cincinnati,  OH
  • Your sign, your company, your personal salesmanship and personal interest all exceeded any expectations we had when we entered this relationship with Stewart Church Signs!

    Thanks for all you did in assisting us and for your conscientious follow-up, making sure all is well.Each week someone else compliments the sign and/or the "ministry of the message" that it provides.Thanks again for all your personal attention to our need.

    — W.M. Mark George
    Arp Emmanuel Baptist Church
    Arp,  TX
  • Thank you so much for our sign, it looks very good and everyone love's it!!!!!

    — Bishop John L. Williams
    Faith And Power Ministries
    Stafford,  VA
  • Thanks for all your help in ordering our new sign. It has been a big hit here in our small community and several people have comments how nice it looks. We have already been able to use it to help support some community activities which had people talking in the coffee shop. Just what we had hoped for. My only regret is that we didn't get a bigger sign.

    — Greg Traylor
    Traylor Fertilizer Service, Inc.
    Montgomery,  IN
  • The sign is beautiful and a huge success.This was a very long process for us due to administration changes on our end but our consultant was incredibly patient, helpful and encouraging.I came out of the customer service field and your team are the tops! Without that dedication and understanding we wouldn't have been able to make this the success that it is.I HIGHLY recommend Stewart Signs.Excellent customer service, sales and service beyond my expectations.THANK YOU!

    — Shawn Maus
    Finneytown Local School District
    Cincinnati,  OH
  • As a primary visual communication tool to students,parents, staff and the community, the old Stewart signat Winton Woods Middle School had been installedaround 1992 making it a bit of a relic.Although it hadbegun to show some signs of aging, the final blowcame when the logo panel of the sign was vandalized.Instead of replacing just the panel it was decided toretire and replace the almost 25 year old sign.

    Steve Denny, director of business for the school systemsays "We had worked with Stewart signs before on theold sign and had been very pleased with the serviceand quality, so we decided to continue this projectwith them." Over the years, as the school system grew,more effort was put on consistency."With 11 facilitiesto date, it is very important that we don't play favorites.Especially between the 6 schools" says Denny, "Wewant to keep the consistency - so there are more ofthese to come!"

    While in the development phase of the new sign forWinton Middle School it was also necessary to re-designthe main logo which Stewart Signs handled with ease.They also took into consideration the existing foundationand worked closely with Denny to assure the new boltswould work with the old set-up.According to Denny,the installation was "Seamless with no complications.We fit the new sign into the existing holes with nostripping of the bolts."

    In addition to the smooth installation Denny added "Youguys have a really great system in place, it's a goodprocess and easy to follow." The ease of process isevident in that even though this project took place overthe Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays, itwas designed, produced and delivered within a twomonth time frame.

    Now that the sign has been in place for several monthsDenny says the staff "really likes the sign" and adds thathe has also received compliments from the community"we even get requests to post community events sincewe are on a busy street."

    Keeping with the district-wide commitment ofcommunication, they actually have a paid coordinatorwho keeps the messaging current and relative.

    Looking ahead Denny says in addition to the otherreplacement signs, he is hopeful to soon add a StewartLED sign to the district office lawn."We spend 80% ofour funding on salary and benefits to provide the bestpossible education and preparation for our students sofunding an LED sign is out of reach right now" but sayshe has a few fundraising ideas in mind he hopes to useto achieve this goal.

    — Steve Denny
    Winton Woods Middle School
    Cincinnati,  OH
  • Thank you for a great sign, it was easy to install, our own men did it.

    — John Gutierres
    Horatio First Assembly Of God Church
    Horatio,  AR
  • Our contact person, couldn't have done a better job if he was working on a $100000 contract.Your whole company was amazing, if we are in need of a sign in the future, you'll have our business.We're a small church committed to the teachings and living by the Gospel of our Lord and Savior.Our new sign will help to spread the word.Thanks again

    — Richard Harrison
    Midway Baptist Church
    Shiro,  TX
  • Our sales rep has been terrific! We have loved working with Stewart Signs.

    — Linda Patterson
    Lorton Community Action Center
    Lorton,  VA
  • Thank you so much for your help and the sign looks wonderful we are so pleased and it was a perfect fit your guys did great.Our installers had the old one out and new one up in less than a hour.

    — Brittany Wesley
    Sandy Hook United Methodist Church
    Columbus,  IN
  • Thank you we love the sign.The children are so excited to see it everyday!

    — Jocelyn Lipscomb
    St. Leonard Elementary
    Saint Leonard,  MD
  • I just want to tell you how pleased our members are with the sign. It was an exciting day for our church congregation when we set the sign in place. It is beautiful. We are enjoying having a sign where messages can be changed and we can better introduce ourselves to the public.

    — Joyce Pace
    First Church Of Christ, Scientist
    Bloomington,  IN
  • We are very satisfied with Stewart's Electronic Sign and the completed project went well, in spite of the all of the weather delays.

    — Jim Sumption
    Macedonia United Methodist Church
    White Post,  VA
  • To Whom It May Concern:

    We are writing to let you know how much the congregation at Keener Free Will Baptist Church is enjoying our new sign purchased through Stewart Sign Company. The sign is beautiful and exactly what was promised by Stewart's "Senior Church Sign Consultant". Our investigative journey began in May 2011 and we were able to gain consensus of our Church membership in late August to order the sign. It arrived in early October and we had it in place for our worship services on the morning of October 9, 2011. What a blessing!

    When we began the process, we were so uninformed about the intricacies and technical aspects of professional signage. We considered purchasing a one-sided sign and ended up purchasing a two-sided sign with four rows of changeable lettering, so that with the pre-printed panels in place we have plenty of room to display upcoming events, messages of hope and food for thought. The color scheme for the sign makes it a lovely addition to our church yard.

    Our consultant's attention to detail, his customer service skills, and follow-up were invaluable to us. He answered every question with patience and kindness. Everything our consultant said would happen did happen, when it was supposed to happen. When it came time for the shipment of the signage, we had a unique situation and had two members of our congregation pick up the sign at the trucking terminal in Fort Smith on Friday, rather than having the sign delivered to the church the following Monday. When asked about a possible adjustment in shipping costs, our consultant forwarded our request to Customer Support. Customer Support indicated that the shipper would not provide any sort of discount for picking up the sign. However, she wanted to ensure that we were happy with our purchase and has offered us a "gesture of goodwill" by suggesting some pre-printed panels at no charge. We are delighted.

    Overall, we are extremely pleased. We did check other companies, compared warranties, products, and pricing, and none compared to your company. Thank you so much for providing us with a mechanism that invites others in our area to worship with us. This lovely lighted beacon, our new church sign, is a beautiful testimony to the faith and willingness of our church membership to spread the word of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout our community.

    — Steve McLain
    Keener Free Will Baptist Church
    Parks,  AR
  • Being asked by our congregation to investigate pricing, models, etc...for a new sign, I had no prior knowledge of the intracacies or technical aspects of professional signage.Our consultant was wonderful to work with.He patiently led me through all my questions, offered suggestions and followed up with emails and phone calls.I feel like I'm going to be losing a good friend now that the project has been completed.We were so pleased with the quality of the product.It looks exactly like the artwork we received - unbelievable! Wonderful experience all the way around.Thank you so much!

    — Steve McLain
    Keener Free Will Baptist Church
    Parks,  AR
  • Fairfax County, Virginia is like many other areas in the country; their zoning regulations have strict requirements for the height, color, location and use of signage.When the Church of the Good Shepherd purchased their sign, they were diligent in observing them all - until they made an exception during a severe heat advisory.One of the county's regulations stated that a LED message center can only display two messages in a 24 hour time period.The Church of the Good Shepherd United Methodist helped to change that earlier this year.

    The Church of the Good Shepherd United Methodist set about replacing their changeable letter sign to a more attractive and dynamic sign in order to reach out to those passing by the church.Merv Norton, a member of the church, chose to work with Stewart Church Signs and completed the purchase of a DayStar LED sign in 2011.He donated the sign to the church and made sure to work with them to follow all of the county's requirements.They filed and were granted the necessary permits, designed the sign to fall within the requirements of the zoning codes, and installed it in front of the church as regulated by the county.

    After the sign was installed, the church was verbally told about a county restriction on the use of the sign; no more than two messages can be displayed within a 24 hour period.At no time during the permit process was this limit mentioned to the church or Merv Norton.Needless to say, they were astonished at this regulation as many other organizations on the same street had LED signs that displayed more than the allowed number of messages.Members of the church and Norton both immediately felt uneasy about this restriction as it was a form of discrimination allowing other nonreligious organizations to display more messages without fear of reprisal.

    In July 2012, the county sent out an inspector to observe the sign and check that it was complying with all requirements.While the Church of the Good Shepherd displayed minimal messages on its new sign to comply with county regulations, on this particular day the inspector witnessed three messages on the sign.The DayStar sign read "Practicing the Presence Thursday July 5, 1pm", "Visit Us at" and "WELCOME, Come in and Beat the Heat".Consequently, the church received a code violation for the third message playing on the LED sign that advised the community of potentially harmful weather conditions and opened its doors to neighbors experiencing power outages.

    A lawyer and loyal member of the church decided to appeal this violation and set forth to file a lawsuit against the county.Not only were other organizations disobeying the regulation and not being fined, but the church felt that this requirement limited their freedom of speech and violated their religious rights.The lawyer based the suit on RLUIPA (Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons of Act of 2000), which states:

    "No government shall impose or implement a land use regulation in a manner that imposes a substantial burden on the religious exercise of a person, including a religious assembly or institution..."

    "Under the county's restrictive policy, the church must pick and choose which of its various functions can be displayed on its sign each day.Such an impact is a substantial burden on the church's religious exercise."

    The lawsuit stated that the county's ordinance violates RLUIPA which prohibits zoning rules that place undue burdens on religious institutions.In addition, the church's attorney said that the limit was applied arbitrarily.Other organizations in the county were allowed exemptions for messages that displayed the time or weather information.Although the county provided the church with examples of past cases in which the rule was enforced, a county spokeswoman said that in paying closer attention to LED signs around the time of the lawsuit she had seen several without time or weather information that did not comply with the 2 message per day regulation.

    Members of the church think that the violation may have been prompted by an anonymous caller that complained to the county about the church's LED sign.The church feels they were singled out because of one person's mindset against LED signs in the county, especially because the message pertained to weather conditions and invited the community in, when many were without electricity at the time.

    Later that year, the courts found in the church's favor, agreeing that a substantial burden was placed on the religious exercise of this organization.

    By imposing this regulation, the county limited the church's freedom of speech to promote their religion and services to the local community.They were also discriminating against a religious institution by allowing other organizations to disregard the restriction.The county rescinded the violation against the church and they are now able to display multiple messages on the LED sign each day.The county also decided to revisit the 20 year old zoning code and will consider updating the regulations to be applicable for today's technology.Thanks to some hard work and diligence, Good Shepherd's messages now shine brightly in Vienna, Virginia.

    Do you feel your church has experienced similar discrimination? Here are some questions to consider when deciding if legal options should be evaluated:

    Does your church have regulations imposed by your county against your LED sign usage?
    Are there other organizations that use LED signs that do not adhere to the restrictions?
    Do you and other members of your church feel the county's restrictions impose a substantial burden to your church and its message to the community?

    —  Church Of The Good Shepherd Methodist Church
    Church Of The Good Shepherd Methodist Church
    Vienna,  VA

  • The purpose of this letter is to thank you for the excellent and personal support you provided to me and the Antioch Baptist Church during the recent purchase of our sign.We contacted several companies during our search, but because of your personal communications with us and the Christian and helpful attitude you depicted, we decided to purchase our sign from Stewart Church Signs.

    The sign arrived on schedule, all of the details relating to its construction and beauty are just as you portrayed.The pastor, officers and entire church congregation are very pleased, and it is proving to be a very effective instrument in getting our message out to the community.

    It was a joy to find a company that did exactly what it promised and to receive the personal communications we received from Stewart.You can be sure that we are recommending the Stewart Corporation to our sister churches each time we are complimented on our beautiful sign.

    Once again, I would like to thank Stewart Church Signs for their commitment to the personal touch in during business, and to assure you that you have a very satisfied customer at the Antioch Baptist Church.

    — Donald R. Griffith
    Antioch Baptist Church
    Upper Marlboro,  MD
  • I, along with the members of Hughes Memorial United Methodist Church, wish to express our deepest gratitude for your kind and professional services.All of the matters that we talked about over the telephone became realities within the timeline that we set.Thank you.

    All of us were elated to have our new sign in place for our cornerstone laying on May 21st.In fact, our Bishop and his wife took a brochure to share with their pastor.This kind of information sharing has occurred with other area churches as well.And several pastors passing by have come in and requested information from us on your firm.

    The helpful video tape won over the Trustees and members of the Finance Committee, and your color sketch and faxed sign specifications convinced our contractor that your firm was far, yet near to us.The sign is visible from the main street and several members have expressed their delight in seeing "Hughes" lit up on the corner of 53rd and Ames Streets, NE.

    Finally, the sign is indeed a witness to our Christian presence in this community.Your years of sign-making have helped us present our Christian message far into the future.And your willingness to answer our questions is commendable to all who may inquire.

    Thank you again.

    — Rev. Mamie A. Williams
    Hughes Memorial United Methodist Church
    Washington,  DC
  • Our sign is amazing! Thank you so much for your time and creativity! We absolutely love it!

    — Kim Schaefer
    Jackson - Roosevelt Elementary School
    Port Lavaca,  TX
  • Those of a certain age can remember an America before iPods, text messaging, GPS and Blackberries.Sure, we all love technology, though just a few decades ago John and Jane Q.Customer were treated with more respect than today - and technology had not a thing to do with it.Penny candy didn't cost eighty cents and a browser was someone walking around the children's winter coat department at Montgomery Ward.A dollar was worth a dollar and you'd get a genuine smile every time you'd pull one out of your pocket.

    Ah yes, the good old days when a customer's trust and confidence was everything.

    In small town Midwestern America folks still hold these nearly-extinct customer service notions."The test of any company is how they take care of the product after they get your money," affirms Dan Renfro, trustee and discerning customer extraordinaire at Community United Methodist Church in Dayton, Ohio."And I am a rather difficult guy to please to say the least.Just ask my cable provider or my cell phone company.I'm the sort who writes letters."

    Community UMC purchased a Stewart Signs' electronic message center in October, 2007."It sure looked beautiful sitting out there at the edge of our property," Dan tells the tale."But there was a problem: Right out of the box it didn't work.'Twas I who pushed the church to go with a Stewart sign.To say I was embarrassed in front of the committee nay-sayers is an enormous understatement."

    "Stewart touts their level of customer service?" smirks Dan the letter writer."Alright, let's put that to the ultimate test: The Dan Renfro Test."

    Contacting Stewart Church Signs, Dan was put through to a Stewart LED technician."This tech guy wasn't in India or the Philippines so I didn't have to carry on an impersonal robot-like conversation," Dan approves with a smile."He was in Sarasota, Florida...Stewart's only location.Yeah, he took his time with me, but I was only beginning to realize the extent to which Stewart Signs would go to take care of a customer."

    It was determined by the sign technician that the church's brand new LED sign had a defective CPU right from the factory.Though extremely rare, anything manmade can (of course) fail.Most service issues can be successfully dealt with over the phone.This particular one, however, required some fine tuning on the part of Stewart Signs.

    Dan continues, "A Stewart sign technician hopped the next plane to Ohio and got up inside the inner workings of the LED.He soon had it functioning like showroom new.Stewart Signs made me look really good in front of the members.What had been a devastating situation turned out to be the best service experience of my 52-year life."

    Meanwhile out on busy Meyer Avenue, Community United Methodist Church's LED message center is at work nurturing a drive-by ministry; keeping Dayton, Ohio informed of the profoundly wonderful goings on inside its walls."Our committee is convinced that we went with the right church sign company," Dan adds, speaking on behalf of the church."We have already witnessed how Stewart Signs defines customer service."

    Defining the highest level of customer service within the church sign industry is what Stewart Signs has been doing since 1968, back when iPods were only in science fiction movies.

    — Dan Renfro
    Community United Methodist Church
    Dayton,  OH
  • I love driving by the sign on my way to and from work each day.It's also great to call the building and ask for them to put a last minute message and know that it is just a few simple clicks away.

    —  Fairborn Intermediate School
    Fairborn Intermediate School
    Fairborn,  OH
  • The entire Town loves the new sign, as well as me.It was very easy to hook up and very easy to use.I would like to thank our sales rep for all her help in getting the sign.I also believe that the East New Market Fire Company is looking to order one of your signs.I talked to their Chief and he came to look at ours and said he has been in touch with you all.I gave Stewart Signs a very good recommendation, I hope you get the sale.Again we love our new sign.

    — B.J. Gullion
    Town Of Secretary
    Secretary,  MD
  • Sleepy Pittsville on Maryland's Eastern Shore used to be just that.Sleepy.

    Not anymore.

    "We are becoming quite the bedroom community for young families whose breadwinners work elsewhere in Maryland or up in Delaware.We're on the map now," boasts Floyd Twilley, Director of Communications for Ayres United Methodist Church."We aren't the pit stop anymore for folks heading to the beach.We matter!"

    Floyd Twilley is no idle bragger.Look around town and the evidence of rebirth is everywhere.Even the old firehouse has been cobbled into an upscale restaurant.In Pittsville what's old is beautiful and therefore accepted."Our church building dates to the 1880s.From an aesthetic point of view, you won't find a lovelier church anywhere.New people to the community like the idea of an old country church.Our problem was the new folks didn't know what we were all about," Floyd admits."We needed a new church sign in order to appeal to them and keep up with the incredible growth this area has had in recent years."

    Ayres United Methodist Church priced signs available from local sign dealers and determined the local product "lackluster and prohibitive on cost," to quote Mr.Twilley."I myself knew we'd eventually purchase a Stewart sign.To tell you're the truth, I don't even know why we shopped around at all," he chuckles.

    Their old sign backs up against the church building."It was installed back in the days when folks walked to service.It's a nice sign although we needed something out by the road and perpendicular to the flow of traffic.And, we wanted an illuminated sign.The time had come to reach out to the new community.In the end we left the old sign alone and positioned our Stewart sign in front of the church on Gumboro Road.People tell us they can see the sign from more than a quarter mile away."

    Pastor John Hinkle, Jr.right away took charge of changing the messages weekly.Floyd Twilley describes his pastor as "really into it."

    "Pastor John has it down to a science.Even though the speed of traffic is 35 mph in both directions, he's figured out that motorists coming into town have a few extra seconds to read the sign's message over those driving from the other direction.Every Wednesday you'll see him inside the church spelling out messages on a banquet table before going out to the sign.Our pastor takes great pride in what goes on the message board."

    "It doesn't take long to actually change a message because the vandal cover stays up and locked in place while you're changing letters," Floyd likes to point out."Your left hand is not holding up the sign's cover while your right hand is spelling out words."

    "The newcomers in the community are taking notice of our new sign.We can see it Sunday mornings," affirms Floyd."Shucks, we like our new sign so much we use it as the masthead of our church newsletter!"

    — Floyd Twilley
    Ayres United Methodist Church
    Pittsville,  MD
  • We are very pleased with the sign and the outstanding service given by Stewart Signs.Thank you for an excellent product and service.

    — Tom Matus
    Senecaville United Methodist Church
    Senecaville,  OH
  • As the coordinator of the search for a new sign for our school, I did a considerable amount of research into different signs and sign companies.Our group selected Stewart Signs over all of the companies considered.

    The first, and probably the main reason, that we selected the Stewart sign was quality.After we inspected several different companies' signs in the area we were disappointed with most! The school name and background on the sign from one your national competitors had faded significantly in the few years since the sign was installed.In Ohio, we don't get sunshine with the same intensity as some parts of the country, but apparently there had been enough to significantly fade the painted graphics on the other company's sign.The Stewart signs that we saw were in good repair and did not show the signs of weathering that the other signs did.

    The second, and still major, reason was our Stewart salesperson.He was very interested in helping us achieve our goal of increased communication.The other company seemed more interested in taking our order than in helping us bridge the communication gap with our parents.

    We would encourage other schools that lack an effective outdoor sign to consider investing in new sign.They are a fantastic way to communicate with parents.We have already had other schools in the area ask us about our sign, and when they do we encourage them to work with Stewart Signs, a truly concerned company that provides a top of the line product.

    — Tracy Dunsdon
    Snowhill Elementary School
    Springfield,  OH
  • Because of my experience with Stewart Signs while serving at a church prior to the current one, I did not even consider dealing with another company.Great job for us in every aspect!

    — Gayle Clifton
    Upper Seneca Baptist Church
    Germantown,  MD
  • We accepted the challenge to carefully examine other competitors in terms of price and quality.Stewart Church Signs prevailed in every head-to-head comparison.

    — Rev. Steve Schuessler
    Lavale Assembly Of God
    Lavale,  MD
  • Our consultant was extremely helpful in assisting the Hilliard-Mill Run Church of the Nazarene purchase the right sign for the church.He was very knowledgeable and gave specific guidance regarding the selection of the size and type of sign best suited for our needs.He was curious and would not only followed up on questions in a timely manner, but would take the initiative to call me with a suggestion or to see how things were going.

    The sign is just right.It is well lit and can be easily read from the street as cars pass by, the construction is solid.This sign should last for years to come.

    — Reverend Bob Pierpont
    Hilliard-Mill Run Church Of The Nazarene
    Hilliard,  OH
  • I want to thank you for all of your work in helping us purchase a marquee sign so that we could begin the Sign Ministry that we had for so long desired to have.

    When we first started to look into replacing our sign, we contacted several companies in order to compare products and prices.We found though our research that one company stood out in terms of the quality of their sign and reputation.That company was Stewart Signs.Some in our group were leaning towards buying our sign locally in order to "keep the business" in our area, but no one could match the quality of the Stewart product.

    Unfortunately, when our sign was delivered, we found it had been severely damaged by the trucking company and we wondered how all of this was going to turn out for us.When we contacted Stewart, they asked for pictures so that they could begin to take care of the problem.Our Sign Consultant from Stewart was completely available to us throughout the process and kept in close touch.The result was that we had a brand new replacement sign delivered and installed within just 4 or 5 weeks!

    The new sign is absolutely beautiful and its quality is even better than we expected.We have found everyone we have dealt with at Stewart Signs to be professional and it is refreshing to work with a company that deals honorably, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.We would heartily endorse Stewart Signs to anyone looking to make an investment in a new sign.

    — Larry Sweany
    Good Shepherd United Methodist Church
    Indianapolis,  IN
  • Our new sign was installed one week ago, and it looks great! We are very pleased with this new tool that will aid our efforts to "talk" to our community.

    Thank you for all the time and energy you gave to us as we worked to purchase the best sign for us. It was a pleasure to fellowship with you along the way.

    I thank the Lord for your ministry as you help churches be more effective.

    — Tim Simpson
    Gethsemane Baptist Church
    Glenwood,  MD
  • Our sign has drawn a lot of comments and the bulbs are still going strong after 3 years!

    — Doug Phillips
    Fillmore Christian Church
    Fillmore,  IN
  • Thanks for all your help in getting this done.We certainly have enjoyed working with Stewart Signs.You not only have a great product you have a great staff to assist us.

    — Bill Tullis
    Westville United Methodist Church
    Urbana,  OH
  • Excellent service and great product.We are very happy with the way we received your product and the fine work of your staff.Thank you for this blessing.

    — Kevin VanHook
    St. Peter's Baptist Church
    Victoria,  TX
  • The sign Stewart manufactured for our church has been highly satisfactory in every sense of the word.You were totally responsive to deal with, all the way.

