School Sign for Marshall County School District

Benton, KY

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School Sign
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When a school wants to connect with students, parents, and its community in a new and dynamic way, an electronic message center is the clear choice for many.

Stephen Knight, Superintendent of the Marshall County School District began looking at information from different companies. "We contacted five sign companies to get an idea of what was out there and what our options were." Stewart Signs, a national sign company located in Sarasota, FL, was among these companies. "Right away, I was impressed with the professionalism of Stewart. They sent us a rendering of the type of sign we were interested in and were straightforward. In other words, everything in the rendering was included in the price."

After sifting through the bids they received, it was clear that no one could offer what Stewart did - the best quality for the money. "Stewart Signs definitely stood out from the rest. It's like my favorite saying, 'Nobody wants only the best price - if that were true, we'd all be driving Daewoo's. People want the best deal'."

So what was the end result? Marshall County chose Stewart Signs. "Everything was explained to us and we knew exactly what we were getting. All questions were answered by our consultant, who made sure that we felt comfortable with our decision." Although the decision process was behind them, the superior customer service that comes with every Stewart sign was just beginning. "An LED sign was something quite new for us, and Stewart walked us through each step. All problems we ran into were handled quickly and effectively by the support staff."

"The sign looks great - we're very happy and it has met with rave reviews from those in the community." Missi Holley, the Technology Coordinator at Marshall County programs the sign and is also elated with the school's decision. "The LED sign has been a wonderful asset to our campus. We use it to better communicate the activities at MCHS to the community. Stewart Signs deserves many thanks for a great product and outstanding service."

Stephen Knight, District Superintendent
Marshall County School District
Benton, KY

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