Masonry-Mount Sign Installation

For Stewart non-modular LED, changeable letter and light box signs. These single or double-sided signs sit within a brick or other masonry structure, and are typically attached with angled brackets.

To prevent potential difficulties, we strongly encourage that you do not build your masonry mount until you have received the sign, verified all measurements, and are able to properly align all hardware.
  1. Build the masonry mount according to your plans. Ensure that the opening for the sign will accommodate the length of the sign, plus the length of the attached brackets on each side.
  2. While building, have a qualified electrician run the electrical source through the masonry to the underside of the sign cabinet. For single-sided signs, the electrical runs to the right side of the sign when facing it. For double-sided signs, the electrical can be run to either side of the opening.
  3. For LED signs with hard-wired data connections, run the data cable through the masonry to the underside of the sign cabinet. This cable should be run to the opposite side of the electrical connection.
  4. The sign is shipped with "L" brackets welded to the sign cabinet. The number and position of the brackets will depend on sign size and model. Another corresponding bracket will be provided for each sign bracket. These loose brackets will eventually be attached to the masonry using fasteners that you provide.
  5. Place the sign cabinet into the opening and mark the location of the brackets against the masonry.
  6. Remove the sign cabinet from the opening. Attach the loose brackets to the masonry at the marked locations using your fasteners.
  7. Place the sign cabinet back into the opening, and bolt each bracket together.
  8. Have a qualified electrician perform the final electrical connection. For LED signs with hard-wired data connections, connect the Ethernet cable or other network cable to the sign.
Masonry-Mount Sign Installation