Why Indoor Digital Signage is Important for Your School

Why Indoor Digital Signage is Important for Your School

When most people think about digital school signage, they picture the beautiful billboards that grace the front lawns of educational institutions. In fact, digital signs have important places inside schools, too.

1. Welcoming Students

Particularly in the early part of the school year, new students may be scared or confused when they get ready to step into their classrooms. In the fall, you'll have kids who are new to middle or high school, transfers who moved to school from other places over the summer, and students who simply aren't familiar with the layout of certain wings of your building. Digital signs are the perfect welcome wagons. They enable you to greet your pupils with bright, friendly messaging that lets them know you're excited they're there. You can post maps, friendly tips, and important reminders directly on your digital signage, helping students avoid the void of feeling lost and alone when they're in a new environment.

2. Announcing Events

Digital signage has been a key player when it comes to enhancing communication for many years. As a school, you undoubtedly operate dozens of events throughout the year. The best way to ensure you optimize attendance is to advertise your events where students can't possibly miss your announcements. Digital signage-when placed in common areas such as the front hallway, gymnasium, or lunchroom-will attract the eyes of everyone who attends your school. It'll get people talking about the goings on around campus and become a conversation piece that increases engagement. Because digital signage can easily be updated at any time, you can advertise many events at once, or quickly change to the next event.

3. Eliminating Overhead

This is a benefit many administrators don't consider, but it's certainly an important one. Indoor digital school signage enables you to communicate important information to your students, teachers, and staff without spending cash on ink, paper, and postage. These days, if people see something important, they'll snap a photo of it for safe keeps, and that's exactly what they'll do if you publish information on your sign that your community needs to know about. Because they're energy efficient and environmentally sustainable, digital signage in schools only makes sense in this day and age.

4. Optimizing Safety

School administrators have a big job keeping kids safe today. This is, perhaps, the most important reason every school needs digital signage indoors. It can easily be updated at a moment's notice. If your students are facing a threat, you can quickly update communications with a few keystrokes from any device. A smart use of emergency information includes conveying messages such as:

  • Updates about what's going on
  • Reminders for students to stay calm
  • Instructions about where to go and what to do
  • Information about who to contact

The rapid quickness in which digital signage can be updated allows teachers and staff to synchronize emergency evacuations or lockdowns very quickly.

5. Increasing School Spirit

If your school's not cashing in on the incredible power of digital scoreboards, you're missing out. Beyond simply posting scores, digital scoreboards can include fun messages that tell the crowd when to get rowdy or blast the name of a player who just made a winning play. Not only are LED digital scoreboards bright, easy for everybody to see, and simple to manage, they can also bring your school additional revenue. Consider offering local businesses the opportunity to advertise during games.

This is an easy way for you to build relationships with the companies that could ultimately offer you funds for uniforms, books, and other expenses down the line. Remember, school spirit isn't just about the students; it's about incorporating the entire community in the good work your team does. School spirit can also be enhanced by announcing the names of students who have done something awesome and noteworthy on screens throughout the school. If you have an ultra-creative team of students, ask them to create videos to highlight the accomplishments of special people within your school's community.

6. Improving Your Game

In this digital era, competitive schools are employing indoor digital signage as a means of reviewing other teams' plays so they can strategize for their own upcoming face-offs. If your coaches are looking for a better way to show their players how they can improve, put the plays on the wall by way of digital signage. Locker rooms and practice facilities are prime locations for screens that will readily replay some of the most important games when strategy and coaching enter the arena. Stewart Signs is a premier school sign company. We design both indoor and outdoor signs, ranging from changeable letter signs to stunning digital LED signs and brightly lit scoreboards.

To learn more about how you can enhance your school's communications within its walls, reach out to our school sign experts today!

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