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LED Video Walls as Electronic Scoreboards

A video wall acts as a focal point of your school's sports stadium, and it can also double as an electronic scoreboard. If you are trying to decide if you want to invest in an LED video wall for your sports program, then look at how you can use this technology.

Track Scores for All Kinds of Events

With traditional scoreboards, the elements are built into the board. Generally, there are two kinds of scoreboards from which to choose.  Four-digit scoreboards allow you to track the minutes and seconds in football or basketball games. Six-digit scoreboards let you time those sports plus track races down to the one-hundredth of a second.

The benefit of a video wall is that you're not locked into a set design. Instead, you can choose from multiple scoreboard templates, and you can change the templates for every event or whenever you want new visuals. Templates boast user-friendly designs, and you can drag and drop the features you want.

Share Game Info

Of course, with a video wall, you aren't limited to sharing the score and the time. You can also share a range of information about the game. Flash the number of the player who got the last foul or made the latest score. Show off player stats and other kinds of game details before the game starts.

Show Video Replays

Sharing player stats and game info is just the tip of the iceberg when you're considering LED video wall capabilities. You can also post video footage of important plays throughout the game. These videos give your fans an up-close look at what's happening on the field. They can also help to make ref's calls clearer with a slow-motion video replay. This technology can show what happened on the field or present the play from an angle that most fans can't see naturally from their seats.

Promote Sponsors

The multiple panels and ability to flash between different pieces of content also gives you the perfect set up to advertise your sponsors. Local businesses and even national brand names are often willing to pay for sponsorships tied to static signage in a school sports stadium. When you offer sponsors space on a video wall, you increase their marketing opportunities and hopefully the amount of their sponsorship commitment.

With a video wall, you can play full commercials for your business sponsors during timeouts or breaks between quarters, halves, or innings. You can also devote some of the panels to static images for business sponsors while other panels work as your electronic scoreboard. Your video wall can showcase lists of personal sponsors as well. The flexibility of the wall gives you multiple options to explore.

Play with Other Types of Content

There are almost no limitations on the type of content you can play on your video wall. Animations can reflect your school mascot, show off your team colors, or get the crowd excited. You can also post text such as team slogans or the lyrics to the school song.

You can even use your video wall to support other types of events besides sports. For instance, if you have a motivational speaker or a musician performing in your school arena, they can put content related to their speech or performance on the video wall. You can also gather the entire school body to watch a documentary or a movie. A video wall gives you nearly unlimited opportunities.

Choose from a Variety of Custom Designs

There is no-one-size-fits-all video wall. Instead, this technology is fully customizable to meet your needs. You can mount a video wall to a wall. You can hang a video wall from the ceiling as you see in many professional sports arenas. You can create visuals in the end zone, or you can place your video wall in numerous other places in your stadium.

Additionally, our software allows you to control the contents on each LED screen separately. For example, you can have an LED screen for a scoreboard, another for player info, and yet another for live video.

You can opt for a few panels to make a moderate-sized video wall or you can integrate dozens of panels for a larger display. Of course, you can choose all kinds of other specs related to pixel pitch and more.

To build excitement at your next sporting event, consider putting in a video wall. An LED video wall is an investment into your athletics program and your school in general. It can work as an electronic scoreboard while also allowing you to share all kinds of other types of content.

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