Church Sign for Christian Life Fellowship

Newberry, FL

Church Sign for Christian Life Fellowship
This outdoor LED church sign has a 20mm LED display.
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Church Sign
Independent Outdoor LED Sign

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You were absolutely right about this beautiful sign being a blessing to our church. We have almost 20% more attendance and membership in the past 10 months since we put the sign up. It was worth every penny that we paid.

As you can see from the photo, we put a beautiful flower box around the base, and have made it a center point for our landscaping. It has also been a focus point in the community. We have been able to us it to not only advertise for our church on coming events, but for the community events as well. This has given us status with our City of Newberry.

I am so glad I had the God given wisdom to find you and your company. Stewart Signs has done everything you had said it would.

Phil Nehs, Business Administrator
Christian Life Fellowship
Newberry, FL

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