Upgrading a Text Church Sign to an LED Church Sign

LED Church Sign

Many churches contact us to replace the area of their sign that displays changeable copy sign letters with a digital LED display sign. Often, we can work with the existing church sign to incorporate a new LED display. It is a matter of the amount of space that is going to be available once the text area is removed. We can customize a digital LED display to your specifications based on the kind of sign and the amount of space available.LED Church Sign

Whether you have a brick, stone, metal, or stucco church sign with changeable text copy, we can work with you on converting it into a high quality digital display sign. We work with many other churches doing the same thing and many times, it can save a lot of money. Keeping the existing base also helps keep that traditional look your members are used to seeing, which is a nice advantage.

Once you see how easy and convenient it is to change the message from any device with a few clicks on your new LED church sign, you will never look back. You will never have to go outside with changeable letters and spend countless hours updating your sign again. You will also be able to display more than one or two messages at a time. With an LED display sign you can include multiple messages with a few steps. A new digital LED church sign will transform your sign and how you communicate to the world. Please contact one of our highly experienced church sign consultants about making this transition with your church sign.


Church LED Sign

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