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Who Needs Outdoor Digital Signs?

As a leader in your organization - no matter if it's a church, school, or municipal organization - you have something to say to the community. Visually appealing outdoor digital signs capture the attention of passersby, allowing you to make the most of your signage real estate with only a few characters. Intrigued? Join us as we journey through five of the most popular reasons organizations utilize outdoor digital signs!

1. Churches

Each church has a special mission and unique messages it wants to share with its community. Outdoor digital signs are founded on the idea that your church can say what it needs to say in a brand new way. Churches can create customized messages that will resonate with the community, attracting existing members and new audiences with inviting messaging.

2. Schools

Schools have a lot of responsibility; they're constantly facing situations that require a ton of communication that needs to be dispersed to many people. Outdoor digital signs offer a cost-effective way to produce communication to the crowds so everyone is on the same page. Our customers often use their outdoor digital school signs to share information about sporting events, announce special dates, and congratulate teachers. It's a great way to congratulate staff and pupil when they have outstanding accomplishments.

3. Civic Organizations

We're proud to say that many Stewart Signs customers are civic-minded organizations. We've helped Elks Lodges, VFWs, Rotary Clubs, and American Legion posts create outdoor digital signage that suits their unique styles and needs. Just imagine all the messages, announcements, and important reminders you can display to the community at large by way of your outdoor digital sign. From thank you notes to major announcements, your organization does special work, and the community deserves to hear about the incredible things you do.

4. Municipal Agencies

Federal and state agencies are perfect candidates for outdoor digital signs. Most agencies have important messages they need to communicate with the public. Outdoor digital signs offer easy, accessible ways to share news. Agencies that opt to make their messages known by way of outdoor digital signage will likely win points with the public. People appreciate agencies' efforts to introduce transparency and keep citizens apprised of must-know events and situations.

5. Military Bases and Outposts

All branches of the United States Armed Forces benefit from outdoor digital signs. Whether it's the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, or the Coast Guard, each branch has messages that need to be conveyed to its respective members and their families. By utilizing an outdoor military sign, civilian employees, soldiers, recruits, and family members will all have easy access to important information.

These are five distinctive types of organizations that can benefit from the use of outdoor digital signage. There are many more establishments that would realize positive advantages by implementing the use of digital outdoor signs, too. Ready to learn more? Contact us for a free quote on your new outdoor digital sign today.

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