    The instructions for preparing the installation site were precise and practical.So much so that everything was fully ready and in place by the expected shipping date of the sign.

    You executed the design of the sign exactly as we desired.As a result, it is desirably visible at its location, and attracts a great deal of attention by passing motorists.We are in an area that is undergoing rapid commercial development, and we really needed a sign of this quality on a highway where traffic is increasing daily.

    The ease of changing messages is a tremendous plus.Some of us have worked with signs manufactured by other companies, and they were nowhere as easy to work with in putting letters in and taking them out.

    In all, please be assured that we are totally satisfied with our sign and would recommend your firm to anyone who desires quality.

    I will enclose some photos to show you how the sign looks on location.

    Thanks again, and best regards.

    — James B. Ellis
    Little Falls Presbyterian Church
    Falling Waters,  WV
  • Our new sign is a source of pride for our students and staff.We have received many positive comments about how nice our sign looks and operates.Thanks for the great service.

    — Grant Crow
    Licking High School
    Licking,  MO
  • Just wanted to send you some pictures and to let you know that when the sign was delivered, we had people stopping at the Church wanting to see.Everyone's comment was on how excellent the quality was.They were all pleased, some were taking pictures, standing by it on Easter Morning.We can't wait to see what GOD has in-store for the sign to use for His Glory.

    It was everything you said it would be and more, and easy to put up, thanks again.

    — Danny Rogers
    Liberty Hill Baptist Church
    Cameron,  OK
  • Today we proudly erected our new Stewart church sign.Three hours later someone dropped in and said, "Guys, the sign looks great!" Amen!

    We have been extremely pleased with the way our sign consultant has worked with us from the beginning to get the sign we wanted and needed.He suggested various designs, worked with us through some zoning hurdles, redesigned and worked within our budget so we were able to get what we desired.

    Words are inadequate to express our appreciation for the interest, concern and detail that was exhibited for us and our needs.There was no high pressure "arm twisting" techniques applied in order to "sell" us a sign; rather, there was an attitude of genuine concern and interest for what we needed.

    In pursuit of our sign, our consultant became a friend and a link in our ministry in reaching the community for Christ through the high quality sign that we now have installed.

    — Tim Tudor
    Keystone Christian Church
    Indianapolis,  IN
  • We are completely satisfied and thrilled about our new sign.The delivery and installation went very well.It was up for only a couple of weeks and we saw some new visitors.Thanks again for all you help and working with us on the design.

    — Dave Miller
    First Christadelphian Chapel Of Baltimore
    Catonsville,  MD
  • Looks great and getting lots of compliments. Thank you again for all your help.

    — Jesse Willard
    Upper Ten Mile Presbyterian Church
    Prosperity,  PA
  • My consultant was very helpful and very pleasant to work with.

    — Jesse Willard
    Upper Ten Mile Presbyterian Church
    Prosperity,  PA
  • Our consultant did a great job working with us.I have had many phone calls wanting know where we purchased our sign.

    — Adam Lazarine
    First Baptist Church
    Groesbeck,  TX
  • I wanted to thank you both and Stewart Church Signs for your professionalism and for the time quality of our new church sign.It is the talk of the town.As I visit in the homes of the community, the reply is, "Oh yes, you are the church with the beautiful sign." Thanks to Stewart, people realize that our church is growing and reaching people.Also the message board allows me to advertise special events of our church.This sparks interest to outsiders and adds excitement to our members.

    We are a young church and the Herald sign adds a look of stability and success.I, as the Pastor, am so glad that we selected to use your company to provide our new edifice.God bless you.

    — Mark Ridgeway
    Greenville Baptist Temple
    Greenville,  OH
  • Looks great and the church loves it! I sent a man from Pilgrims Rest Baptist church to you.

    — Monty Thompson
    Southside Baptist Church
    Poteau,  OK
  • Our consultant was great to work with.Our new sign receives nothing but positive comments!

    — Don Avore
    Trinity Wesleyan Church
    Greenville,  OH
  • Just a note to let you know how pleased Divine Savior Lutheran Church is with their new Stewart Sign.It exceeded our expectations and is really functional.

    We installed it on Good Friday and it created a distinct impression on our visitors and travelers past our church.I had checked with our local Department of Transportation and about 13,000 cars go by our church every day so it will get a lot of exposure.

    Thanks for all your great ideas and help.It was a real pleasure working with you, and I would recommend Stewart with no reservations.l have already given your number to a visitor whose home church was looking into buying a new sign.

    —  Divine Savior Ev Luth Ch
    Divine Savior Ev Luth Ch
    Indianapolis,  IN
  • When Falls Road African Methodist Episcopal Church narrowed their search for a sign company down to two, the right choice for them became increasingly clear."The experience with Stewart Signs was pleasant from the start," said Leander Scott, a Trustee at the church."They explained each aspect of the process so that we felt comfortable with everything.From assuring us that we were getting the right color, to knowing that the delivery was on schedule, all of our questions were answered right away.In contrast to Stewart Sign's attention to detail, the other company began looking like they were just after a quick sale."

    This became increasingly apparent for Mr.Scott as the issue of available funds arose."We're a small congregation, and sometimes the money for something like this isn't immediately on hand.Our consultant never made us feel rushed, but instead let us raise the money and put down what we could afford.The other company we spoke with had a 'when are you going to purchase, now or never' attitude.Our experience with Stewart Signs was more informal, and consisted of information gathering.Our consultant had a variety of questions for us - to help us identify our needs and decide what types of signs we should be looking at.Stewart made it easy for us to choose the sign that suited us best.After all, they've been doing this a long time, and they took into account things that we'd never even thought of."

    The final decision to go with Stewart came when they received a strong referral from another local A.M.E.Church.The Senior Pastor there also happened to be Mr.Scott's sister-in-law."She solidified our initial feelings about Stewart Signs.They had purchased a sign from Stewart and were very pleased.Getting such a positive review from a customer that also happened to be a family member made a huge difference."

    After deciding on Stewart, they picked out the color and type of sign best for their church."Our consultant sent us a color rendering with the style and lettering just as we had asked.It eased the committee and reassured us that we were getting exactly what we wanted.We were also very nervous about installation, but our consultant told us to ask around the congregation.We were shocked at the number of people who stepped right up.One was in the concrete business, another an electrician - it was easier that we could have imagined." The sign for Falls Road was ordered and ended up being finished early, and was installed without a hitch.

    However, the Stewart commitment didn't stop there."When we received and installed our sign, we weren't forgotten.Our consultant called us to make sure that we had everything we needed, that we were happy, and that the installation went well.It was the following through that really let us know we made the right choice.We never felt like just another sale." Once installed, the community embraced the new Stewart sign."We've gotten a lot of praise for it", said Mr.Scott."It's become a 'sweet spot' on the corner because it's such a classy, well-made sign.The county even asked us what took us so long! We're so glad we went with Stewart Signs."

    — Leander Scott
    Falls Road African Methodist Episcopal Church
    Baltimore,  MD
  • The sign went up and it is absolutely beautiful - more than what we expected.We checked with several other local companies and none could come close to the Stewart Church Sign quality.I've already referred other churches in the area.

    — David Deese
    New Life Assembly Of God
    Troy,  IL
  • It was a very pleasant experience working with our sales consultant.They were helpful with any questions or problems from start to finish.They are certainly a great asset to the Stewart Sign Company.Thank you and GOD BLESS you all at Stewart Signs.

    — Ted Wukovich
    Marion Presbyterian Community Church
    Belle Vernon,  PA
  • At the end of the day we wanted the best product with the best support, and Stewart Signs was able to provide us that.

    — Alexander Brandon
    Anderson High School
    Anderson,  IN
  • I am writing this letter to compliment you and your company on the personalized service that we received during the purchase of our school sign.The timeliness of your responses concerning questions we had only served to enhance our feeling that you cared, and were willing to go the extra mile to make sure we were satisfied.

    The design and quality of workmanship of the sign are very evident and we have received numerous compliments for its very distinctive, professional look.In addition, the sign has enhanced the sense of pride our students feel toward their school.

    Without hesitation or reservation, l would highly recommend your company to anyone considering purchasing a school sign.The level of quality and service are all that l hoped it would be.

    Again, thank you for helping us create an enduring symbol of our school that will last for years.

    — Dr. Virgil Kambarian Jr.
    Frohardt Elementary School
    Granite City,  IL
  • The sign has been installed and it is fully operational.It really looks good installed.Thanks for all of your patience and help in getting this project accomplished.

    — Ernest Sharpe
    Ucm The Church Of Jesus Christ
    Saint Louis,  MO
  • I am sending you a photo of our finished sign after we have completed all the rock work involved.The rock at the base along with the rock cross behind the sign complete the sign project.The old sign was removed along with the rock that was part of the sign.The foundation it left was massive.Instead of removing it, we decided to use it as a base for forming a cross out of rock.It took our stone worker until the new year to finish the project, but it is now complete.

    We constantly receive complements on the sign.People throughout the community comment on the messages and say they always look to see what new message gets put on the sign.We have not had any problems with the sign.It came in perfect condition without even a scratch.I only regret that it is not a little larger so we could put a larger message on it.

    I appreciate your work in helping me get the sign from concept to design and final approval.

    — Glenn Robertson
    First Baptist Church
    Cuero,  TX
  • I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! It's bigger and better than I expected.I can't wait to start putting info on it.Thanks to you and everyone at Stewart Signs for helping Jackson Park receive a beautiful sign.We look forward to this sign being a great communicator in the coming years.

    — Joycelyn J. Barnes
    Jackson Park Elementary School
    University City,  MO
  • I am pleased to report that within a couple of weeks of the erection of our Stewart Church Sign we began to have telephone and walk-in responses to it.

    The first one came in response to the advertisement of our Christmas Cantata.One of the families present told me they had seen the advertisement on the sign board and came totally in response to the sign.One of the most humorous responses was to a sermon entitled '"TREASURED POSSESSIONS." The sermon was from Jesus saying."Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth..." One lady called wondering what kind of antique or rummage sale we had planned.Everybody got quite a kick out of it.

    We are much pleased with the sign and with your courteous responses to us.

    — H. Dale Jackson
    Overland Baptist Church
    St. Louis,  MO
  • If you're looking for a sign that catches somebody's attention, you need this sign.

    — T.J. McNew
    Fresh Faith Community Church
    Mount Gilead,  OH
  • It looks absolutely terrific!

    — Kay D.Bylo
    Spring Bluff R-Xv Schools
    Sullivan,  MO
  • We are very satisfied with our sign and have received many great comments about the product.Everyone we have communicated with has been very helpful.

    — Kay D. Bylo
    Spring Bluff R-Xv Schools
    Sullivan,  MO
  • It is a beautiful sign!!! I was at a dealer meeting last week when a competitive dealer told me how much he loved our sign.Also it is so nice not to worry about the weather and who's turn it is to go outside and change the copy on the sign.I now sit in my office and change it in less than five minutes.Thanks again!

    — Sally Miller
    Dobosh Center
    Pittsburgh,  PA
  • We love our sign.Attendance is up almost 50% and we owe it to our sign.We see new faces every single Sunday.We have an odd shaped building and believe it or not some people didn't even know we were a church.We are going through a lot of changes.Before we got the sign our attendance has dropped to an average of 60 on Sunday.Now we are up and maintaining 90-100.We look forward to continued growth.

    — Sheila Montalvo
    Believers' Fellowship
    Corpus Christi,  TX
  • I just wanted to let you know how our sign fared during the tornado on last Friday.Practically everything was blown away but the sign was still standing tall after the tornado!! It took a couple of hits from flying debris or who knows what but is still standing.Just wanted to let you know as a matter of fact, we have not yet found our mailbox so that lets people, including the mailman, know where we are!!

    — Jeanette McNutt
    Temple Christian Fellowship Church
    Bridgeton,  MO
  • They all have been nothing but great people to work with.It was our pleasure to work them, they are very friendly, helpful, guided us through every step to make this a success for the Church and more importantly listened to what we wanted rather than what we should get.

    — Ross Romero
    Grace Presbyterian Church
    Corpus Christi,  TX
  • We love how our sign looks that you designed for our church.We have had a lot of comments, from people about how beautiful it is.We have also had several visitors since we got it up and running.We expect to see many more that come because of the sign.It was great working with Stewart Signs, and we would recommend that any church, or business, check them before you purchase a sign.

    — Ray Lassley
    Born Again Church
    Fordland,  MO
  • We love our new sign and receive many compliments!

    — Laura Tomlin
    Bishop Mchugh Regional Catholic School
    Cape May,  NJ
  • Our sign is beautiful! We have received several positive comments.I received a phone call from a pastor traveling through our community.He wanted to know where we had purchased our sign.I was very happy to recommend Stewart Signs!

    — Laura High
    First Church Of The Nazarene
    Hartford City,  IN
  • To whom it may concern,

    When beginning a construction project there is a lot of planning that takes place.That was true in preparing to build our new church.For Wapakoneta Community Worship Center, one of our first priorities was to order, install and place into operation a church LED sign designed specifically to assist others in locating our new church.When we searched for possible suppliers, Stewart Signs caught our attention on a website and seemed to be a capable manufacturer.I contacted the sales representative and instantly felt there was a high level of knowledge and skill to direct our church to the right sign application for our facility.Having listened to our wants, Stewart Signs proposed a design and price and a delivery schedule was agreed on.We felt we made the right choice in regards to placing our order but not having past dealings with this company, how could we be sure? I shared with the salesman that the church valued a relationship built on trust and communication.He assured me that we could trust Stewart Signs.

    Although I would like to inform you that there weren't any problems, there were.But understand, trust isn't necessarily developed when everything goes smoothly and there are no problems.

    A flaw was found just before shipment that changed our whole delivery schedule.This issue was well communicated and we were kept informed step by step.The sign could have been shipped with the defect and we possibly would have never found it.But Stewart Signs left nothing hidden and in fact, the quality control person representing Stewart Sign was adamant that they did not think we would want or should have such a product.A new schedule was agreed on for delivery however when it arrived we found the sign had been damaged by the transport company and we notified Stewart Signs.Their direction was to not offload the sign but return it to Stewart Signs immediately - not just to repair the sign but to replace it.This meant the 8-10 week normal time period needed for delivery would have to start all over again.Although not pleased with these circumstances, continuous communications were made each week as to the manufacturing status of our sign.

    Today we have a beautiful sign about a quarter of a mile from the church site near a four lane highway.We have had several families visit and even take membership in our church as a result of first viewing our sign and stopping in the church.One of our most dynamic couples who do children's ministries came to know about our church by seeing our sign.We say thank you and may God bless you to Stewart Signs as we now own a high quality product purchased at a reasonable price.Most of all we have made business acquaintances and friends in the Stewart Signs corporate family.Our hardships and disappointments have now turned into lasting relationships.That is the real meaning of trust.

    — Dan Holbrook
    Wapakoneta Community Worship Center
    Wapakoneta,  OH
  • Our salesperson worked very hard to get what we wanted and was wonderful to deal with. We really appreciated their service throughout the purchase. They made sure the design and fit was just right.

    — Mary Ann Duncan
    Maryetta School
    Stilwell,  OK
  • You made this process very easy and painless.I knew nothing about sizing or really anything other than we wanted a sign and you stepped in and made it easy.Thank you for working personally with us designing the mounting.The guys said it was pretty easy to install.We appreciate everything you did and it looks great!

    — Mary Ann Duncan
    Maryetta School
    Stilwell,  OK
  • We thought you might want to see the finish product now that we have it installed.We are receiving many good comments on the sign.It is working perfectly and bringing in new visitors weekly.

    — John Coleman
    First Cumberland Presbyterian Church
    Springfield,  MO
  • I loved the web site.It was easy to navigate.Our consultant was very helpful when our organization was deciding what was best for our church.

    — Carolyn Gaskin
    First Baptist Church
    Gas City,  IN
  • It was a pleasure to work with our consultant.His patience while our school raised funds was extraordinary.It took us two years and not one time did he turn his back on us.He called periodically to see how our progress was going, made sure that two different PTA Presidents had all of the information and paperwork, and for the last year did everything he could to make our new sign a reality.I couldn't have had a better consultant or a better company to have worked with.Thank you so much.The sign is exactly what we wanted and needed.The features that we like most about the sign are that it is so simple to clean up should graffiti be put on it and the fact that it has three different areas that can be replaced if broken.That was very important to us and was the turning point between the two companies we were looking into.Your company and product were more superior in our eyes.Again, thank you so much.

    — Noreen Powell
    Cedar Ridge Elementary School
    Waco,  TX
  • My salesperson was very kind and easy to work with.She made the experience a great one.I would recommend her to any other school.

    — Brandon Whiten
    Whitewright Elementary School
    Whitewright,  TX
  • The congregation is so very proud of our Stewart Sign - it is even better than your illustrations.Nothing like a full size, full color real deal! The City Inspector was complimentary of your workmanship.Everyone at Stewart should be proud of the way you and others did such a professional job - on time, and beyond expectations.

    — Jim Plumee
    Calvary Lutheran Church And School
    Dallas,  TX
  • Thank you for your kind and patient help with our church sign purchase.Without your expertise, we probably would still be plodding along hoping for it to happen.We all love our sign!

    — Gail Nusbaumer
    First Presbyterian Church Of Cedarville
    Cedarville,  NJ
  • Our sales rep was very patient and helpful in the ordering process.My hat is off for him and Stewart Signs.

    — James Robinson
    New Beginnings Christian Fellowship
    Kokomo,  IN
  • We do love our sign and have received many compliments from our parents, students and community members.

    — Eliza Brooks
    Liberty Elementary School
    Danville,  IL
  • In the northeastern corner of Maryland there is a church with a certain councilmember who is fond of telling jokes.

    "There's an unfortunate fellow, stranded alone on a tiny deserted island for a very long time," chuckles Vance Jones, a councilmember at Elkton Church of God."So after forty long years a cruise ship finally passes close enough for the helpless man to send out a distress signal.The ship sees the man and dispatches a rescue team in a lifeboat without haste."

    "Approaching the island," continues Vance, "The rescuers notice not one but three well-constructed huts on the beach.
    Rescue team: Why three huts?
    Survivor: Well, that one there is my house...and that other one over there is my church.
    Rescue team: And that last hut over there?
    Survivor: Oh, that one? That's the church I used to go to."

    Vance has a million of them."The Lord blessed me with a sense of humor and it has served me well for seventy-two years," he humbly admits."I am a contented man."

    The Elkton Church of God has been Vance and Della Jones' family for years.The year 2005 saw a beautiful new house of worship rise to welcome in believers.Vance and Della helped oversee the construction that glorious year."To witness the brick-by-brick, almost nail-by-nail birth of your own church is quite humbling to say the least," exudes Vance."For generations people will come to know the Lord inside walls we actually witnessed going up!"

    A precious structure deserved a special church sign, he felt."Stewart Signs is the official sign manufacturer of the headquarters of The Church of God," Vance points out."Trust is everything."

    Indeed, Stewart Church Signs is the endorsed church sign company of many denominations nationwide.

    Vance and Della were asked by Pastor Woodring to take charge of the sign fundraising effort which took off with vigor, thanks to a rather impassioned devotional given by fellow councilmember Bill Whited.As Vance relates the moment, "Bill said simply: 'If we are serious about spreading the word, the first place to start is out by the road.We may never know who we touch; in fact, they may not necessarily come to this church.But the point is God wants to get the message out there on Route 213!'"

    Donations came in so swiftly that the fundraiser ended two months ahead of schedule.

    "Once again we were blessed," explains Vance."One cannot impede the message of Christ."

    Vance, always looking for the lighter side of things, contemplates that poor fellow on the deserted island with the two church huts."Two churches and not a single church sign? I'd call that really bad fundraising if you ask me!"

    — Bill Whited
    Gilpin Manor Memorial Park
    Elkton,  MD
  • Your company gave us outstanding service and information.Even when an error was made by us, our consultant resolved the issue as if it was his personal sign.Secondly, I got a glimpse of the company when our problem had to be solved by sales and service cooperating with one another.It seems that courtesy and promptness are infectious, because I received the same outstanding service from your customer service department.Prior to the ministry, my field was customer service.I know when it is not, when it is, and when it is beyond.Stewart Signs went beyond, and we are grateful.

    — Charles Henderson
    Star Of Hope Baptist Church
    Desoto,  TX
  • I want you, and all the people who work at Stewart Signs, to know how much I appreciate the quality sign we purchased from you almost 3 years ago.Immediately after our sign was installed, our church seemed to have a "new image" in our community because the sign is modern and eye catching.We make good use of the two-sided message board.I hear many, many positive comments from people in our community concerning the sign and the messages we put up each week.

    Since our church building is hidden in a residential community, our new sign (2 blocks away on a busy street) has helped people find us.In fact, after it was erected, we began to see an increase in guests at our services.Some of our new members have actually told us that it was the new sign which brought them to Mt.Zion Christian Church.

    When a pickup truck slid off the road and demolished our sign, our men did not know procedure for handling the problem.I reminded them that you had told me we should call STEWART SIGNS if we ever needed help.I made the call; and your workers did a fabulous job of replacing our damaged sign.There was very little that we had to do; you made a new sign for us, handled the insurance, and scheduled an installer from Lincoln, IL.STEWART SIGNS placed a rush on the new sign and we now have an exact replacement of the original.

    STEWART SIGN COMPANY is an outstanding company that not only produces a quality product but also takes care of its customers.I really appreciate the way you have taken care of us.

    — Dean Cripe
    Mt. Zion Christian Church
    Mount Zion,  IL
  • I'm very thankful for my sign consultant who did an excellent job with guidance from start to finish.Our sign at The Christ Temple Church of God In Christ here in Beaver Falls, PA, is the best looking sign around.The pre-installation information was direct and to the point, allowing our sign to be in place without any problems.Thank you, be blessed!

    — Elder Calvin Cummings
    Christ Temple Church Of God In Christ
    Beaver Falls,  PA
  • Our consultant was very professional and patient in answering questions and providing information.He was responsive and available when I needed to talk to him and made my first sign buying experience very simple.I found him extremely knowledgable and helpful.He truly was a blessing to me.

    — Jack Ware
    New Birth Baptist Church
    Dallas,  TX
  • Our sales consultant did an excellent job representing Stewart Signs and made sure the customer had everything they needed for a successful project.

    — Kevin C. Rabago, Sr.
    City Of Bridgeton
    Bridgeton,  NJ
  • Our Sales Consultant was most helpful and provided much needed assistance in helping us to choose the new sign for our church.I would recommend Stewart Signs to anyone who is considering the purchase of an LED sign.

    — Nancy Bertschi, Chairman
    Disciples Christian Church
    Plano,  TX
  • We recently purchased our church sign from J .M.Stewart and we would like to take this opportunity to share with you how delighted we are with the sign and also the pleasure of doing business with your company.

    While all of the staff I dealt with over the last several months have been very professional, helpful, and courteous, I have to single out our sign consultant as the key person most responsible for the success of our business venture.As chairman of the sign committee, I personally was the point of contact between your company and the church.I was not experienced in buying signs when I was appointed to this committee.Our consultant was very patient and understanding with our situation.He helped guide me through presenting the proposal for the sign to the church and also gave me help in going before the county Board of Adjustments to get an ordinance variance for the sign, which both passed the first time.

    We are a small church in a semi-rural area.Due to a bypass road, we had become almost invisible to passing traffic.Since installing the sign, we have had at least one family visit almost every Sunday and most of them had passed by many times without knowing the church was there or what kind of church it was.

