New Stewart sign helps create a 20% increase in fundraising sales

As part of a recent expansion and update of its fire hall, the Brier Hill Fire Company in Brier Hill, NY purchased a Stewart sign to more effectively connect with its community.

With many projects left to go in the expansion, the 80th annual “Bullhead Dinner” – similar to a Catfish Fry – became an even more important fundraiser.

“We have a few more things to do,” said Tammie L. Mace, the department’s vice president…“Whatever we raise is great.”

As a fitting example of how a Stewart sign can be used to generate revenue, the event was advertised on the sign. The result was an approximate 20% increase in funds earned over the prior year!

In addition, because the sign is on a busy road, people from as far away as Syracuse, over 100 miles away, attended the event because they had driven past the station and saw the advertisement on the sign.

The old building and the new building. What an improvement!

Many other community events are also posted on the Brier Hill sign and range from other community events and fundraisers to showing support for local sports teams. Fire Chief Shawn Macaulay posting on social media “What time will the OFA boys be leaving Friday to head down? We will have a message on our digital sign at the Brier Hill Fire Department!”

See the Brier Hill Fire Company sign in Action!

What can a Stewart sign do for your organization?

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