Vandal Cover for a Stewart TekStar LED Sign

Unmatched Protection

Our TekStar LED sign offers a unique vandal cover in front of the LED display. Made from a single piece of solar-grade TUFFAK® SL polycarbonate, this vandal cover helps protect against impact, graffiti and UV light which can degrade LEDs over time.

Most vandalism such as egg and spray paint can be removed with approved cleaners. A matte finish reduces glare and reflection. All TekStar signs include active ventilation that prevents overheating and extends the life of internal components.

TekStar Vandal Cover

See our TekStar vandal covers in action!

Stewart TekStar vs. a 2x4

Stewart TekStar in a Food Fight!

Thousands of organizations trust the TekStar vandal cover to help protect their sign investment.

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