    In summary, we commend your company for a quality product, and for the great employees.

    — Jim Bishop
    Friendship Baptist Church
    Newark,  DE
  • I can't thank you enough for the time and patience you have given to us at Good Shepherd Church over the purchase of our new sign.You have thoughtfully and graciously responded to every need.May God bless you and everyone at Stewart Signs.

    —  Good Shepherd Church
    Good Shepherd Church
    Cedar Hill,  TX
  • This sign purchase took almost a year to complete on our end.Our consultant was most patient and expressed willingness to help us in any way in our own time frame.

    — Virginia Shirey
    Buffalo Presbyterian Church
    Sarver,  PA
  • What a blessing our Stewart Signs has been to our church.The sign has caused our small community to take notice of our little congregation.I would recommend Stewart Signs to anyone!

    — Russell G. Briley
    Kenedy Church Of Christ
    Kenedy,  TX
  • The Upper Deerfield Township School district is very pleased with our Stewart School Sign.Your suggestions during the planning (as we customized the sign) and throughout the ordering and installation, were most appreciated.Stewart Signs is definitely customer sensitive! Our school was especially pleased with the reproduction of the student drawn mascot.This was a great job!

    The illumination system is outstanding.At night the mascot and announcements are clearly visible, and more importantly, readable.This is another way for our school system to keep the community informed of school activities.The students, staff, our Board of Education, and Stewart School Signs can be very proud of the Upper Deerfield Township School communication sign.It represents us all well!

    — Barbara Shellenberger
    Board Of Education
    Seabrook,  NJ
  • We would like to personally thank you for your assistance in purchasing our new church sign.Our sign has allowed us to communicate more effectively with our members and community, keeping them aware of our upcoming events or sharing an inspirational message.We appreciate the time and attention shown during the entire process through follow up emails, phone calls and your visit.

    — Bernard Buhl
    One Way Baptist Church
    Round Rock,  TX
  • I was very impressed with the knowledge shared and suggestions made on my first phone contact with our Sr.Sign Consultant.Purchasing a church sign was new to me, and I needed lots of assistance.I came away with more insight into the process than I ever expected and was able to share that knowledge with the board who made the final decision.I presented 7 proposals to the board at our first meeting, so you can see that this was not just a one-choice decision.Thanks.

    — Sondra Spickler
    Waggoners United Methodist Church
    Carlisle,  PA
  • On behalf of our congregation at Cookport Baptist Church, I want to express our sincere gratitude to you and your staff on the planning and fabrication of our new sign.You were extremely helpful in the entire process from the beginning stages through the completed project.You answered all of our questions and eliminated any apprehensions that we may have had regarding the purchase of our sign.It was a wonderful experience for us to deal with such a fine company and Christian staff.I have recommended your company to a number of pastors and churches in our area.

    We are extremely pleased with the new sign and its impact upon in our community.We have had a tremendous amount of positive feedback on it and many are being touched by the messages.Brother Brumby's book gave us a whole new perspective on sign ministry, and the messages he provides in the book are very effective.

    Please accept our thanks to you and the entire staff of the J .M.Stewart Corporation.

    May God richly bless you as you continue to serve Him through this very powerful and unique ministry.

    — Gary Lockhart
    Cookport Baptist Church
    Commodore,  PA
  • Our consultant's handling of our account was outstanding.He was attentive without being intrusive...a pleasure in these high-paced times.We compliment him for his service and patience with us.

    — Lloyd L. Jones, Jr.
    Linwood Community Church
    Linwood,  NJ
  • Excellent friendly service; the expereince was magnificent.We highly recommend your company to others.

    — Benita Hill
    Adams Chapel A. M. E. Church
    Harker Heights,  TX
  • We are really enjoying our new sign.

    — Betty Griscom
    Salem County Fair
    Pilesgrove,  NJ
  • Our church recently purchased a new sign through Stewart Church Signs.We found their consultant extremely helpful, and patient through a couple last minute changes.

    The sign was preceded by the shipment of the mounting bolts and instructions.These were easy to follow, and when our sign arrived later it lowered onto the mounting hardware perfectly.

    The sign is the tops in construction and beauty.We have received many positive comments from the community, and have seen an increase in the number of visitors to our Assembly since its installation.

    We are very pleased and would recommend Stewart Church Signs and their consultants to any church looking for a new sign.

    — Rev. William Glunt
    First Assembly Of God
    Tyrone,  PA
  • Stewart Signs' professionalism was far above its competitors.Your pricing was competitive but not the sole determining factor influencing our purchase.My consultant represented Stewart Signs well and every contact was a positive experience.You may have competitors but you have NO competition.

    — Gerald Dailey
    Southeast Church Of Christ
    Mogadore,  OH
  • We are well pleased with the look and craftsmanship of our new sign.We are looking forward to getting many years of service from it.

    — Norman Miller
    Pine Glen Church Of The Brethren
    Lewistown,  PA
  • It was a very easy process and our consultant was the BEST!

    — Keith Templin
    Donald Elementary School
    Flower Mound,  TX
  • Our representative did an excellent job working with us and getting us what we needed in the price range we wanted.

    — Johanna Wilks
    Akron First Assembly Of God
    Akron,  OH
  • I want to thank you and Stewart Signs for the great ministry extension we have in our new Stewart Sign. The potential for reaching the casual seeker has been enhanced now that we have the opportunity to communicate with them on our message board.

    As a small church in a residential neighborhood, our sign is a priceless tool in being in touch with our community. We are able to draw in people with whom we have had no previous contact for concerts, Vacation Bible School and our Food Pantry Ministry.

    I am appreciative to you and Stewart Signs for the professional manner in which we were treated. You made us feel that we were important to you, not just as a potential sale, but as a partner in ministry. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to any church or other organization that needs a great quality sign and great customer service all at a great price!

    — Rick Boyne
    Immanuel Southern Baptist Church
    Wagoner,  OK
  • I wanted to tell you about what happened regarding our Stewart church sign.

    I was out changing the message on the sign a week ago last Tuesday.I normally change it on Fridays, but I simply didn't get around to it.I've been witnessing to the city meter reader, Sammy Miles, for about 3 years now, and noticed he was making his way down the street reading meters.I called out to him while he was a few houses away and as he finished the nearest meter, he made his way across the street to me, commenting he didn't know it was me who changed the message on the sign.(I decided when we installed the sign that I wasn't going to put up "corny" messages, but it would be either announcements, Scripture, or statements and/or questions that make people think.)

    Sammy told me that he really appreciated the messages and they always made him think (which pleased me).I simply turned around and pointed at the message I had just completed, "Not who you know, but what you do, that gets you to Heaven", and asked him what he thought about this one.He looked at it and thought about it for a little while and replied, "well I know God." I told him that the demons knew God and that wasn't enough.He asked me to explain, and I was once again able to share the Gospel with him.

    He thanked me and appeared as if he needed to get on down the street.I told him that he needed to not put this off but to go ahead and think about what the sign message said and what we talked about.He told me that "one of these days" he was going to come by and let me save Him.I quickly told him that "I don't save anyone" but Jesus does the saving and what was wrong with "right now." He said he wasn't dressed for it.I told him that God didn't care what he was wearing and he could get saved right then.He quickly looked around the street, so I invited him to go inside the church building with me to "take care of business."

    He came in with me and we talked for a little more and he prayed to trust Jesus as his savior!

    I wanted to share this with you because, as a representative for Stewart Signs, you share in this victory! I want to encourage you to keep on doing what you're doing knowing that it really is a ministry and there is simply no telling (this side of Glory) how many people have been influenced for the Kingdom because of messages put on your signs!

    God bless you, and the rest of you at Stewart Signs, as you continue to serve Him!

    — Rick Boyne
    Immanuel Southern Baptist Church
    Wagoner,  OK
  • The Gloucester County Times
    Friday, November 19, 2010
    By Jessica Driscoll

    DEPTFORD TWP.For the 46 years since Monongahela Middle School was built, it has not had a sign to differentiate it from nearby educational buildings or advertise school events.

    On Thursday, that changed.

    "Since 1964, we have not had a sign at our school and I think this school has been an inspiration to the township of Deptford," said Principal Brian Wert."This sign will stand as a symbol of our community's strength and partnership with the town."

    The band gave a drum roll and students cheered as Wert unveiled the sign.Then, student council members went quickly to work, lettering it with the words "Go Spartans."

    "A lot of people mistake this school for Bankbridge or the Gloucester County Institute of Technology because there was no sign you could see from the road," said Board of Education President Walter Berglund."Even delivery trucks were coming here thinking it was Bankbridge."

    Student council member Deaveyon Phillips, 13, said the sign was a welcome addition for students.

    "All these years we haven't had one and it shows school spirit," said Deaveyon."We deserve it.And it will also show what activities we're doing here."

    Wert said the unveiling was an important day for the Monongahela community.He has been trying to budget for the sign for three years and this year with the help of the BOE and administration - he was able to make it happen.

    "For 46 years, this school has been a symbol and foundation of our community and I think this will strengthen ties with the community because people will know when our events happen and this will be a symbol of pride for our school and community," said Wert."It will help identify the positive things we do here every day."

    — Brian Wert
    Monongahela Middle School
    Sewell,  NJ
  • The following picture is from our church sign.We have been very happy with it and we are pleased at how sharp it looks.We recently weathered the Dolly hurricane and we were confident that the sign would withstand the rain and wind.As we expected, it held up just fine.We currently have several regular church attendees that initially decided to come to our church because of the sign.

    Thanks again!

    — Daniel Maldonado
    Maranatha Assembly Of God
    Falfurrias,  TX
  • My consultant was great to work with.He was very attentive and bent over backwards to get us taken care of.

    — Brian Cranfill
    Five Hills Assembly Of God
    Copperas Cove,  TX
  • This letter is written as a reference for Stewart Signs and to attest to their professionalism in dealing with Streetsboro City School District.

    I became aware of Stewart Signs about two years ago when our Primary School principal wanted my OK for a new sign for their building.I asked to see the information because all our existing signage was very inadequate.Upon looking at the catalog and talking to the representative assigned to our district, I started to look for ways to fund signs for our other four buildings, the Board office, and a main sign for our Campus.

    During this time, the Stewart company was very patient and helpful with us.Conceptual drawings were made and costs proposed.This took about a year.They kept in contact with us but never pushed or badgered us to buy.

    I can't say enough about how these signs have improved our image in town.Everyone raves about how nice they are and how happy they are with the informational signs at each building.I would strongly recommend Stewart to anyone looking to upgrade their image through these signs.

    — Thomas M. Giovangnoli
    Streetsboro City School District
    Streetsboro,  OH
  • I just wanted to write and express how much we appreciated working with you on the acquisition of our new sign.We wanted something that would reflect our approach to quality ministry to our community, and the material you sent helped us make our decision.The sign looks "Great!" It looks like it belongs at a church, not a bait shop! We have already had visitors because, "they saw the sign."

    Once again, we appreciate the speed in which our calls were returned, and information was provided.Stewart Sign run very professionally and efficiently.If anyone in our area would like to talk to me about the quality of your signs or how you handle prospective buyers, feel free to use our church as a reference.

    Once again, thank you.

    — Robert Belew
    Lakeview Baptist Church
    Salina,  OK
  • Thank you so much for the beautiful sign that we have purchased.Everything was what we expected and more.We hope this sign will help our church to display the most important message we all should be living out, Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.The quality of the sign is superb, and we have already had numerous comments on how the design and features match our church.Thanks again.

    — Joel Northcutt
    United Church Of Tishomingo
    Tishomingo,  OK
  • I wanted to write and let you know how happy we are with our new sign and some of the positive results we have had as a result of our having it.I'll have to be honest with you, while you were trying to sell me this sign, you kept telling me it would increase my congregation.I just put that off as nothing more than sales talk.Now that I have the sign, I see that it is a reality.

    I have a man in our church who has assumed the responsibility of changing the sign weekly as his ministry.He and his wife change the sign regularly and put up some very inspiring and interesting messages.Changing the sign weekly with a new message is a successful sign of this ministry.The couple who have taken on the sign ministry have enhanced their spirituality to the Lord.

    The morning that I raised the funds from the congregation to make the final payment, a woman, who was a newcomer to our congregation, stood up and made a pledge.When she was making her pledge, she told me that she was there because of the sign.The saying on the sign that week read, "If God seems far away, who moved?" She said the spirit touched her after reading that message, and she cried all the way home.She started bringing her husband to church and, after several months of attendance, I took him with me to Promise Keepers in Indianapolis where he found the Lord, Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.They are the ones who take care of the sign, and I do not have to bother with it from week to week.

    There's another lady in my church who told me when she passed by and read the message on the sign, that the spirit spoke to her and now she attends regularly.She and her husband are presently separated but after attending our church for several months, she has convinced him and now he has been attending too.I'm trusting the Lord to put that home back together.

    Almost weekly the clerks in the mall across the street from our church comment to me.When I'm in there doing business, that they read the sign and enjoy seeing the different messages.

    Another man in my church went into the bank located about 20 miles from our location and the teller, upon learning he attended the Dupont Road Bible Church, commented on how she reads the sign as she passes our location on the way home from work.

    — Rev. Frank Baldwin
    Dupont Road Wesleyan Church
    Fort Wayne,  IN
  • I, on behalf of First Christian Church in Gibson City want to thank you for all your help as we purchased our new sign from you.I appreciated the non-pressure approach you took after we first contacted you.I knew you wanted to sell a sign, but I also knew you were concerned about our needs and what would best meet them.That is not always the case in business!

    We have received many positive comments about the sign and know that it is an outreach of our ministry.Again, thanks for your help.

    — Rev. Philip N. Curran
    First Christian Church
    Gibson City,  IL
  • By Sean Patrick Murphy
    The South Jersey Sun

    The E.T.Hamilton Elementary School in Voorhees is doing its part to "go green."


    By putting up an LED sign out front.

    The sign, which uses three different colors, will be able to convey to parents information that was usually sent home with the students on paper.

    Darlene Baldasarre, secretary of the Hamilton Parent Faculty Association (HPFA), said the sign was donated by the HPFA.The volunteer said they did fundraising for the sign.

    "We just think that it will really help parents with scheduling and not having a ton of paperwork coming home because the sign can hold so many messages we think that the messages will get out there a little bit better," Baldasarre said, noting she likes the visibility at the location in front of the school."I think it's going to do really well."

    The sign was bought from Stewart Signs in Florida, was installed by Delcrest Sign Company in Voorhees, and Fred R Morgan & Sons hooked up the electricity.

    Voorhees School Facilities Director Clark Mathes secured permits for the sign and also was able contact local businesses to help.

    "Clark Mathes really, really did a lot of work for this," Baldasarre said.

    The HPFA, which is made up of five volunteers, held fundraisers at McDonald's and Rita's Water Ice, and also provided a carnival.

    The kind of information the sign will let parents know about is when school is out, when picture day is, any HPFA meetings, and back to school night (which is at different times for different grades).

    "I think it's going to really, really help the parents," Baldasarre said, noting it took about eight months to get the sign ready.She said the township was helpful by approving permits.

    The sign has gotten a "huge" response, Baldasarre said.

    "So many parents are walking by, stopping, looking at it," she said."I hear them speak among themselves, people who know me personally and know that I was involved are coming up to me congratulating me.

    "It was a group effort," Baldasarre added.

    "Principal [Kristine] diCoio is so very very happy and full of compliments," Baldasarre said."She thinks that this is going to be a wonderful addition to the school for many years to come."

    Stewart is the largest school sign company in America, with a presence in all 50 states.

    Since 1968, it has provided signage to educational institutions across the country.It has 35,000 customers.

    The ribbon cutting for the sign is on Sept.22 at 9:30 a.m.Superintendent of Schools Raymond Brosel, Assistant Superintendent Dr.Frank DeBerardinis, Mayor Michael Mignogna, Principal diCoio, and members of the HPFA will be in attendance.

    — Darlene Baldasarre
    E. T. Hamilton Elementary School
    Voorhees,  NJ
  • Thank you for your valuable assistance in our selection and purchase of a church sign.Your courtesies will be remembered as well as your patience while we were deciding on the right sign.We leaned heavily on your professional expertise and we believe that we are obtaining the best sign that money can buy.

    We know that God is in complete control of every situation and "know that all things work together for good to them that love God ...." (Romans 8:28a)

    Thanks for all the material you sent and the excellent video presentation that helped in the decision process.Hope to have the pleasure of meeting you one day - but if we don't in this life - we will later on in Heaven!

    God Bless you for your caring attitude - your care for others is the measure of your greatness.Stay in there and keep on helping others - you are a real success with God and God's people.

    — Phil and Nancy Erwin
    First Gospel Workers Church
    Joplin,  MO
  • We have a sign that has been working non stop for several years.Thanks for a great product and great customer service I needed to re-install the software for the fist time in a long time called got the code.You guys are amazing, thanks so much for all you do!

    — Tim Gensamer
    Little Egg Harbor Township Board Of Education
    Little Egg Harbor,  NJ
  • Thank you very much.The total overall experience was wonderful.Everything was perfect and the sign is amazing.Many positive comments from our parents and students.Thank You!

    — Denise OConnell
    Eagleswood Township School
    West Creek,  NJ
  • After a hurricane, two Northeast storms, frozen ground, snow, construction delays,software changes and installing a new transmitter receiver in the sign we are good to go.Our Stewart Sign is on the job and receiving much attention and approval.Many thanks to your customer service and technicians for resolving our communication issues.

    — Andy Roppoli
    Lord Of Life Lutheran Church
    Tabernacle,  NJ
  • We are so happy! Thank you for everything!

    — Yvette Stewart, Treasurer Mt. Zion Church Of God In Christ
    Mt. Zion Church Of God In Christ
    Reading,  PA
  • It has been one of the best purchases we have made. Everything went smoothly. I have already told several pastors about it and they said they are going to look into it.ðð In fact, a church down the road (not affiliated with us) called and was thrilled about how it looks.ðð Iðð gave them your web site!

    — G.M.Lauzon
    Pearlbrook Church Of God
    Cleveland,  OH
  • We just wanted to take a moment to let you know that we absolutely LOVE our Stewart Sign! I have other churches and business people in the area talking about how great the sign is and our people love it.It is easy to program, and has a variety of options for displaying messages.As soon as we had the sign installed, we received a lot of positive feedback from many other businesses and churches in our community.Many have stopped to inquire where we purchased the sign from, and have since purchased this type of sign for their business or church. Each year, our graduates love to see 'their name in lights' as we honor them, and it is very convenient to advertise Christmas and other Holiday events as well.Our Stewart sign has added to the beauty of our property too! At night, the sign provides additional lighting at the front of our church.We are very pleased with our purchase - well worth the investment! Honestly I can't think of one thing that was negative about the whole process from start to delivery.Thanks so much for a great product.We definitely recommend Stewart Signs!

    — G.M. Lauzon
    Pearlbrook Church Of God
    Cleveland,  OH
  • One common thread of "thank you" was for their help getting the sign......that was cool.Thanks again.

    — Autry Hardy
    Era Isd
    Era,  TX
  • The new church sign really makes a difference in the community compared to other church signs.Thanks again for your service.

    — Keith Dixon
    Southeast Seventh-Day Adventist Church
    Cleveland,  OH
  • Our consultant was very thorough and made the entire process a breeze.I had never done anything like it before and he was so helpful and kind throughout.The sign looks great! Many compliments on it already!

    — Dane Robinson
    Church Of The Nazarene
    Holdenville,  OK
  • Last winter our church installed an Announcer sign in front of our new facility.Some of our church members just wanted to use the sign that previously stood in front of our old building.It consisted of two pieces of plywood painted with the church logo and times.I knew that we really needed to update our signage because of the new facility but in the back of my mind I even thought, "Is it really worth the money.That money could be spent on so many other things." We wrestled with this decision, should we or shouldn't we.

    Last February we installed our new sign and we have been so blessed as a congregation.Everywhere I, or people in our church go, someone is always commenting on how beautiful the sign is and how the messages we place on the sign have touched them personally.Numerous people have said, "I never use to go to that side of town, but now I drive by the church just to see what's on your sign." Recently a family of four started to attend the church just because of the message that was on the sign that week.Our people are so proud of their sign and it has more than paid for itself; just by the lives it has touched.

    I would like to thank Stewart Church Signs for the professional and friendly service they provided to us.From the planning stage with drawings and descriptions so everyone could see what we were getting, to the ease of purchasing the actual sign, every step along the way Stewart was there.The installation was so easy even a pastor can do it.When the sign arrived the hardest part was rounding up the men we needed to take the sign from the truck to the cement pad prepared for the sign.I know that there may be less expensive signs you can purchase, but Stewart signs are of the highest quality and their staff is as well.

    Thank you Stewart Church Signs

    — Jon A. Ewers
    First Church Of God
    Holdenville,  OK
  • We love the sign and so does the Friends Group that paid for it.

    — Anne Frank
    Wissahickon Valley Public Library
    Blue Bell,  PA
  • The sign turned out even better than we expected.It is of top quality and a high-tech piece of equipment.The community loves it too!

    — Brian Wakefield
    Living Faith Church
    Milesburg,  PA
  • We are very pleased with our new sign.The quality of the sign is great and it looks very good.The lighting makes it very easy to read from a distance.It is a great addition to our church.

    We have already used to announce a new study program we started this week.I believe it will make a difference in how we are able to announce different programs we will be having at our church.

    It was a pleasure doing business with you personally and your company.

    — Joe Gibson
    First Baptist Church
    Leonard,  OK
  • I just want to write and express our appreciation for all your personal attention in our purchase of our sign. It is all you said it would be. Beautiful. It is now erected and we are very pleased with it. I didn't really believe your promotion that people would call and commend us on the appearance of the sign. But, that very thing has happened.

    We feel the sign is dignified, not gaudy. It identifies us in a unique way. There are not any other signs in the area like ours. We feel it will give us years of service. The red cross points up as a beacon to our community of the commitment we proclaim to Jesus Christ.

    — Doug R.Oakes
    First Christian Church Of Lamar
    Lamar,  MO
  • I just wanted to write and tell you that we are very pleased with our new church sign.We have been using it for several months now, and have received positive feedback from people in the community.

    Many people who work in Blanco live out of town down our road, so they see our sign twice a day.We put a different message on each side, so we get them coming and going.We change our sign every Monday, in hopes to keep people always looking.I have seen some churches leave the same message up for a month or several months; but I feel like people will just stop noticing the sign at all after a while unless you keep fresh messages going up.

    Our sign beautifully lights up the front yard of our church at night.In fact, I like the sign better at night than during the day.The people in our church really like the sign, and we have had some visitors come in just because they saw the sign.

    Thank you for your quality product and customer service.I would be happy to recommend you to anyone interested in a sign.

    — J.D. Link
    Abundant Grace Fellowship
    Blanco,  TX
  • We have had our sign now for about 4 months and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.Not only has the sign enhanced our church and corner, but it has helped to increase the attendance to our advertised events shown on the sign each month.

    The Cornerstone model's appearance is very upscale and constructed very well.It has rained, been under very hot temperatures and has not changed its appearance from the first day it was installed.

    We were at one time concerned about how much we could say on the sign, because the space is compromised with this type sign, but we have been very surprised with the amount of information we can get on the sign from quotes to upcoming events.Sometimes less is so much better, but more is an option!!

    We will continue to recommend a Stewart sign to any organization.The signs are top quality and the sales people are very helpful, patient and straight forward with answers to our questions and concerns.

    You always get right back to us and work to make sure you understand our concerns providing the resources we need.

    Thank you so very much.

