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No Budget for an LED Sign? You Can Still Get Great Signage!

LED Signs are great. In fact, even NASA got an LED Stewart Sign to hang on its vehicle assembly building. But what happens if you don't have a budget that large? In some cases, schools simply can't afford LED signs. Luckily, there are other options. Check out these alternatives.

Light Box Signs

A light box sign features a frame with a lighting source inside it. Then, you add your customizable details. For instance, you can add your school name, logo, or mascot. You give us your ideas, and our sign artists develop the perfect images for your sign. Once you have the right images, these signs can be freestanding, wall-mounted, masonry-mounted, or placed on pedestals so they can be seen from a distance. You can even customize the mounts or the height of the legs, which allows you to fit your light box sign in a variety of spots.

These signs are a great way to identify your school to people passing by, and a light box sign in your entryway is ideal to welcome people to your school. Light box signs feature graffiti-resistant Makrolon SLĀ® polycarbonate and a durable powder-coating, making them resistant to graffiti and UV rays and helping your sign stand the test of time. If you're worried about energy costs to keep your sign lit, don't be - that cost tends to be negligible, as these signs are UL listed and UL energy verified.

Changeable Letter Signs

With a changeable letter sign, you can put out a variety of messages into the community. Unfortunately, you can't program the messages from a laptop or tablet as you can with interactive LED signs. You have to do it manually. However, you can add messages about when school starts or when students have the day off. You can also remind parents and students about upcoming dances, sporting events, fundraisers, or other events. You can also simply put fun educational messages, puns, contest announcements, or anything you like.

These signs lend a prestige look to your school. You can choose a high- or low-profile sign, and in both cases, the sign features dual cabinets. There is one area for the message and a light box area that you can customize with your school name, mascot, logo, or other details. Based on your personal preferences, you can opt for an extended message area so that you can post longer messages, or you can choose an enhanced logo area.

You also don't have to worry about vandalism with these signs. If you're concerned that students may change your messages, you just need to lock the cover, and the vandal-proof cover features graffiti-resistant Makrolon SL®.

Monument Signs

Monument signs feature a masonry-inspired look. In other words, these signs look as if they have been made of bricks or masonry stones, but they actually feature a solid EPS foam core. Then, they are coated with polyurethane for extra strength, and their textured finish resists the effects of harsh weather. You don't have to take our word for it - we offer a lifetime warranty with these signs. Monument signs lend an admirable look to your school, and they are an ideal complement to traditional architectural styles or external brickwork. These signs look like real solid masonry because there are no exposed seams or fasteners. However, unlike real masonry, these signs are lightweight and easy to transport and install.

In the center of the masonry-inspired sign, you can add an LED interactive sign, but if you're trying to stay under budget, a letter changeable sign or a light box sign can be placed in that area. Again, depending on which option you choose, these signs can let people know about your school or welcome them to your school, or you can focus on sharing an alternative message with the community. For instance, if you put up signs for your big booster club donors, you could make those signs light box signs, and every company that donates at a certain level gets a sign. You can also use light box signs to identify different areas of your school, such as your preschool or other sections of the main school.

Saving with LED Signs

Although LED signs are typically more expensive than other types of signs, they can also help your school save money in a variety of ways. As these signs let the community know about your school, they may boost enrollment, which increases the amount of tuition or funding from the state that your school receives. They are also great for advertising fundraisers or soliciting donations. When looking at your budget, keep advantages like that in mind, as you crunch the numbers.

There are also a variety of almost futuristic uses for LED signs. When prospective donors or students see you use signs in innovative ways, they may become more interested in your facility. They may perceive you as serious about technology and by extension the other STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects. Making a positive impression on the community is always a step in the right direction.

If you want a high-quality school sign, we can help. At Stewart Signs, we offer interactive LED signs, but we also offer changeable letter, light box, and monument-style signs. Regardless of your budget, we can work with you to get the right sign for your school. To learn more and to get a custom quote, contact us today.

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