Hackettstown High School

Nearly 20 years ago, Hackettstown High School in Hackettstown, New Jersey went on a search for a new school sign. Their goal was a tool that would allow them to communicate to parents, students and community because their sign at the time did not have a way to include messages. In 1995, then Vice Principal Walter Hart came across Stewart Signs at a school trade show. Within a few months, the school was ready to purchase a new Mascot series sign.

Hackettstown High School was thrilled with their new changeable letter sign. They were able to display four lines of text and the school’s interaction with the community dramatically increased. Those passing by were now able to see what was going on at the school and get involved in events like concerts and fundraisers.

With advancements in technology over the years, Hackettstown High School started to see that the four lines of text their marquee offered paled in comparison to the LED signs they saw sprouting up around their community. In early 2013, Assistant Principal Roy Huchel contacted Stewart School Signs once again. Their hope was to purchase a new LED sign that would allow them to show an unlimited number of messages throughout the day and eliminate the inconvenience of manually changing the letters on their sign.”We started thinking about a new sign because we needed a new way to get information out to the public in a better forum” said Huchel.

In their search for an LED sign, the school found other sign companies who also provided quotes for their LED sign products. However, in the end, Stewart School Signs was chosen for its superior value and the school’s overall experience with the company throughout the years.”Our group was really on board to purchase the new sign; we just had to compare apples to apples with other sign manufacturers. The ease of installation and maintenance, programming ease and remote programming options were the most crucial points that led us to purchase the new sign” explained Huchel.

The TekStar model chosen by Hackettstown High School is guaranteed to take their communication to the next level. The new sign can show any combination of text, video or graphics and can be programmed weeks, months or years in advance. The new sign allows Hackettstown to display school events, acknowledge student accomplishments and advertise fundraisers.”It was definitely worth the effort and expense, it looks good. You are able to change information quickly and effortlessly, the color contrast is great and you can program practically anything with multiple fonts and effects that make your message jump out at the public. The vandal cover is great and gives very little distortion, the sign is well worth the money” explains Huchel.

Hackettstown, NJ

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