    — Rev. Bennie M. Dillard
    Mount Calvary Baptist Church
    San Antonio,  TX
  • Our sales rep helped us in every way! Very professional!

    — Randy McDonald
    Living Water Ministry
    Perry,  MO
  • The sign is great, we love it, and people are very impressed and happy we have the sign.Seems to be working great, some little glitches and operational things I am working with support on.Whole process was very positive! Thank you, highly recommended.Hope we get some more customers for you, I have given your info out to folks as well.

    —  First United Methodist Church
    First United Methodist Church
    Andover,  OH
  • I have been wanting to get to the typewriter to tell you how very pleased we are with our new sign.Everyone thinks that it is beautiful and will do a fine job for the church in both inviting the community to come and worship with us, and also to witness our faith to them.And we have already had the opportunity to use it to advertise a special youth concert that was held at the church last Tuesday.

    I do want to tell you what a fine experience we have had working with you.Your pleasing personality and helpfulness was a great asset to us.Even though we are separated by many miles, that posed no problems in getting the right sign for us.

    The sign arrived in good shape and sooner than we had anticipated.The men of the church had everything ready and it was not a big job to get it set up.The instructions were very complete and adequate.

    And you were right, the 5' x 12' size does not appear as large as it sounds.It is not too big.After it was in place, we all agreed that the 4' x 10' would have been too small.So we are very happy that we purchased the larger sign rather than the smaller one.We have it on a double timer, and also connected to a photo-electric cell.It automatically comes on at dusk, turns off at mid-night, and automatically comes back on at 5:30 A.M., and goes off at dawn.This way it is visible all evening, and also when people are going to work in the early morning, but we are not paying the electric bill during the wee hours of the night when there is little traffic.

    The comments from the congregation and community have been very good.Many people saw the crane removing it from the semi truck.Others saw the big crate laying on the lawn for five days and kept watching for it to be put up.And now we are getting many fine comments.Even this morning we received a phone call from St.James Lutheran Church, Toledo, asking where we purchased it because they are interested in a new sign too.So I gave them your name, address and phone number.I hope you hear from them.

    I am enclosing three pictures (Polaroid).If you have any use for better pictures, let me know, and I will have some professional pictures taken for you.

    — Dennis E. Lauman
    Advent Lutheran Church
    Sylvania,  OH
  • This is our second major building project in 15 years.I want to say that of all the contractors and businesses we have done business with, Stewart Signs, through you, their representative, has been the most conscientious, thoughtful, and helpful of all.You have kept us informed, have answered our questions, and have kept us informed through every stage of the project.We have the feeling that this is more than just a job to you and that we are more than just another customer.

    I'm so glad we found you in that old Pulpit Helps paper! Thanks so much for everything!

    — William K. Hatfield, Pastor Charity Baptist Church
    Charity Baptist Church
    Tulsa,  OK
  • We are very pleased and have had a couple inquiries of who we bought it from.

    — Patricia Spiess
    La Crosse Public Library
    La Crosse,  IN
  • The high school in Meadville, Pennsylvania is home to one of the top-rated hockey teams in the three-state region.Hockey is quite the big deal in this industrial town of twelve thousand.Consequently, Meadville is visited frequently by busloads of students from faraway Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Buffalo.

    "On Sunday mornings our young Catholic visitors did not know where to attend mass.We needed to get our service times out there," says Tom Peterson, president of the men's club at Saint Agatha's Roman Catholic Church in Meadville."We want them to come to Meadville, lose their hockey matches, and then celebrate mass with us Sunday mornings."

    "Besides," Tom acknowledges, "Our 155 year-old church never had a church sign before.We were due."

    With a couple years of pancake breakfasts, chili dinners, and ice cream socials under their belts (literally), the church set about choosing a church sign company to craft a sign worthy of their fundraising efforts.

    Up to now this story has been rather typical.Well, not anymore.

    When Meadville folks go shopping they know a thing or two about quality manufacturing.Meadville, Pennsylvania is the tool-making capital of the world.The Channellock® calls Meadville home, employing a good portion of the town's population.Many generations of Saint Agatha's parishioners have worked in the Channellock® manufacturing plant and do to this day.

    "We are Tool City, USA," boasts Tom, himself a technician who works days manufacturing plastic injection molds for the medical industry."Meadville has a long history of high-quality, specialty manufacturing.The zippers of the spacesuits that walked on the moon were made here in Meadville."

    Tom and the church sign committee set about comparing sign manufacturers.They looked not only at workmanship but materials as well.The offered warranties from the various sign companies were discussed at great length.One could say they were 'Meadville methodical' about their thoroughness."We had the time," admits Tom."We had a lot of pancakes to digest."

    When it came time to buy, the meticulous Meadville membership of Saint Agatha's looked to Stewart Church Signs to build the sign which would grace the front of their property."It was for all of the little things," offers Tom."The care Stewart builds into their product really appealed to our mindset.Steel and aluminum get powder-coated paint before assembly.The vandal cover stays up when you change the message and locks in place when closed.The faces do not yellow or crack over time."

    "Stewart signs do not carry a 'Made in Meadville' sticker," Tom points out."But we wouldn't have a problem if they did."

    — Tom Peterson
    Saint Agatha's Roman Catholic Church
    Meadville,  PA
  • My consultant was very helpful and always there when I needed help.The overall experience was great.Our sign is beautiful and just what we wanted.

    — Fran Walter
    Hamilton Square Baptist Church
    Trenton,  NJ
  • Thanks again! We are very pleased with the sign!

    — Clay Craighead
    Washington Crossing State Park
    Titusville,  NJ
  • We are very glad we kept pushing to get the sign.PTA is very pleased!

    — Lori Limpar
    Hopewell Elementary School
    Center Valley,  PA
  • I am writing to thank you for your excellent service.Your sales consultant was very informational, patient and kind throughout the purchasing period.We love our new sign.It is absolutely beautiful.In a short time, parents, students, staff and community members have made positive comments regarding the sign.It brightens up the front of our school and shows our school pride!

    Your company has been cooperative with everything from start to finish.I greatly appreciate your consultant's time and efforts with this big endeavor for our school.I will definitely recommend your company to other schools.

    Thanks again!

    — David P. Hahn
    Union Terrace Elementary School Allentown S.D.
    Allentown,  PA
  • Early last summer, Julie Ambrose, the PTA President for Muhlenberg Elementary School, embarked on a mission.The elementary school was searching for a new school sign that could provide a way to announce events, recognize students, emphasize school pride, attract attention and highlight fundraisers.

    "The school principal really wanted a new sign.Improving communication is a hot topic within our community," said Mrs.Ambrose."The PTA would fund this project, so my job was to find the right sign."

    As Julie began investigating signs, she found that there were many things to consider."Factors that were especially important to us were general appearance, ability to customize, ease of use, vandal resistance and of course price."

    Julie also added, "What caught my attention and what separated Stewart Signs from the other sign companies I spoke with was the fact that they were not trying to sell us a sign.They wanted to understand our needs, explain how their product can fill those needs, and work with us to purchase a sign that will last.This company clearly understands the school community, as well as how to work with a parent-teacher group."

    So which sign did Muhlenberg Elementary choose? "After speaking with our sign consultant, we found that the Announcer Supra provided the best bang for our buck.The sign cabinet itself is 5' tall and 8' wide; we opted for 5 lines of 4" text.This really provides the school with a lot of area to display messages.The sign is not only beautiful, but the quality of manufacturing for our new sign is unbelievable."

    "We have received a lot of positive comments about the sign.We consider it a bridge to the larger community as well as a school information source.It is difficult to measure the impact in terms of numbers, but I know parents appreciate the visual reminder of field trips, activities, early dismissals, etc.

    "It's been nearly a year since our sign was installed and we love it! For me, the best part is that our principal keeps the message on the sign up to date - which tells me they really appreciate it." Julie continued, "We are so pleased with the product and level of service we received that I have referred a local church and the public library to Stewart Signs."

    — Julie Ambrose
    Muhlenberg Elementary School
    Allentown,  PA
  • As you can see we have our new sign up and running.It looks great and we have had an overwhelming response from the community! We're looking forward to that turning into increase for the church.Thanks for all your help and hard work on our behalf.

    — Mike Kimball
    Faith Life Family Church
    Kellyville,  OK
  • Our consultant was very helpful with the purchase of our school sign.He went over all questions, responded promptly to emails and phone calls, and was never pushy.He really pointed us into the right direction and found us a sign that suited our needs.Also, the fact that your product was produced and manufactured in the USA with the exception of the LED lights was a major selling point.Thank you.

    — Lisa Long
    Danville Liberty Valley
    Danville,  PA
  • I want to thank you for your wonderful service and superb communications! It has been a great joy to work with a brother in Christ on this project! We have been so pleased with everything that Stewart Sign has helped us with.May the Lord richly bless you and your service for Him!

    — Tim Longnecker
    Walnut Street Baptist Church Ministries
    Avis,  PA
  • Our sales rep is wonderful, it is so nice to get the instant feeling that the voice on the phone is actually working for you and cares about your problems.Also that this person actually knows their product.

    — Gene Kline
    Watsontown American Legion
    Watsontown,  PA
  • The speeches are rehearsed and ready.The microphone is plugged in and working fine.Standing silent, a new school sign remains covered with a blue tarp, awaiting its spotlight.The ceremony is just about underway.This day - a day these fifth graders have worked so diligently toward for more than two years - has finally arrived.Veterans Memorial Elementary School is proudly unveiling their new school sign.

    Pride is a virtue these students have earned through involvement in numerous community projects since they began fourth grade.Teachers Gail Damiano and Suzanne Kurasz instill in their students the importance of giving back to the community."This particular group of children, though, went far beyond the already high expectations we have for our fourth graders," Gail stresses."The entire state of New Jersey sat up and took notice of the list of their accomplishments."

    And that list is long.The children raised a very large sum of money in the fall of 2005 for Hurricane Katrina victims.A year earlier, as fourth graders, they raised money to purchase bulletproof vests for the local police department.

    But Gail wants to emphasize the activity these children are most known for."They single-handedly convinced the New Jersey State Assembly to proclaim the blueberry as the official state fruit."

    The arduous efforts of these gallant fourth graders to coax state legislators to officially proclaim the blueberry as New Jersey's state fruit is, well, a story all itself.Suffice to say that the New Jersey "Blueberry Bill" indeed reads, "inspired by the fourth grade classes of Gail Damiano and Suzanne Kurasz of Veterans Memorial Elementary School of Brick Township; Dr.Alyce Anderson, principal."

    The governor signed the bill into law in January 2004.

    Graduating up to fifth grade in the fall of 2005 these same students felt that a new school sign out on Hendrickson Avenue would provide the school with an effective way to communicate with motorists.Of course, any new sign would not only have to feature the Blueberry Bill, but the school's unicorn mascot as well.

    "We worked closely with Stewart Signs to obtain the exact style and design we had envisioned," Gail happily recalls."Like the students' dealings with the state legislature, we made the sign design a civics lesson.The entire school got to vote on which design would ultimately grace the front of the school."

    Gail chuckles, "We really had the art department at Stewart Signs jumping through hoops.With input from our students, Stewart Signs came up with numerous versions of our beloved unicorn.The kids wanted to see him either as a youthful creature or a mature-looking unicorn.As we weren't sure, Stewart's art department really helped us whittle it down to three different designs.At times I felt I was torturing their artists, but it was nothing of the sort! Stewart Signs is not the kind of company that walks into a school and says 'this is the sign we're selling you and that's it'.Our school and Stewart Signs designed the sign in concert."

    On Election Day the unicorn issue was put to a vote.All 700 members of the student body dropped votes into a ballot box set up by the school store.The overwhelming winner was the mature-looking unicorn.

    "It had come full circle," Gail pronounces."From the student-initiated effort of acquiring a state fruit for New Jersey to having a say in which sign would sit in front of the school, these children thoroughly enjoyed participating in the American process."

    The school's PTA had previously raised sufficient funds for the sign using the "Box Tops for Education" program through General Mills.One-hundred percent of the purchase price of the sign came from the program.

    But now, the unveiling ceremony is about to begin.One by one, five fifth graders recount a story only they could tell.It's a story about hard work, community involvement, and the achievement of a set goal.

    Speeches made, the blue tarp is pulled back to reveal their new school sign.The message board quite fittingly reads, CONGRATULATIONS 5TH GRADE CLASS.

    "These kids have certainly earned our congratulations," concludes Gail."They truly know what it means to make a difference."

    Stewart Signs is not the kind of company that walks into a school and says 'this is the sign we're selling you and that's it'.Our school and Stewart Signs designed the sign in concert.

    — Gail Damiano
    Veterans Memorial Elementary School
    Brick,  NJ
  • Just a note to tell you thank-you for all your help in getting our new sign project up and running.We received the sign and it met our expectations.We installed the sign on October 22, 2010 and within an hour of having the sign up and running we got a phone call letting us know how nice the sign looked.If we ever do another sign project, Stewart Signs will be my first phone call.

    Thanks again

    — Kim Quick
    Fremont High School
    Fremont,  IN
  • Our church has been in the same location for at least fifty years, and we have never had a sign in front of our building.We had talked about a sign several times, but nothing ever materialized.I heard the excuse the money could be put to better use.I was asked by one of the other board members to try to get something going on a sign, with a lot of companies out there I didn't know where to look first.Thank God I found Stewart Signs, and was guided to a sign that met our specific needs.The video really helped me to see how desperately we needed a sign and how many opportunities we were missing out on in our efforts to reach out to our community.Our youth group agreed to donate, and we had a fund raiser.We had enough to pay for half of the sign so we went ahead and ordered it.The sign came in on a Friday, and before the weekend was over there were enough pledges to pay the sign off.Needless to say the sign spoke volumes for itself.

    Thank you for being so patient with us while we were trying to make a final decision.I appreciate how you would check in, but you didn't pressure us so much that we couldn't make a comfortable decision.I did check with other sign companies, and one of them was a lot cheaper, but the quality didn't compare to the quality of Stewart Signs.After we made the final decision and ordered the sign, you were there every step of the way.I really appreciate your professionalism, but I appreciate even more the prayer you prayed with me on that Monday morning after the sign was up.You called just to make sure everything was alright with the sign, and then paused for a moment of prayer.God bless you and Stewart Signs for being such a blessing.I would recommend Stewart Signs to anyone.

    — Mark Blythe
    Gypsy Holiness Church
    Depew,  OK
  • Since the installation we have received nothing but compliments from the families at HFA, the Pastor of the church which is directly across the street, neighbors who told us that they love having the additional lighting at night...We have put all the weekly events on the sign and work to update it regularly, started to generate revenue from advertising space for local businesses and even began to offer messages to families at the school to mark birthdays, etc...Other schools have told us that they wish that a sign like ours was at their building!

    —  Holy Family Academy
    Holy Family Academy
    Hazleton,  PA
  • Thought you might like to see just how "GREAT" our sign looks.We have received so many compliments on it.Not only has it added to the appearance of our church, but it has added something to our community as well.

    The sign is everything we had hoped it would be, and we are pleased with it in every way.We definitely made the right choices - thanks to your consultant's help.

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciated your help and expertise advice that you gave when we were just not sure as to what would be appropriate for us.The picture proves that we did make the right decisions.

    I can honestly say, "It was a pleasure doing business with you!".

    — Linda Wiles
    Ochelata Baptist Church
    Ochelata,  OK
  • Our new sign has been such a blessing! Not only has it helped in advertising our church events, we use it to advertise community and school events, accomplishments, appreciation and encouragement.

    Yesterday, I changed the lettering to congratulate Mannford High School Men's Cross Country Team in taking tenth place at State competition, and one of our female HS students for ranking seventh in the State.The school called this morning to thank us, and asked if the students could take pictures in front of it.Of course we said 'YES!'.Any time we can extend a hand of friendship and community to anyone, it creates an in-road for ministry.And our sign is part of that now!

    Thank you for all your assistance in making this happen for us, and pulling us (kicking and screaming) into the 21ST century! Your insights into outreach and ministry are spot-on, and we gladly tell everyone asking, "Where'd you get that great sign?" - "We got it from Stewart Signs!"

    — Cyndy Whiten
    First United Methodist Church
    Mannford,  OK
  • Oh yes it's beautiful.Everyone is so happy with it.Including our residents.I'll take some photos to send you.

    —  Autumn Accolade Inc Assisted Living
    Autumn Accolade Inc Assisted Living
    Peoria,  IL
  • When Tuxedo Assembly of God realized that they needed to identify and draw attention to their church, they started to research church signs.After searching both local and national companies, one stood out from the rest.J.M.Stewart Church Signs had been the leader in the church signage since 1968.

    After beginning a dialog with Stewart Church Signs, Pastor Bret Luallen realized what a powerful tool the sign could be."We began discussing the possibility of an LED electronic sign.Our church is on a main street in town with a good amount of traffic.We are among three churches on the street, all looking similar without clear identification.We wanted to separate ourselves and stand out."

    The church realized that an LED was a significant investment and wanted to make sure that their money was being well spent."Before making our purchase, I spoke with another Assembly of God Pastor who bought from Stewart Church Signs and he said that his sign is the talk of the town.Now that we have the sign installed, we've discovered that it certainly is a highlight," said Pastor Luallen.

    With the research they conducted, combined with the extra reassurance that they were dealing with a reputable company, they decided to purchase a J.M Stewart Church Sign."We went with the LED electronic sign because we would be able to utilize it to a maximum due to our location."

    After the sign was delivered and installed, Pastor Luallen and those at Tuxedo Assembly of God feel that the sign accomplished exactly what they needed it to."The greatest benefit of our sign is that our church is so easy to identify now.Everyone knows who we are when we mention that we're the church with the contemporary red video sign.We had a great location, but no identification.Now we have both - that's what our Stewart Church Sign did for us.It's the best advertising dollars you can spend!"

    — Bret Luallen
    Tuxedo Assembly Of God
    Bartlesville,  OK
  • Everyone has commented on how great it looks and they couldn't be happier. We love it! Your company makes a great product and you were very helpful in helping in this project. The artwork and quality is awesome. Thanks again for everything.

    — Jerry James
    Augustana Lutheran Church
    Hobart,  IN
  • Our sales consultant and your company are the best.Every one loves the detail of the sign and quality.We look forward to using it to reach our community and tell them of our church events.Thanks for everything, you're the best!

    — Jerry James
    Augustana Lutheran Church
    Hobart,  IN
  • We have received many positive comments on our new sign.One day a local police officer even pulled into the parking lot to comment to our Pastor on how impressive it looked!

    — Curtis Cochran
    Calvary Baptist Church
    Chillicothe,  IL
  • On behalf of Somerset Christian Academy, I would like to thank you for the help that you have provided to our school.We are truly grateful for the time and resources that you have provided so that we could obtain our new sign.Each step of the way Stewart Signs has demonstrated to be a leader in the industry, evidenced through the professional and courteous approach that you have taken.

    Even though this project took an exorbitant amount of time, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your team.I have enclosed a picture of our installed sign.All of us are extremely pleased with how great the sign looks.We wish you all the best and hope to work with you again in the future.

    — Christopher M. Stanko
    Somerset Christian Academy
    Zarephath,  NJ
  • In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.The earth was without form, and void: and darkness was on the face of the deep.And the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.Then God said, Let there be light..." Sorry, that is the beginning the Session created a sign.The sign was static and void of message; and it was always in darkness.And the spirit of God was in attendance at a Session meeting.And after one year of deliberations, God said, "Let there be light..." and the Stewart Sign Company was there to light up God's message of salvation to the motoring public.Thank you to our Sales Rep for being with us all the way.

    — Joe Kacirek
    First Presbyterian Church
    Matawan,  NJ
  • We are very happy with the sign.I was so pleased with the product and customer service, I have referred our Lower Elementary school and Adult Education service.

    — Roberta G. W. Myyra
    Joe O' Donnell Field At Milan High School
    Milan,  MI
  • I saw one of your signs at a local school and got your information from the name plate on sign.I was very impressed with the quality of your product as it compared to other signs in our area.Your price was higher, but well worth the investment for superior quality.Our sign consultant was the best!

    — Rick Prego, Vice President
    St. Matthews Catholic Church
    Edison,  NJ
  • The new sign has brought much attention to our congregation.Because of its location and the quality, the city of Michigan City, IN is blessed with a message of the Divine Savior.

    The sign company that installed the sign for us was a little upset about our not purchasing the sign from them locally.The sign company's owner stated that he could have made a sign like that much cheaper.But when we received the sign his words to us were "you made a good investment", and the sign was worth every cent we spent for it.

    Many of our local pastors and friends have called to say how excited they are about seeing the sign and its message.The sign has already paid for itself in less than two months.The congregation was really blessed by it.

    — Albert Isbell
    Bethany Bible Baptist Church
    Michigan City,  IN
  • You did a great job! Thanks again!

    — Heidi Dimmitt
    Clarence Accelerated Elementary School
    Clarence,  MO
  • I wanted to let you know that we had a visitor because of our new sign for the sunrise service on Easter. He was new in the community and saw our special service advertised. He has since come back with his wife. Our new sign is the best form of advertising we have ever used.

    Many other people mention that they read the sign every day (even though we only change the message twice each week). We received a letter from a lady who enjoys the messages that we put up. Even though she attends another church she encouraged us to keep up the good work. We received a call from another person 25 miles away who saw our sign. It is beginning to open up our community to our church. We pray that some of these will be open to the Gospel as we share it with them.

    Thank you for providing a quality sign that will be an asset to the church for years to come.

    — Dan Waters
    Glenwood Bible Church
    Glenwood,  IL
  • Our original sign was in front of the school on a side street, which the community often ignored.It was changeable letter and took up a lot of time each month.You were recommended by a school in the neighboring town.Our sales consultant was great, he provided us with excellent information so we could make our choice easy.The communication with the community has turned positive since the sign was installed and I referred you to three local districts last week.

    — Alicia Evans
    Schrum Memorial Middle School
    Calumet City,  IL
  • It advertises us as American Legion and what we are all about as veterans.

    American Legion Post 192
    Coudersport,  PA
  • We have had rave reviews about our new addition to our post.It makes us much more visible to the local community.This was an excellent choice for us, and we will be happy to recommend you to anyone wishing to enhance their Facility.

    — Ted Parsell
    American Legion Post 192
    Coudersport,  PA
  • When deciding to purchase a new school sign, the artwork that represents your school is an important factor.The font, background color and logo chosen will represent your school for many years to come.Roosevelt Intermediate School in Westfield, NJ decided to take a unique approach when designing the artwork for their new Stewart School Sign.

    "Since our school's mascot is the Rough Riders and there weren't any great images of Teddy Roosevelt we wanted on our sign, we decided that an original logo would give our sign a personal touch" explains Pam Friedman, Roosevelt's Computer Technology Teacher and Instruction Technology Specialist.

    "We held a school-wide contest asking students and teachers to design a logo for our new sign" she continues."While we had a number of student entries, many of which the students drew themselves, one of our art teachers designed the winning logo."

    The inspiration for the unique new logo came from the school's "Rough Rider Awards".Each grading period, Roosevelt students receive awards for the following: Empathy, Continuously Learning, Collaboration, Reflective Thinking, Responsibility, Persistence and Making Connections."We created a logo with images that represent the different areas of our school curriculum incorporating these words" says Pam.

    By involving the students and staff in the logo contest, everyone became very enthusiastic about the sign purchase and all felt like they had a personal stake in the project."Everyone in the school was excited about the new school sign.The purchase was made from donations by three of the school clubs!" explains Pam.

