Rio Hondo College

By Lonnie Suen
Published: Monday, February 13, 2012

Since the grand opening of the campus quad, the digital message board along the walkway has been the center for the campus community and school-related activities.

Constructed by Stewart Signs and validated by The Board of Trustees and California Multiple Award Schedule, the digital message board serves the student, staff, and faculty.

Similar to the larger marquee on Workman Mill Road, the digital message board hosts public event announcements as well as non-profit organizations. As of the moment, the board displays the date, time, temperature, and a “Welcome” banner.

Linear messages and video postings of general campus announcements such as theatre productions, academic groups, and school functions can also be posted. Many of the messages that qualify for the larger marquee at the college’s main entrance are also valid for the digital message board in the middle quad next to the new dining area.

The main purpose of this newly constructed electronic board is to serve the interests of the internal audience and provide information quickly and briefly.

Requests for display time for other informational events can be accessed by filling out an inquiry form whose interests do not coincide with profitable commercial announcements. The request forms can be made through the Student Activities Office for students. Employees can access the form on the Public Drive “P” in the Marketing Department.

Whittier, CA

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