Sign for American Legion Post 192

Coudersport, PA

Civic Sign for American Legion Post 192
This outdoor LED civic sign has a 20mm 24x112 LED display with a 4' x 8' sign cabinet.
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Civic Sign
Integrated Outdoor LED Sign

American Legion Licensed Manufacturer for the

American Legion

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Ted Parsell, Adjutant:It advertises us in the American Legion and what we are all about as veterans.

Communicating with the community letting them know what we were doing.

Well we do a lot for the community. Any community functions we normally have on our sign.

Well one of the first things that we needed to look at was climbing up a ladder with a handful of letters in three feet of snow is not the most convenient way to change a sign. So we were looking for something that was remotely controlled from inside, from the computer and it would eliminate having to go outside to change it. The other thing we were looking at is something that was warrantied because of the weather conditions we live in, that would benefit us in the long run.

We've had a lot of comments on how nice a sign looked.

The sales representative in Florida was absolutely fantastic. She sent me several options on the sign so we could decide exactly what we wanted. And when we decided what we did want she sent me the final artwork etcetera, so we could approve it. She also made a financial arrangement that worked out for us as how to pay for the sign.

And this was the way to go because like I say, it's flexible. You can change it anytime you want to and different functions come up, like it's been a pretty good impact on the community and us.

Go veterans!

Ted Parsell, Adjutant
American Legion Post 192
Coudersport, PA

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