    Roosevelt Intermediate School's new Stewart Sign not only allows them to communicate to everyone who passes by, but it has also helped them to communicate to their students that they matter.Involving everyone at the school in the logo contest and basing the design around student awards for a personal achievement has helped them to boost morale and truly allow them to give their new sign a personal touch.

    — Pam Friedman
    Roosevelt Intermediate School
    Westfield,  NJ
  • Our sales rep was great from the moment I met him in New Orleans a few years ago.He was attentive to our needs and provided a product we are currently happy with, 12 weeks into the operation.We have yet to install the Modem and software but, that is on our end.Thanks for the positive experience.

    — Jeff Walters
    Stroudsburg Intermediate Elementary
    Stroudsburg,  PA
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in the purchase of our school signs.Since their installation, we have received numerous compliments on their size and appearance.In fact, just the other day, I received a call from a local official inquiring where we bought them.You should be hearing from him soon!

    It was well worth the time and effort we spent on the final decision for our signs.They have already enhanced the appearance of our property, but they also fulfill a very practical function! Thank you again!

    — Sister Regina Martin
    Mother Seton Regional High School
    Clark,  NJ
  • Nearly 20 years ago, Hackettstown High School in Hackettstown, New Jersey went on a search for a new school sign.Their goal was a tool that would allow them to communicate to parents, students and community because their sign at the time did not have a way to include messages.In 1995, then Vice Principal Walter Hart came across Stewart Signs at a school trade show.Within a few months, the school was ready to purchase a new Mascot series sign.

    Hackettstown High School was thrilled with their new changeable letter sign.They were able to display four lines of text and the school's interaction with the community dramatically increased.Those passing by were now able to see what was going on at the school and get involved in events like concerts and fundraisers.

    With advancements in technology over the years, Hackettstown High School started to see that the four lines of text their marquee offered paled in comparison to the LED signs they saw sprouting up around their community.In early 2013, Assistant Principal Roy Huchel contacted Stewart School Signs once again.Their hope was to purchase a new LED sign that would allow them to show an unlimited number of messages throughout the day and eliminate the inconvenience of manually changing the letters on their sign."We started thinking about a new sign because we needed a new way to get information out to the public in a better forum" said Huchel.

    In their search for an LED sign, the school found other sign companies who also provided quotes for their LED sign products.However, in the end, Stewart School Signs was chosen for its superior value and the school's overall experience with the company throughout the years."Our group was really on board to purchase the new sign; we just had to compare apples to apples with other sign manufacturers.The ease of installation and maintenance, programming ease and remote programming options were the most crucial points that led us to purchase the new sign" explained Huchel.

    The TekStar model chosen by Hackettstown High School is guaranteed to take their communication to the next level.The new sign can show any combination of text, video or graphics and can be programmed weeks, months or years in advance.The new sign allows Hackettstown to display school events, acknowledge student accomplishments and advertise fundraisers."It was definitely worth the effort and expense, it looks good.You are able to change information quickly and effortlessly, the color contrast is great and you can program practically anything with multiple fonts and effects that make your message jump out at the public.The vandal cover is great and gives very little distortion, the sign is well worth the money" explains Huchel.

    — Roy Huchel
    Hackettstown High School
    Hackettstown,  NJ
  • If another church came to us, I would tell them EMPHATICALLY you need to get this sign.

    — Pastor Bob Mayer
    Drakestown United Methodist Church
    Hackettstown,  NJ
  • We put our sign up 1 week before we were affected by Sandy.It has been a God sent in getting the word out to our community.It has been the best investment the church has ever made.It has been our "Ebeneezer" in letting the community know we are here and moving forward.Blessings upon Stewart Signs!

    — Pastor Bob Mayer
    Drakestown United Methodist Church
    Hackettstown,  NJ
  • Everyone is very pleased with our sign, even those who were against it initially.Thank you very much for all your help and support.

    — Greg Jenkins
    Bethel Lutheran Brethren Church
    Ottawa,  IL
  • We have had nothing but positive comments about our new sign.From the way it looks, to the communication it provides we have heard from community members, teachers and especially parents that it provides a new look and proud image to our inner city school.

    — Marietta Beverly
    Michele Clark Academic Prep High
    Chicago,  IL
  • Just a note to let you know we are pleased with our new sign.I am enjoying coming up with new messages to put on our sign and I am convinced that people are reading the sign.Mason is a small town of just over 2,000 residents we are located just across the street from the post office.Our building is located on State Hwy 87 with a considerable amount of traffic.Our location couldn't be better.

    We are receiving a lot of positive feedback from the locals in our community and I believe it will have a positive impact for us in the community.I am happy that we made the purchase of the new Stewart sign.

    — Wayne DeDear
    Mason Church Of Christ
    Mason,  TX
  • Yesterday we had our church sign hooked up electrically.So it is up and running.The members of our congregation are all delighted with its message layout and the way that the colors complement our existing facility.

    I want to extend a personal well done and thank you to you for your excellent help and counseling during the process of selecting the appropriate sign for our needs.As a company, Stewart Church Signs has an excellent marketing strategy in terms of the promotional and informational materials that it sends to prospective customers.Many questions were answered in your initial packet of materials.I personally think that the inclusion of a listing of the churches in the region that are your customers is a very good idea.However the best part of the process was the friendly, competent, prompt, and professional service that you gave.Thank you very much for that service.

    In conclusion, I would be happy to give a very positive recommendation to other prospective church sign customers concerning the quality of both the products and the services of Stewart Church Signs.

    — Victor F. Marquardt
    Immanuel Lutheran Church
    Jackson,  MI
  • I checked out 4 other companies to see if your church sign truly was the best value.Stewart stood out from them all like a city set on a hill.

    — Brian Amato
    Chapel In The Hills
    Succasunna,  NJ
  • This comes to thank you for the marvelous sign erected by your company here at our church.It has been a great blessing to us and many have entered our sanctuary because they saw the sign.

    We express our gratitude to you and your company for an excellent job and would be more than happy to recommend your company to others needing the same type of services.

    God bless you as you forth in your work is our prayer.

    — W.N. Daniel
    Antioch Baptist Church
    Chicago,  IL
  • We've seen a tremendous impact with the sign in terms of getting more customers.

    — Shailesh Patel
    Spring Valley Inn
    Spring Valley,  IL
  • "The first time I drove to the school," says Juliana Alvarez, "we literally drove right past it in the dark.I thought 'Where's the school? There's no school here." This was at the beginning of her son's four-year career at John Dewey High School in Brooklyn, NY.It planted the seed in her mind that the thirteen-acre campus, bounded as it is by elevated train tracks, a bus yard, and industrial buildings, really needed a sign to set it apart."The need was always there," she remembers.People complained that they couldn't find the school in the dark, but no one was doing anything to remedy the problem.

    In her son's second year, Alvarez was elected President of the Parents Association and began her crusade to make the school more visible, especially after dark."I talked to a sign company, but I just didn't like what they were dishing out," she says.The company representative struck her as unfriendly, and didn't have any suggestions on how the help make the sign happen.Between the lack of support from the sign company and an inherited deficit in the PA budget, Alvarez was getting nowhere fast.

    In her second year as President, things began to look up.Alvarez happened across Stewart Signs and immediately clicked with her sign consultant."She was a whole different type of person from the person at that other sign company," she says."She was very warm, friendly.It was like she was sitting there with me." Stewart Signs prides itself on closing the "communication gap" that can exist between a usually faceless corporation and a client.With hands-on service and a willingness to remain supportive of a project that can take years to accomplish, Stewart was the perfect fit for Alvarez and her needs.

    Her consultant took the time to learn more about the kind of sign the school needed by asking a lot of very particular questions.How fast did the traffic on the road travel? Did Alvarez want moveable letters or an LED display? What exactly did they want to accomplish with this sign? Then she designed a sign for the school, a Herald, and discussed ways that other schools had raised funds for signs.One school had written a letter to its entire parent population, so Alvarez decided to do the same, but she still felt that the sign was too expensive for her fundraising efforts to ever be able to afford.Her consultant helped by scaling down the design to an Announcer 48 and then to a 46 and encouraging Alvarez to send out the letter.With permission from her principal to fund a "special project," the letter went out to each of the 3,400 families at the school.

    In the spring of her final year as PA President, it finally started to come together.Donations in response to the letter came pouring in, and the Student Association pitched in some money.Just when Alvarez was beginning to think "I'm never going to get my sign," she had just enough money to do it."I called her and she was so excited for us," she recalls.

    "But now," she says, "we needed a miracle." It came in the form of a custodian at the school who said "Wouldn't it be nice if the sign was up for graduation?" "He knew," she says, "how hard I had worked to make the sign happen." Normally, Alvarez notes, it takes months to get any construction done in a New York City school, but a phone call to just the right person got the ball rolling."A week before graduation the base got laid.Then suddenly the electricity was hooked up.The night before graduation, the sign itself went up."

    The sign, made of solar grade polycarbonate, 3M™ vinyl, and DuPont™ powdercoat paint, comes with a lifetime warranty, something Alvarez feels confident she can rely on at any time.Its ease of use was evident from the outset: Alvarez herself placed the first letters on the sign that announced graduation the following day.The glowing sign served as a beacon for all the proud parents and families coming to the school for the last time.

    At graduation, Alvarez celebrated many achievements.Her son graduated, her term as PA President drew to a close, and she had finally accomplished her dream of putting the school on the map.Her consultant and Stewart Signs were in her thoughts that day.As she said in her graduation speech, "Now no one can ever say again that Dewey is in the dark."

    — Juliana Alvarez
    John Dewey High School
    Brooklyn,  NY
  • We have had many compliments on the sign.Another church in our town is now interested in your company, I have given them all the information.Great Job!

    — Patricia Burgess
    Ripley United Methodist Church
    Ripley,  NY
  • Thanks again for your salesman expertise and the ease at which this project was completed.You always calmed all my apprehensions about taking on this project through phone and internet sight unseen.

    — Rebecca Kelly
    Bright Hope Baptist Church
    Montclair,  NJ
  • Your sign has served Harvest very well for many years.

    — Paul Dean
    Harvest Baptist Church
    Oswego,  IL
  • On Behalf of Pastor Patton & the entire Holy United Church family, we would like to thank you for the great job you did on assisting us with the order of our new sign.It is Awesome, your service was superb and the sign is wonderful.

    — Mrs. LaTrese Gildon
    Holy United Church
    Oklahoma City,  OK
  • When the First Southern Baptist Church of Del City needed a new sign, they did their research.They found several different companies, but made special notice of Stewart Church Signs, a company actually referred to them by another Baptist church.

    "We received a detailed catalog from Stewart, and it was obvious that we were dealing with a very professional company," said Bill Spain, Administrator at the church.They also stressed the importance of the sign complimenting the architecture of their church."The overall look had to match the style of the building.We wanted symmetry between the two."

    Bill and others at the church reviewed the information from various sources."The products of the other sign companies compared to Stewart Church Signs - that's what made the difference for us.We wanted a Stewart sign."

    There was one final detail which sealed their decision."During the selection process, we also attended the yearly Southern Baptist Convention.We came to find out that Stewart Church Signs is the official sign company of LifeWay and of our denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention." In fact, Stewart Church signs is so highly regarded, it's endorsed by a growing number of denominations, giving its customers extra peace of mind.

    "Stewart Church Signs helped us to design the sign and get it in place and functional.Any questions or snags we encountered were quickly and deftly handled by their amazing Customer Support team.Our ability to communicate with the community is a great attribute," said Pastor Tom Elliff.

    The sign began making an impact the day it was up."Our sign went up on a Wednesday afternoon.That evening, a guest in our worship service responded to the invitation to trust in Jesus.In conversation with him, he acknowledged that he was passing our church, saw the sign, and decided to come in for the service.Of course this was all the work of God's Spirit, but also a remarkable testimony to the manner in which He can use a sign!"

    — Tom Elliff
    First Southern Baptist Church Del City
    Del City,  OK
  • We have now received our sign and it is installed and looks beautiful.We are very happy with it and all the work that you have given to get it done for us.You and your company should be rated EXCELLENT.

    — Jim Jinkens
    First Baptist Church
    Fort Madison,  IA
  • I cannot express how wonderful the customer service was.We were a PTA raising money for our school sign, and our sales rep went above and beyond to help us in any way that he could (advice, design revisions, and tons of patience).Wonderful!!

    — Melissa Parker
    Arthur Elementary School
    Oklahoma City,  OK
  • Thank you for all you do and continue to do to help us -- We have a wonderful product and could not be happier with everything that has transpired between your company and our school community.Again, and again thank you!

    — Diane Winter
    Valley Stream South Jr/Sr High School
    Valley Stream,  NY
  • I would like to take this time to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in assisting us with our sign project here at Jefferson.Please know that your continued support and advice made this project run more smoothly than I could have imagined.Your knowledge and expertise would be an asset to anyone.

    I enjoyed working with you and look forward to doing so on possible future projects.

    — Patricia A. McGill
    Jefferson Township High School
    Oak Ridge,  NJ
  • Thank you so much or your help through the whole process, from beginning to end you made it so easy and you were very helpful.Stewart Signs did an AWESOME job manufacturing the sign and all the people absolutely love it.Once again, we couldn't thank you enough for what this sign means to us as a church and the forwarding of the Gospel.

    — Philip Kopyscinski
    Maranatha Baptist Church
    Newcastle,  OK
  • It was so easy working with Stewart Signs and the price was highly competitive. We got just what we ordered and have been very happy with the quality. Would recommend Stewart to anyone.

    — Carletta Aston
    Totowa United Methodist Church
    Totowa,  NJ
  • Obviously very pleased with the service and the product.So happy to have been informed about your company.

    — Carletta Aston
    Totowa United Methodist Church
    Totowa,  NJ
  • We are so pleased with the sign.It brings forth great comments from the community.And it has definitely increased our visibility and presence.Thank you all for the fine work you do.

    — Danielle Miller
    Oceanside Lutheran Church
    Oceanside,  NY
  • A Tremendously big thank you to our sales consultant for such a professional attitude.I have never met him face to face, but he treated me as if we had been friends for years.It was a pleasure to work with him.The parishioners at St.John's United Methodist Church are extremely pleased with the sign.God Bless You.

    — Samuel Hussey
    St. John's United Methodist Church
    Valley Stream,  NY
  • A big thanks to our consultant for all of the work in helping us to select the right sign.

    — Joe Licata
    Boys & Girls Club Of Lodi
    Lodi,  NJ
  • We are a rural school located pretty much in the center of Lafayette.Our sign was donated by the LAA and has been the cornerstone of communication for our District.Stewart Signs were fantastic in scheduling and designing our sign.Fantastic communicative tool and a great price..

    —  Lafayette Township Elementary School
    Lafayette Township Elementary School
    Lafayette,  NJ
  • The sign has only been up two days and it's getting lots of attention! A gentleman just walked in and said it was wonderful! He even said he drove by it last night and saw it in the dark and it was beautiful! Also, when I drove into the parking lot this morning, there was a couple in a pickup sitting in the parking lot just looking at it! They told me they loved it and just pulled in to read what we've got going on!!

    — Connie Black
    Chickasha First Assembly Of God
    Chickasha,  OK
  • Last Sunday we had visitors who have lived in the community 18 months, but never came to church.When we visited them they said they decided to visit because of the new sign.They had seen the church before, but didn't think we wanted visitors - until they saw the new sign.We've also had visitors come in that are new to the community and visited because they saw the sign and knew we were a Baptist church.

    Our current plans are to use the sign to invite the parents and youth attending the high school basketball games over for a 5th quarter celebration.God has placed us just across the street from the high school.The sign will enable us to impact over 200 students each day of the school week.

    Just wanted to let you know and to thank you once again for all your help and support during our decision making process.

    P.S.Our members really like the new sign and are excited each week to see what message gets put out.We've gotten nothing but compliments from the community.To date, the message that got the most discussion outside the church was "Jesus loves you.So should we." The one that got the most discussion in the church was "God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts." It coincided with a sermon on Galatians chapter 5.

    — Jon L. Judd
    First Baptist Church
    Amber,  OK
  • We simply could not have imagined how much positive response the church has received since the sign has been installed.This has definitely been well worth the investment for our church, as well as to the whole community! May God bless Stewart Sign Co.for their "Mark of Excellency" in church and public signs!

    — David Plummer
    First Baptist Church
    Richmond,  MO
  • We have received such positive comments on our sign and the congregation loves it! It was definitely a great investment for our church.

    You have been great to work with and I appreciate all you did to get this "rookie" through the sign purchase process.

    I am guessing that the note you received was from my mother-in-law.She writes the checks for the church and knows all the work that was put in to make this sign a reality! I will take a picture of the sign and send it to you with all of our smiling faces because we are so happy to have it.

    Thanks again for all your assistance!

    — Tammy Lomax
    Fairmount United Methodist Church
    Independence,  MO
  • THANKS for everything brother! We are super pleased.

    — Matt Zimmer
    St. Paul's Church Of The Nazarene
    Kansas City,  MO
  • We've removed most of our ads from the newspaper and have found that we get better results from the sign.

    — Glen Pearce
    First Baptist Church
    Iowa Park,  TX
  • The sign is up! We installed it just before Christmas.The on-line installation instruction video was awesome.We had no issues at all.Thanks for working with us to make this happen.We are truly blessed to have done business with you and Stewart Signs.

    — Steve Vaughn
    Swope Parkway United Christian Church
    Kansas City,  MO
  • Stewart signs was very accomdating with all our requests.We have been very happy.The sign looks great and is meeting our needs at our elementary PreK-6 building.

    — Christine Stierly
    Tuscarora Elementary School
    Addison,  NY
  • Our representative was EXCELLENT! He went beyond what we expected in every aspect.Very happy with our new sign & experience with Stewart Signs!

    — Peter Freeman
    Harvestland Church
    Clarkston,  MI
  • I just wanted to let everyone know that Stewart Signs has done a wonderful job! The customer service the church received was great! The follow up after the purchase of our sign was first class! You don't see that kind of service around much anymore.I want to thank everyone that helped the church along the way!!

    — Nick
    Southwest Community Church
    Olathe,  KS
  • My church member and I have gone through all of the letters and we're getting ready to put up letters that say come let us worship together.Isn't this exciting? The neighbor across the street told me that someone has been out planting bulbs around the sign so flowers can grow.Even the neighbors are involved.

    —  Linwood Boulevard Seventh-Day Adventist Temple
    Linwood Boulevard Seventh-Day Adventist Temple
    Kansas City,  MO
  • Enclosed please find a photograph of our new church sign from your fine company.Everything worked out just fine as you encouraged us that it would.The installation was a snap.

    As far as an outreach tool - within two weeks of erecting the sign a young lady who moved into our area to work at the local university now comes on a regular basis.I purposely asked her what first drew her to our church, and she said the beautiful church sign indicating that we were a "BIBLE" church.We also have received compliments from the community on how nice it looks.

    I want to personally thank you for all your help and the very professional way in which you handled our account.Everything you said would happen, did.Just as you indicated it would.It's a pleasure doing business with a company like Stewart Church Signs.

    — Mike Stuart
    Alfred Almond Bible Church
    Almond,  NY
  • THANK YOU.Asbury's sign is finally up and running.It looks great; and I'm hearing nothing but compliments.The photo attached is not a good one.It looks much better, in all light and weather, than the attachment shows! - Your Tech Support staff did a fine job when I was lost and wandering among IP addresses and an inaccessible registry file on my Windows 7 laptop.I thought myself a fair technician but obviously not quite good enough to do what was needed.- We're happy with the sign, the hardware, the interface, and the wireless transmission of pixels to the sign! And so, in closing, I say again: Thanks, y'all!

    —  Asbury United Methodist Church
    Asbury United Methodist Church
    Lansing,  MI
  • Thank you for taking the time to call for a picture, the marquee looks great! Again, the sign is a nice addition to our facilities and we have received many compliments!

    — Laura Olmstead
    Green City High School
    Green City,  MO
  • Man you guys are awesome.I wish every business had your customer service! It's just what we needed.

    — Jacob Free
    Tiger Pride Car Wash
    Newkirk,  OK
  • We love our sign! Thanks to our consultant and the design staff for making our sign everything we hoped it would be!

    — Glenna Tillman
    Wilbur Bills Elementary
    Bancroft,  MI
  • Lots of great compliments from the community about the new sign out front.

    — Dr.Michael P.McCarty
    Church Of The Nazarene
  • Our sales rep was excellent to work with in the process of determining what sign to purchase and all the follow-up needed after that decision was made.

    — Dr. Michael P. McCarty
    Church Of The Nazarene
    Durand,  MI
  • We now have the nicest sign in the entire district!! It really adds a nice touch to the middle of the town.

    Thanks very much,

    — Christine Hayes
    Washingtonville Middle School
    Washingtonville,  NY
  • This was my first experience purchasing a sign on behalf of a school district.I knew nothing when I made the initial call .Our consultant has been a wonderful source of information for me!

    — Kathy Alley
    Chenango Valley Jr Sr High School
    Binghamton,  NY
  • The sign looks great and has been the talk of the town!

    — Mary Comstock
    Putnam Co School District R1
    Unionville,  MO
  • Stewart signs are made to stand up to many adverse conditions.While airplane crashesare not necessarily one of them, you wouldn't know that based on what took place inWoodstock, IL, a quiet town 13 miles south of the Wisconsin-Illinois border.

    A single engine plane began experiencing mechanical trouble shortly after takeoff andattempted to return to the airport.Witnesses were startled by how low the plane was andreported seeing it come in between a power line and a barbed wire fence, grazing both.The plane, a single-engine Forney F-1A Aircoupe, then crashed into the sign in front of Greenwood Elementary School at 4818 Greenwood Rd., a halfmilesouth of the airport, at about 9:10 a.m.

    Amazingly, both pilot and passenger were able to walk away from the crash, though theaircraft sustained extensive damage.

    While the plane crash is a first, Stewart signs have endured many other dangeroussituations.In 2005, a Stewart LED sign withstood Hurricane Katrina and spent three weeks inwater.Once electricity was restored, the sign powered right up, displaying pre-Katrinamessages.In Missouri another Stewart sign survived an F4 Tornado without damage, an eeriepresence among downed trees and demolished buildings.

    This type of quality comes from dedication and meticulous workmanship.Stewart signsare made to exacting standards with high quality materials and each is engineered to withstandhurricane-force winds.

    While we of course hope a Stewart sign will never again be tested in such an extrememanner, we are proud to provide our customers with a quality product that will stand the tests oftime.The sign at Greenwood Elementary School stands undamaged as a testament to theexcellent choice the school made investing in a Stewart sign.

    —  Greenwood Elementary School
    Greenwood Elementary School
    Woodstock,  IL
  • Sterling Steele, a graduating senior at GHS, watched Monday, May 2, as the marquee sign for the Gallatin school was installed.

    The sign was Sterling's Eagle Scout project.He raised funds within Gallatin and the greater community to purchase the marquee.

    "The sign is a wonderful addition to the school," said Superintendent Dennis Croy."We are very proud of Sterling and his work on the project.It's a great way to honor him and the Eagle Scouts.We're already using the sign to announce graduation this year."

    The sign measures roughly 8 feet by 8 feet and has changeable letters and will be lit up with lights.It was bought from Stewart School Signs.It is double sided and made of tough Makrolon material.

    The sign is very near where the old sign was located.That sign was accidently destroyed by Gallatin city crews when they were replacing the hydrant for the water line.The previous stone sign will eventually be restored in honor of the class that donated it.The city was happy to contribute toward the new sign and provided the labor and manpower for the installation.

