Long Range Wireless

Communication Method Support

Our long range wireless solution uses industry-leading cell modems to communicate with your sign. This method requires a data plan, either through our Cell Connect program or a customer-provided plan. For software-related issues, please see our Software Support page.

Long Range Wireless


If you have purchased the Cell Connect data option, no setup is necessary. A data connection will be achieved when power is supplied to the sign. If you are providing your own data plan, use the instructions below to install the cell modem.

Installing a Cell Modem

  1. Disconnect power from the sign and open the LED cabinet (side A for double-sided signs).
  2. Using the double sided tape on the back of the cell modem, adhere the modem to the inside back wall of the LED cabinet near the 12 volt power supply.
  3. Connect the provided power cable to the cell modem. Using a small screwdriver, attach the power wires to the 12 volt power supply. The white wire is positive.
  4. Attach the antenna through the pre-drilled hole on the top of the sign. From inside the sign, secure it with the supplied fastener. Connect the antenna to the cell modem with the provided cable.
  5. Connect the cell modem to the sign controller with an Ethernet cable.
  6. Close the sign and restore power.
If your sign uses the SignCommand.com Cloud-based Software and you are receiving an Offline status, please review the instructions for Offline Sign Help.