Tuxedo Assembly Of God

When Tuxedo Assembly of God realized that they needed to identify and draw attention to their church, they started to research church signs. After searching both local and national companies, one stood out from the rest. J. M. Stewart Church Signs had been the leader in the church signage since 1968.

After beginning a dialog with Stewart Church Signs, Pastor Bret Luallen realized what a powerful tool the sign could be.”We began discussing the possibility of an LED electronic sign. Our church is on a main street in town with a good amount of traffic. We are among three churches on the street, all looking similar without clear identification. We wanted to separate ourselves and stand out.”

The church realized that an LED was a significant investment and wanted to make sure that their money was being well spent.”Before making our purchase, I spoke with another Assembly of God Pastor who bought from Stewart Church Signs and he said that his sign is the talk of the town. Now that we have the sign installed, we’ve discovered that it certainly is a highlight,” said Pastor Luallen.

With the research they conducted, combined with the extra reassurance that they were dealing with a reputable company, they decided to purchase a J. M Stewart Church Sign.”We went with the LED electronic sign because we would be able to utilize it to a maximum due to our location.”

After the sign was delivered and installed, Pastor Luallen and those at Tuxedo Assembly of God feel that the sign accomplished exactly what they needed it to.”The greatest benefit of our sign is that our church is so easy to identify now. Everyone knows who we are when we mention that we’re the church with the contemporary red video sign. We had a great location, but no identification. Now we have both – that’s what our Stewart Church Sign did for us. It’s the best advertising dollars you can spend!”

Bartlesville, OK

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