    Top business donators and individual contributors are recognized with permanent logos on the base of the sign.

    Sterling has been a cub scout since he was eight-years-old and a boy scout since he was 11.He is the son of Colette and Michael Steele of Gallatin.

    Sterling and the Gallatin School District wish to express their appreciation to all those who donated toward the school sign.

    — Dennis Croy
    Gallatin High School
    Gallatin,  MO
  • I just had to write and tell you how satisfied we are with our new sign.We have been in this building for 20 years and since the installation of our new Stewart Sign, we have people visit us and to tell us the difference the sign has made in the community.

    Your service was great.The old saying, "We are just as near as your nearest telephone" is really true.Your instructions were easy to follow.You guided us all the way from purchasing to installation.We are one of your satisfied customers.

    — Earnestine Williams
    Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church
    Flint,  MI
  • Just a line to tell you how absolutely fabulous the new sign has been received in our congregation and the community. Very few times in my experience in the church have I seen anything accepted so fast. It took us over three years to convince the church that we needed a good sign for in front of our new church building.

    We had moved into over a million dollar building with a sign painted on a cheap piece of plywood. It did not give a good impression at all. Many of our people just could not bring themselves to a point of voting to spend so much money for something that just sits out front and doesn't do anything. But finally because of the generosity of one family, who purchased the sign as a memorial to their parents, we were able to order the "advocate" sign. We like this particular sign because of the message board. Twenty four hours per day our sign gives a message to everyone that passes on the busy road in front of our church.

    Also we have found that a sign doesn't just sit out front doing nothing. We found that we began to see immediate results. New visitors have been on the increase ever since the sign went up. Our people became very proud and excited, and felt a great accomplishment. Also many of our people discovered through conversation with their friends, that outsiders really do judge a church somewhat by the sign in front of their building. If you have a cheap plywood sign to tell who you are, then you really don't think much of yourself. But if you have a bright sign that gives a message that you really are somebody special, this too gives a message of come join us you can be special too.

    We wouldn't give up our sign for anything in the world. It has been the best investment in ourselves that we could have possibly done. Thanks for all your encouragement and help all through the process of purchasing our sign.

    — Kenneth E.Sharp
    First Baptist Church
  • The experience was exemplary.It was an excellent experience and everyone at the Church is pleased.We will definitely recommend Stewart Signs.

    — Eric Slack
    Davis Memorial Church Of God In Christ
    Grand Rapids,  MI
  • Our sign was recently installed and we love it.I want to thank Stewart Signs for their professionalism and friendly customer service from the start.They were very patient with us and I appreciate all that they did.The sign is absolutely beautiful and we are so excited to use it.It was a pleasure working with you.

    —  Jeffery Elementary School
    Jeffery Elementary School
    Kenosha,  WI
  • We love our new sign.

    — Jim Harvey
    Kremlin Community United Methodist Church
    Kremlin,  OK
  • You should see more sales from our area, the Moose Club and Fire Department have both shown interest to me.

    — Jack ONeil
    American Legion Post 355
    Penn Yan,  NY
  • Our sign is very nice, we all love it. Thank you so much for all your efforts, patients, concerns, and all you did to make this possible.

    — Martha Guzman
    Apostolic Assembly Of The Faith In Christ Jesus
    Racine,  WI
  • We had the best salesperson, he is the best.He was very helpful, understanding, most of all helping us getting the right and beautiful sign to our code and standards in our area.Thank you so much for having people that really care about their customers.

    — Martha Guzman
    Apostolic Assembly Of The Faith In Christ Jesus
    Racine,  WI
  • My consultant is a definite asset to your company.He worked with our church very patiently, we had many questions and city hoops to jump through but he stayed in there with us.We started off with several design plans so I could show the church board options and I think that sold the church on your company: having actual visual, in-their-hands pictures of what the sign could look like.We would have no problems recommending your company to anyone interested in a changeable letter sign.Thanks for all the additional information on letter size and message creation with regards to the sign message calculator, it's a great tool.We hope your company has a lot more future success!

    — Jim Moir
    Nash Road Free Methodist Church
    North Tonawanda,  NY
  • I received your phone message the other day and wanted to let you know that our sign was installed before the holidays and looks great.We have received numerous compliments on it.I will send you a photo of the sign soon; I also wanted to let you know that I filled out the survey online the other night so you should be seeing that.

    Thanks again for all your help.I appreciate your honesty about the product and for allowing us to take the time to make the right decision.I enjoyed dealing with you and Stewart Signs; we are extremely pleased with our purchase.It certainly is a wonderful addition to our church property.

    — James Buck
    White Sulphur Springs United Methodist
    Livingston Manorrings,  NY
  • Just wanted to let you know the whole town loves the sign and I just had a gentleman from a church in Hawley to stop by and get information on it as they are needing a new sign for their church.I highly recommended Stewart Signs!!! He said it was very impressive to him.I gave him a brochure of the TekStar that we have, so maybe it will work out.

    — Teresa Sorrells
    Rule Independent School District
    Rule,  TX
  • I'd like to thank our sign consultant and those that work for The Stewart Sign Company, for the great job you did on our beautiful sign.We at The Lighthouse Church are very happy and proud for the way you worked with us to get the sign to look the way we wanted.There are so many others here in Hobart that have complimented the sign, saying how much it helps to locate our church.It is a great testimony, displaying God's Word to those that pass by.

    We are very proud to have one of your signs as a part of our church.

    — James Lankford
    Lighthouse Assembly Of God
    Hobart,  OK
  • Thank you very much for your was great working with you.

    — Will Haworth
    Eastridge Church Of The Nazarene
    Wichita,  KS
  • Many positive comments.Thank you for all your help.I have given others your name, so hopefully you will receive calls for more signs.

    — Bob Allgrim
    Lifespring Community Church
    Canandaigua,  NY
  • Oh my gosh, the sign is just amazing and the entire community loves it!! I hear great things about it all of the time.

    — Katie Bissell
    Vestaburg High School
    Vestaburg,  MI
  • Our school and community are completely thrilled with our new electronic sign.We do not have a local newspaper in our town, so this sign is the primary source of communication for all of us.In addition, it's a beautiful enhancement to our entire campus.We have received numerous compliments and could not be happier with our decision to purchase a Stewart Sign.Thank you!

    —  Vestaburg High School
    Vestaburg High School
    Vestaburg,  MI
  • Our town is a small town with a population of 1200 plus, and since our sign was installed we have been the focal point of traffic.People make special trips to our end of town to see what the new message might be.There is no doubt that this sign is the best investment that our Church has ever done.

    The messages that we display are messages of encouragement, humor, scriptural and informational.We publicize, not only our Church events, but since we are the only sign of this type in town, we put information about civic events, school events and even urge our sports teams on.The idea that a sign of this type is not for a small town has certainly been disproved.

    We have become the information center for Crowell, Texas, AND...after the installation of our sign our attendance immediately jumped so much that we set new attendance records in October, November and December, and we have first time visitors on a consistent basis.Not all of this is due to the sign but much of it is.

    — Donnie E. Miller
    Faith Baptist Church
    Crowell,  TX
  • Fantastic work.Looking forward to more messages and the creativity it will allow you to have.You can clearly tell that there is signage at nighttime and it is noticeable.Prior to this, 75 ft in either direction and we were not noticed.That meant our old sign could hardly be viewed off our own property.This is a significant leap forward for Bethel communicating who we are, what and when we're doing it.I prayed for this moment for quite some time.I pray that it helps both God and Bethel do the Evangelical work that we often times are too shy or nervous to want to do.That sign can do a lot of "muscle" work to get people inside the church and prayerfully bring salvation to some of their lives.

    — Rodger Runyan
    Bethel Lutheran Church Elca
    Muskego,  WI
  • At Stewart Signs, we often hear of the hard work and dedication needed to raise funds for a new sign.For Thomaston Fire Department, these efforts were not made in vain.Sixteen year-old Jordan Terrier spearheaded the project that replaced the department's old changeable letter sign with an eye-catching LED message center in memory of his brother.

    In 2006, tragedy struck the Thomaston Fire Department when one of their own was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident.James Terrier, Jr.had been a firefighter for less than a week and was on his way home from picking up the motorcycle when the accident occurred.His family was devastated by the loss and his younger brother Jordan decided to commemorate his death with a contribution to the fire department.

    Jordan set about to raise funds for a new LED sign for the station."The old sign was pretty ratty looking and outdated," he said."I wanted to do something for the department, and I wanted to do something for my brother." With his family's and community's help, Jordan raised $17,000 and completed the purchase of the sign in 2012.

    The dedicated sixteen year-old worked closely with his consultant at Stewart Signs to complete the purchase with the help of his mother.Jordan was meticulous to pick out every detail of the sign from the color paint to the logo and font used.A plaque was placed on the legs of the sign that reads "In Memory of James Terrier, Jr.".

    Jordan also kept a scrapbook of the entire process.The Stewart Signs factory took pictures of each stage of the signbuilding process and his mother helped him to even keep receipts from various moments."I was driving by the fire house and they let me have the honor of mailing [the approved sign sketch] so I did it certified.I got the receipt back for Jordan's scrapbook that way" said Lisa Terrier."I even took a picture of the mail attendant doing it.He laughed and went with it.The post office even took a collection so they know it's important to us."

    The fire department plans to use the new sign to alert the community of hazardous weather conditions and promote local events such as carnivals or fundraisers.The group is especially proud to post messages that welcome back soldiers and sailors who are home on leave.

    — Jordan Terrier
    Thomaston Fire Department
    Thomaston,  CT
  • Just to let you know that the sign has been a great addition.We've had several people visit the church because of it, and our preschool has had 8 registrations as a result of advertising on the sign.

    — Deano Pulice
    Park Ridge Free Methodist Church
    Rochester,  NY
  • Our consultant was outstanding to work with.Stewart Signs went above and beyond to get the sign manufactured and delivered to the funeral home so I could get it installed before our open house.I would reccommend your company to anyone.Thank you again.

    — Sherm Rowley
    Rowley Funeral Home
    Mount Pleasant,  MI
  • For anyone who is interested in a sign, I would definitely suggest and recommend Stewart Signs.

    — Mark Lebo
    Bear Pond Winery
    Oneonta,  NY
  • Just wanted to let you know that we are soooo delighted with our Stewart sign.Our 4'x4' custom made sign lit beautifully into our scheme.I am now glad that we didn't get the town's permission to go with the normal size sign.

    Our community has really gotten into reading the sayings on the sign and look for the next one I place on it with zeal! This sign is such a hit that recently our new school building community for the Unadilla Valley School system inquired as to where we purchased our sign.

    Because we erected the sign in the late autumn, our sign was not dedicated to the Lord until Easter morning.There, after singing "How Great Thou Art", we prayed that the Lord would use this as an instrument of service and evangelism.

    We are THRILLED with our new sign, thank you for helping us in our designing and purchasing of it.May the Lord use you and Stewart Church Signs for the furtherance of the gospel.

    — Rev. Allen W. Carpenter
    First Baptist Church
    New Berlin,  NY
  • The arrival of our new sign was a very exciting time for us. The installation went extremely well and we were happy with the way it was packaged, shipped and delivered.

    I want to thank you and let you know how much we appreciated your good service. The congregation and I are so pleased with the sign's appearance and its high quality. We would highly recommend your company to anyone who would like to purchase a sign.

    Already we have had people visiting in our services due to the messages that we are now able to put up.

    Once again, thank you for all your help.

    — Jeffery L.Bayliff
    Good News Baptist Church
    Cedar Rapids,  IA
  • Greetings from Dubuque, Iowa.Our sign was installed this Saturday, Aug.11th, The installation went smooth and effortless and the sign powered on to the welcome, date, time, and temperature status.

    — Terry Bemis
    Journey Church
    Dubuque,  IA
  • We appreciate the wonderful help of our sales person.

    — Chad Prigge
    Fellowship Baptist Church
    Watertown,  WI
  • I went to write a note of comment about our "sign ministry". A lady who is a "teacher of meti-physics" just called me to say she liked one of the questions: "Do your things possess you?" She wants to visit Sunday. A month ago one of our people mentioned that a particular message brought conviction to her life. One couple now comes quite regularly now "because of the sign", and another lady we met on visitation knows us as the church "with the sign".

    I must say that your sign has evoked more comment and interest in our church than anything we have ever done. Even though our sign was long in coming and smaller than we wanted because of a town ordinance, God is using it to speak to people. Continue to encourage your churches to resist displaying only information and sermon titles. Posting prayerful messages is a bit of work but it really speaks to many who will never read anything else.

    Thank you for your service to us in providing a very attractive sign that is really doing the job.

    — Victor Watkins
    Beacon Baptist Church
    Clay,  NY
  • Our sign is finally in and we are loving it!!!! And it was a very easy installation process!!! Thank you so much for working with us!!

    — Melanie Hutchinson
    Ogden Elementary
    Ogden,  KS
  • Our consultant was excellent, extremely helpful, and professional.He's an asset to your company.We've received many positive comments on the sign and so far we are very satisfied.

    — Paula Woudenberg
    Richfield Springs Bible Church
    Richfield Springs,  NY
  • Our sign is so bright, the first day it was running the kids thought police cars were parked in front of the school.

    — Cheryl Adkins
    West Nodaway R-I School
    Burlington Junction,  MO
  • I want to thank you for the help you gave us during the process of selecting and ordering our new WITNESS sign.In our search for a new sign we contacted and obtained a drawing and price from a local sign company.They manufacture an excellent product, but in comparing it to the J.M.Stewart sign there was no comparison.Naturally we chose to order from your company.Your 800 number made it so easy and personal to take care of details and answer questions without the time of waiting for mail to come and go.

    Obviously, we are happy with the results of our purchase.There have been good comments from people in the church and community.Last Sunday and young widow woman and her two boys were driving by the church on their way to another church in the next community when her eye spotted our sign and its message, "Thankful for everything".She turned around and came in to visit us.As it turned out she is looking for a fellowship for herself and her boys.She plans to be back next Sunday.She felt the message on the sign was what she needed.

    By the way, the storage box for the letters is well worth the price.I can't imagine what we would do with the letters without it.It keeps them in proper sequence and makes it easy to file and remove them as needed.Encourage pastors not to skimp on this investment.They will regret it.

    Again, thanks for your help and the Lord bless you.

    — Robert E. Bell
    Wood River Baptist Church
    Richmond,  RI
  • Thank you again for your diligence and keeping us up to speed as the process was taking place.

    — Dave Adams
    Heritage Word Of Life Assembly Of God
    Mitchellville,  IA
  • To Whom It May Concern,

    The new TriStar signs we purchased for our restaurants, Los Cazadores, are a great addition to our business. We are thrilled with the appearance of the signs and they are receiving a lot of attention from passersby and other local businesses!

    Our sales consultant has worked with us to create a great looking sign that was within our budget and met all of our business' needs. Since the installation of the signs, we have seen a lot of new customers! Our Restaurant has been here for 4 years but we have owned and operated it for 1 year and 1 month now. The new customers that we are getting to support our business have known of the building but have never come in to eat with us. Today, we have a whole new group of regular customers that eat with us weekly. The new signage that our consultant worked with us to create took our business to the next level. Since the installation of our new sign we have hired 3 new waitresses and 2 new cooks in the last 2 months. I can say that the signs are sure to bring in revenue that will cover the cost of the sign and a whole lot more!

    I owe my consultant a nice steak dinner!

    I have recommended three other organizations to Stewart Signs and will continue to do so!

    Thank you Stewart Signs!

    — Terry Stevens
    Los Cazadores Restaurant
    Big Lake,  TX
  • We are very busy since our new signing has gone up.Life is GREAT.

    — Terry Stevens
    Los Cazadores Restaurant
    Big Lake,  TX
  • For the money, your signs are the best deal out there.The bottom line is - your low price made putting up a color digital sign possible for us! Thanks for putting a great value digital sign within our reach!

    — Greg Roberts
    First Church Of The Open Bible
    Des Moines,  IA
  • Just a note of appreciation for the time, patience and guidance you provided during our endeavor for acquiring a sign tor our church.You brought me up to speed in quick order on knowing everything about signs from purchase, construction and installation.You were absolutely on track when you said that the sign would be easy to install.The tact of the matter is that it tools us longer to get the crate off the truck and uncrated than to actually mount it on its pedestal.Your hint about using blocks of wood by the bolts was also extremely helpful.

    Our sign arrived on Holy Week Monday and was mounted that day.On Tuesday, although we hadn't hooked up the electricity as yet, we immediately advertised our Tenebrae service for Thursday night.Alter the service we again changed the sign and in addition to making the world aware that "He died for our sins", we posted our Sunday morning service times.Our Sunrise service had the largest attendance since we have been attending Middletown Baptist.I was extremely overjoyed to meet a couple from Maryland who were in town for the weekend and to find out that it was because of the sign they were there.Our second service was packed to the gills' with at least 5 hill pews of 'new faces'.I did not get a chance to speak to all of them but know that the sign did have a positive impact in drawing a few of them.This revelation has made this whole process worthwhile.It has been difficult not to say 'l told you so' to the doubting Thomasses.This high quality sign has brought a new sense of pride to our congregation.Thanks again!

    — Ernie Caron
    Middletown Baptist Church
    Portsmouth,  RI
  • Our Sales Consultant was very patient and helpful, thanks very much.

    — Kandra Searfoss
    Seventh Day Adventist Church
    West Branch,  MI
  • We just wanted to let you know that we have really enjoyed our new church sign! We appreciate all of your help.It has already made a difference in the community as different people, who are not members of our church, have come up to us and commented on the sign.

    Thanks again for your help, and for the quality sign.

    — Rick Floyd
    First Baptist Church
    Arnett,  OK
  • The Copenhagen Central School PTO would like to express their gratitude for your company's help in the making of our school sign.We have received many positive comments from the members of our community!

    I have enclosed a picture of the finished sign.Thank you again.

    — Margaret Nevills
    Copenhagen Central School
    Copenhagen,  NY
  • I want to thank you for all your help with the purchase and processing of our new sign.Everything is working well, the sign has been well received.We love the ease of changing the sign even though we don't have it connected to a drop yet.We are getting more creative each day.Thank you also to your tech line that has been absolutely wonderful.

    — Kathy Brallier
    Fenelon Falls Secondary School
    Fenelon Falls,  ON
  • This has been a fun experience and you wouldn't believe all the people that stopped by to see it.You have been a pleasure to work with.God Bless You and all those involved.

    — Debbie Kester
    Oakland Christian Church
    Oakland,  IA
  • My sales rep was excellent.Very knowledgable, personable, and easy to get a hold of.

    — Andrew Sorensen
    Plymouth Community Intermediate School
    Plymouth,  MA
  • My sales rep was WONDERFUL! I think I truly made a friend.He was amazing.Stewart Signs KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! God Bless You!

    — Betty Dossey
    Lighthouse Assembly Of God
    Ashland,  KS
  • We have received a lot of positive comments from members as well as city folk.

    — Jim Reinhardt
    First United Methodist Church Gaylord
    Gaylord,  MI
  • It has been a great pleasure working with the sales team at Stewart signs.Customer service has been good to work with resolving some of our issues with the wireless communications.

    — Tom Doemel
    Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran
    Waupaca,  WI
  • Our new electronic marquee has been such a blessing.It is so nice to be able to instantly change or add messages to the marquee without having to worry about contacting someone to come and take down the old message and put up the new, the weather conditions, and if can we get the new message up in a timely matter.The new marquee is not only efficient in getting messages to people, but it is also aesthetically pleasing in the front of our church property.

    Your support staff has been incredible.Any questions we have had, they have answered immediately and made sure that we understood the process.

    Thank you for a smooth transition.

    — Terri Everett
    Immanuel Baptist Church
    Odessa,  TX
  • First of all your sign is working great.I have had the best experience possible working with your company and staff.I will keep you in mind should I need any further signage in the future.

    — Jeffrey A. Hardy
    The Salvation Army
    Haverhill,  MA
  • The decision to purchase an electronic for our library was easy.Finding the right business to work with us to select the perfect design for our location was easy once we connected with Stewart Signs.They understood the need to maximize the visibility at our location and provided the solution at a reasonable price.

    —  Hampstead Public Library
    Hampstead Public Library
    Hampstead,  NH
  • We love our sign!!

    — Mary Sue Crowley
    Rochester School
    Rochester,  VT
  • My consultant was an excellent representative of your company.

    — Steve McGinley
    Faith Lutheran Church
    Saint Charles,  MN
  • I have received numerous calls and messages from people of our town congratulating me on the sign, saying how nice it is, and how they appreciate all the work it took to get it here.I always tell them about you and how it was only possible with your help.

    —  Ellis Chamber Of Commerce
    Ellis Chamber Of Commerce
    Ellis,  KS
  • Our consultant was extremely helpful in all stages.We were in the inquiry phase for a year before we were able to purchase a sign.She provided us a perfect balance of help, ideas, and follow-up without being "pushy."

    — Bill Sugarman
    Randolph Technical Career Center
    Randolph,  VT
  • Trego Community High School recently installed a new LED messaging sign adjacent to Highway 283.The sign has "been a long time coming," according to Principal John Luhrs.

    "After seeing signs in front of other schools across the state, it was clear that our community would benefit from another source of information," said Luhrs."School signs provide the essential means of communication between the school and its community, parents, students and teachers."

    Several weeks elapsed while sign companies were contacted and designs were being emailed back and forth.In the end Stewart Signs came up with the design features and ease of programming essential for one to easily update information in a format that grabs the attention of people passing by.With a design that will withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour, the sign will provide many years of use.

    Students played a role in the acquisition of the sign.For example, the Eagle logo featured on the sign was created by Chad Uhrich, a 2011 graduate of Trego Community High School.Also, funding for the sign came from generous donations by T-Club, Weight Club and the Concession Stand.The only expense to USD 208 was for the concrete and labor to install the sign.

    The cost to USD 208 was minimal and does not take away essential funding for programs, daily operations or salaries.Energy for the new sign, as well as the Goldsmith sign, also located on the northeast corner of the football complex, is being donated by Midwest Energy.

    — John Luhrs
    Trego Community High School
    Wakeeney,  KS
  • Things have been very busy here with getting ready for the first day of school but I wanted to take a minute and thank you and Stewart Signs.The customer service has been far above most that I deal with on a daily basis.The sign, the letters, the installation instructions, the template and the communication that you have provided has been far above par.

    If at any time Stewart Signs needs our school as a reference, you are more than welcome to use this email or have the potential customer call and I will be happy to talk with them and address any concerns they may have with using Stewart Signs.

    — Perry J. Schwarz
    Waits River Valley Elementary School
    East Corinth,  VT
  • One of the founders of our church passed away in 2011 and he wanted the memorial funds to go toward a new sign.When researching them, the main factors for us were the look of the sign, the first impression it would give, the variety of styles to choose from, durability and cost.Of those, we focused primarily on the impact that the sign would have.Once we received the beautiful artwork from Stewart Signs and it was presented to the congregation, everyone was on board.We had a very good experience with Stewart Signs.

    — Brad Nelson
    Northwoods Chapel
    Pembine,  WI
  • We are very happy with our new sign.Installation was easy and quick.Thanks for all of your help.

    — Art Tracy
    Praise Chapel Community Church
    Crandon,  WI
  • "These days there are only three ways a church can draw in more people," Bruce Gustafson sagely remarks."There's the one-on-one personal invitation from a member, the Internet, and outdoor signage.That's it."

    Bruce is a council member at River Heights Vineyard Church in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota."In the old days people found your church using the Yellow Pages.Those days are gone," he laments; adding, "We don't even list in the Yellow Pages anymore."

