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Can Your School or Church Make Money from LED Signs?

When it comes to making money, many schools and churches face uphill challenges. You're governed by a certain system that doesn't give you much leeway in terms of financial gain. Fortunately, there's one item that's ready-made to boost your community engagement while simultaneously making your organization money. Have you thought about what an LED sign could do for your bottom line?

LED signs are awesome for any number of reasons, but when you're trying to make money for your school or church, this opportunity is often overlooked. Since you've stumbled upon this blog, please allow us to help you understand how you can make your sign work for you.

Partnering for Profit

Have you ever considered allowing local vendors and businesses to advertise on your sign? The thing is, when you have a high-quality sign, you have an awesome piece of real estate that people see constantly. there are a few ways you can use your existing signage to make money for your school or church.

Which Types of Signs are Best for Partnerships & ROI?

Signs come in an incredible assortment of sizes, shapes, and functions. Outdoor digital LED signs, indoor video LED walls, and electronic scoreboards are outstanding options if you're considering purchasing a sign that does dual duty.

Outdoor digital LED signs are functional advertising tools for your school or church, as well as the public at large. Because they're available for public viewing—typically positioned on a front lawn with easy visibility for passersby—the entire community will see your sponsors' messages.

Digital LED signs are extraordinarily transformable, allowing you to display vendors' advertisements at a moment's notice. You can vary your messages between advertisements and community announcements, choose a specific time or day on which to display your sponsors' ads or display your text alongside advertisements.

You have an incredible amount of flexibility with outdoor digital signs. If your school or church doesn't have anything going on at the time, your sign can still be working for you, bringing money to your organization. Of course, since you have the sign real estate available to you, it's best to incorporate your own message amongst the words of your advertisers.

Indoor video LED walls offer your sponsors an incredible way to advertise their brand during your school or church's most pivotal events (or when you're not utilizing your LED wall for your organization's own uses). With ample space to play around with wording, imagery, and videos, an indoor video wall is sure to deliver ROI, while ensuring your church or school has an incredible place to display everything you need to show or say.

You've seen the way major sports arenas make money off their scoreboards; they showcase amazing advertising that keeps audiences on their toes while teams are on breaks; they engage the crowd with oohs and ahhs worthy of standing ovations; and they make money for the home team. With a top-of-the-line scoreboard, you can easily advertise your athletes' amazing skills while simultaneously making income for your school or church youth group.

Utilize halftime for advertising space or run impromptu ads when your team scores an incredible win! A single scoreboard can be the bridge between awesome team spirit and a great way to bring in some income.

Can You Afford a Sign That's Got Built-in Ad Space?

Signs may be an upfront investment, but they pay for themselves when you use them correctly. Once you purchase your sign, you have all eyes on your school or church, allowing you to reach out to the community to embrace sponsorships as you see fit.

Consider justifying the purchase now by way of engaging with the community at large, knowing the residual effects will pay for themselves over time. It's a decision you have to make as a leader, so ask yourself, "When has any church or school ever made money without a little help from some form of marketing?" If you're being honest, marketing is always part of the equation, so it only makes sense to invest in a product that can help your organization spread the word about other great establishments in your area!

Stewart Signs is a company that understands the challenges churches and schools have when it comes to creating revenue streams. Our goal is to help each of our clients create an incredible signage space that can be used for any purpose. If you're interested in learning how your school or church can offer signage that's enticing enough to build a profit, we'd love to hear from you! Reach out to our Stewart Signs team today.

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