African Methodist Episcopal Church

Dear Pastor,

Purchasing an outdoor sign for your church should not be a difficult or stressful endeavor. Pastors as well as church members cannot be expected to know their way around the lingo of the sign industry. You already know that you want to effectively communicate with your community. Now all you seek is that helpful hand to guide you the rest of the way. The African Methodist Episcopal Church found a helpful hand in Stewart Signs and that is why they are the only endorsed church sign manufacturer of the A.M.E. Church. Stewart Signs is proud of their relationship with us and hopes you will place your trust in them.

Building one sign at a time, the biblical principals which were present at Stewart Signs’ inception in 1968 still guide their business practices today. Manufacturing a high-quality product at a fair price and standing by that product with their good name has made Stewart Signs the industry leader in the church sign market.

I invite you to get to know the knowledgeable sign consultants at Stewart Signs. Ask them about their vandal-resistant sign products as well as the standard lifetime warranty on sign faces, cabinets, and message areas. And, if you like, they’ll be happy to walk you through the available investment options and payment plans.

A church sign is more than just metal and wiring. It can be a beacon to those seeking His word. Let our friends at Stewart Signs help you reach them every time they pass by your church.