    River Heights Vineyard Church is a busy place seven days a week, including evenings.Tuesday nights the church holds a "celebrate recovery" ministry for those in the community seeking support.Wednesday nights the youth ministry meets.Bruce and his wife Bonnie provide couple mentoring other nights.And twice each year the church offers a ten-week Alpha course.

    "We have a lot going on - with even more on the horizon," Bruce projects."Therefore, how do we reach out in these times? We needed to leave the 20th Century."

    The members entrusted Bruce with the research project of purchasing an electronic message center to replace the woefully outdated sign out on Cahill Avenue.'Entrusted' was something the members felt they could do.After all, after a 41-year career in customer service with the 3M Company, he knew a little something about product integrity.

    Bruce placed calls to other churches in the Saint Paul area to personally visit and inspect church signs."The Stewart brand kept coming up.I learned about Stewart's 40-year reputation and loyal customers.That carries a lot of weight with me."

    Contacting Stewart Signs he learned how to put Cahill Avenue to work for the church."It's the main thoroughfare.We had already a built-in audience."

    Bruce explains why LED technology is right for today's church."People are busy, let's face it.Hundreds of people drive past a church every day just going about their lives.You have but an 8-second window to reach out.A quality-built, tasteful, workhorse of a sign speaks volumes to the community.It informs motorists with continually-updated messages and proclaims that your church cares."

    River Heights Vineyard Church installed their new Stewart Signs LED sign in September, 2008.Right away the community responded very positively."I expected the membership to be excited although that was only the beginning," Bruce recalls fondly.

    "Our senior pastor bumped into our mayor at a social function.The mayor commented on how 'professional' the sign looks; saying that the new sign fits in well in the Cahill Avenue corridor and that it's an asset to the community."

    The under-35 crowd of Inver Grove Heights has taken notice as well."We run messages that touch their everyday lives.They feel a connection between this specific church and what they go through.Many of them are new parents.The sign really puts us on the map.Their map."

    Before the new sign, River Heights Vineyard Church saw two-hundred worshipers on a typical Sunday morning."Now we see three-hundred and growing," reports Bruce.

    "I can't say for certain that the new sign is wholly responsible for the increase," he acknowledges."But what I can say is we are considering adding a third service on Sundays."

    — Bruce Gustafson
    River Heights Vineyard Church
    Inver Grove Heights,  MN
  • It is a pleasure to write a letter regarding your company and the quality of service we received during the process of ordering and installing a sign for our school.We found the whole process easy and the people at Stewart School Signs extremely pleasant to work with.There was never any pressure, they were open to ideas about our logo, and were quick in responding.

    The part of the whole adventure that concerned me most was the installation.I was concerned with just how everything would match up and how easy this "easy installation" would be.Let me tell you, the videotape makes it very easy and answers a number of questions and concerns.Everything you need to know was in the videotape and notebook that arrived well in advance of the sign.To tell you the truth, my fourteen-year-old daughter helped us with the template and re-rod steel.I talked my other daughter into helping me dig the hole.From start to finish, the complete installation project took less than 3 hours - very easy!

    Thank you for making this project easy to accomplish.

    — Dennis Roos
    Woodbury Junior High School
    Woodbury,  MN
  • I would like to thank our sales rep for all his help as he was a guide through the whole process.I do like your process as our sales rep kept in touch with us but not that he was over calling as just asking if there was something else he could do for us.I felt no pressure from Stewart Signs and that's why we went with you.Some of the other companies never call back for 2-3 weeks and that made it hard to decide.Thanks Again for all your help.Great company to do business with.

    — David Brown
    Redeemer Lutheran Elca
    Hudson,  WI
  • Many thanks to the Stewart Sign company for your timely service and quality of product.The sign is absolutely beautiful and has improved the church grounds.

    Many in our community have made wonderful comments about the sign and we have had guests at our worship services that attended because they saw the sign.

    Thanks again for everything.God's blessings on you and yours.

    — Steve Kulback
    First Baptist Church
    Logan,  NM
  • We had done comparisons to other company's product descriptions afterwards and found that Stewart Signs truly has highest quality products to offer.

    — Garrett Grniet
    City Of Hopkins
    Hopkins,  MN
  • In a the time...just call Stewart Signs.They will provide you quality service and I recommend what I think are the finest signs available.

    — Dr. Bob Thatcher
    Health And Wellness Center
    Shoreview,  MN
  • We have had our Stewart sign for a year now, and we are still very pleased with it. It was donated to our church by a member who lost his wife and two of his three children in a car accident. Their memory lives on, inscribed in stone underneath our sign.

    It is amazing how a Stewart sign increases the appeal of a church and adds a professional look to the property. We can't believe how many people continue to visit our church because of the sign.

    The sign has been standing up well to the weather we have in South Dakota. It survived strong winds when a tornado just missed our church last summer. It didn't even crack when our temperatures got down to negative 20° this winter.

    I would encourage other churches to consider a Stewart sign before settling for one from a local sign company. There is a lot of quality built into your signs.

    Your prompt and courteous service before and after the sale has made us a satisfied customer.

    Thank you Stewart Church Signs, keep up the good work.

    — Merlin De Boer
    Good News Reformed Church
    Sioux Falls,  SD
  • l want to say a big "Thank You" for your assistance in helping us purchase a new church sign.From our first conversation, l was impressed with the interest that you took in our needs and your step-by-step guidance in helping us determine the size and style that would be most appropriate for our situation.

    Your thoughtful counsel in helping us apply for a zoning variance was also deeply appreciated.The documents that you sent were very helpful in enabling us to prepare an effective appeal that resulted in a favorable response to our request.

    l am also appreciative of the assistance that your support representative gave to us in helping us to solve the minor technical problems that we had with our sign.She was most responsive to our requests and provided the replacement ballast and support service with courtesy, efficiency and professionalism.

    We appreciated the fact that the purchase price of the sign included an adequate number of letters and numbers to keep our messages current and relevant.The utility provided on your website to assist us in changing our message is very valuable, saving us from needless frustration and a lot of valuable time.

    Many from our congregation have expressed their appreciation of the appearance and functionality of the sign.We consider the sign to be a significant enhancement of our presence in the community.

    l would certainly do business with you again and would give an unqualified endorsement to any who inquire regarding the quality of service provided by your company.

    — Leroy C. Scheumann
    Oxlip Evangelical Free Church
    Isanti,  MN
  • I would describe the experience with Stewart Signs as very good.They were professional and very timely getting back to us with information when we had questions.

    — Tim Curtis
    Town Of Madison
    Madison,  ME
  • The reputation of the manufacturer of the sign was key, and they impressed me.

    — Patti Shibley
    Bob's Cash Fuel Llc
    Madison,  ME
  • The Town of Steuben wants to thank you for everything you did from start to finish in the purchase of our fabulous Stewart Sign! You made the process extremely easy and stress free.

    The sign is beautiful and is just what we were looking for. We have received multiple compliments on it and how it was really needed in our town as a main source of information. We knew from the beginning that choosing to work with Stewart Signs was the right decision, and the compliments and gratitude from the people has only confirmed that we made the right choice. We will definitely be recommending Stewart Signs for anyone that is in the market for a great outdoor sign.

    Again, we thank you for your time and dedication to see this project through with us. I can't thank you enough for all you did to help see this project through til the very end. I wish every company we dealt with had employees like you that were capable of providing the level of customer service that you provided to us. You truly know how it's done!

    — Julie A.Ginn
    Town Of Steuben
    Steuben,  ME
  • The Town of Steuben wants to thank you for everything you did from start to finish in the purchase of our fabulous Stewart Sign! You made the process extremely easy and stress free.The sign is beautiful and is just what we were looking for.We have received multiple compliments on it and how it was really needed in our town as a main source of information.We knew from the beginning that choosing to work with Stewart Signs was the right decision, and the compliments and gratitude from the people has only confirmed that we made the right choice.We will definitely be recommending Stewart Signs for anyone that is in the market for a great outdoor sign.Again, we thank you for your time and dedication to see this project through with us.I can't thank you enough for all you did to help see this project through til the very end.I wish every company we dealt with had employees like you that were capable of providing the level of customer service that you provided to us.You truly know how it's done

    — Julie A. Ginn
    Town Of Steuben
    Steuben,  ME
  • I wanted to take a couple of minutes and send you a note thanking you for your assistance regarding our new church sign.The drawings, hardware and template for the sign's foundation was very helpful and the people in your firm that I talked with were very courteous and professional.I attached a couple of pictures.We are very pleased with the quality and appearance of the sign.Bradford Baptist Church now has a new way to reach out to our community to let them know that we care and to invite them in for worship and fellowship.I wanted to take a couple of minutes and send you a note thanking you for your assistance regarding our new church sign.The drawings, hardware and template for the sign's foundation was very helpful and the people in your firm that I talked with were very courteous and professional.I attached a couple of pictures.We are very pleased with the quality and appearance of the sign.Bradford Baptist Church now has a new way to reach out to our community to let them know that we care and to invite them in for worship and fellowship.I wanted to take a couple of minutes and send you a note thanking you for your assistance regarding our new church sign.The drawings, hardware and template for the sign's foundation was very helpful and the people in your firm that I talked with were very courteous and professional.I attached a couple of pictures.We are very pleased with the quality and appearance of the sign.Bradford Baptist Church now has a new way to reach out to our community to let them know that we care and to invite them in for worship and fellowship.

    — Scott Roberts
    Bradford,  ME
  • My overall experience with Stewart signs was excellent! My salesperson was great! He was very helpful from the design of the sign to the shipping of the final product and always communicated very promptly! The service department was also great! Best customer service that I have had all around.Thank you very much!!

    — Sheila Kromer
    Barnacles Resort And Campground
    Aitkin,  MN
  • Thanks for a great sign, and a very good price, and very good customer service.

    — Jim Johnson
    Motley Free Methodist Church
    Motley,  MN
  • The sign is installed.Your list of directions to us was perfect.The template fit.Everything works!

    It just might be the prettiest church sign in town.We had a preview lighting of it the other evening: BREATH-TAKING.We will send you a copy of the photographs when they are printed.

    Everything you told us and what we read in the materials you sent us really was an understatement to just how nice and truly high quality this sign is.Thank you and your company.

    This coming Sunday, October 30th at 6 o'clock, will be our official dedication and first lighting of this beautiful addition to the Lighthouse complex.Your sign truly is in the spirit of the scripture that declares "Ye are the light of the world."

    — R.G.Dunbar
    Lighthouse Temple
    Colorado Springs,  CO
  • Abe Sweeney awoke one morning to find that the 15-year-old sign for Emmanuel Baptist Church had been vandalized.The sign was a basic masonry structure that identified the name of the church.Abe decided that immediate attention was needed, so he contacted three sign companies to obtain quotations.

    Emmanuel Baptist Church was looking for a vandal resistant, graffiti resistant sign, but they also wanted a high profile sign that will attract attention and offer a large display for posting messages.The sign had to offer an easy way of changing messages, so they could keep the messages fresh on a consistent basis.They were also looking to incorporate an attractive color scheme and design that will effectively promote the church.

    Each company sent Abe estimates for their new sign.What separated the two national companies? "Stewart Signs looked different - they were very impressive.From their catalog, to the color rendering of our sign, to their unmatched lifetime warranty, I could tell they were very professional.I began speaking with my consultant and became very comfortable with him; he always returned my calls and was able to answer all of my questions."Stewart was actually fun to deal with."

    Early on, the owner of the local sign company, and longtime friend of Abe's, admitted that he could not make a quality sign that could compare to what Stewart Signs could provide."He said he would have to buy a sign and resell it to us, so we decided to go with Stewart Signs.Having been in business for over 36 years, and with over 30,000 customers, Stewart Signs obviously knows quality."

    Abe's original request was for an illuminated, custom sign that was single-sided and would be installed parallel to the road.After discussing the churches direction and needs with his Stewart Church Sign consultant, the Executive Board of Emmanuel Baptist Church decided to invest in an illuminated, double-sided Announcer Supra model that was perpendicular to the road.

    Why the change? "Our consultant mentioned that signs that are perpendicular to the road are easier to read by those driving by.With that said, he also mentioned that using a double-sided sign would allow those coming from both directions to read the church's message.After he pointed this out, the board realized that it made a lot more sense to have this kind of sign and it just kind of progressed from there.Everything that our consultant proposed to us just seemed to make sense.Our consultant not only understood his product, but was in touch with the needs of today's church."

    "Stewart Signs was so accommodating to us throughout our sign purchase.They were pleasant, easy to deal with - I have no complaints! We're very happy with our sign.It's also a relief to know that the graffiti that ruined our old sign will never be an issue with our Stewart Sign."

    — Abe Sweeney
    Emmanuel Baptist Church
    Virginia,  MN
  • I serve as the Chair of the Los Alamos Juvenile Justice Advisory Board.In October, a huge community celebration was held to unveil the new sign for our high school.The sign project was led and driven by student volunteers who belong to a program sponsored by the JJAB called the Los Alamos Youth Leadership - NRG Team.I would like to express our appreciation of our Regional Manager.

    For the past two years, a group of 10 students worked with our regional manager to plan a new sign for Los Alamos High School.In those two years, a strong, trusting relationship developed with the students and the adult volunteers.She worked closely with members of the NRG Team.The scale of effort that our regional manager put into ensuring that the sign project was successfully completed goes beyond 100 percent.She played a central role in coordinating all aspects of the sign - she was the mentor, cheerleader, advisor, and provided much needed technical resources.The project hit a wall many times, and her innovative thinking on how to deal with zoning requirements, financial constraints, and overall project delays was impressive.She maintained the students interest and helped them have a better understanding of what it is takes to give to a community and be responsible.Bottom line, the sign would not have been possible without our regional manager's commitment and dedication.She brought forth several times your company's statement: "the customer is king."

    On behalf of the JJAB and our community, we want to express our appreciation to you for top notch customer is king service and invaluable commitment to our community.I encourage you to log onto our web page read about the sign's success and positive impact it has had in our community.It would not have been possible without our regional manager's commitment.

    — Alan S. Kirk
    Los Alamos High School
    Los Alamos,  NM
  • We at Elizabeth Middle School wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we are with our new sign! Thanks to our parent organization and the JM Stewart Corporation we can now inform our community of upcoming events in a positive and visible manner.The sign is not only attractive, but functional as an informational instrument, visible from all main intersections cornering the school.

    We appreciate your personal and prompt service.Your product has already exceeded our expectations, we have received numerous compliments from students, parents, and community members!

    — John R. Smith
    Elizabeth Middle School
    Elizbeth,  CO
  • I would like to thank our sales rep for being so flexibility and patient during the purchase of our new sign.Thanks to their knowledge and expertise we were able to not only purchase a beautiful new sign, but do it with in our budget.

    — Karlina Guillermo
    Fletcher Elementary School
    Aurora,  CO
  • Just a note to thank you for all your courtesies and good advice that enabled Bear Valley Church to have its wonderful new outdoor sign.Our lighted sign sends its messages to the community loud and clear.Night and day it calls attention to Bear Valley Church ministries in an extraordinary way.

    We want to give special thanks to our consultant, who helped us in so many ways, from first sizing of the sign to erecting it.Your pricing was the best, and the sign is all and more than we expected.We welcome all to come and see our sign and talk with a very satisfied customer.

    — Bob Saxe
    Bear Valley Church
    Lakewood,  CO
  • The parish is extremely happy with the sign.Some were saying that it was about time, because our old sign would not light up at night.We've installed it on a burm with flowers all the way around it - it looks beautiful.Thank you.

    — Dean Jones
    St. James Episcopal Church
    Wheat Ridge,  CO
  • We LOVE our new sign!

    — Brandy Coscarella
    Salida High School
    Salida,  CO
  • As part of the nationwide brand revitalization for the YMCA, Keith Williams was in the market for a new sign that fit the new image.Mr.Williams had noticed a trend, that local static message signage were being replaced with more modern LED electronic message center signs.He decided that this technology-driven sign would best represent the new youthful and vibrant image of the Y.He began researching sign companies looking for the right fit.As Keith reviewed his options, he noticed that a high percentage of the signs in his area were built by Stewart Signs.After talking with other companies and taking into consideration his key factors of pricing and delivery, he chose Stewart Signs for his sign project.

    With his organization on board, the process began.A Stewart consultant was available throughout the selection and approval process to assist him with meeting zoning, rebranding and logo requirements.This ensured that the sign was built to the correct specifications and would meet the needs of his organization.Keith and his team chose a TekStar LED for its easy to use messaging capabilities.With the included software, messages can be created and transferred to the sign from the comfort of the indoors or via USB through a port on the outside of the sign.The indoor programming option provides a benefit that will really pay off during those cold Colorado winters.

    In the spring of 2014, the YMCA of Boulder Valley installed their brand new Stewart sign.With the help of a Stewart technician they were communicating messages to the sign shortly after the electricity had been run to the sign.When asked to describe his overall experience with Stewart Signs, Mr.Williams replied, "Very positive, the consultant was great with follow through and support." Elaborating that he was impressed with the support that the Stewart technician gave to his organization's marketing team, the time that was patiently spent to ensure that they really understood the program and the process to assemble and send messages to their LED display.

    Looking back, Keith feels that the sign was worth the investment and that his experience with Stewart Signs was pleasant one.He explained that his new TekStar LED definitely brings people into the facility.Even more, Keith and the YMCA of Boulder Valley are so happy with their Stewart signs experience that they are currently in the process of purchasing a second sign for a separate location!

    — Keith Williams
    Ymca Of Boulder Valley
    Lafayette,  CO
  • Tammy Pfeifer and others at Compass Montessori knew that they needed a better communication tool.After some deliberation it was decided - what better than a school sign? Something that was always there to communicate messages to parents and the community was worth its weight in gold.When the hunt began to find a sign company, Tammy received a recommendation from a local school."That's actually why we ended up going with Stewart Signs," said Tammy."Nothing makes you feel more comfortable than a third party that endorses a company because of their positive experiences."

    Tammy learned firsthand why Stewart Signs has been in the sign business for so many years."It was a great experience - honestly, not a single problem.Stewart Signs made it so easy.Our consultant was wonderful and always there to answer any and all questions.When we said we didn't have the funds immediately available and that we'd have to raise them, we never felt pushed.Our consultant just wanted to make sure he was doing everything in his power to help us in any way that he could."

    The school used two venues to raise what they needed."We hosted bingo and ran a concession stand at local football games selling pizza and hot dogs.We raised the funds in about six months and it was much easier than we thought.The thing is, when parents at the school heard that the fundraisers were for a school sign, we had an influx of volunteers to help out for them." This responsiveness only showed Compass Montessori that the parents also saw the value that a school sign would deliver.

    And how has the sign been received? "The parents love it because they now know what is happening at the school.It's the most effective communication tool we could ever have.We have a website, but parents don't always check that - they see the sign every day.I can't count the number of people that have thanked us." When asked about her overall feeling of Stewart Signs, Tammy said, "It was such a smooth process.I am so glad they were referred to us, and now I know why.After our experience, I'll be sure to do the same."

    — Tammy Pfeifer
    Compass Montessori Secondary School
    Golden,  CO
  • It's a great sign and gets lots of attention from those driving by.

    — Bob Hower
    Foothills Community Baptist Church
    Piedmont,  SD
  • In June of 2011, an Arizona community thought they were going to lose everything.A very dry winter had left plant life tinder-dry and with winds gusting over 50 miles per hour, the stage had been set for a "perfect storm" in the Sierra Vista area.Nicknamed the Monument Fire, the blaze started in the Coronado National Monument at the southern tip of the Huachuca Mountains near the Mexican border.It spread quickly to the north through canyons near the Sierra Vista.

    At one point the fire crossed Arizona State Route 92 and headed for Hereford, an area that has about 3,200 homes.Police and fire officials swarmed neighborhoods in the area with sirens blaring and officers on speakers imploring, "You've gotta get out now." In the panic to evacuate, people left most of their belongings behind.Keepsakes, photo albums and other irreplaceable mementos reluctantly left in the path of the Monument Fire.

    The fire soon entered the quiet subdivision of Wild Horse in Hereford.It threatened the entire community and burned everything - except for the homes.The brave firefighters of the Palominas Fire District along with many other firefighters were able to keep the fire from burning a single home in the Wild Horse community.

    Palominas Fire District Sign

    The Monument Fire lasted about a week and destroyed nearly 40 homes and businesses.The community of Wild Horse wanted to offer more than thanks to the Palominas Fire District for their amazing efforts.After some discussion, they settled on an LED sign that would assist both the fire district and the communities they served.An account was set up so that anyone in the community could donate and after just a short time, the donations proved enough for their goal! They worked with their Stewart Signs consultant to design a sign that best suited their needs.Now the fire district can display messages for the community to help remind and warn residents of fires and fire dangers.

    —  Palominas Fire District
    Palominas Fire District
    Hereford,  AZ
  • A fitting symbol of God's love for all of us.Thank you to Stewart Signs and may the Peace of God be always with you.

    — Greg Carlson
    St. Raphael In The Valley
    Benson,  AZ
  • When they came to the decision to buy their first school sign, the administration of Park Elementary in Holbrook, Arizona knew what they wanted out of their new sign."We wanted a way to inform parents and the community.We wanted to keep them updated as to what is going on," said Connie McPherson, Principal at Park Elementary.The small K-2 elementary school is located next to a local park, giving the school its namesake.McPherson said they chose Stewart after looking into a few other companies.Even though this was their first time buying a school sign, they knew what they expected from the companies as far as quality and care; they also knew what use they wanted to get out of their sign.

    Without a prior sign to improve upon, the school started from scratch with their Stewart Sign consultant to help them along the way."He was extremely helpful and wasn't pushy.He also helped us with picking out the colors and getting the logo to look the way we wanted it to.We were able to send him a sketch and they created the logo from there." The Road Runner that represented Park Elementary was just what they hoped for, and after installing their new Narrator series sign, Park Elementary was able to use the changeable copy area to create messages that "encourage parental involvement."

    Fred Jackson, a teacher at Park Elementary poetically described the sign as "...the proud beacon that calls our students home.Much like a light house, its information provides our parents with upcoming events at our school." According to Principal McPherson, since its installment the sign "has provided clarification" for parents, which has helped increase their awareness and participation regarding events going on at the school.The message board is changed about once a month depending on what events are coming up for that month.McPherson has even changed the message herself and says that she "found it to be very easy".She summed up her impression of Stewart as "very helpful" and "extremely experienced." As for their sign, McPherson says "it serves as a great representation of [their] school.We are extremely pleased."

    — Connie McPherson
    Park Elementary School
    Holbrook,  AZ
  • It has only been up a day and we have already had lots of compliments.Thank you.

    — Rebecca Young
    Hulet Elementary School
    Holbrook,  AZ
  • The sign is beautiful both day and night. At night time it really shows the colors of the sign (it really pops)! We have seen an increase of people stopping by the church as well as first time attendees on Sunday mornings. Our visibility in the community has increased in ways that advertising in newspapers can't match. The sign is working for us each day (24/7) as hundreds of cars go by. We love it!

    — Tim Voth
    Living Word Fellowship
    Dickinson,  ND
  • This is the second sign that I have been involved in purchasing from Stewart Signs.The service that I could not get in my home town was found immediately when I contacted Stewart Signs.Our consultant was a huge blessing to us in the whole process from start to finish and very knowledgeable in helping and guiding us to the type of sign that would accomplish what we wanted it to do for us.We are very excited to have a beautiful sign that makes our name stand out in the community (like never before!), and whereby we can communicate to the community in ways we could never have done before.The results that we received from Stewart Signs both in product and in prompt personal service is why we will highly recommend Stewart Signs to others.Thank you!

    — Tim Voth
    Living Word Fellowship
    Dickinson,  ND
  • The following is a shorten version of what l had place in the Sunday's bulletin.l have included the full article which was placed in our bulletin.Use what you can as a testimony.

    On Thursday I went out to put up a new message.I noticed a couple of golf balls on the ground.By the time I got through picking up golf balls, I had a total of 25.The message on one side of our sign read: "Besides Me there is no God." Isaiah 44:6 The other side read: "Before Me there was no God formed." lsaiah 43:1

    Someone who took offense at the Word of God had stood back and peppered the sign with these golf balls.Praise the Lord there was no damage to the sign.It is built for this kind of mistreatment, but it will not stand forever.The Bible will stand forever: ...the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.1 Peter 1:23 (KJV) We love our sign that enables us to display the Word of God and is able to withstand mistreatment.

    By the way the new message I went to put up read: "A fool vents all his feelings." Proverbs 29:1

    — Dr. Ron Sathe
    First Baptist Church
    Vernal,  UT
  • My name is Michael Blankenship.I am the pastor of Mountain View Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona.We recently purchased a sign from your company.We have been using the sign for almost a year now.The results have been so encouraging, I wanted to share the news with you!

    We have been tracking the results through a registration card that all first-time guests fill out.To this point, approximately 30% of our guests have indicated coming in as a result of noticing the sign.That is exciting for us.

    Thousands of cars drive by our sign every day.The messages we put up are twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week witnessing tools.We are reaching people through the use of the sign that we would never be able to reach on an individual basis.

    Just this morning, a man stopped by to share with me how much he appreciates the messages we post on the sign each week.He said that he looks forward to the new messages being put up each week.That was especially encouraging for me.

    Further, we use our sign to advertise special events.One example is an aerobics class our church began.We put up a message on the sign inviting people.The response was more than I ever dreamed of.

    I just wanted to let you know how we have put our sign to use and the results we have seen.Thanks for your help.This sign is an invaluable part of our ministry here at Mountain View.It has been one of the best investments we have ever made.

    God bless and keep up the good work!

    — Michael Blankenship
    Mountain View Baptist Church
    Phoenix,  AZ
  • We love it...thank you for all of your help.

    — Kenneth Young
    Thunderbolt Lanes - 56Th Force Support Squadron
    Luke A F B,  AZ
  • Thanks to my consultant for excellent service! They were very helpful and patient with me...I know I received the best service, pricing, and quality with Stewart Signs!

    — R. Andre
    Prescott Mile High Middle School
    Prescott,  AZ
  • Our consultant made this purchase the best experience for our school.

    — Shaun Cochran-Hall
    Gene Ward Elementary School
    Las Vegas,  NV
  • Everything has been working so well - thank you, again!

    — Kelly C. ORourke
    Lois Craig Elementary School
    North Las Vegas,  NV
  • The Desert Sands Unified School District has chosen Stewart School Signs as the preferred vendor of signs for our district.As of April 2011, we have purchased 21 signs and are proud of our choice.Stewart School Signs provide a uniform means of communication between our schools and the community.

    Our sales consultant has worked with us over the past years to create great looking signs that were within our budget and met our schools' needs.As a CNIAS contract vendor, Stewart School Signs has the knowledge of the state and district requirements and they work with you to create cost effective and quality signs.

    I would recommend Stewart Signs to anyone needing a quality school sign!

    —  Desert Sands Unified School District
    Desert Sands Unified School District
    La Quinta,  CA
  • We are writing to let you know how happy we are with our new marquee.Actually, everyone is thrilled.It works perfectly thanks to the fact that you worked with us to get all the "bugs" out.The height and lighting were exactly right which made our maintenance workers very happy.

    You gave us a lot of your time and cooperated fully to help us have the "perfect" marquee.Our students (who worked to purchase it) change the announcements with ease, since they can reach it.We have placed it at the top of our driveway and in the evening it looks great as we come up to the school.

    Again, we want to thank you for all your hard work helping us to have the perfect marquee after our years of working to raise the money for it.We appreciate your help.

    — Gail M. Ryan
    Lake Elementary School
    Oceanside,  CA
  • Love our new sign!

    — Stefan Joly
    Oakridge Private School
    Orange,  CA
  • I saw a picture of the sign engulfed in flames...There were just flames all around it.

    — Pamela Valenti
    Brea Olinda High School
    Brea,  CA
  • I LOVE the sign.We are already receiving several compliments from the community.I am going to include a picture of the sign on our school web page.

    It has been a real pleasure working with you.You did everything you said you would do.Your e-mails keeping me informed on the progress of the sign was greatly appreciated.It is refreshing to work with someone who knows what great customer service is all about.

    — Wayne D. Kelley
    Evans Elementary School
    Garden Grove,  CA
  • I am blessed to pastor 2 churches.Each with a Stewart sign, both being blessed by it.The name change to put in the new sign at Huntington Beach radically changed the identity of the church from First United Methodist Church of Huntington Beach..To Surf City Church...Huge identity difference caused by needing to discuss what to put on the sign!

    — Rev. Dr. John McFarland
    Surf City Church
    Huntington Beach,  CA
  • By Lonnie Suen
    Published: Monday, February 13, 2012

    Since the grand opening of the campus quad, the digital message board along the walkway has been the center for the campus community and school-related activities.

    Constructed by Stewart Signs and validated by The Board of Trustees and California Multiple Award Schedule, the digital message board serves the student, staff, and faculty.

    Similar to the larger marquee on Workman Mill Road, the digital message board hosts public event announcements as well as non-profit organizations.As of the moment, the board displays the date, time, temperature, and a "Welcome" banner.

    Linear messages and video postings of general campus announcements such as theatre productions, academic groups, and school functions can also be posted.Many of the messages that qualify for the larger marquee at the college's main entrance are also valid for the digital message board in the middle quad next to the new dining area.

    The main purpose of this newly constructed electronic board is to serve the interests of the internal audience and provide information quickly and briefly.

    Requests for display time for other informational events can be accessed by filling out an inquiry form whose interests do not coincide with profitable commercial announcements.The request forms can be made through the Student Activities Office for students.Employees can access the form on the Public Drive "P" in the Marketing Department.

    — El Paisano Newspaper
    Rio Hondo College
    Whittier,  CA
  • I was very pleased with my experience with Stewart Signs.Every request forwarded to the Stewart Rep was addressed immediately resolving all issues.

    — Ray Thompson
    Linda Esperanza Marquez High School (Srhs #7)
    Huntington Park,  CA
  • You were very responsive in getting us all of the information we needed regarding installation, electrical and of course the wonderful sign.It is installed and looks great! We have received compliments from families and other schools in the area.

    — Cindi Cordosi
    Edison Elementary
    Torrance,  CA
  • Fantastic product, great service, everything positive! We are very happy!

    — Karol McQueary
    Chapman Elementary School
    Gardena,  CA
  • I would like to express my appreciation for my representative I have worked with from Stewart Signs.They display professionalism and excellent service whenever I deal with your company for marquees for the Los Angeles Unified School District.Thank you.

    — Mons Mendoza
    East Valley High School
    North Hollywood,  CA
  • Loved working with our consultant! He went above and beyond to get our school's sign within the short time frame we gave him.He also helped us to get a great contractor to install our sign.We love the way the sign looks and works.We get compliments on it everyday! Thanks again!

    — Jeannette Hahm
    West Creek Academy
    Santa Clarita,  CA
  • I had an excellent salesperson, who worked with me for 2 years, encouraged me, and assisted me in every way they possibly could.They were fantastic!

    — Sandra OHara
    Coleville High School
    Coleville,  CA
  • Thank you for your assistance in helping our church acquires the new marquee sign.The congregation was so pleased to have a beautiful sign to add to the grace of our church and community.We continue to receive many compliments from business owners and residents.One of our members is constructing planter boxes to place around the sign, so by summer, we should have a lot of color to complement the sign.

    When we had our sign dedication on April 25th, three guests visited our church for the first time.This past weekend, a couple from out-of-state visited us as well as three more new guests from Libby.

    People are enjoying the "thought provoking" messages I'm posting each week and have designated me the official "sign minister".

    Again, thanks so much for all you did for us.

    — Bobby D. Whitefield
    Libby United Methodist Church
    Libby,  MT
  • Throughout the entire experience, our consultant was extremely professional and extremely helpful in guiding us through the purchasing process.It was a pleasure and I will definitely recommend the use of your company to other schools throughout our area.Thank you for your team's professional and helpful approach in making our purchase possible.

    — Tim Vincent
    Lakeview Junior High School
    Santa Maria,  CA
  • Much gratitude to our sales rep for his patience with all of my questions and willingness to work within our budget! Thank you for all of the support!

    — Sheryl Murray
    Cabrillo High School
    Lompoc,  CA
  • Thank you for all your help, we think it is the prettiest sign in town!

    — Donna Peugh
    Church Of The Nazarene
    Coalinga,  CA
  • We are greatly enjoying our sign! ððThank you!

    — Emily Insko
    Central Elementary School
    La Grande,  OR
  • Communication with Stewart Signs has been very professional and prompt in responding to our needs.

    — Chet Garcia
    El Dorado Elementary School
    Stockton,  CA
  • I've been putting off a reply until the sign was installed and I could take a picture of it for you, but that's yet to happen (the picture!).

    The sign is beautiful.The district finally got around to installing it last week and it looks great.Size is perfect, graphic is just what we'd hoped and we're completely pleased! We've yet to have the electrical hooked up (I'm facing the fact that it may not ever happen...) but that was always a bonus for us.This is a great improvement over what we had - and a great value to boot!

    Thanks for your help.You have another satisfied customer!

    — Stacey Carroll
    Crestmont Elementary School
    Roseville,  CA
  • We are so proud of our school's new sign.It is by far the nicest looking school sign in town! Thank you so much for all your time and patience.Although it took our school long time to get the necessary funding for this sign it was well worth the wait!

    I had contacted numerous sign companies, both local and out-of state, and was extremely impressed with Stewart's signs, your knowledge of the product and your customer service.Never once did I feel "pressured" to buy a Stewart Sign.You were so helpful and genuinely interested in helping us make the right decision for our school sign.On a scale of 1 to 10, Stewart is definitely a 10, especially when it comes to customer service!

    We have been receiving many positive comments about our new school sign, and look forward to enjoying our sign for many years to come.I've enclosed a picture of our school sign with me next to it, as I thought you might want to see what I looked like after all those phones calls! Thanks again for the wonderful sign.

    — Joanne Hufford
    Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 School
    Sacramento,  CA
  • It's been three years since we order our beautiful church sign from you and Stewart.What a blessing it has been! Everyday, literally thousands of people drive by our lighted sign on the way to the food processing plants on the edge of town.Everyday they continue to be bombarded by our funny quips and pointed messages.The comment we continually hear is, "What's going on in there?" The best part of this story is that we normally hear the phrase on their first visit to our church -- trying to figure out just "what is going on in there!"

    Frankly, it was a step of faith for our 85 attender church to make this investment.But we were desperate to reach our community.We went from no visitors to a 20% increase in attendance the first three months the sign was in place! Today we average 150, and are currently growing at a rapid rate, well above the community index.We note a few factors, but a key was putting that sign out in front of our church.The truth is, it paid for itself inside the first year!

    Thanks again for your assistance! I'm excited to note something you already know; two more of your signs have gone up in our area the past two years, each proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ! Those churches are growing too!

    — Michael J. Johnson
    Hermiston Christian Center
    Hermiston,  OR
  • A very big thanks to everyone at Stewart signs! We love our new sign at our Andros Kamparos Preschool.You have no idea how this sign reflects our goal to build inclusion of our families at the preschool level and keep families involved throughout their child's education.Thanks for your efforts to design our sign...we love it!

    — Kimberly Butcher
    Andros Karperos Preschool
    Yuba City,  CA
  • We are very happy with the quality of the sign and the attractive graphics and layout.We have witnessed several people stop and take pictures of our new sign - a true testament as to how beautiful it is!

    — Michael R. Kimball
    Sutter - Yuba Mosquito And Vector Co
    Yuba City,  CA
  • We love it! It is the talk of the district and the envy of all the other schools.

    — Rebecca Myers
    Union Middle School
    San Jose,  CA
  • I spent a great deal of time getting bids and information from a variety of sign companies.However, I must tell you that your company puts the rest of them to shame.The quality, the workmanship, the professionalism, and especially the customer service was first class.It's nice to know that in this day and age there are corporations and employees out there that still put the customer first.

    — Craig Hanson
    Creston School
    Creston,  WA
  • Everyone loves our sign, and I love how easy it is to program and change.

    — Jean Sabolevsky
    El Monte Elementary School
    Concord,  CA
  • When Jill Arata was put in charge of finding a school sign for Castro Valley Elementary School, she began by driving to neighboring schools to get an idea of what might best fit their needs.Castro Valley's Parent Group had been frustrated with sending out flyers and announcements that were either forgotten at the bottom of students' backpacks, or never made it home at all.They needed something that would display events and communicate important dates to the parents and community."I drove around and wrote down the names of the school signs that I liked.Afterward, I contacted the schools and they were all Stewart Signs."

    When asked about her sign purchase experience Jill replied, "From the moment that I contacted Stewart Signs, the people I spoke with were nothing but polite.My sign consultant was very knowledgeable and happy to help.He was either available or would quickly return my calls.The video, presentation package, and all of the designs they sent me to choose from were top notch."

    When it came down to picking the exact sign style, Jill decided on the Narrator."It fit our needs perfectly and it looks great.We also wanted a double-sided sign so that parents would be able to view the message upon entering and leaving the school grounds," said Mrs.Arata."The graphic art on the sign is also wonderful." As a California Distinguished School it was important to them to display the school name, colors, logo and the recognition of their exemplary status.

    And how has the sign been received? "The parents love it because they now know what is happening at the school without having to dig through their children's backpacks or pry information from the kids at the dinner table.The sign is right there, so they can't help but read it when they drive by the school, or stop in to pick up the kids."

    "The PATA loves it because they've seen a marked improvement in attendance at their activities."

    "Both the principal and superintendent have commented that it's a great addition to the school.The school has seen a dramatic decrease in calls from parents asking 'when, what and where' type questions.It's right out in front of the school so nobody has to call and ask about events anymore."

    Jill Arata' s conclusion; " It was an overall great experience.Stewart treated me like their only customer and in the end I think our sign is the best sign in town.But more importantly it does what we wanted it to, draw more parents in, which helps in innumerable ways."

    — Jill Arata
    Castro Valley Elementary School
    Castro Valley,  CA
  • My consultant was very helpful and organized.She followed up regularly and assisted with all aspects of the ordering process.

    — Maria Diaz
    Hamilton Elementary School
    Hamilton City,  CA
  • Our sales rep was very understanding.He kept in touch with phone calls and emails but didn't put pressure on the sale.He was more than willing to work anything to customize our sign and make it more affordable.Thank You.

    — H Van Brunt
    Paschal Sherman Indian School
    Omak,  WA
  • We are pleased with our sign's craftsmanship and the great care we received from each individual along the journey.

    — Cheryl Colby
    Winston Church Of The Nazarene
    Winston,  OR
  • Great service! The sign looks wonderful!! Have had so many positive comments.Absolutely great customer service.The church loves it and so does the community!

    — Brenda Clark
    First Baptist Church Of Mckinleyville
    Mckinleyville,  CA
  • After many years with only a weathered wooden sign to identify their church, those at Issaquah Christian Church knew that it was time for a change.After the challenging task of obtaining a permit for an internally illuminated sign had been successfully completed, the search for the right sign company began.

    "We quickly found that there are numerous sign companies to choose from and many varieties of signs," said Beverly Lewis, Office Manager at the church."We wanted a reputable sign company, one that would help us through the process and focus on the best type of sign for our needs."

    After seeing their advertisement in a popular church magazine, the sign committee decided to contact Stewart Church Signs."Stewart's brochure and video arrived in short order and were both very impressive.The committee agreed that we need look no further." The Stewart Church brochure showed the committee all of the different types of sign styles that were available to them, while the video gave them an idea of what a powerful outreach tool the sign could be.

    "When we contacted Stewart, they set us up with our very own consultant who worked closely with us throughout the entire process.Our every question and concern was resolved quickly with just a phone call.On the other hand, Stewart's consultant asked the right questions as well.We were asked about things like traffic patterns and speed limits in the area that our sign would be situated.That way, we would be sure to get a sign that had letters large enough for those traveling by to read it."

    After working with the church, their Stewart consultant helped them choose the sign best suited for their needs, even sending in their official church logo to be added to the header of the sign.The church went with three rows of six inch letters to make sure that their message would be easily read by the 40mph traffic that goes by."We are very pleased with our beautiful, illuminated, double-sided sign.We have visitors as a direct result of the sign; it is not unusual to hear compliments about it.We happily recommend Stewart Signs to anyone considering a new church sign."

    — Beverly Lewis
    George Washington Middle School
    Issaquah,  WA
  • WE LOVE OUR LED! Thank you for helping us.My secretary writes new messages each day and is having such fun with it.I thought it would help busy parents, but what I realized is that it is really helping my students so they know some of the big things coming in the days and weeks ahead.

    This is probably my last contact with you for awhile.I am taking a new job position, Assistant Superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Seattle, so June 30th is my last day! Lots to do but I want you to know that our LED truly has been one of the great highlights of this year! Thank you for everything!

    — Sandra Barton Smith
    Saint Philomena Catholic School
    Des Moines,  WA
  • Our sales rep was wonderful to work with! Seamless and efficient process - couldn't be happier! Thanks!!

    — Cindy Bushnell
    Heritage Christian Academy
    Bothell,  WA
  • Usually when I receive a package in the mail it means work.What a nice surprise today to receive the $100.00 gift card for referring your company! Thanks so much, I will put the money to good use for Woodside.You made my Monday, and btw we still love our sign!! Thanks again!

    — Salli Smith
    Woodside Elementary School
    Bothell,  WA
  • Sign arrived...Looks Awesome.Took lots of pictures.Installation went without a hitch.Electrical hook up and programming to come next.Will keep you updated.Very pleased with the product and service.

    — Tom Ness
    Ness Family Ltd. Partnership
    Bremerton,  WA
  • We have had a very positive response to our sign, people are impressed with the design and quality.

    — Justin Raymond
    St. James Cathedral
    Peace River,  AB
  • Thanks again for all of your help on the sign.Everyone really likes it and it looks great!

    — Meggie Haydu
    Craig Community Association
    Craig,  AK
  • Our sign's impact on this church has been nothing short of astounding almost since the hour it was installed.It's one of the best investments this church has ever made.

    — Rex Leath
    Kodiak Assembly Of God
    Kodiak,  AK
  • I would like to thank you for our beautiful sign that our school purchased from your company, Stewart Signs.

    We had it installed last year in August and we are very pleased with the quality and especially with the quantity of letters, numbers and symbols that came with the sign.I worked at another school and it seemed like we were always short of certain letters or numbers, and had to make our own which was very inconvenient.Your prompt response to our request for a quote was also appreciated.You helped along the way to be sure our sign was received in a timely manner and answered all of my questions.

    I find that our parents can get information faster from the sign than from the flyers that are distributed to our students.We have had many compliments from our parents, too.

    I am very happy to recommend your company to other schools in our area.

    — Alice Andrus
    Kauluwela Elementary School
    Honolulu,  HI
  • It's another beautiful Monday morning on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and Ellen Moss is changing the message on the sign in front of Mililani Baptist Church.This is a labor of love as Ellen takes pleasure in this particular task."She changes the message weekly," explains Derrick Norris, senior pastor at Mililani Baptist, "because we've got a lot going on here!"

    A short twenty minutes by car from Pearl Harbor, Mililani Baptist Church is tucked away in a residential neighborhood and is the largest Southern Baptist church on the island."It is abundantly clear that our Stewart sign helps us do the things we were put here to do.Christians as well as non-Christians, we reach all who drive by," touts this very upbeat servant of the Lord.

    Perhaps unique is the intentional use of the sign in tandem with the church's website."Our communication stream with the people on the island is never-ending.What is mentioned on the sign gets a follow-through on the website and vise-versa.It beats me why other churches have yet to partner together these two wonderful tools.It's quite effective.These days people want to know what the church can do for them.The sign fills that role."

    Mililani Baptist offers the community thirty different discipleship training classes as well as various coping programs.The church operates a pre-school for seventy-five children.And (if that's not enough), the church holds hand bell services on special occasions.All of this information gets promoted on the sign.Ellen and the pastor meet weekly to plan out the sign's messages.Pastor Derrick is eager to point out that messages often get changed on-the-fly."Take our Christmas Cantata, for example.It's a three-day event, so we'll update motorists throughout the celebration just to keep the info fresh.People do notice and do tell us how much they love the oneness with the church as they motor by."

    A Louisiana boy at heart, Pastor Derrick Norris began working for the Lord in Cadiz, Kentucky at Liberty Point Baptist Church."The church didn't have a sign when I got to Cadiz," he recalls."However, soon thereafter I was able to get a sign project going.We went with Stewart Signs although no one at the church had had any experience with the company.It was just another purchase as far as we were concerned."

    "Then, as the sign discussions with Stewart Signs proceeded, I became immensely impressed with how they took the effort not only to build a sign to our specifications but to 'marry' it to our property.That church sits on a bypass and traffic zooms past at 55 miles per hour.After the installation, the sign's messages began speaking to people.We'd get new members monthly.Stewart Signs made me look good.I mean, real good!"

    Fast forward a few years.The 50th state was where the Lord next needed Pastor Derrick."Upon my initial visit to the island I drove right by the church grounds of Mililani Baptist.Even at 30 miles per hour I did not see a thing.I thought: where is this church?"

    In retrospect he can chuckle about that first day."Item number one at meeting number one was the procurement of a church sign.And I didn't shop around.I stuck with what works.I bought another Stewart sign."

    On delivery day in Mililani the congregation collectively stood back to admire their newly-installed sign.For that first moment all that was audible was the island breeze whispering through palm tree leaves.A church deacon paused and softly turned to Pastor Derrick and said, "You know, pastor? We've just taken a step up, haven't we?"

    "Indeed we have," Derrick nodded."Indeed we have."

    — Derrick Norris
    Mililani Baptist Church
    Mililani,  HI
  • Thank you very much for your assistance in designing and ordering the new changeable letter sign for Kapa'a Missionary Church.We appreciated your advice and prompt response to all of our questions.

    The sign was delivered in excellent condition and it looks beautiful.It was easy to install on our existing concrete base.The new letters make the message much clearer to read and the Glide and Lock support system makes it more comfortable to change the message.

    It was a pleasure to do business with you and your customer support staff.

    — Larry & Susan Riddle
    Little Big Horn College
    Kapa''a,  HI
  • Within the six months since the sign was installed, our attendance has increased an average of 22% and our finances have increased 19%...enough to pay for the present sign and buy two more.

    — Nicholas Serban
    Central Assembly Of God
    Wauregan,  CT
  • Choice Christian Greetings! I wanted to take this opportunity to express our thanks to you for providing our church sign. I especially appreciate the confidence we could sense in dealing with your company.

    I was in Orlando for the District Conference on the day the sign was installed. I was extremely pleased as I returned in the middle of the night and drove by the church. I could see the sign over two miles in either direction. We are getting many compliments. The sign well represents our church. We will be glad to recommend your company to other churches for their signage needs. We have enjoyed doing business with you.

    — Hugh Wilder
    First Assembly Of God

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